Lesnar vs. Dos Santos off

Just announced today.  More to come.

Shane Carwin vs. Junior Dos Santos is the new main event and top contenders match.

Lesnar's Diverticulitis has returned.

He may need surgery, which would be life changing and depending on the severity could keep him out of action for more than one year.

He was filming the Countdown show on Tuesday.

He felt the symptoms three weeks ago, got on antibiotics, but they didn't work.  He started a second run and wasn't able to train well.  

Said he's only got three weeks to turn this around and didn't feel he could do that. 

The doctors are used to dealing with this for 50-year-old men who are not competing in sports, even with younger guys, they don't have to push their bodies to extreme limits in training.

He doesn't know how long he'd be out with surgery.

Don't forsee it to be career threatening.  He'd need some of his colon removed and it reattached, but would hope it's not a career ending ordeal if he does need surgery.

Said being healthy is far more important than his career.

Doctors didn't say a shot to the abdomen was a concern with the illness.

We will have more on an audio update shortly.






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