More feedback from Over the Limit

Thumbs down (because of Booker T's commentary)

Best Match: None (because of Booker T's commentary)

Worst Match: All (because of Booker T's commentary)

I'm a tell ya right there, whenever Booker T speaks, I want to stab my ears with pencils, and smash my face through the TV screen, and never be able to see or hear again.
Carl Nelson
Thumbs up!

Best Match: Orton vs Christian
Worst Match: Divas title

Really felt the need to write in as I am seeing a lot of negative feedback to this event, but I enjoyed it a lot and can honestly say I think it has been my favourite PPV of the year so far. I'm in my mid-20s and as I grew up in the Attitudue era I prefer my PPV's in that style of actually having some build in the PPV which was what I felt this had. I personally would rather see lower card matches like Mysterio vs Truth and an Intercontinental title match (when was the last time that was defended on PPV!?) rather than Wrestlemania opening with a World Title match and Extreme Rules opeing with a 25 minute last man standing match. The crowd is never ready to see a match that should be in the upper card open a show and I personally feel it ruins the matches. That's why I really enjoyed this PPV I think.

Orton and Christian without question stole the show, although I action really enjoy the Cena Miz main event despite not being a fan of either guy. Despite the ending, where Cena no sold everything and Miz came across like a pathetic coward, I felt the entire match before was extremely dramatic and they really drew me and I was actually surprised at how I wanted to see Cena make a come back. Obviously Cena has always had selling issues, but imagine how more dramatic that could have been if it was Shawn Michaels, HHH or Rock in that role?

Everything else was fine: the Bret Hart comeback was a great surprise! Thankfully they kept Lawler Cole short (if only they had done that at Wrestlemania). The tag title match was really entertaining and Big Show and Kane work a lot better as a tag team than single competitors. The Sin Cara match was good as an exhibition for him and I was surprised at that amount of high risk moves he was allowed to do. Chavo looked like he botched a lot moves he was set to receive however, but what do you except with WWE letting him rot in his own ring rust for all these years. They should've gone with Bryan as Cara's opponent instead. The opener was entertaining and at least they are trying to do something different with Truth and I was so pleased to see the Intercontinental title defended on PPV. The title (and the whole midcard in general) really needs to be rebuilt. I miss the days the IC title match could steal the show on PPV but this match was fine and think Zeke Jackson could actually be a worthwhile power guy if they push him as a monster (the 5 body slams in a row is great!).


Paul Fleming, Glasgow Scotland
Thumbs down in the dirt. Didn't pay  too see it. Best match was Orton vs Christian. Truth has always looked good. When people see this and say there's no good wrestling anymore, they fail to see PWG, ROH, Evolve,wXw and so many more. There are more than 20 very good to great promotions in existence today around the world. ROH should get interesting now with any luck. Take care.
Tom Hankins
Reseda, CA (Home of PWG)

WWE Over the Limit

Thumbs Up

Best Match: Randy Orton v Christinan

Worst Match: Brie Bella v Kelly Kelly

Never thought I would have written that Randy Orton saved a PPV. At least they saved the heel turn for Smackdown, or a tag match on the next PPV.

Will have to wait and see if Punk is sticking around. We'll see if the rest of the Nexus beats him down tonight.

Jeff Cohen
Flushing, NY



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