Extreme Rules coverage live from Tampa

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Even though he is wrestling later in the show, Jerry Lawler are announcing along with Josh Matthews and Booker T.  No Jim Ross or Michael Cole announcing the show at this point. 

Randy Orton vs. C.M. Punk in a last man standing match match opens the show.  They announced this would be the end of the feud.  Punk came out wth Nexus but the mystery G.M. ordered Nexus to leave the ringside area.

Orton won a 20:00 opener with an RKO off the middle rope after hitting Punk with about a dozen kendo stick shots to the back and Punk couldn't answer the ten count.  This was about as clear-cut a finish that you'd get with two main event guys in WWE.  Lots of kendo stick shots with Punk's back all welted even before the finish.  Very good opener.  This would have been easily the second best match at Mania.  Crowd was very into the match.

Both got up from the others' finishes

PaperJamz is the sponsor for the show and they did a straight television commercial between matches.

Lawler went backstage to get ready for his match leaving us with Matthews and Booker T.  Now they are running down the big four that switched to each brand.  Khali made the cut as one of Smackdown's big four additions with Sheamus, Orton and Sin Cara.

Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston in a tables match for the U.S. title is next.  Perhaps this is so Sheamus could lose the title without being pinned because Sheamus is being pushed as perhaps the top heel on Smackdown.  Sheamus demanding to see Kingston's birth certificate in a play off the Obama controversy with Donald Trump.  

Kingston won the match to bring the U.S. title back to Raw.  This tells me that either tonight or this week Christian has to get the World title to keep the blalance.  Kingston used a spectacular looking boom drop from the top rope to the floor with Sheamus on the table.  Crowd wasn't as hot as the prior match since this match had only a small build and nobody even knew it was going to take place.  But another good match.

R-Truth did a heel interview.  They sure teased the idea that he would interfere in the main event.  Truth smelled a conspiracy against him and started to spell it, but after CON, got confused.  He said Miz and Cena don't want him in the match, but pretty much indicated Morrison was the one he was going to screw or attempt to screw later in the show.  R-Truth said the one thing he can't stand is a thief and Morrison stole his spot in the show.  Truth doing very good in this role.

Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross vs.  Michael Cole & Jack Swagger in a Country whipping match.

Cole wrapped his body in bubble wrap to protect him from being whipped.  Cole is doing an interview first.  Cole did an interview talking about being an award winning journalist.  And he wound up doing this.  Cole's left eye is still bruised from Monday.  Ross' hand is in a splint.  They said he broke his hand on Monday.

For what it was, it wasn't bad.  They ended up taking the bubble wrap off Cole and whipping him.  Ross at one point used an ankle lock on Swagger which was hard to fully buy, and then used it on Cole.  Ross used a low blow with the strap on Swagger when he tried to save Cole.  Ross was whipping Swagger and Cole pinned Ross with a schoolboy.  Not smooth by any means.  Cole & Swagger celebrated doing the airplane down the ramp.

John Cena vowed to win the title noting how long it's been since he's held the title.

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes in a falls count anywhere match

Another good match.  Most of the match was brawling outside of the building including in the concourse area of the arena and did some high spots in a food court area including Rhodes doing a Pettis kick  jumping off a food court barricade.  They ended up in the ring with Mysterio winning clean by blowing the Muta mist into Rhodes' eyes, followed by a 619 and a springboard splash for the clean pin.,

All the women were dressed up.  Layla came out to apologize to everyone in case it was her last night.  Kelly Kelly told her they may not like her but they all like Michelle McCool even less so she and Beth Phoenix wished her well.

Michael Cole is back in the Cole mine.

Michelle McCool vs. Layla in a loser leaves town no Dq match.

McCool used the faithbreaker but did a lax pin and Layla used a crucifix pin.  These two really tried to have a good match but the crowd didn't care at all.  When Layla got the pin, there was a decent pop and when it was over they did the Na-na-na-na to McCool.  It seemed like young kids were real into the loser leaves town but nobody else cared.  Kharma then came to the ring. 

Kharma has cool ring music and entrance presentation.  McCool sold her like she was scared to death.  She used a double arm suplex dropped into a facebreaker as her big move and then they played their monster music.  All the women were shoewd backstage all freaked out seeing her.  Very well done entrance as far as making sure she came in ready to be a player. 

Del Rio was having Ricardo practice announcing him as the new world champion.

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio in a ladder match for the world title 

Great match with Christian coming out as champion by climbing the ladder.  Great finish as Del Rio was about to win when Edge drove into the arena, honked a horn, this distractred Del Rio.  Christian recovered and tipped over the ladder and Del Rio flew over the top rope into Brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez, hwo caught him.  Chrisitan then climbed up and unhooked the belt to win.  Edge and Christian celebrated together.  This was really well done and fans were really into the idea of Christian winning the title with Edge there to celebrate with him.

These two did a lot of spots with the ladders including spots with a step ladder and both of these guys were all banged up.  Right before the finish Del Rio had Christian in the armbar with the arm trapped in a step ladder.  Both took bumps on ladders.  Chrisitan's hip was bruised up from taking a bump into the steps.  Del Rio did an elbow drop off the top rope to the floor onto Christian on the ladder and Christian moved and Del Rio took the bump on his hip. 

The Miz and Alex Riley were still together.  Riley was about to do Miz's catrch phrase and Miz freaked out on hiim.

Lumberjack match for the tag titles:  Big Show & Kane vs. Wade Barrett & Ezekiel Jackson.  The lumberjacks were all Superstars and NXT guys, with biggest names looking to be Slater, Gabriel, Marella and Bourne.  The tag titles are the take down buffer match between the main events.

The Miz vs. John Cena vs. John Morrison in a cage match for WWE title

Cena won the title for the 10th time by pinning Miz after the Attitude Adjustment off the top rope after he had blocked the Skull crushing finale off the top rope.

Excellent match both for work as well as positioning.  Morrison excelled in this match and had the bout won as he was about to go out the door when R-Truth attacked him and put him back in.  Truth destroyed Morrison in the ring and also used the ax kick on Cena.  Morrison came off as a main event star because he was really the standout in the ring, while Miz in constantly climbing the the top and pulling guys in came across as a superstar.  R-Truth after laying out Cena and Morrison, climbed over the top with the idea he symbolically showed that he 'would have won the title' if he wasn't taken out of the match.  The announcers tried to heigthen the drama by saying it may be Cena's last title shot if he didn't win it here.   

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