Pacquiao vs. Mosley live coverage from Las Vegas

Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley for the World Boxing Association welterweight championship

Round one:  Pacquiao got some punches in about a minute in.  Slow start, Pacquiao very cautious.  Body punches by Pacquiao.  Mosley landed a body shot but Pacuqiao right back.  Close round 10-9 Pacquiao.

Round two:  Pacquiao landed a body shot early.  Another body shot by Pacquaio and Mosley landed a right to the head.  Mosley landed a body shot.  Pacquaio right back.  Mosley landed two to the head and Pacquiao right back with three shots.  Accidental head-butt.  Pacquiao landed a left to the head and a body shot and another head shot.  Landing more shots late by Pacquiao.  This one was cleary Pacquiao's round 20-18

Round three:  Mosley landed a good right early.  Pacquiao back with a flurry.  Pacquiao landed a good left and another left dropped Mosley.  Only the thrid time Mosley has ever been knocked down in a fight.  Pacquiao landed a strong right.  Body shots by Pacquiao.  10-8 round for Pacquiao, 30-26 after three.   

Round four:  Another flurry by Pacquiao. osley slipped and went to the ground.  Mosley seems only defensive.  Mosley landed a nice right.  Mosley landed one but Pacquao back with three.  Pacquiao landed two to the body.  Mosley is not throwing.  Then he came back and Mosley landed a hard left.  Pacquiao 40-35.

Round five:  Pacquiao landed a a right hook and then a left.  Pacqyiao landed a left to the body.  They bonked heads agian.  Mosley landed body shots.  Pacquiao landed a left to the head and a shot to the body.  Pacquiao contineus to move forward and land.  Mosley landed a left hook.  Pacquiao still the aggressor.  50-44 Pacquiao

Round six:  Pacquiao landed some solid shots early.  Pacquiao landing some.  Mosley isn't thrwoing much.  Good left by Pacquiao.  Pacquiao continues to move forward.  Mosley landeed a good right counter.  Mosley not doing enough to even have close rounds.  Pacquiao again 60-53.

Round seven:  Same story.  Slow round but Pacuqiao throws more and landsmore.  Some booing now.  Pacquiao landing some.  Pacuqiao starting to land more late.  Easily Pacquiao 70-62.  Crowd booing the end of the round.

Roung eight:  Crowd continuing to boo.  Pacquiao landed some solid shots.  Mosley still fighting a defensive fight.  Mosley starting to tire here.  Pacquiao not hurting him but landing solidly and Mosley mostly defensive.  Mosley landed a good right.  Still Pacquiao's round.  Fans booing a lot.  80-71.

Round nine:  Crowd booing more.  Mosley throwing some punches. They bonked heads again.  Mosley landed some jabs but Pacquiao flurrying on him, good left to the body and head.  Hard left by Pacquiao.  Pacquiao continues to be aggresive.  Molsey punched Pacquiao way low.  Pacquaio hurt Mosley late in the round with a flurry.  Pacquiao's round 90-80.

Round ten:  Pacquiao still moving forward and landing.  They bonked heads again.  Pacquiao had him hurt in this round.  Pacuqiao slipped, but they are calling it a knockdown.  Pacquiao almost laughing at the call.  Only the fifth time Pacquiao was knocked down but a silly call.  Pacquiao started taking Mosley apart late in the round while Mosley just playhing defense.  Aside from the bad call it was easily Pacuqiao's round and the best round for him of the fight, but witht he knockdown call, you have to give it 10-8.  The replay clearly showed Mosley shoved Pacquiao down.  98-90 score but really should have been another Pacuqiao round.

Round eleven:  Pacquiao starting to unload on him early in this round  Pacquiao landing several solid shots.  Pacquiao hurt him with a right and left.  Mosley is basically trying to surive .  Pacquiao landing some of his best shots in this round.  Mosley tying him up.  Paquiao continues to land solidly.  Another Pacquiao round and strong with Mosley just dancing backwards  trying to survive the round.  Standing ovation for Pacquiao at the end of the round.  108-99.

Round 12:  Mosley came forward and landed some body shots.  Nice let by Pacquiao.  He's continuing to land good puncehs.  Pacuqia continues to land solidly.  But he's not going to get the knockout.  Pacquiao's round easily.  Fans booed when the fight ended.  118-108.  I don't think Mosley won a round legit, tho.

Pacquiao landed 182 of 552 and Mosley landed 82 of 260.  Mosley only landed five combos in 12 rounds.

Here are the scores

Glenn Trowbridge 119-108

Dave Moretti 120-108

Duane Ford 120-107

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