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UWC: New Year’s Brawl

United Wrestling Coalition

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The cover says “Approved by the Comics Code” and that’s enough to spin the review positive in my book.

First up, in a weird sort of opening, is the UWC Tag Team Championshp between Blackhearted Justice (the champs) and the Staten Island Wrecking Crew.

Ryan Blackheart & Justice Garrison are the tag champs. Ironically, Blackheart is the white guy on the team. The Champs (at this point in time) are almost prototypical indy tag team, with the interesting name, some measure of speed & talent, and work pretty well.

The Staten Island Wrecking Crew is a nifty faction that works with DJ Mickey Z. It is comprised of Tony Mootz & Sally D. Sally is not a girl’s name here. If I were to be blunt, Tony is the fat one, Sally is the short one.

Fun opener. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Blackhearted Justice elsewhere, and they have promise. (Not to say the Staten Island Wrecking Crew does not.)

Geoffrey Bravo vs Peter Cross

This is a matchup of youngsters on the UWC roster. Bravo has almost a Ray Rowe vibe, but without the huge posse and not quite the same level of workrate, but that same sort of attitude. He’s aligned with the Devastation, LLC group (ruled by Joe Rules, of course.)

Peter Cross, with the X’s and the crossed fingers --- hey, why can’t Hollywood writers be so creative? --- isn’t winning, but not for lack of effort.

What I like about a match like this is that the guys aren’t cookie-cutter, even in a roster with a lot of similar looking bodies.

DJ Mickey Z with the Staten Island Wrecking Crew takes on UWC Heavyweight Champion Biggie Biggs

Biggs has been around, having fought for the NWA Title against Naoya Ogawa back in 1999, and has a fifteen year career. He claims to be the only man who has held both the NWA’s NY & NJ State Titles. I won’t dispute him on that.

He is listed at 6’ 5”, which is pretty bigg, and was trained by Iron Mike Sharpe, which is even bigger.

This is your classic top babyface Champion versus heel stable’s newest member, with the crowd involved and cheering the right people because the promoters know how to put together matches.

I’ve heard from reliable sources that Mickey Z has not been back since….


Taylor Nicole vs Chrissy Johnson

Whenever someone says “This woman is a princess” ….

Taylor Nicole in a green oversized t-shirt. Big fan favorite.  Her opponent, managed by her erstwhile husband, is the big heel. I won’t stray from subtlety here, because I’m not setting myself up for a dark alley attack by either of these ladies.

Just ain’t gonna do it.

Taylor once managed Joe, and I’m getting the husband/wife deal. Joe Rules can do a lot of things, but has been unsuccessful in ridding the UWC of Taylor, with a series of different opponents.

Chrissy happens to be the next try.

I love the story, I love the dynamics and I love that they kept this short. Taylor Nicole is over with this crowd and that’s one thing a lot of promotions find it hard to do with their talent, so what’s there to complain about?

As a whole, the UWC is fun. Low level indy stuff, to be honest, but fun. What’s amusing is that UWC wrestling is slow, but the selling is really good, even if the matches are uneven. The heel/face dynamics are important and it’s old school to the hilt in that sense, and also in the sense of the stomping and punching.

That comes into play with the next few matches, starting with a three – way 9 man tag match, with “The Secret Society” taking on the Unholy Alliance, taking on The Fabulous Dodo Birds.

These masked guys are just CHIKARA level gaudy, even if they’re nowhere near CHIKARA beanpoles in terms of physicality and even further from CHIKARA in terms of pure talent. But neither you nor I are watching UWC for the workrate, we’re watching for the sheer enjoyment of it.

There are times when that’s got to be the focus of watching wrestling, but it’s amusing how few promotions build their product around that concept. (Wow, should I keep letting bashes of pro wrestling promoters creep in?)

For that, I recommend UWC: it’s enjoyable, nowhere near pretentious and is that kind of wrestling long time fans are going to remember, perhaps back in the day when the WWF toured three circuits, perhaps when there was established regional wrestling in your town, perhaps back in the day when veterans were glad to show up and coasted a bit in the ring, but nonetheless knew how to get the crowd involved and truly entertained the paying audience.

There’s something amazingly amusing about a family friendly faction called the “Unholy Alliance”, and there’s a bit of gimmick infringement here (Unholy Alliance in Western Pennsylvania means Shirley Doe/Sebastian Dark/Super Hentai and variants), but the chubby rudo and heels in the UWC are very fun to watch.

Well, let’s be fair and say that Rudo the Heel is no “Super Porky”.

The Ripper, Billy Lassiter are his partners

Freebirds? Nah, the Fabulous Dodo Birds, but in to classic Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The other three in the three way three way dance are the Secret Society, the team of Mighty Mo, Fierce Fuego and Bori Guana. No, not that Mighty Mo. Not at all.

I’m told of a “secret” connection to UWC Commish Michael Grimaldi, and that the members tend to change every show. So it’s sort of an exponential take on the Freebirds, but with no idea who will show up, not just which of the few might be fighting.

Just who is El Diablo Histerico anyway?

The Unholy Alliance are the heels that become faces because they are fighting bigger heels, just like it happens in Mexico!

And the Dodos? Well, Silly Billy and Rudo the Heel make sense as silly names and zany characters, but there’s something amiss with “Slayer” as the third of the trio, even if he’s often in a straight jacket. Well, it’s crazy and fun.

This wild and crazy sort of match goes all over the ring and all over the concepts of lucha and traditional wrestling. Hey, it’s fun for fun’s sake.

In ECW fashion, this match leads to a match between Rudo the Heel and Dave Patera.

We can call Patera Crash Holly or Paul Lauria (if I want to date myself), and he’s playing a gimmick of being the relative of the great Olympic Athlete, Ken Patera.

(By the way, is it just me or does Ken look like John Goodman these days?)

Yeah, well, this is a fun match.

The main event is a superlative eight man matchup, with Devastation LLC on one side, and the assortment of faces to oppose them.

Those faces are Warhead, the prototypical Army Sergeant type, Orphan – another one of those weird name deals, Twiggy Ramirez (whom I doubt should be confused with the Marilyn Manson guitarist), and Andd Bivians (no typo there, my friends…. But I can’t wait for my bud Eric Bischoff to steal that name for some chick. Andy with Double D’s…. get it!)

The heels, of course, are Joe Rules – the big leader who wants all the belts, Legion who once was UWC Heavyweight Champion, and the CB4 – who do the Nailz gimmick, but hopefully nothing of the same behind the scenes.

CB4 is comprised of Bubba the bald guy and Big Rig with the read headed Mohawk.

Ok, let’s not confuse them with Bubba the Bulldog out of Pittsburgh, who is pretty much bald, and Biggie Biggs, who is the current UWC Heavyweight Champion who fought DJ Mickey Z of the Staten Island  Wrecking Crew, the other heel faction of big guys in the UWC.

For the record and your score-card, Legion and Warhead are feuding, and Orphan and Joe Rules have been feuding forever and a day.

Can the faces overcome the heels?

Tune in and find out.

Joe Babinsack can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Wow, I’m getting behind on reviews. ROH, Dragon Gate and CM Punk vs Samoa Joe are on the stack, plus Greg Valentine/1985 in the mail yesterday. Email me suggestions about who I can do a bio on…. I’m thinking YAMATO next.

Note: UWC updates the YouTube channel every Wednesday night with a 30 minute weekly YouTube show featuring matches from the monthly shows at the Browns Mills Fire House.

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