OVW TV report for the 5-7 show

By Trent Vandrisse


Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television taping report for May 4th, 2011. Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers, plus they had some new guy running around the Davis arena talking before the show, and during intermission. The attendance was up over 100, the best attended television taping in recent memory, as OVW owner Danny Davis was on hand to make a "big announcement" at this show, more on that soon. The next Saturday Night Special will be May 14th, and this show added several matches to that show. They are giving away free "Mr. Media" Cliff Compton t-shirts with the advance purchase of a Saturday Night Special ticket. They announced the next Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway homecoming show, which will be Homecoming 4, will be held here on Tuesday, May 24th.

1. Randy Terrez & Tony Gunn beat Lennox Lightfoot & Mitch Johnson

Dark match. Not sure if the name "Tony Gunn" is 100% accurate or not. Terrez looks to have tightened up his midsection a bit. Gunn with some German suplexes on Johnson. Terrez with different variations of Lucha Libra arm drags on Lightfoot. This match went on for quite awhile it seemed. Terrez helped his partner dive over the ropes on to Lightfoot, and the larger Gunn didn't seem overly thrilled with that spot. Terrez then beat Johnson with the "Thrill Kill", which is a twisting corkscrew Moonsault. Eh match, but the finish was good.

2. Raul Lamotta beat Elvis Pridemore

Also a dark match, I didn't see much of this one. Lamotta with some big chops, and he got the win.

The TV taping opened with the entire OVW roster, with just a few exceptions, coming out and gathering around the ring for a staff meeting. The last time this happened was last September when Jim Cornette, who is now again gone from OVW, came back to OVW. Gilbert Corsey got in the ring, and brought out Danny Davis, who received a big ovation. Corsey asked Davis how he was doing since OVW champion Mike Mondo attacked him with brass knuckles last week. Davis said he was doing good for an old guy. Davis thanked the locker room, and pointed out that last week no matter what side of the fence they're on, they came together as one and tended to Davis after he was attacked. Davis said that meant a lot to him. Davis then thanked the fans. Davis said Mike Mondo crossed the line last week. Davis said he had heard that Gilbert Corsey felt bad about what happened last week, because he tried to give Mondo a message from Davis, but Mondo kept cutting him off. Davis told Corsey he did the best he could under the circumstances, and that Mondo was being impossible to deal with. Danny Davis then asked Mike Mondo to come out. Mondo came out of the heel side, wearing street clothes. Davis said 10 years ago he would have left the ring and stuffed his fist down Mondo's throat, but that now he needs to set an example as the owner of this company. Davis said there are consequences to putting your hands on the boss. Davis said Mondo was stripped of the OVW heavyweight title, which got a huge pop from the crowd. Mondo, who had set the belt down on the announce desk, dove over the desk to get it, but Dean Hill snatched the belt away before he could. Davis asked senior referee Bill Clark to hold the belt in the ring, saying taking that away from Mondo was the way to hurt him the most. Davis then fired Mondo, again getting a huge pop from the crowd, as Mondo went nuts on the floor, calling Davis a "prick" several times. Music came up, and out came "Mr. Media" Cliff Compton, who was scheduled to face Mondo for the title on May 14th. Compton said he understands Davis' frustrations, but asked Davis to let him face Mondo on May 14th. Davis said no, he already has another opponent for Compton to face on the 14th, with the winner getting the title. Compton spoke of when he first came to OVW, just asking for an opportunity. Compton said if not for Danny Davis, there never would have been a Deuce & Domino, and again asked, and even begged, Davis for the match. The crowd chanted "Let them fight". Davis again said he understood it, but had to say no, Mondo is fired. Davis said if he wanted to fight the little bastard, he'd do it himself. Compton said let's make it a winner take all brass knuckles on a pole match, and got on his knees and begged Davis to let him happen. The crowd chanted "Yes". Davis finally relented a bit, and asked the crowd if they want to see it, and said ok, you've got a deal, but made Compton promise to knock Mondo out.
The segment appeared to be over, as Compton's music came back up, and it was a happy scene, but actually, it was just starting. Remember referee Bill Clark who was holding the belt? Well, he jumped out of the ring, and when he did, the opportunistic Mondo pulled out his trusy brass knuckles and nailed Clark. Mondo then grabbed the title belt and ran out the front door, as a panic scene took place, with the locker room all gathered around the fallen Clark, who was out cold, as Danny Davis and Dean Hill had an animated conversation on the floor. They had a camera outside as well, and Mondo was shown running out the door, then making his get away in a beat up looking Burgundy Dodge Neon. Hey, Indy guys aren't rich. This was just awesome. Beautifully done pro wrestling right here, and even flirted with "magic" at times. Mondo hitting the ref was fantastic stuff. Great storytelling, and perfect execution. Everyone was excellent in their roles. Home run of an angle. Only bad thing I'd say is nothing could come close to following this the rest of the show.

3. Benjamin Bray & Asher Knight beat The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) in a non-title match

These guys sure had a hard act to follow. The Elite are the current OVW Southern tag team champions, and came out with the open contract to face them on May 14th. Story here was if Bray & Knight win, they get the title shot. Knight with nice dropkicks to McNaler and Revolver early. Bray came in and ran wild on The Elite. Bray got knocked off the top rope and crashed to the mat, then took the heat. Out of nowhere though McNaler came off the ropes, and Bray moved, causing him to crash into the neck of his partner Revolver, who Bray rolled up for the win. The collision to Revolver's neck looked legit nasty, he had to have a stiff neck, and only a stiff neck if he's lucky, today.
The post match saw Bray and Knight go to the desk and take the open contract to make their May 14th title shot at The Elite official. The problem is Bray & Knight are not over here as a babyface team.

They went to the back showing Rudy Switchblade polishing the OVW TV title held by Mohamad Ali Vaez. Vaez told Switchblade he pulled some strings and got his Kentucky wrestling license back, and gave it to him. Vaez told Switchblade to go get dressed, because he is going to face Jamin Olivencia tonight for the #1 contendership for the OVW TV title. Switchblade asked what the catch was, Vaez said there was no catch, and ordered Switchblade to go get dressed. Switchblade left, then Vaez said at Saturday Night Special, Switchblade will lay down for him, and Vaez will go down in history as the longest reigning OVW TV champion. Ok, this was crappy booking that made no sense. Vaez is portrayed as a fairly cerebral heel here, why would he think Switchblade would lay down for him when he treated him like crap, and took the title from him? Bad, bad plan here I say.


Brittany DeVore was going to interview "Smooth" Johnny Spade backstage, but Shiloh Jonze came up and challenged Spade to a tag team match tonight. Spade said no, but he would face Jonze in a singles match on May 14th. Jonze said how about a six man tag tonight, and Spade accepted.

The announcers left the desk, and they brought out a chair and placed it next to the desk, because next was Paredyse' "A moment in Paredyse" talk show. Paredyse again came out with a fruity drink, and something else, he later said was his Peacock. Paredyse started a monologue talking about Osama bin Laden, then talked about the Royal wedding. Paredyse said 50% of marriages end in divorce, then showed pics on the screen of celebrity couples who have split up. It then showed a pic of the tag team Fighting Spirit(Raphael "Fang" Constantine & Christopher Silvio), and then Paredyse' match last week against TV champion Mohamad Ali Vaez when Raphael Constantine ran out and hit Paredyse with the title belt, causing him to lose. Paredyse brought out his guest for the week, who was Constantine, who is being called Fang here more often again. Constantine refused to sit, so the seated Paredyse said we can do this at eye level, since Constantine is very short. Paredyse asked Constantine to touch his peacock, he declined. Paredyse asked Constantine why he hit him with the TV title belt last week. Constantine said he was actually protecting Paredyse. Paredyse said no way, Constantine said you can't believe everything you see on tv, they have video tricks they use. Paredyse challenged Constantine to a match on May 14th. Constantine grabbed Paredyse' drink, and said he accepted the match, while Paredyse dared Constantine to throw the drink in his face, which he did. Paredyse got in the ring, and wanted to fight Constantine now, but Constantine said he wouldn't do it now for free.
This segment feel quite flat, the crowd was dead for most of it. Yeah it was kinda tense, but why would you sit and talk to a guy who hit you with a title belt the week before? Mind games I guess.

They showed OVW womens champion Lady JoJo and Taryn Shay in the back applying their make up. JoJo said there would be a gauntlet match for the OVW womens title on May 14th, and she was glad that Shay had her back. Shay though was intrigued at the chance to be the champion. JoJo said there can only be one #1. Both girls acted totally phony nice to each other, and even hugged, but JoJo wasn't happy when Shay left. This title will probably change hands on May 14th, JoJo has held it for a long while now.

4. "Smooth" Johnny Spade, Jason Wayne & Jimbo Onno beat Shiloh Jonze, Raul Lamotta & Rocco Bellagio

Jonze was out on the floor with Prince Bolin, Kenny Bolin, Mo Green, and the personal assistant, and money changed hands, as Jonze purchased the services of Bellagio for this match, trying to end his losing streak. Fans held signs at Jonze that read "0-7". Wayne press slammed Jonze early. He had big Rocco up for a press slam, but Lamotta cut that off. Jonze again celebrating and showboating again every time he gained the smallest of advantages, and it again cost him every time. Bellagio with a delayed vertical suplex on Spade. Lamotta wanted no part pf his former partner Jimbo Onno in this match. Spade with a Swanton on Lamotta, but couldn't make the cover. Spade with a superkick on Jonze, then Wayne gave Jonze a full nelson slam to win it. Jonze is still winless since returning to OVW. The finish looked good, however the others brawling right before the finish was bad, clunky as Hell.

Hill and Corsey appeared to be recapping the situation with Mike Mondo at the desk.

5. Jamin Olivencia beat Rudy Switchblade w/Mohamad Ali Vaez to become the #1 contender for the OVW TV title

TV main event time. No Mr. B with Vaez for the second week in a row. Both Switchblade and Olivencia wrestled cleanly early, while Vaez on the floor was imploring Switchblade to use dirtier tactics. Switchblade said he'd do this his way. The intensity picked up with Olivencia and Switchblade trading chops and leg kicks. Switchblade went up top following a round house kick, but Olivencia up with a wicked jumping forearm shiver to the head of Switchblade. Both guys exchanging big forearms to the head up in the corner. Olivencia hit a top rope superplex, and both guys were down. Vaez was working as hard on the floor as the guys in the ring were, and started disrobing. Switchblade and Oliveincia exchanging hard slaps to the face in mid ring. Vaez badly wanted Switchblade to use the OVW title belt as a weapon, but he refused. Olivencia with a big knee lift. Vaez got up on the apron and took the top turnbuckle pad down. Oliveicna got whipped to the buckle back first, and that's when Switchblade noticed the pad was gone, and asked Vaez if he had anything to do with that. Vaez screaming at Switchblade to finish Olivencia. Olivencia though, caught Switchblade with a small package and won it. Switchblade looked very, very unhappy sitting on the mat. Vaez ran in and gave Olivencia his running neckbreaker. Vaez held Olivencia up and ordered Switchblade to hit him with the TV title belt. The crowd chanted "Hit Ali". Switchblade though, in his first heelish move, did hit Olivencia with the belt. Vaez held Olivencia, who was out on his feet, up again, and Switchblade hit him with the belt again. Switchblade stood facing the corner, looking dejected, and even ashamed with himself.
What an interesting, and compelling this match told, and it was a good match to boot. Switchblade badly wanted to win that match, and then really try to beat Vaez on May 14th, to get the TV title back, and deny, at least for now, Vaez being the longest reigning champion in OVW history. Vaez, on the floor, had a totally different agenda. He badly wanted Switchblade to win, so Switchblade would then lay down for him on the 14th as he made history. Like I said earlier, that part of the story sucked, and was flimsy as Hell, but I loved the story this match told. Plus, now with Olivencia winning and getting the title shot is another story. Vaez and Olivencia had a fairly hot program going with each other last summer, and the story was Olivencia was out with a career threatening concussion. Now here he is back, and is facing Vaez, but has taken belt shots from Switchblade. Lots of good intrigue there leading up to this match.

The post match dark match was the Blossom Twins(Holly & Hannah) vs. Lady JoJo & Taryn Shay, but I had to leave and didn't see it.
Broken record time, but wow, quite a show again this week from OVW. A mix of both good, and even great, and some bad, But the good outweighed the bad on this night. Plus like I said last week, OVW does appear to have a little momentum going for it right now. It's good to see.  Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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