Bellator TV report for final show of the season

Bellator 45 TV Report - Season Finale 
May 21st, 2011
By Daniel Galvan

Middleweight Bout
Karl Amoussou (12-3-2) vs Sam Alvey (14-2)
Amoussou throws a quick head-kick to start the fight. He leg kicks Alvey, which trips up Alvey. He follows his opponent to the ground, but Alvey gets on top of Ammoussou. The fighters get stand-up as nothing is really happens. Karl continues to throw some quick kicks. He throws Alvey and gets on top, landing fore-arms and elbows. Alvey gives him his arm, and Alvey uses that to get on top. Alvey is cut, and is bleeding everywhere. Amoussou 10-9. Amoussou starts aggressive, but just ends up getting clenched against the cage. Alvey and Amoussou trade big right hands. Amoussou trips Alvey, but Alvey just turns Amoussou over and is on top of Karl for the rest of the round. Alvey 10-9. Both fighters engage in a body clench, trading knees to each others stomachs. Amoussou lands a knee on Alvey. Alvey and Amoussou trade leg kicks and punches. Karl throws a flurry of punches, but a majority are countered by Alvey. Alvey throws a knee to the stomach of Amoussou. Amoussou goes for a tip, but is taken down by Alvey. Alvey lands some good ground and pound to end the round. Alvey 10-9.
Official Result - Sam Alvey def. Karl Amoussou via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, and 29-28)

All the Bellator Summer Series Featherweight Entrants are announced at this time, Marlon Sandro, Ronnie Mann, Pat Curran, Nazareno Malegari, Genair de Silva, Adam Schindler, Jacob Devree, and Luis Palomino. 

Featherweight Tournament Final
Patricio Freire (16-1)  vs Daniel Straus (16-3)
Straus goes for a throw, but Freire stands back up and throws some knees to the inner-thigh of Straus. Pitbull clenches Straus against the cage. Straus goes for multiple throws, and take-downs but Freire is able to stay on his feet. Pitbull stuffs another take-down. Straus gets back to his feet and lands a knee. Straus 10-9. Pitbull connects with a left. Pitbull lands a good take-down. Pitbull throws a knee to the body of Straus, but the referee pulls him apart, stating that Pitbull landed a knee to a downed Straus. Its clear that it was a knee to the body. Freire tries to get another take-down, but Straus defends it successfully. Straus lands a knee to the groin of Freire. Straus goes for a hip toss, and locks on a guillotine choke to end the round. Freire 10-9. Pitbull throws a couple of punches, and then a flurry of punches. Freire defends a take-down from Straus. Straus pushes the pace, but isn't able to land anything. Freire shoots in a for a take-down of his own. Freire throws a leg kick, and barely glances a flying knee on Straus. Freire pounds the head of Straus with hammerfists to end the fight. 
Official Result - Patricio Freire def. Daniel Straus via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, and 30-27)

After the fight, a new segment called "Sweet Submissions" is shown. It's basically the Bellator ring girls grappling, and showcasing how to use a different submission. This week they show the audience how to apply a triangle choke. 

Bellator Light-Heavyweight Championship Fight
Richard Hale (17-3-1)  vs Christian M'Pumbu (17-3-1)
Hale lands a jab, and a left. Hale clenches M'Pumbu against the cage. M'Pumbu utilizes a knee, and immediately throws a couple of punches. M'Pumbu threatens a D'arce choke on Hale. M'Pumbu lands a left hand.  M'Pumbu 10-9. A bit of inactivity to start the second round, with M'Pumbu dodging the majority of Hale's punches. M'Pumbu lands a couple of leg kicks. Both fighters trade hooks. Hale is aggressive throwing side-kicks, and punches. Hale lands a hook, and a knee to the body to end the round. Hale 10-9. M'Pumbu lands a nice left. Hale lands a good upper-cut. M'Pumbu lands a body kick. M'Pumbu drops Hale with a huge right hand, and then he gets on top of Hale, and lands some big shots on the ground on Hale until the referee calls the fight.
Official Result - Christian M'Pumbu def. Richard Hale via 3rd Round TKO

KO of the Season - Patricky Freire KO's Toby Imada with a flying knee - Bellator 39
Sub of the Season - Richard Hale subs Nik Fekete with an Inverted Triangle Choke - Bellator 38
Fight of the Season - Alexander Shlemenko defeats Brett Cooper via Unanimous Decision - Bellator 44
Fighter of the Season - Patricio "Pitbull" Freire
Show of the Season - Bellator 36 
Biggest Upset of the Season - Brent Weedman beats Dan Hornbuckle via Unanimous Decision - Bellator 35
Best Tournament of the Season - Lightweight Tournament 
Worst Decision of the Season - Joe Warren beats Marcos Galvao via Unanimous Decision - Bellator 41

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