Over the Limit/Bellator feedback

Show: Thumbs Middle
Best Match: Christian v. Orton
Worst Match: Sin Cara v. Chavo

Overall the show was weak. Truth and Mysterio had a pretty good opening match. Truth needs to look better to keep his push. I love him as a heel and hope this was good enough to keep pushing him. Barrett and Jackson had a TV match and a TV finish. The botched finish of the Sin Cara and Chavo match really killed it. I can't stand the lighting of the ring. Is that supposed to make me care more about Sin Cara? Where is La Mistica? They showed it in his teaser trailer, but he's never done it on TV. I expected more from this match. Christian and Orton stole the show. By far the best match on the show. The tag team match was what it was. Not as bad as I thought, plus Punk did the Flying Elbow. Divas match had a few brutal spots. Without Kharma there was nothing about it that interested me. Thankfully they got the Cole v Lawler match right. 3 minutes and Lawler didn't have to sell much of anything. The post match felt long, but JR and Hart saved it for me. Miz and Cena was complete crap. I am beyond over Cena as superman. Miz said "I quit" several times after the bell which really killed the whole feeling of the match. The double team was a stupid idea (as far as Miz just announcing it at the start of the match). Get rid of Riley already please. This match was a pure waste of time. What did it do other than make Cena look indestructible and impossible to beat? I guess there is no need to watch RAW until Mania season because Cena can't loose. 

Chris Stein
What an appropriate name for a Pay Per View.  It seems like WWE hasn't forgotten who forks out the $45 for the pay per view.  There was nothing here for the grown ups.  The main event was a joke.  All that punishment leads to Cena no selling at the end and making Miz quit during the first attempt?  Come on!  I guess it was cool to see Bret Hart, but it would of been more appropriate to put Swagger in that role seeing how he was punished during the storyline as well.  What was WWE thinking this month?  This is the kind of booking that was present towards the end of WCW.  It felt like most everything was thrown together at 5 this afternoon.  I'll have to think really hard about the next WWE ppv I purchase. 

Best match:  Randy Orton Vs. Christian

Worst Match:  Everything else. 

Completely embarrassed this time around,

Taylor Piner,
Thumbs Middle
Best Match: Christian vs. Orton
Worst Match: Brie Bella vs. Kelly Kelly
The only reason this show isn't a thumbs down is because of the Orton/ Christian match.  Bell to bell that was one of the better wwe matches there has been this year.  The rest of the show, while not terrible per say, was very average.  Just a bunch of basic, raw style matches that didn't do much in the way of peak my interest.  The main event was very strange as well, and really wasn't what people wanted to see, plus seeing Cena no-sell about 25 minutes worth of punishment and make Miz tap like a geek was very depressing.  It must be said that the finish of the Lawler/ Cole match was very well done, and it was nice seeing Bret Hart make an appearance.  Kind of dissapointed there was no Randy Savage tribute on the show, hopefully they do something nice on Raw, but I won't hold my breath.
- Dan Marsiglia
Best Fight: Karl Amoussosu vs. Sam Alvey
Worst Fight: None
1) Sam Alvey d. Karl Amoussosu by a split decision:  Even though
Bellator 45 featured the Season 4 Featherweight Tournament final and
also the crowning of the first ever Bellator Light Heavyweight
Champion, being that I am big fan of Amoussosu, I was looking forward
to this fight the most. During the pre-match promos,  Amoussosu told a
Hogan-esque story of when he went to arrest a guy (Amoussosu is an
undercover cop), the guy who he was going to arrest put his weapon down
and told Amoussosu not to hurt him because he has seen his fights.
Round 1, Amoussosu dominated with hard leg kicks and strikes.  Karl got
the take down and went for the choke.  Amoussosu rushed it and Alvey
with his Division 3 wrestling background was able to reverse and get on
top.  Amoussosu was able to make sure Alvey did not damage and we had a
standup.   Amoussosu got on top again and rained down elbows on Alvey
opening two nasty cuts on side of Alvey's head.  The blood was flying
everywhere.  Alvey was able to reverse Amoussosu and get of top towards
the end of the round.  Blood leaked all over Amoussosu and he looked
like a victim in a slasher flim.
Round 2. Alvey won the round by getting on top of Amoussosu with one
minute left on the round.  Alvey had the dominant position for that one
minute, but Karl won the first four minutes of the fight by moving
forward and also connecting with a lot of leg kicks and a huge left
that was the biggest shot of the round.  When Alvey was on top he
really didn't do much damage.  But the judges and even Bellator color
commentator Jimmy Smith all gave Alvey that round.
Round 3, Karl had the edge in stand up and killing Alvey's legs with
leg kicks.  Amoussosu who is very good at judo went for the takedown
and once again Alvey was able to shift his hips and get on top.  This
won him Round 3.  If I was in Amoussosu's corner I would have told him
to keep it standing and keep working the leg kicks.  Alvey's legs where
all charlie horsed from the leg kicks and also the short knees against
the cage.  Amoussosu had not to worry that Avley would try for the take
down, and even if he did it would be slow and lunging since he had no
legs behind the shot.    Alvey got on top of Amoussou and at the ten
second call at the end the round, went wild on Amoussosu and sealed the
Great fight, and this was a Bellator Season 5 Middleweight Tournament
qualifier fight.  I really hope Bellator decides to put Amoussosu still
into the tournament as the eighth seed.  He is an exciting fighter who
delivers entertaining fights.  For sure he will get a another chance
during the Season 5 tournament in a non-tourney match.
2) Patricky Pittbull d. Daniel Strauss by a unanimous decision to win
the Season 4 Bellator Featherweight tournament.  Now, Pitbull will meet
the Bellator Featherweight Champion Joe Warren for the title this
summer I believe.  Last week Patricio the older brother Patricky lost
in the Bellator Season 4 Lightweight Tournament final.  I hoping they
would get a shot of Patricky looking on his defeated brother in the
locker room.  I was happy they did and that one clip really added extra
drama to the fight.   Strauss is like Clay Guida in that he puts a lot
of pressure on his opponent in the fight.   Pittbull was determined and
was able to stuff many of his takedowns.   This was the key to the
fight as Strauss will was taken from him being frustrated not able to
secure the takedown.
Some fun highlights of the fight was the Bellator Featherweight
Champion Joe Warren was doing color commentary.  Warren is one of the
few fighters that actually "get it" in which he plays the heel that you
want to see get his ass kicked.   Warren defeated Pittbull in the
finals of the Season 2 Featherweight Tournament, but Warren was lucky
to survive the first round of that fight.  Their rematch should be as
good as the first and I feel Pittbull will defeat Warren for the title.
   Warren is pushing his body to the limit with competing in the
Bellator Season 5 Bantamweight Tournament, training for his title
defense against the Pittbull and also training for the Olympics. 
Warren is good, but that is just too much for any fighter.
Also, Bellator commentators Sean Wheelock and Jimmy Smith brought up
"Macho Man" Randy Savage's death.  Wheelock who is a big wrestling fan,
said he was one of his favorite wrestlers and said his feud with George
The Animal Steel was one of his favorites.  Of all the Randy Savage
memories to bring up, that was one I wouldn't have mentioned.
During the show the Bellator color commentator Jimmy Smith was showing
how to put on a triangle.  They used the Bellator ring girls to
demonstrate.  I must say this was a clever way of making people pay
attention to this segment.
3) Christian M'Pumbu d. Richard Hale by a TKO to win the inaugural
Bellator Light Heavyweight Tournament and becoming the first ever
Bellator Light Heavyweight Tournament champion.   I was pulling for
Hale to win this fight because he has a tons of charisma and great
promo ability, but M'Pumbu is such an nice guy it was hard to root
against him.   Hale was doing good early, but M'Pumbu was counter
striking really well.   M'Pumbu was connecting with some very hard leg
kicks which caused a nasty bruise on Hale's left leg.  Round 2, Hale
came out focused and going to the KO.  M'Pumbu wasn't doing much and
looked to just counter strike.  Finally,  M'Pumbu connected with a huge
shot right on the Hale's chin and Hale fell bad.  M'Pumbu finished Hale
off with more hard shots bouncing Hale's head of the canvas and the
referee finally stopped the fight.
Overall analysis:  Great ending to Season 4 which has been of the best
seasons of Bellator.  For me Season 2 has been my favorite, but Season
4 comes in at close second.   Bellator 46 will be on June 25th for
their Summer Series which features one a show month in June, July and
August.  It will be another Featherweight Tournament which is
Bellator's most stacked division.   With possibility of UFC leaving
Spike after their contract ends,  the hope is Spike picks up Bellator. 
Bellator's weakness is that it is on a station that nobody watches and
they have no name stars.   The strength is they put on great fights
each week and I think the weekly tournament format and the great fights
can do well on Spike. My hope is they get picked up by Spike.    Can't
wait for Season 5 to start in September, thankfully the "Summer Series"
will hold mover until then.
John LaRocca
San Jose, CA

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