UFC 129 coverage By Dave Meltzer from Rogers Centre

By Dave Meltzer


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Pablo Garza b Yves Jabouin with a flying triangle late in the first round of a fight he was losing at the time he flew in the air.  It took him a while after the flying takedown to fully lock the triangle.

John Makdessi b Kyle Watson in the third round with a one punch knockout with a spinning back fist.

Jason MacDonald b Ryan Jensen 1:37 of the first round with a triangle

We'll continue from here.  Bryan has play-by-play for the first three fights.  I was doing an interview during those fights but did see the first and third fight.

Ivan Menjivar vs. Charlie Valencia

First round: Crowd reacted big to both the first apperance by John McCarthy as well as Brittney Palmer the ring girl.  One of those hot crowds where everyone associated with UFC on television is like a big star.  Valencia had Scott Jorgensen and Chad Mendes in the corner. Menjiivar knocked him silly with a left elbow to the cheek and nose and Valencia went down. Menjivar threw 11 fast punches on the ground and McCarthy stopped it at 90 seconds. Menjivar then played to the big crowd and the giant screen doing two bad backflips. This is a night of great finishes.

Daniel Roberts vs. Claude Patrick

Roberts threw a wild punch and Patrick took him right down. Roberts thinking Kimura. Patrick let him go as Roberts got to his feet. Left connected by Patrick. Patrick moving forward. Patrick landed a low kick. Now he tried to push Roberts against the fence but Roberts reversed and is now doing the pushing. Patrick tried a takedown but couldn’t get it. He did throw two knees that didn’t seem to hurt but another knee to the body Roberts felt. Patrick landed a lead left. Patrick now pushing Roberts against the fence and threw a shoulder strike followed by a bodylock takedown. Patrick teeing off on Roberts with lefts. Front kick and more punches by Patrick. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard 30,000 people scream "knee" at the same time. Patrick’s round 10-9.

Round two: "Let’s go Patrick" chant. Two hard low kicks but Roberts exploded with a takedown. Patrick back to his feet and Roberts moved him against the cage. Patrick landed a knee to the head. Body kick by Roberts. Patrick with a takedown and Roberts trying for a guillotine. He used it to reverse and get on top. Roberts has side control. Roberts has his back and dragged Patrick down and has his back. Patrick scrambled back up to a big response. Patrick with a momentary takedown but Roberts back up. High kick and punch by Patrick. Roberts looking tired now. His punches look real slow. Roberts gets the round but it’s close and he doesn’t look good doing into the third. So 19-19

Round three: Crowd goes nuts seeing the Octagon girls on the big screen. Roberts landed a body kick even though he’s looking tired. Another body kick by Roberts. Leg trip takedown by Patrick and has Roberts on his back. Roberts up. Kind of a lackluster round. Patrick has Roberts against the fence again. Ref Dan Miragliotta separated them. Not much happening here but crowd is patient with them. Front kick by Patrick. Roberts went for a takedown but Patrick blocked it and tired a guillotine. Roberts on top in the waning seconds. I give Patrick the round, but it’s close.

Scores: All three judges have it 29-28 for Patrick.

Jake Ellenberger vs. Sean Pierson  

Round one: Crowd booing Ellenberger something fierce. Ellenberger cuffed him with a left. Ellenberger with a takedown but Pierson right back up. Ellenberger knocked him out with an overhand left. Pierson was about to take the Flair face first fall but Ellenberger cracked him again on the way down to change his trajectory and Herb Dean ran in to stop it.

Nate Diaz vs. Rory MacDonald 

First round: We’ll find out if MacDonald is for real. MacDonald throwing kicks which were mostly blocked. Diaz taunting him like his brother would. Front kick by MacDonald. Head kick landed and Diaz clinched and threw knees and has him against the fence. Trading punches. Shoulder strikes in a clinch by Diaz. MacDonald got a takedown and Diaz nearly reversed him on the ground before getting up. Body kick by and superman punch by MacDonald. MacDonald whiffed on a high kick. Diaz talking to him. High kick landed by MacDonald and Diaz taunting like it doesn’t hurt him. Crowd booing Diaz. Diaz moving forward the whole round but MacDonald is landing more. Diaz now going for a takedown but MacDonald blocked it. Diaz has MacDonald against the cage. MacDonald threw a punch while turning him. Diaz gave him this nasty glare at the end of the round. 10-9 MacDonald.

Round two: MacDonald pushed Diaz into the cage. "Fuck you Diaz" chant fromone side of the stadium. Diaz landed a few punches, went for a takedown and MacDonald blocked him. Diaz stomping on MacDonald’s foot. Takedown by MacDonald. He landed some punches on the round and Diaz up. Back in a clinch and MacDonald powered him down again. Up kick by Diaz. As Diaz got up, MacDonald cracked him in the face. Diaz landed some punches. Body kick by MacDonald. Good uppercut by MacDonald. Diaz back with punches. MacDonald in for a takedown which was blocked by Diaz. Now in a clinch against the cage. Trip by Diaz but MacDonald right back up. Flying knee by MacDonald. Diaz threw a punch, MacDonald ducked low for a takedown but didn’t get it. MacDonald’s round up 20-18. Crowd cheering the round big.

Third round: High kick by MacDonald. "Rory" chant. MacDonald landed a punch. Diaz went for a takedown, blocked by MacDonald who got his back. MacDonald picked him up and threw him down hard on his head and a second high slam on his head. Crowd went nuts for that. Crowd going totally nuts in fact. MacDonald landing punches on the ground. And Diaz got up and MacDonald gave him an awesome German suplex. Everyone is on their feet now. This was a star making minute for MacDonald in Canada. Diaz tried a takedown, MacDonald sprawled and and threw punches to Diaz. This fight has delivered exactly what it was supposed to. Another takedown by MacDonad and some ground and pound. MacDonald landing some punches and elbows on Diaz while Diaz is on his back. More punches by MacDonald who is standing while Diaz is on his back. . Diaz bleeding from the right eye. Total explosion at the end of this match. I mean this is exactly the scene you wanted at the end of the free show. The first two slams were more like half nelson slams and the third was an awesome German suplex. Has to be 30-27 for MacDonald.

30-26, 30-27, and 30-26 I’m guessing they gave MacDonald 10-8 third rounds.

Jon Jones, or Michael Fox as he was known last night as his British alter ego, is at ringside wearing a Georges St. Pierre headband.

Mark Bocek vs. Ben Henderson

First round: Henderson had a hard weight cut yesterday. Body kick by Henderson. Good right by Bocek and moving in for a takedown. Henderson reversed him while grappling against the cage and threw a right hand to the head. Henderson landed some low kicks. "Bocek" chant. Bocek going for a single leg while Henderson punching. Bocek got him down with 1:16 left. Bocek doing nothing on top but he’s staying on top for the last 1:16 will probably give him a close round. It wouldn’t be a travesty for it to go to Henderson but I’d go slightly to Bocek. 10-9

Second round: Henderson landed some punches and Bocek ducking low for a single leg. Henderson trying to block. Bocek almost dead lifted him up and down but Henderson right back up immediately. Yves Lavigne broke the clinch against the cage. Henderson with punch and low kicks and then stuffed Boceks’ takedown attempt. Henderson put Bocek down. Bocek tried a triangle but Henderson cleared it. Henderson throwing punches on the ground. Henderson with a knee. Both in a clinch against the cage. Bocek going for a guillotine but Henderson’s strength is being un guillotine-able. Henderson out throwing knees and punches as the round ended. Henderson landed some hard punches. Bocek missed a high kick. Knee by Henderson as Bocek moved in and more punches. Bocek bleeding badly. Henderson’s round. I’ve got 19-19 but could be Henderson 20-18.

Third round: Henderson was working the crowd like he always does but this crowd didn’t want to see that from him. Bocek went for a takedown and got it to start the third round. "Let’s go Bocek" chant. Henderson up and throwing hard punches down on Bocek. Elbow on the ground and another punch by Henderson. Henderson standing and punching at Bocek who is on his back. Bocek used a bear trap like takedown and got on Henderson’s back. Henderson got away and tried to throw Bocek but he stayed up. Bocek tried a takedown but again Henderson blocked and this time Henderson took Bocek down but Bocek got back up. Henderson got another takedown. Knees by Henderson followed by elbows and punches. Knee by Henderson agian. A couple of more punches landed. Bocek with a takedown with 39 seconds left. Henderson up with 9 seconds left and throwing a flurry of punches. Henderson’s pissed. A close round but I’ll go Henderson taking the fight 29-28.

Scores: All three had it 30-27 Henderson. Crowd booing the decision. Fair score.

Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Jason Brilz

Round one: Matyushenko knocked him out in seconds. Brilz didn’t see what hit him. A right uppercut to the jaw followed with a left forearm and Brilz lost his legs falling backwards. Matyushenko threw hammer fists and Brilz’s lights went out on the second one and Dan Miragliotta called the fight. :20

Randy Couture vs. Lyoto Machida

Round one: Machida is coming out to Japanese music. Usually he’s pushed as Brazilian and not his Japanese ancestry. "Let’s Go Randy" chant. Machida cracked him with a punch. Couture lunging in with a punch and missed. Couture went for a takedown and got punched. Couture bleeding already. Machida rocked him with another punch. Couture tried to get a clinch but Machida escaped easily. Machida landed more punches on Couture. Machida landed another punch. Machida has too much speed. Knee by Machida. Another punch landed. Couture tried for a takedown but Machida slipped awy. Hard body kick by Machida. Another knee by Machida. Couture lasted the round but had no effective offense. 10-9 Machida.

Second round: Machida landed several punches. Left connected by Machida. Machida landing more punches. Couture has yet to clinch him and hold him. Machida showboating and landed a flying front kick to the jaw and knocked him out and also knocked one of his teeth out. Sad but not unexpected. When Couture got to his feet the crowd came unglued.

Machida thanked Steven Segal for that kick.  Couture got a standing ovation as he finished his interview.   He reiterated that this was his last fight.  It really should be.  Machida is a tough opponent, but Couture was not able to do anything with him.    

Jose Aldo Jr. vs. Mark Hominick for the featherweight title

Round one: Aldo landed a left and a low kick. Uppercut by Aldo. Low kick by Aldo. Body kick and low kick by Aldo. Another low kick by Aldo. Hominick caught a kick and Aldo fell back and didn’t go down. Aldo with a left uppercut and another low kick. Hominck with a low kick but Aldo back with a body punch and low kick and then Aldo took him down. Hominick went for an amrbar but Aldo cleared it. Aldo landing elbows. Aldo was doing so well standing, not sure why he took hin down and it may be a sign he’s tiring from the hard weight cut. Hominick is cut under the right eye. John McCarthy ordered a stand-up. Don’t know why as Aldo was keeping busy. Hominick back with punches and Aldo took him down again. 10-9 Aldo.’

Round two: Low kick right away by Aldo. Hominick landed a left. He landed a right as well. Body punch by Hominick. Right by Hominick and a left back by Aldo. Hard low kick by Aldo. Aldo went for a takedown and Hominick evaded. Hominick with body punches. Aldo back with two punches. Aldo went for a takedown and Hominick evadd and landed a big right and left. Aldo looks tired. Honinck landed two lefts. Hominick is outlanding him but Aldo shot in and got Aldo down again. Fans want a stand-up. McCarthy gave it to them. Aldo wasn’t dong much on the ground this time. Trading and Aldo got another takedown. Aldo just holding him down doing nothing but in side control. Aldo 20-18 even though Hominick was getting the better of the standup this round.

Round three: Hominick dancing and landing body shots and a low kick. Another low kick by Aldo. Aldo moved in for a takedown and Hominick blocked it. Aldo landed a good left and a low kick. Trading punches and Aldo got the hardest shot in. Hominick has better movement but and landing more now. Body shot and head shot by Hominick. Aldo went for the takedown but Hominick right back up. Aldo throwing punches . Hominick landing a left jab. Aldo rocked him with a punch, knocking him down and pounding him on the ground. Hominick regained his bearings regained his bearings but that flurry cost Hominick the round that he was winning. Hominick signaling to the ref that he’s fine. Aldo dropping elbows on the ground. Aldo’s round 30-27 but Hominick is still in the fight because round two was close.

Round four: Hominick snapped Aldo’s head back with a jab. Aldo crunched Hominick’s leg with a low kick, Hard right by Aldo hurt Hominick and then a low blow. Hominick didn’t want a time out so they kept going. Aldo with another low kick. Aldo now starting to land. Hominick back with a left. Aldo with a knee tot he groin. McCarthy stopped the fight and gave Aldo a warning. A low kick by Aldo and Hominick back with a body kick. Another good low kick by Aldo. Let’s Go Hominick" chant. A couple of jabs by Hominick and Aldo dropped Hominick again with a right and moved him to the cage. Hominck has a horrible egg above his left eye. It’s hideous looking. He’s growing a unicorn. McCarthy taking Hominick to the doctor. He’s checking on the swelling. They are letting him fight. Looks like it was an elbow on the ground that started the swelling. Aldo landed a right and got another takedown. Aldo’s round so 40-36.

Round five: Doctor checking Hominick again before the round before he decided to let them go on. Low kick by Aldo. Hard punches by Aldo. Hominick took him down for the first time. But he’s not going to win a decision. Hominick landing punches on the ground that brought the crowd to its feet. But Aldo has wrist control. Hominick broke free and landed a few punches. Hominick landing a lot of punches on the ground. Place going bananas. Hominick landing a lot of punches to the body and now several to the head. Hard punch by Hominick. Hominick going to town on him. Crowd going crazy and Hominick keeps pound on him from the top. What a great fight. Looks like time is going to run out on Hominick. 10-8 round for Hominick so I’ve got 48-46 for Aldo. Aldo started doing push-ups when it was over to show he wasn’t hurt. A classic awesome Rocky I story fight.

Scores: Crosby 50-43, 48-46 Hamilton 49-46. I’ll bet there’s a clerical error and Crosby put the final 10-8 in the wrong direction and meant 48-46, but we’ll see. Correction, Crobsy’s card was 48-45 which means he must have given Aldo a 10-8 round along with giving Hominick a 10-8 final round.

Georges St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields for the welterweight title

Round one: Shields threw a kick. Another kick by Shields. Low kick by GSP. Shields caught a kick and going for a takedown. He couldn’t get GSP down which is a psychological win for GSP. Shields has him in the cage and GSP revesed and backed off. Shields throwing punches. GSP with a high kick that landed. Spin kick by GSP twice both missing. GSP with a left jab. Spin kick again missed. GSP landed a left. GSP tried an overhand right that landed short. GSP seems more nervous or something. He hurt Shields with a jab that sent him backwards and hurt him with another jab. Body kick , Shields caught the leg but couldn’t take GSP down. Another jab by GSP. GSP landed another left and a hard right. GSP 10-9.

Round two: All standing. GSP landed a hard overhand right which was the first telling blow of the round. GSP moved in with a left jab. He threw the right again but Shields ducked out of the way. Shields with a low kick. GSP threw a big overhand right but Shields avoided most of it. GSP threw it again and Shields again avoided most of it. Shields throwing low and body kicks. Spin kick landed. In a clinch GSP threw him off. GSP landed the right. He tried the spin kick and Shields got the leg but again couldn’t take GSP down. GSP threw the right and missed. Shields tried a takedown and didn’t come close. GSP landed more left jabs. GSP’s round 20-18.

Round three: GSP landing lefts and a body kick. GSP landed the overhand right but not flush. GSP landed it hard, Shields tried a takedown and GSP blocked it. GSP missed the right bad. Shields missed another takedown. Low kick by GSP. GSP hit the overhand right but not flush. GSP is doing the same combinations every time and Shields sees the right coming. But Shields can’t hurt GSP. Shields moved in and GSP out of the way. Body kick by Shields twice. Another body kick by Shields. GSP back with a harder body kick and a hard right connected. Spin kick missed by GSP. GSP went for the takedown with 20 seconds left and put Shields down. GSP’s round, now 30-27.

Round four: Shields threw a body kick. He tried another and GSP took him down, punched him once on the ground and let him back up. Left by GSP. GSP missed the right again. GSP landed the left. . GSP missed the right. GSP missed right but then landed another once. GSP landed a kick to the head that put Shields down. Shields going for a takedown, had GSP’s leg up and GSP hopped out and landed a right to the jaw. Shields taunting GSP. Shields landing some. GSP is bleeding from the nose as is Shields. GSP’s stand-up hasn’t looked good here but it’s still much better than Shields. GSP hit the overhand right. Left and another left by GSP. GSP clearly won the round, so 40-36.

Round five: Shields landing body kicks and punches. Superman punch by GSP. GSP missed the right. Shields landing more jabs. GSP threw the right again. GSP landed the right and rocked Shields. Shields landing to the face and GSP is bloodied. High kick landed by Shields but no power. GSP with a left. Shields landed a right. Fans starting to boo. Shields landed a high kick. GSP missed the right. GSP missed the spin kick. Shields landed the jab. Shields bleeding under left eye. GSP went for a takedown late, didn’t get it and the bout ended. Then they hugged. Not a good fight. Shields may win the last round. I’d give it very slightly to GSP so 50-45 but I could see 49-46.

Crosby 50-45, Doc Hamilton 48-47, Richard Beltran 48-47 for GSP. The rounds streak is over.

GSP noted that something happened in the second round and it appeared it was a punch by Shields that left GSP with blurry vision in the left eye for the rest of the fight and he struggled from there.

He said Jake’s striking was a lot better than he expected, noting that he closed his eyes. He said he expected to handle him striking and then finish him on the ground. He apologized to the crowd, saying he wanted a knockout or a submission. He said in a way he was disappointed but in another way, Jake is an amazing fighter, much better than he thought so he’s happy to keep his title. Joe Rogan asked him about moving up and fighting Anderson Silva. He said that’s a big career decision moving up, he concentrated on this fight and didn’t give much of an answer.

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