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Thumbs Down
Best: Christian vs Orton
Worst: Miz vs Cena

Main Event was a predictable waste of time... Miz came out looking like the biggest pussy ever and Cena is apparently a cartoon character that can recover from a twenty minute beating
in 30 seconds.
Jonathan Renfro
Over the Limit: Thumbs in the Middle
Best Match: Randy Orton vs. Christian
Worst Match: Kelly Kelly vs. Bella
The show would have been a thumbs down if not saved by the amazing Orton vs. Christian World Heavyweight Title match.  It started off fine with Rey vs. Truth.  Decent match.  Truth going over makes sense.  Barrett vs. Jackson was also okay, but nothing great, not that I expected it to be.  I hate DQ's on pay per view, even in a match like this.  Tag team titles was another average match that could have been on Raw.  Not sure if Punk is staying with WWE or not based on that finish.  I think Nexus needs to disband.  Ryan and company should be sent back to developmental and then maybe they can get a fresh start especially McGilligutty as he needs a fresh coat of paint like his name for sure.  I do kind of like Show and Kane as a monster team that can't be beat even if they can't really have any good matches, but at least it seems like it makes the tag titles seem a little important.  Just wish they had some actual teams to work with.  Sin Cara vs. Chavo was another fine match, although I did actually expect more from them.  Finish was really messed up.  Thought they would have continued the match so Cara could hit his big top rope finisher instead of that messed up looking face plant.  The mood lighting needs to go.  Women's match was your typical one.  Don't know why they didn't have Kharma involved this time.  I like the Bella switcheroo (guess it reminds me of the old Killer Bees deal and that kind of thing) gimmick, but since the Diva matches aren't taken seriously or get any kind of good angles or push it kind of doesn't matter.  Randy Orton vs. Christian was great.  I thought it was a tremendous match and even though I would love to see Christian get another shot holding the belt (yes I said belt), I thought it was well layed out and those guys work really well together.  Cole vs. Lawler was finally the match it needed to be.  Lawler beat up Cole and got his win and I always appreciate an appearance from Jim Ross and Bret Hart.  Cena vs. Miz didn't seem like a great main event to me as it seemed more like a an angle for Raw then a ppv main event.  I like Miz, but tired of him vs. Cena now.  Let's move on to something else.  Orton vs. Christian would have been more satisfying as the final match on the show.  Hope the next ppv is better.  Not good that it will be on Father's Day when probably a lot of people will be busy with other things.
Robb Block
If this wasn't a one match PPV I don't know what one is.If it wasn't for the Orton-Christian classic this would rival any TNA PPV in terms of pure crap.And I almost made the mistake of buying it. Whew .Here's my match by match thoughts:
1.Mysterio v Truth.I never thought I'd become an R-Truth fan but I'm getting there.He should've been a heel a long time ago.He's great in that role.And isn't it about time Rey retires? I'm bored to death by him.If I never see another 619 I'll die a happy man.Decent match and the right man won. 2  stars.
2.Barrett v Mr.Bodyslam Was it me or was the crowd popping for Zeke's bodyslams? Never though I'd hear pops for bodyslams in my life.Wade carried Zeke well but nobody cared,me included. star.
3.Sin Botcha v Chavo Jr. What do you know? The match ended in a botch by Sin.Shocking. It loooked like Chavo may have got hurt on that one dive he took. Hope not as he's so good and can carry Sin through their matches better than about anyone else on the roster. 2 stars.
4.Kane-Show v Punk-Ryan I knew Punk would do the Savage top rope elbow tribute(even though it was missed). Loved the 'Batista" chants at Ryan. The main question now is who's been buried worst? The Corre or The New Nexus? Oh,Mason Ryan is not ready. 1 star.
5.Brie Bella v Kelly Kelly.Where was Kharma?I know where I was,taking my bathroom break like most everyone else was during this crap.I will say I loved what Kelly said on Tough Enough last week that she's been wrestling for 5 years and she's still learning.She got that right. Minus 1 star.
6.Orton v Christian Man,what can be said?As a lifelong Orton fan,if this don't make all his detractors admit that hes a great wrestler nothing will. His actual wrestling ability was in full force tonight and he showed how talented a wrestler he is. The reversal spots. The near falls. The crowd heat.It had it all. I can watch these 2 go at it forever.Such great chemistry they have with each other. Possible MOTY candidate right here.4 1/2 stars.
7.Lawler v Cole.Please let this feud be done now! Nice surprise w/Bret showing up.Served its purpose though of Cole finally getting his. 1/2 star.
8.Cena v Miz. Ok,we all know about the SuperCena effect but it went way overboard tonight.He gets beat up and destroyed for 20 minutes and just like that he gets and STF on and Miz quits 3 seconds later?Oh boy.Good match though but a lame ending. 3 stars.
Gary Graham
WWE Over the Limit

Thumbs Down (Based on the joke of a main event)

Best Match: Randy Orton vs. Christian

Worst Match: John "Jesus Christ" Cena vs. The Miz


The main event of this show completely ruined what was an otherwise very good PPV.  It was just so far out there to me that I still cannot comprehend that this match was approved by someone in the office.  Buddy Wayne said it best according to Bryan - "Now why the fuck would you want to do that?"

This is a sad time to be a pro wrestling fan.  when I hear from my casual fan friends, there is no way I can defend this match in any way, shape or form.  It's becoming harder and harder to watch either company these days.  I think when we look back in historical context, this may be known as the worst era ever in the history of professional wrestling, and that covers a heck of a lot of ground.

Michael Barton
Monticello, NY


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