OVW TV report for tomorrow's TV show

By Trent Vandrisse


 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television taping report for May 11th, which is the "go home" show for this Saturday's "Saturday Night Special" show. Dean Hill and Gilbert Corsey were the TV announcers, Kenny Bolin was MIA this week. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The attendance was in the 90ish range. The card for the May 14th Saturday Night Special includes Mike Mondo vs "Mr. Media" Cliff Compton in a winner take all Brass Knuckles on a pole match for the held up OVW Heavyweight title, Mohamad Ali Vaez defends the OVW TV title against Jamin Olivencia, with Rudy Switchblade involved in some capacity for sure, The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) defend the OVW Southern Tag Team titles against Asher Knight & Benjamin Bray, Lady JoJo puts the OVW Womens title on the line in a gauntlet match, Paredyse vs Raphael Constantine, and "Smooth" Johnny Spade vs Shiloh Jonze. This show has been well built up, OVW has been on a decent roll lately, and I think it will draw alright for them. OVW has also had good media attention recently. Yesterday afternoon at 12:30 Paredyse, Jamin Olivencia and Mike Mondo were on Wave 3 in Louisville. The did an angle on that news show were Deputy Sheriff Steve Yancy took the held up OVW Heavyweight title away from Mondo. Last week at TV Danny Davis stripped Mondo of the title, but Mondo knocked out a ref with brass knuckles, and ran out the front door with the belt in what was a sensational angle. Great story, believability and perfect execution. Yancy is not a good performer, but he brings a lot of people out to shows when he appears at OVW events. Also, this Friday morning on Fox 41 in Louisville, where Gilbert Corsey is the 4 pm anchor man, they are doing a deal were a reporter from Fox 41 is going to challenge someone from OVW at the Davis arena. So like I said, they are getting a lot of local publicity right now, and their stories are clicking well. This show tonight was not bad, but lacked the focus and moments of "magic" that last weeks had.
Nick Dinsmore was also on hand tonight to plug he and Rob Conways "Homecoming 4" show which will be held here on Tuesday, May 24th. Dinsmore said Flash Flanagan and Wolfie D will wrestle on that show, and that Elijah Burke will be on hand for a meet and greet. Also, Rip Rogers, Joe Wheeler, Dean Hill, and Danny Davis will be given lifetime achievement awards at that show. Ok, with all that said, let's finally get to this weeks TV taping.....

1. Lennox Lightfoot beat Tony Gunn

Dark match. Lightfoot continues to be introduced as just "Lennox". Gunn in control early. This match went awhile, and the crowd was pretty dead. Lightfoot got the surprise win with a running knee, his first since his return to OVW. Back to the drawing board for Mr. Gunn, if he dares shows his face around here again after losing clean to the hapless Lightfoot. Lightfoot just doesn't work, or carry himself, like a confident pro wrestler at this point.

2. Ryan "Skidmarks" Howe beat Elvis Pridemore

Another dark match. Both guys came out the babyface entrance. The crowd started chanting "Skidmarks" at Howe right away. Howe later led the crowd in a "Skidmarks" chant. Uhhhh ok....Who would WANT to be called "Skidmarks"?? Howe has tassels around his boots ala Kerry Von Erich, except they're a lot cheaper looking, and less of them. That's a very apt description of Howe actually. He reminds me of a pale imitation of an 80's wrestler. He has decent size in person, and some presence, but his work was just fair here. Elvis got some offense here, but Howe got the win with some kind or an inverted pancake type of a move.

3. Jason Wayne beat Raphael Constantine

This was the start of the TV taping. What a ridiculous size mis-match here. Constantine tried to get something going, but kept getting tossed away by the much, much larger and stronger Jason Wayne. Constantine became frustrated, left the ring, and then spit at Wayne from the apron. Wayne dropped Constantine with a press slam, after doing a few reps with him first. Constantine went out to get a chair. Paredyse came out with a bucket, and threw the contents of it at Constantine, which turned out to be confetti. Constantine threw a drink in Paredyse' face last week, so this was revenge from that. Wayne didn't need any help though here, and got the win with a full nelson slam. Weird dynamic here, it's like the pint sized heel was the one that got screwed, but he never had a chance in the first place so oh well. I believe Constantine is still winless here since his tag team of "Fighting Spirit" with Christopher Silvio was forced to break up.

4. Raul Lamotta beat Jimbo Onno

Speaking of tag teams breaking up, this too was a battle of former partners that recently parted ways on bad terms. They didn't wait for the bell, went right at it with Lamotta on the attack. Lamotta tried to win with his feet on the ropes less than 1 minute in, but the ref caught it. Way too early in the match for that spot. Onno with some punches, but I don't really like his punches. Lamotta with a single leg Boston crab. Onno back with bodyslams, and went for a chokeslam, but took way, way too much time, trying to exhort the crowd, who were dead as door nails for this one. Onno's dumb time wasting proved fatal as Lamotta rolled him up and got the win holding the trunks. I didn't like these guys as a tag team, and I can say now the only thing worse than watching them team up is watching them wrestle each other. They didn't get much time here, but this match sucked. Onno was happy as a clam post match, smiling and slapping hands with fans. Why? He should have been majorly pissed after losing to his former partner, not happy. Yeesh.

Gilbert Corsey got in the ring and brought out OVW owner Danny Davis. They talked about what happened last week here with Davis stripping Mike Mondo of the OVW title, firing Mondo, but then agreeing to let Cliff Compton face Mondo in a brass knuckles on a pole match on May 14th, and Mondo then knocking out referee Bill Clark, stealing the belt back, and running out the front door with it. Like I said, that stuff last week was a legit hot angle.
Davis said he called the sheriffs department, and they sent three deputy sheriffs to Mondo's residence, but nobody would answer the door. Davis said he knew Mondo would be appearing on Wave 3 in Louisville earlier today, so Davis called Deputy Sheriff Steve Yancy to go there, and Yancy took the belt away from Mondo on Wave 3. Davis then called Yancy out, who came out with the OVW heavyweight title. Out came a very angry Mike Mondo. Mondo got in the ring and tried hard to get the belt back, but couldn't. Mondo went nose to nose arguing with Danny Davis. "Mr, Media" Cliff Compton came out, but was kept on the floor by the geek squad and some referees. Davis told Compton to stay on the floor, he didn't want he and Mondo to touch until their match on the 14th. Referee Chris Sharpe ended up with the belt, but Mondo loaded up his trusty brass knuckles and knocked Sharpe out and grabbed the belt. Great looking shot and bump there. Mondo had the belt, but Danny Davis grabbed it back. Compton finally got in the ring, but Mondo bailed out and ran out the side door, across the parking lot, and again made his get away in his beat up Burgundy Dodge Neon. The beat up Neon didn't actually make television last week, but I hope it does this week. BTW, during all of this Steve Yancy was just standing in the ring doing nothing. Well, I guess at least he can't screw up an angle that way, but it did come off kinda strange. Referee Chris Sharpe ended up being carried out of the ring. This was decent, but didn't come close to matching last weeks angle. No magic this week, but it was entertaining.

Danny Davis came back out on the floor and asked for a microphone. Davis said this was the third time Mondo has struck either himself, or a referee. He said Mondo was dangerous, and that this can't go on. Davis said he has faith in his referees, but not in Mondo. Davis then named himself the special referee for the Mondo vs Compton brass knuckles on a pole match main event at the May 14th Saturday Night Special. Dean Hill said the Saturday Night Special might be a "Nightmare".

5. "Smooth" Johnny Spade & The Blossom Twins(Holly & Hannah) beat Shiloh Jonze & Smothers Twisted Daughters(Isabelle & Jessie Belle Smothers) in a mixed six person tag match

This was another failed attempt by Shiloh Jonze to end his losing streak. Jessie Belle Smothers seemed sweet on Jonze before the match, but Isabelle Smothers was frustrated with the horny Jessie Belle Smothers, and was trying to reign her in like an old school mom or something. Btw, Isabelle Smothers is Mickie Knuckles. Spade lit Jonze up with some wicked chops. Jonze' chest was beet red. The crowd came alive for this match. Jonze got a little offense in, but Spade was dominating it. A strange match in that the ladies never officially got tagged in. Smothers Twisted Daughters tried to assist Jonze, but The Blossom Twins ran over and yanked them off the apron. Spade with a big superkick on Jonze. All the heels got whipped into each other in mid ring, and then got beat when the faces rolled up the heels for a triple pin. Spade wasn't thru having his fun yet, he chopped Jonze some more in the post match. Smothers Twisted Daughters were not getting along well going to the back with Isabella still yelling at the boy crazy Jessie Belle.

6. Asher Knight, Benjamin Bray, Jamin Olivencia & Paredyse beat The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver), Mohamad Ali Vaez & Rudy Switchblade in an 8 man champions and challengers match

TV main event time, and they gave this one plenty of time. When it was time for Paredyse to come out, they accidentally started Cliff Compton's music instead. Switchblade and Bray first, with Switchblade getting the better of it with a top rope arm drag and a dropkick. Bray and Switchblade then shook hands, which ticked Mohamad Ali Vaez off to no end. Switchblade was with the heels here, and he works for Vaez, but he's still a babyface, and wrestled cleanly. But, he did lay out Jamin Olivencia with Vaez' OVW TV title belt last week. Really, this made for a unique, and interesting dynamic. It's different in a good way. Bray and Knight got the better of The Elite. Vaez had no interest in participating in this match, as he only has six days to go before he's the longest reigning OVW TV champion of all time. Paredyse in with a flying butt bump, but he ended up getting tossed out of the ring, and took the heat. Switchblade and Paredyse both down after being knocked together. Paredyse made the hot tag to Olivencia as Vaez was yelling at Switchblade. Vaez got tagged in, but tagged right back out, he wanted no part of Olivencia, who he faces this Saturday. Olivencia with running body blocks to the corner on both of the Elite. Switchblade came back in, and traded hard forearms to the head with Olivencia. Switchblade and Olivencia clearly don't like each other at all. Great intensity between these two. Olivencia went up top, but Vaez shoved him off. Vaez screaming at Switchblade to finish off Olivencia. Instead, Switchblade tagged Adam Revolver in. Vaez and Switchblade arguing on the floor, with Switchblade actually pushing Vaez. Revolver picked up the groggy Olivencia, but Olivencia hit Revolver with his version of a DDT, where he clamps on to a guy and brings him down hard, and got the win. Vaez tried to make the save, but Switchblade held his foot so he couldn't. Compelling story told here between Vaez, Switchblade and Olivencia. The rest in this match came off like afterthoughts.

I don't know what the dark match main event was because I had to leave. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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