WWE house show results 5-11 Hermosillo, Mexico

By Cohen Morrison


Here are The Results from Hermosillo:
1: Chris Masters Def. Jack Swagger with The Masterlock
2: Percy Watson Def. Zack Ryder
- R-Truth Attacks Percy after The Match
3: R-Truth Def. Evan Bourne
4: Mason Ryan Def. Primo
5: Kofi Kingston & Big Show Def. Alberto Del Rio & CM Punk
6: Divas Championship:
Brie Bella (c) With Nikki Bella Def. Eve Torres
7: Sin Cara Def. Dolph Ziggler
8: MainEvent:
WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) Def The Miz with Cena hits The AA on Miz & Cena pose
with The Fans to close the Show.

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