UFC to offer injury insurance for fighters

UFC announced today that they are going to be offering injury insurance to fighters which would extend to injuries suffered in training that would go into effect on 6/1.

In a story by Kevin Iole at http://www.yahoo.com in the UFC section, UFC Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta said that UFC would now cover the approximately 350 to 400 fighters now under contract.

Fertitta said UFC would pay the premiums and the insurance would be through Houston Casualty Insurance Company, and would cover training related injuries.  Fight related injuries had already been covered by UFC.  Full health care insurance like is provided in many jobs covering doctor's visits, non-injury related health issues and prescription drugs would not be covered with the new policy.

It would also cover injuries not related to training, such as an automobile accident during the period any fighter is under contract to the organization.  Diseases would not be covered. 

UFC had paid for training related operations and medical bills for some fighters in the past, but it was not a uniform policy.

It is believed to be the first fighting organization to offer this type of insurance.  WWE pays for medical bills for injuries related to in-ring.  TNA does not in most cases. 


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