TNA Sacrifice live coverage from Orlando

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Hernandez & Anarquia vs. Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal    

Sarita and Rosita did repeated distractions during the match.  Hernandez pinned Neal with the dominator.  Crowd was super hot the first few minutes but dissipated as time went on.  Moore had a good match but Neal was a little off.  Okay opener, they all worked hard.

Jeff & Karen came out.  Karen was on crutches with a walking boot on claiming to have an ankle injury.  Karen on crutches but had a high heel show on her good leg.  Jeff interview said Friday morning, "bullshit" chanted and Jeff told the crowd there is an audience at home and they don't need to hear your filthy language.  Then they stopped.  Said Karen slipped on Cody's action figure.  She was rushed to the hospital and Karen had a grade three sprain and her ankle is broken in two places.  Nobody buying this but nobody is supposed to be buying this.  Jeff announced the tag match is off, saying it was doctor's orders.  "We Want Angle" chant. 

Mick Foley came out.  Foley said he saw the X-ray, fractured in two places, but said the X-ray was of a guys' foot.  Foley said the X-ray was of a 6-foot-6 African American male, so she's going to be magically okay by match time.  Got in a "Wrestling Matters" reference.  Karen said she's got nothing to wear.  But Jolene the seamstress made her an outfit.  Karen took off her walking boot and threw it at Foley but now she's walking around with a high heel shoe and bare footed on the other foot.

Brian Kendrick vs. Robbie E

Kendrick worked most of the match in his robe.  Kendrick won with a dropkick.  Not really much.  They acted like this would be a showcase for the X Division to show it's not filler, but it ended up coming across as filler.    

Tara interview.  Jeremy Borash asked her who she wants to win.  Before she could answer, Madison Rayne interrupted her and treated her like a bitch.  Rayne told Tara to stay put, ordered her not to cost her the match.   

Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne for the Knockouts title with Tara's contract at stake.

Tara came out at the start.  After a ref bump (Mike Posey back as ref) Rayne brought in the loaded glove.  Tara pulled the glove off her.  Later after a second ref bump, Tara had the glove and they did a deal where she didn't know which one she should punch.  But she punched Rayne and James got the pin so Tara is free.  Not a good match.

Kazarian vs. Max Buck for the X title

Crowd wasn't much into this for the first half, but the two had the best match so far and crowd was into it at the end with a "This is wrestling" chant.  Story was that Max kept escaping the Omori driver (fade to black), and after the third escape, Kazarian used the shining wizard on Max for the pin. 

Abyss vs. Crimson

Crimson won with a D-Lo Brown style power bomb.  Both kicked out of a lot of big moves.  It's a match that probably sounded good when being laid out, but going 10:00 exposed how green Crimson was and they lost the crowd.  Not good at all.  Abyss brought in Janice at one point but Crimson ducked the board and speared him, but Abyss kicked out of the spear.

Beer Money defends the tag team title against Matt Hardy & Chris Harris    

Disappointing match.  The crowd just didn't care about the Harris-Storm feud and Harris probably wasn't given enough lead time because he wasn't anywhere close to the level he was in his last TNA run.  Crowd not much into this, didnt' care about Harris vs. Storm like it was anything big.  Really telling how the TNA audience doesn't consider anything in TNA mattering because AMW were together for years and had the tag title multipe times but the crowd acted like they didn't evenknow who he was.  At the finish, Storm superkicked Harris and then they set up the DWI.  But Storm wanted to do a different finisher and they did the old AMW Death sentence (legdrop off the top by Storm) and Storm pinned Harris.  Harris wore his AMW trenchcoat and AMW trunks.

Bully Ray did a very good interview as a heel saying A.J. is what's wrong with pro wrestlers, on twitter playing video games when wrestlers should be drinking whiskey and chasing women.

A.J. Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer

This was a no DQ match.  Dreamer won after Bully Ray broke up the Styles clash and gave him a clothesline to the back of the head.  Dreamer then used a piledriver on a table for the pin.  The piledriver looked real bad.  Crowd was dead for most of the match but did change "This is awesome" with some of the weapons stuff.  Styles did some good moves but Dreamer as a heel just didn't seem to work at all.

Kurt Angle & Chyna vs. Karen & Jeff Jarrett   

The whole match was a tease of Chyna vs. Karen.  The crowd saw Chyna at this big star right after not seeing someone who was a star in their own promotion and building as anything.  They finally got in at the finish and Chyna gave her a clothesline, a pedigree and the ankle lock.  Jeff tried to keep Karen from tapping, but Kurt put the ankle lock on Jeff while Chyna had the same hold on Chyna and Karen tapped.  The match was over, more with "We Want Chyna" chants.  Good match, but not the caliber of a Kurt vs. Jeff singles match.

Sting vs. RVD for the TNA title headlines the show.  Mr. Anderson is the guest commentator at ringside.   Good to know ahead of time we've got an outside interference finish.   Guess what, no outside interference.  Sting won clean.  RVD missed a frog splash and Sting used a schoolboy for a near fall, botched the scorpion death drop, RVD took the bump early, and Sting was smart enough to realize how bad it looked, so used a second one for the pin.  Aside from the finish, this match overachieved.  RVD worked his ass off.  Much of the match was in the crowd and RVD did a dropkick while walking in the stands and RVD also did a crossbody while Sting was down the steps.  Show ended with Anderson going to the ring and getting in Sting's face and them announcing that as the Slammiversary main evnt.

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