More Extreme Rules/UFC 129 feedback

Reading all the feedback.  When did GSP become a boring fighter?  I don't recall a mass
outcry or even a small outcry before this.  It's like the last five years don't exist
anymore and were replaced by someone else.  Is Mayhem Miller a boring fighter because he
had a bad match with Shields?  What the hell were people expecting?  Shields is boring
and GSP executes his game plan.  It's all technique.  Do people expect Guida/Sanchez
every fight, or a two minute submission?  Were they spoiled by the undercard?
Maybe I'm just being a mark but I thought it was a good fight.  Not a thrilling fight by
any means but with the right opponent that fight would have been seen as a classic a la
Couture/Sylvia.  Was it the build up?   I saw one person refer to GSP's punches as
"pitty pat" which I think Koscheck would disagree with.
I'm not trying to say that it was a classic by any means. I just don't get the hate.
 Mike DeGeorge


WWE Extreme Rules

Thumbs Up

Best Match: Cena v Miz v Morrison

Worst Match: Kane/Big Show v Barrett/Jackson

My first thought when I heard the Michelle McCool was leaving was, "Undertaker explained there was no upside to her sticking around when Kharma is going to come in and start laying out the Divas." But then, when she became the first girl laid out by Kharma, I thought, "Well, now she's an instant babyface if she ever comes back."  Looks like Punk might have gotten his wish for some time off as well.

Interesting that they had the babyfaces run the table - unless you consider Michael Cole to be the arch-heel of the WWE right now.

Looking forward to the Christian v Sheamus feud. It's pretty clear from where they positioned people that unless they do a three-way and give Orton the World title right away, they need to do something on Tuesday night to put the heat back on Sheamus. And Smackdown needs a strong heel.

Jeff Cohen
Flushing, NY

Best match: Del Rio/Christian

Worst match: Lumbergeek Tag Match

Thumbs slightly up, though I'll admit that I didn't care about Cena/Miz/Morrison AT ALL and it had nothing to do with the participants in the match, the Bin Laden news took my full attention and I spent the majority of the main event on Twitter.

Fortunes change in this company at a moment's notice, and tonight seemed like a pretty clear display of that. Zack Ryder fans need to take solace in the fact that Kofi Kingston went from jobbing in four minutes to Ezekiel Jackson on Smackdown to winning title matches on pay-per-view, all in about three weeks. 

Orton/Punk was every Orton as a face match. This version of Orton just doesn't do it for me at all, in the ring or on the mic, and I don't see myself watching a lot of Smackdown if it's centered around him.

Rey/Cody was fun, although Cody probably needed the win here more than he did at Mania. One thing I can't shake, though: are fans supposed to think Cody was injured? If so, the mask shouldn't be clear, because we can tell he looks like he's always looked and he isn't disfigured at all.

Christian is one of the best workers of the last 10 years so I'm glad to see him have a run w/ the World Title, although I'm guessing that the belt finds its way to Randy Orton within 2 PPVs. Brodus Clay's nose exploded like a blood grenade when Christian threw the stepladder into his face - they didn't show him again until Del Rio took the bump to the outside, and the camera caught a shot of the substantial amount of blood pooled where Clay had been laying. I like Brodus Clay, I hope he keeps improving and the WWE sees something in him.

The only saving grace of that tag match was that the lumberjacks weren't wearing Raw and Smackdown shirts. The Intercontinental title continues a proud tradition of mediocrity around Wade Barrett's waist. 

It seems like there has to be a better way to use Lawler, Cole, JR, and Swagger to get the Lawler/JR vs Cole feud over, right? Particularly a way where JR isn't wrestling? 

Cena/Miz/Morrison would have been better off with just Cena and Miz. Nobody thought Morrison was winning and nobody was surprised by R-Truth's interference. Why not just keep Morrison off TV after the attack and play up that Truth actually did some damage during the 30 minute beat-down that was Truth's heel turn?

Also, I can't help but notice that the only clean/decisive WWE Championship victory in the last 18 months where both participants were fresh and the circumstances weren't extenuating was Cena's victory over Batista at WM26. Contrast this with all of the questionable/screw-job title switches we've seen in that time: Sheamus beats Cena when Cena slips and goes through a table, Cena wins the title at Elimination Chamber without beating the champion, Batista beats Cena immediately after Cena wins the Elimination Chamber, Sheamus wins the title in a Fatal Four Way after Nexus interferes, Orton wins the title in a 6-way clusterfuck match, Miz wins the title cashing in Money in the Bank on a weakened Orton, Cena wins a wacky multi-man cage match after R-Truth interferes and costs Morrison a win). Come to think of it, Miz/Cena ended up playing out like Sheamus/Orton last year: the face won the title in a wacky multi-man match a month after failing in a one-on-one match. Now I'm wondering the same thing I wondered after Orton won the title at Night of Champions last year: why did they delay the inevitable title switch? If Cena HAD to take the title from The Miz, why didn't it happen last month at Wrestlemania? The fans sat through that shit sandwich of a main event last month, The Miz left Wrestlemania as the champion... and then they put the belt on Cena in a wacky three-way cage match a month later (on a show that 1/6th as many people ordered, no less) Losing the title was the last thing The Miz needed - they'd done such a good job making him out to be a big deal, both at Wrestlemania and on the shows since Wrestlemania (the face-off with Austin was fantastic). I can't help but leave this PPV wondering if the legs have been cut out from under him. Dave and Bryan predicted that he might get supplanted as RAW's top heel by somebody taller and more of a legitimate bad-ass. After losing the title like this, he could be in for a summer slide down the card not unlike the one Jack Swagger enjoyed on Smackdown last year. The next few months could be forgettable ones for The Miz. 

Dan Peck

Thumbs up to the U.S.A. above and beyond anything else, and thumbs up to our armed forces.

UFC 129: Thumbs up for the entire card. It was an ENTHUSIASTIC thumbs up until the main event, which to be perfectly honest was "meh." I'm not one of those people who think that GSP is boring, or that he fights not to lose, et cetera but it's hard to call it a great fight. It's possible GSP underestimated Shields, it's possible he had a bad weight cut, it's possible the eye injury made him tentative. It doesn't matter - the rest of the card was so great that a slightly disappointing title defense couldn't really bring this show down. Seeing the high definition crowd shots of 55,000+ at the Rogers Centre/SkyDome in Toronto really made UFC look like a big deal and one of the hottest products in sports right now. The Rory MacDonald vs. Nate Diaz match was a show stealer, but Hominick's comeback in the final round against Aldo was compelling drama only heightened by how misfigured he had been by Aldo's striking in previous rounds. The Facebook prelims were the best I've seen so far and the quality of the stream was the best it has been so far, so UFC gets a lot of credit on both accounts. They really lucked out in having a lot of bonus material for both SpikeTV and PPV to fill time thanks to the quality of the night's earlier action. Ellenberger should be moved up to a featured bout, and soon. He'll be a #1 contender before long.

WWE Extreme Rules: Surprisingly I can give this one a thumbs up as well. It doesn't hurt that I didn't order either show - I'm saving for the #F4W convention so I took in each show at a different local bar. There was a decent crowd for UFC, but I suspect this was a "big deal" show that a lot of people ordered on PPV and invited friends over for. Conversely the Extreme Rules card was the NOT "big deal" show, so the bar I went to was PACKED by people who didn't want to spend $45-$55 to order it but still had enough curiosity to watch. They were one of the most rowdy and enthusiastic crowds for any wrestling show I've ever watched at a bar and the reaction to Christian winning the world title was so loud and emotional I still get chills down my spine thinking about it. It obviously can't top the whole Georgia Dome leaping to their feet when Undertaker kicked out and survived a tombstone piledriver, but there was a very emotional resonance for this crowd with Christian being Edge's best friend and winning the world title to continue his friend's legacy. Even in 2011 people still want to believe in a babyface now and then. HUGE thumbs up for that match. Thumbs mostly up for the triple threat, and for continuing the R-Truth heel turn storyline. Orton/Punk gets the same. Sheamus/Kingston was okay for an unannounced match. Rhodes/Mysterio was okay, a little meh (sorry Sinbad) but not bad. The lumberjack match was awful and Layla/McCool would have been negative buys if Kharma hadn't come out at the end. HUGE POP AT THE BAR FOR HER.

In summary, UFC 129 largely met my expectations, while WWE Extreme Rules greatly exceeded them.

- Steve Juon (Stevie J)

I watched Extreme Rules and I give this show a THUMBS UP.

I felt it was very good show from start to finish. I didn't feel the show dragged much at all.

Best Match: Christian vs Alberto Del Rio Ladder match for the World Heavyweight title

Worst Match: Swagger/Cole vs Lawler/Jim Ross Country Whipping match

There were a couple of other matches I could have given Best match to, but I gave it to the Ladder match. I felt both Christian and Del Rio really worked well together. A lot of the spots were really awesome and exciting. Of course, there was going to be interference for Del Rio by his announcer and Brodus Clay, and such, but I didn't think it took away from the match. Edge's coming out in his jeep was great, and it was a real wonderful moment for Christian to FINALLY get the World Heavyweight Title, and also to celebrate with his friend of 27 years who had to retire. Great moment in a great match. Match of the night for me.

The worst match HAD to be the Country Whipping match. Goodness gracious. I am very interested to know how much longer are we going to be subjected to this overbearing Michael Cole? He is awful as a wrestler, and he is not much better as an announcer. I think if they are going to push him as this heel character, he should NOT be in the announce booth getting talent over. I mean, this guy's antics has jumped the shark. The match itself was horrible. I just hated it.

As for the rest of the card, I thought the matches were pretty good.

I really enjoyed the Falls Count Anywhere between Cody and Rey. Both guys did a fantastic job. I really loved seeing them go out into the arena. Rey Mysterio's imitation of the Great Muta was a nice touch as well. Awesome match.

The opening Last Man Standing match between Orton and Punk was well done. I was glad that the Nexus was banned from ring side. Both guys did a great job.

The Loser Leaves WWE match was alright. Both McCool and Layla did a solid job. With McCool taking time off, I figured she was losing. Kharma's HUGE. WOW. I never saw her perform before. I knew she was big, but WOW. That finisher she put on McCool was pretty impressive.

The Tag match with the lumberjacks was just there. Show/Kane vs Barrett/Jackson.   I didn't find it to be all that special. It wasn't a bad match though. It was just a match to pass the time. I do wonder why it wasn't announced prior though. I don't think it is a good way to sell PPVs.

U.S Title Table Match between Sheamus (c) vs Kofi Kingston. I thought it was alright. There were some spots that were ok. I wish there were some build to this match. Of course, they had to make the stupid birth certificate nonsense an angle with Sheamus and Teddy Long in that backstage skit prior to the match. Anyway, the match was alright. Just a solid match. I just hope Kofi gets a push out of this.

The Main Event: Cage match between Miz (c) vs Cena vs Morrison  Well, predictably, R Truth who cut a weird promo backstage earlier, interfered in the match going after Morrison, and attacked Cena. I guess Truth is going to feud with Morrison. The match itself was very good. All three guys were very good, and worked well together. I am not the biggest Cena fan, but I was glad that at least the belt is FINALLY off of the Miz. I guess with Del Rio now on Raw, I guess they will start the Cena/Del Rio Feud.

Anyway, a very good show overall. I recommend the show.

Terri Bey

Worst Match: Cole Swagger vs JR Lawler
Best match: I dont know, finishes sucked

Okay Im happy Osama is dead, but that doesnt get WWE off the hook for having a shitty ppv. And Im sure theyll exploit this every bit they can tomorrow on Raw and then on Smackdown to the point they print a horrible looking shirt no one will wear in public.

Any way......

Orton vs Punk, Punk might as well leave WWE and just take a year off for them to really need him back so hell get treated better. Orton won clean like all their matches. God, Punk never got his revenge for what Orton did to him years ago (an event that was the start of the rapid decrease in buyrates and hot potatoing the world titles most recently), and he just has to move on knowing he never got this revenge or that he was better than the man who cost him his world title? Punk was in the role a baby face should have been in and Orton should have been the heel this whole time and Punk should have won tonight. The match itself: Too many counts that it didnt feel like they were building toward anything, it was back and forth to the point it all just blended in.

Sheamus Vs Kofi, Kofi did a cool move where normally he reversed Sheamus for a pin but he jumped and did that Low Ki move. Nothing special besides that. Like it maters where youve been born to be US champion.

Cole Swagger vs JR Lawler, terrible. WWE just wants me to not care about people I care about and have JR lose, is he even going to do part time commentary? Was this just another way for Vince to humiliate him? Why should I care.

Why are there commercials on PPV???????? The commercial for what ever ppv is coming up was HORRIBLY PLACED! Lack Of Entertainment was EXACTLY how I felt.

Rey vs Cody, pretty good I thought, why did Rey pull a trick out of Muta's book? Maybe I really liked this because it came after that match? Cody losing will hopefully set him up immediately for something else. I really loved his Dashing gimmick, I dont like the clear mask and hopefully he just becomes more normal. I think he could main event a Wrestlemania one day with a proper push, if that is possible in WWE nowadays.

I left during the womans match, wish I could have seen Beth, hope shes doing well nowadays......Kharma is only a plus for everyone, but hopefully they dont Piggy James her.

Christian vs Del Rio, Del Rio will do 3 ways with Cena and Miz on Raw while Edge is back on Smackdown trying to give Christian a rub. God damn it I hate Edge, he is so annoying as a babyface and him being an 11 time champion in 5 years is completely unbelievable! Why did they have to move Del Rio to Raw!?!? Hes better suited on Smackdown with Rey on Raw and after half a year of building him up for the title he loses because of a near cripple honking a horn????!! It was a very good match until the finish. WHY THE FUCK IS ALBERTO NOT CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After winning the Royal Rumble and curtain jerking Wrestlemania and expensive car rentals and a big ugly body guard who everyone beats up and a personal ring announcer,  what do they have to show for it? Another guy to feud with Cena that most wont take seriously.

Lumber jack match for the tag titles in a division of 3 teams, Wade Barret is Intercontinental champion and Zack Ryder's Internet Title means more right now. Horrible match, again, burying young talent. At least Core will break up and maybe Barret will go back up the ladder, after his feud with Zeke I guess. 

3 way cage match, I might as well grind my ear lobes when Justin Roberts has a mic, they need to fire him and just use The Fink, especially for mainevents. Cena wins in a match where Miz nearly died as the worst world champion of all time. What the fuck were they thinking with that spot? "Lets out do Kurt Angle stupidity!" Of course Miz as soon as the bell rings tries to climb out of the cage, and he kept trying to escape and tried and only fought when guys were tired or almost out of the cage. Bret vs Owen this match was not.
Cena wins, what ever.

William Bren

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