OVW TV report for 4-30

By Trent Vandrisse


 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling TV report for April 30th, 2011, which is episode#610. A somewhat notable episode in that OVW owner Danny Davis was actually involved in a physical angle this show, the first time that's happened since I've been watching anyhow. Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers, Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The crowd looked to be close to 100, but they were quite dead again, especially early on this show, but they picked up later on. All roads in OVW now lead to the May 14th Saturday Night Special, and the main event for that show was revealed on this TV show, so let's get to it.

1. Jamin Olivencia beat Raphael Constantine by submission

Dean Hill noted that Constantine has not won a match since being forced to split up his "Fighting Spirit" tag team partnership with Christopher Silvio. Kenny Bolin said Prince Bolin was at the hospital with James "Moose" Thomas following the "No holds barred" match Thomas had with OVW champion Mike Mondo on TV last week. Both Olivencia and Constantine were jockeying for position early. Olivencia with a big dropkick, then slaps to the face of Constantine. The announcers again talked about Olivencia's concussion issues from last summer, I wonder where that's going? Constantine clipped the back of Olivencia's knee, but missed a second rope Moonsault. Olivencia with his running body blocks to the corner on Constantine. Olivencia won with a reverse Cobra Clutch like submission while on the mat. Looked pretty cool, and painful.

The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) were in the locker room talking. McNaler was talking about the "Mondo Wrestling A Go-Go" show, saying how much fun it was, and talking about the Elite being the Mobile Homers again for one night. Revolver cut him off, and said it wasn't for fun, it was for money. Revolver talked about the open contract they possess to defend this OVW Southern tag team titles on May 14th, and told McNaler to stay focused on that. This came off like an attempt to rehab some of the way the "Mondo Wrestling A Go-Go" show crapped all over the current OVW storylines, not to mention the suspension of disbelief in general, and plant seeds for some dissension within the Elite.

Brittany DeVore did a backstage interview with Raul Lamotta. DeVore asked him about walking out on his tag team partner Jimbo Onno last week, and said he filed paperwork saying he's no longer in a tag team, and can't go after the tag team titles. Huh?? Tag teams file paperwork when they split up? Damn, learn something new every day. Lamotta said he was a former champion, and it eats at him that his former partner has gone on to success at other places, Meaning "Lowrider" Matt Barela, who is currently working in TNA as Anarquia, while he gets saddled with Jimbo Onno. Lamotta called it "punishment". Lamotta walked out on the interview saying he was done with this interview, that tag team, and his relationship with the fans.

2. Jimbo Onno beat Adam Revolver w/Ted McNaler

McNaler was holding the open contract to face them for the tag titles on May 14th. As mentioned, Onno lost his tag team partner, Raul Lamotta, last week on TV, which happened during an in ring talking segment with The Elite. The announcers talked about The Elite forcing The Iwi(King & Te Tahi) to give up their green cards and go back to New Zealand. Revolver with a sloppy bulldog on Onno early. Onno kept going for a chokeslam, which it seemed way to early in the match for that, and Revolver kept countering it. Onno with bodyslams. Revolver clipped Onno's left knee from behind after McNaler distracted Onno. Revolver hit Onno's left leg against the ring post. Kenny Bolin with a "Gomer Pyle" reference, in 2011. Heh. Onno returned the favor and knocked Revolver's leg against the ring post. McNaler got up on the apron, Onno grabbed him. Revolver charged, but Onno moved, and Revolver hit his partner, allowing Onno to roll up Revolver for a big win for him. Match wasn't smooth at all though, and that is a way overused finish in OVW.
The postmatch saw both of The Elite attack Onno. McNaler went and got a chair, and they wrapped it around Onno's head as he was down on the mat. Revolver grabbed another chair, and was going to use that to hit the chair wrapped around Onno's head, but Benjamin Bray & Asher Knight made the save. Bray took the mic and said he and Knight want the shot at the Elite's tag titles at the May 14th Saturday Night Special. McNaler, on the floor, said no to that, and called Bray and Knight "nobodies". Knight took exception to this, and ran down his list of accomplishments, including working for the WWE, though he didn't actually say WWE. Knight suggested facing The Elite in a non-title match next week, and if they win that, they get the title shot on May 14th. Revolver took the mic and started to say no, but McNaler took the mic away from Revolver and said "we accept", but told Bray & Knight to be careful what they ask for. Every team that's faced, or has even been around, The Elite lately has been forced to split up. Obviously the story is at some point that's going to happen to The Elite, or at least that's what the tease is.

They then took it to the new installment of the Mohamad Ali Vaez and Rudy Switchblade reality TV show. A car pulled up to the Davis arena in rainy Louisville, Kentucky. Heck, when hasn't it been raining in Louisville the past few weeks? Rudy Switchblade got out of the drivers side, and opened up an umbrella for Vaez, who was in the passenger seat, while he got wet, and gave Vaez his OVW TV title belt. They both went in the arena. Vaez said there were only 18 days left until he makes history of being the longest reigning TV title champion in OVW history. Vaez though has to put the title on the line in todays TV main event against Paredyse, and warned Switchlade to be on his "A-game", so that everything goes smoothly. Vaez then ordered Switchblade to go park the car, in the back of the lot. Switchblade wasn't happy. Just so-so at best stuff here.

Gilbert Corsey got in the ring, and out came OVW heavyweight champion Mike Mondo, wearing his wrestling gear, and brandishing his trusty brass knuckles on his right hand. Corsey said he had a message for Mondo from the highest on high in OVW, but Mondo cut him off, and wanted to talk about himself, and his successful title defense on TV against James "Moose" Thomas last week, thanks to his brass knuckles. Mondo showed zero ill effects here from that match, and he really should have. Corsey said he has a message from OVW owner Danny Davis, and it involves the brass knuckles Mondo has been using to win matches. What's weird about that is Mondo has still been in the babyface role, of sorts anyhow. Mondo cut Corsey off again, and had a message of his own, and said he was the champion, and that he was above the law. Mondo said he has an opponent on May 14th, and he heard that opponent was here today. Mondo asked Corsey to tell him who that opponent was. Up came the music, and out came the returning "Mr. Media" Cliff Compton, who has been gone since Mondo won the OVW title in a three way ladder match against Compton and "Lowrider" Matt Barela at the March Saturday Night Special. Compton took a legit bad bump off the ladder in that match, that bent his leg and ankle backwards. He seemed totally healthy now, and now back as a babyface, he was a heel before, but had fans then too. The crowd chanted "Welcome back" at Compton. Compton told Mondo to bring a pair of balls on May 14th, because he's going to need them. Mondo told Compton his 30 day rematch clause was already expired. Mondo asked what was in it for him if he defended against Compton, but then he had an epiphany, saying he wants to go down in history as the man that ended Cliff Compton's OVW career. So he said if Compton wants a title shot on May 14th, he has to put his career on the line. Compton said yes, and quoted Charlie Sheen saying "I'll be waiting". Mondo then hit Compton on the jaw with the brass knuckles. Out came a very fired up Danny Davis, who tried to get the brass knuckles away from Mondo. The crowd chanted "Danny". Mondo and Davis argued passionately. Mondo told Davis he was "bigger" than him, but he is only slightly taller than him. Heh. Davis looked away to tell Corsey something, and Mondo hit Davis above the left eye with the brass knuckles, great looking shot and bump by Davis. The ring immediately filled up with OVW wrestlers, both heels and babyfaces, tending to Davis, as Mondo got out of dodge and left. Hot angle with Davis. The stuff with Mondo and Compton was only so-so, but the Davis and Mondo stuff was fantastic. Great fire from Danny Davis. Compton is still in good shape, but it doesn't look like he's in quite the same shape he was before he left close to two months ago. I guess Mike Mondo isn't a pseudo babyface here anymore.
3. The Blossom Twins(Holly & Hannah) beat Smothers Twisted Daughters (Jessie Belle Smothers & Isabella Smothers)

Dean Hill was very upset at the desk at what just happened to Danny Davis, saying Davis would have something to say about it, but it might have to be next week. Isabella Smothers is none other than Mickie Knuckles. The Smothers Twisted Daughters do a redneck gimmick. Dean Hill continued to talk about Danny Davis as the match started. Back and forth match from the get go. One Blossom twin stepped on the back of her sister, who was in the school boy position, to get a 'Rana on Isabella Smothers. Isabella with knees to the head of a Blossom twin, and then a punch right to the face. Mickie Knuckles was very clearly the best worker in this match by a wide margin. Jessie Belle Smothers looked super green on everything she did here, but she has some natural ring instincts. I'm not sure if she's legit related to Tracy Smothers or not. Kenny Bolin said Tracy Smothers has spread his seed far and wide over the years, and the announcers established that Isabella and Jessie Belle had different mothers. Bolin said Tracy Smothers was never sober enough to be with the same woman twice. Wow!!! Heh. Bolin said both of these girls took a blood test, and are Tracy Smothers' daughters. Hell, that test alone sounds like a wrestling angle waiting to happen. Can you imagine Tracy Smothers on a wrestling spoof of Maury Povich show?!?!?! Please make that happen! Heh. Smothers Twisted Daughters with a double dropkick to the corner on a Blossom twin. Dean Hill said the paramedics have arrived in the back, and were tending to Danny Davis, who was at least sitting upright. Isabelle whipped Jessie Belle to the corner at a Blossom twin, but the Blossom moved, leading to the hot tag. Isabella got knocked out of the ring, and the Blossom twins won after hitting a double team choke slam of sorts on Jessie Belle, but she didn't really go up much for it. Not sure if Smothers Twisted Daughters were just passing thru here or not, sort of came off that way, but I wouldn't mind seeing more of them here. The OVW womens division badly needs new blood and a shot in the arm.

Dean Hill at the desk talked about the situation with Mondo, Cliff Compton, and Danny Davis. Hill continued to talk about the brass knuckles shot on Danny Davis with a lot of emotion and anger in his voice, and they showed the clips of what happened while Hill talked. I wish they would have showed some footage of Davis in the back after it happened, but they did a great job of making the angle seem important this show. Hill was concerned with the eyesight of Danny Davis since he got hit above the eye.

Gilbert Corsey got in the ring, and out came Shiloh Jonez, wearing sunglasses, a sweater, with a tie out over the sweater. Corsey pointed out the fans holding signs about Jonze that said "0-6", since Jonze is on a losing streak since returning to OVW. Gilbert also pointed out Jonze' "deplorable" actions after he loses matches. Jonze downplayed all the "rumors" and asked Corsey if Michael Jordan won all his games, and if Muhammad Ali won all his fights. Jonze said the difference between he and them was his losses were not his fault. He blamed it on flashbulbs going off in his face during his matches, incompetent tag team partners, and the professional jealousy of "Smooth" Johnny Spade. Out came "Smooth" Johnny Spade himself. Spade said Jonze was a crybaby. Spade said he was challenging Jonze to a match at the May 14th Saturday Night Special. Jonze accepted and said he'd end his losing streak, and Spade's winning streak then. Jonze then said "hit my music", but Spade's music came up instead, and Jonze went nuts, ripping his tie off and throwing another tantrum.

They showed Mohamad Ali Vaez and Paredyse warming up for their match. Paredyse warms up by applying his make up.

4. Mohamad Ali Vaez w/Rudy Switchblade beat Paredyse to retain the OVW TV title

TV main event time. No Mr. B with Vaez on this night. Switchblade doesn't want to be with Vaez, but he works for him, since he owes Vaez money, and Vaez had Switchblade's Kentucky wrestling license taken away from him a few weeks ago. Dean Hill said Danny Davis will be making his big announcement at some point, the one he was going to make tonight, but said in the wake of what happened with Mondo hitting him with brass knuckles, Davis has changed his announcement, and it was going to be even bigger and better. It might be next week, not sure yet, but in concerns the Saturday Night Special on May 14th. This Vaez vs Paredyse match was made last week when Vaez was a guest on Paredyse' "A moment in Paredyse" talk show. Both guys started cautiously, but Paredyse scored with a flying butt bump to break the ice. Vaez tried a flying butt bump, but Paredyse stopped short, and spanked Vaez on the rear end. Paredyse took over, and Vaez bailed out. Paredyse with a flying double axe handle to the floor, then beat on Vaez on the floor, throwing him into the sidewall a few times. Back in the ring, Vaez kicked Paredyse' legs out from under him. Vaez with a running kick to the corner on Paredyse' head. Vaez beat on Paredyse in the corner. Paredyse back with chops. Both guys countered hip toss attempts by the other. Vaez with a dropkick to the knee of Paredyse. Vaez with a Figure Four. Kenny Bolin compared Vaez' OVW TV title reign to the WWF Intercontinental title reign of the Honky Tonk Man. Paredsye finally reversed the Figure Four. Vaez tried to get Switchblade to help him reach the ropes, but Switchblade refused. Kenny Bolin and Gilbert Corsey got in a funny argument about being a good and bad "worker", in terms of being an employee. Paredsye back with slaps to the face of Vaez. Bolin said Corsey mails it in here at OVW, and that he mails it in as an anchor man on the Fox 41 news. Paredsye with a Bronco buster to the corner on Vaez. Paredsye kissed Vaez, then hit his flipping neckbreaker finisher, but Vaez kicked out. Paredyse with a cross body off the top, but Vaez kicked out again. Vaez missed on an attempt at his running neckbreaker finisher. Battle of the neckbreakers here. Referee Bill Clark got mildly bumped in a faint collision with Paredyse, and Vaez then whacked Clark, knocking him out of the ring. Double clothesline in the ring with Vaez and Paredyse. Switchblade stayed on the outside, as Vaez stared at him. Vaez tried to get the title belt, but Switchblade wouldn't give it to him. Paredyse took Vaez down, but no ref to count the pin. Raphael Constantine ran in with the TV title belt, as Switchlade tended to the fallen ref on the floor on the opposite side, and he hit Paredyse with the belt. Constantine then placed Vaez on top of Paredyse as referee Bill Clark got back in the ring, and yes he saw Constantine in full view as he came back in, so a big mess up there, and Vaez got the tainted win. Guess he was still so groggy he couldn't make out who it was. Constatnine was looking at a photograph in the locker room last week of what appeared to be Paredyse, and they mentioned on this show Constantine blames his current problems on Paredyse, so there you go. Dean Hill closed the show excitedly saying Danny Davis would have his big announcement next week. The Vaez vs Paredyse match was ok, but just ok. Didn't really click the way it should, and could, have, and I don't know why. It just didn't.
Quite a show again this week though, and again, like last week, a lot went on. OVW appears to have something resembling a bit of momentum right now, and this is without Jim Cornette around. Have to see if they can sustain it though. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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