Titan Fighting Championships report

Titan Fighting Championships 18: Pulver vs Davidson TV Report

May 27th, 2011

Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas

By Daniel Galvan


The show starts with an interview from Pulver conducted by Frank Trigg. Pulver says that he is 100% dedicated on the sport, and he throws a Team Curran plug. He admits to feeling nervous because he is in the main event, and glad he has a big showcase tonight on HDNet. The ring announcer for the night is Steven St. John. The commentators are Michael Schiavello and Frank Trigg.


Lightweight Bout

“The Professor” Deryck Ripley (9-19) vs Sean “P-Town” Wilson (27-16)

Ripley gets a double-legged takedown at the start of the round.  He transitions to full mount, and he then gets the back of Wilson. Wilson escapes and puts Ripley on his back. Ripley threatens the arm-bar off his back. Out of nowhere Wilson goes for a knee-bar, and transitions into a toe-hold which gets the tap. Wow I haven’t seen a toe-hold submission in quite a while.

Official Result – Sean Wilson def. Deryck Ripley via 1st Round Submission (Toe-hold)


Lightweight Bout

Joe “The Nose” Wilk (10-6) vs Jesse Zeugin (5-1)

Joe Wilk comes down to a remix with Chris Jericho’s “Break the Walls Down” intro being the first part of the remix. Wilk clenches with Zeugin against the cage to work his wrestling game until he takes down Zeugin. Wilk works from half-guard landing a couple of ground strikes. Wilk then locks on a D’Arce choke and he gets the submission win.  The ironic thing about it, is that Zeugin’s specialty is D’arce and guillotine chokes.

Official Result – Joe Wilk def. Jesse Zeguin via 1st Round Submission (D’arce Choke)


Jake Rosholt is shown asleep back-stage, interesting approach. Jared is shown getting his hands rapped. A tape-delayed interview is shown with both Rosholts getting interview by Trigg. Jared says that he feels confidence that he is fighting on the same card as his brother, because he has him with him during the fight prep. Jake says that it is nerve-wracking being backstage getting ready for his fight while his brother is out there fighting because the only thing he can infer from his brother’s bout was the crowd reactions.


Catchweight (176 lb) Bout

“Super Duper” Bobby Cooper (5-3) vs Nick Budig (4-1)

Budig is a home-town fighter. Budig lands back and forth rights and lefts on Cooper. The mouth-piece comes out of Cooper’s mouth piece and that causes a halt in the fight.  Flurries from both men, Cooper getting the best of them.  Cooper starts utilizing the jab. Cooper has a big height and reach advantage.  Budig scores with a left hook. Cooper follows up with a straight right. Cooper lands three big liver kicks. To quote Schiavello, “somewhere Bas Rutten is smiling.” Close round. Cooper 10-9. Budig starts aggressive, but Cooper is able to avoid a lot of the punches from his opponent, and counter with efficient jabs. Budig’s eye is starting to become swollen.  Budig clips Cooper with a right which drops Cooper. Budig decides to let Cooper back up to his feet. That doesn’t affect Cooper as he goes back to working the jab. Budig lands a couple of looping hooks as the round ends, but is countered by some crazy punches from Cooper. Cooper 10-9. Budig tags Cooper with a right hand to start the round, following up with more crazy punches. Cooper lands a head kick. Chants for Budig circulate. Right hand from Budig.  Cooper goes back to the jab, and he lands a nice hook.  Cooper also starts to work the leg kick as well.  Close round as Cooper made a come-back after being overwhelmed at the start of the round. Cooper 10-9.

Official Result – Bobby Cooper def. Nick Budig (29-28, 29-28, and 30-27)


The Voice vs Badr Hari is announced. Schiavello says that this interview is very intense, and shouldn’t be watched by kids. James Krause, Eric Marriott, Jason High, Jose Vega, Deryck Ripley, John Ott, Aaron Derrow, and Rob Kimmons are all fighters that were trained by Brian Davidson. A package is done on Davidson who talks about how he retired before, so he work full-time as an MMA trainer. Davidson then got offered the fight with Pulver, and he was excited for it because he believes that Pulver and him are very similar. Schiavello then brings up Frank Trigg’s fight against “The White Mike Tyson” John Phillips at BaMMA 6.  A quick highlight of that fight is shown.


Heavyweight Bout

Jared Rosholt (2-0) vs Kirk Grinlinton (2-2)

Jared is an All-American, and finished second in the NCAA Championship tournament, losing to Iowa State’s David Zabriskie. Rosholt odds has been as high as -1150, that’s ridiculous. Rosholt tags Kirk with a short right, countering an over-hand from Kirk. Rosholt gets a double –legged take-down. He transitions to full mount and then pounds the crap out of Kirk until the fight is over.  Cool video of Jake watching his brother win the fight in the corner of the screen.

Official Result – Jared Rosholt def. Kirk Grinlinton via 1st Round TKO


Welterweight Bout

Rudy “Bad News” Bears (12-7) vs Darryl Cobb (5-2)

Bears is coming off a loss to Jason High at TFC 16. Both fighters trade leg kicks. Cobb goes for a spinning back kick, but he is tripped up from a leg kick by Bears. Bears lands a solid head kick. Cobb lands and upper-cut, and defends a take-down from Bears well. Bears drops Cobb with a punch, and Bears gets the back of Cobb, and he nearly gets the rear-naked choke, but somehow Cobb escapes. Bears places Cobb on his top, and rain downs blows from full mount. Bears then gets the back, and locks on the rear naked choke for the submission win. Awesome fight.

Official Result – Rudy Bears def. Darryl Cobb via 1st Round Submission


After the show, a showcase of Miletich Fighting Systems is shown because that is where Pulver started serious MMA training. Miletich says that he has had almost 90 guys on PPV television, and a lot of his fighters were world champions. Pat says that Pulver is a very passionate guy about MMA.  Pulver talks about how he got his nick-name “Lil Evil” when one of his training partners called Pulver a Lil Evil Bastard when Pulver was angry, drinking a cup of coffee.


Catchweight (200 lb) Bout

Jake “The Bolt” Rosholt (11-3) vs John Ott (8-8)

Ott’s last fight was a decision loss to Bobby Lashley at TFC 17. Before that fight he got a decision win over Brian Imes, the brother of TuF vet Brad Imes. Jake is looking to fight his way back to the UFC, going 5-1 in his non-Zuffa fight, with the only loss going to Matt Horwich. The last five fights he has won have all been in the first round. He is a 4-time All-American winning the NCAA Tournaments in the 184 lb. and 197 lb.  division.


Ott starts aggressive with a spinning back-fist, and a flurry of left and rights. Ott then shoots in for a take-down, but Rosholt defends it successfully. Ott is showing Jake no respect.  Jake is the much taller fighter. Ott catches a kick from Rosholt, and takes him down. Rosholt gets back up and shoots in for a take-down, but it is stuffed by Ott. John Ott is looking impressive. Jake lands a hook, and an uppercut. Rosholt defends a take-down and reverses it on Ott by getting on top in side control. Jake then transitions to full mount, and takes a bit of a breather.  Rosholt drops a huge elbow which cuts Ott. Jake is selective with his strikes landing elbows. Extremely close round, but Jake did the most damage in the round. Rosholt 10-9.  Jake lands a couple of leg kicks on Ott, and follows up with a double-leg  takedown on Ott. He is immediately in side control. Ott stands up after receiving some elbows from Rosholt. Jake immediately scores a knee on Ott. Rosholt gets on-top of Ott again, in side-control.  Rosholt then works from half-guard for quite a while, until threatening a d’arce choke, but nothing comes of it.  Rosholt 10-9, could be 10-8. Rosholt throws a super-man punch and immediately takes down Ott after the punch.  Ott gets up, but is just met with head kicks, and a jumping knee. Rosholt just throws Ott to the canvas. Ott’s cut up bad. His nose is bleeding bad. The doctor checks Ott, and Ott is cleared to continue. Personally, I don’t think it should continue based on Rosholt’s dominance in the fight and the state of Ott’s face.  Rosholt continues to pick Ott apart striking. Rosholt then gets a take-down. And Rosholt stands up. Ott then begins to stand-up, and then Rosholt knees Ott when Ott was about to stand up. Ott is rocking bad. The referee separates both men.  The fight is waved off as Ott is rocked. Rosholt clearly didn’t have any malicious intent with the knee.  There is an annoying lady going off on Jake Rosholt at cage-side, which is just ridiculous. The ruling of DQ, I think is completely uncalled for. Based on the fact that it is called an intentional foul when it looked as if it wasn’t. Not only that, I’m almost positive that with a fight that ends in this fashion with like thirty seconds left in the fight, the fight should go to a technical decision with the judge’s score-cards being read. Not a good situation, but I believe that it was a ridiculous ruling. The referee was Mike England 

Official Result – John Ott def. Jake Rosholt via 3rd Round DQ


Dream 17 Fight For Japan, MFC 30, United Glory World Series, and It Show Time – Amsterdam will all be shown in the next four weeks on HDNet Fights.


Catchweight (140 lb) Bout

Jens “ Lil’ Evil” Pulver (24-14-1) vs Brian “Mr. D” Davidson (6-3)

Pulver is looking to continue his winning streak and win three fights in a row. Davidson lands a liver kick, and a left punch. Knee from Mr. D. Davidiosn lands a crisp head kick, and Pulver shoots in and gets a take-down on Davidson.  Pulver works from up-top and Davidson lands an illegal up-kick on Pulver which causes the referee to give Jens a time-out. Pulver has a cut under his right eye.  Davidson goes to work immediately with head kicks, but Pulver gets a second take-down.  Davidson gets back to his feet, but eats a right from Pulver. Davidson defends a take-down from Pulver well, and lands some good ground strikes. Davidson then gets the back of Jens.  Davidson gets the choke on Pulver, and Lil Evil taps out. Davidson gets the submission victory! Pulver in his post-fight interview cuts a pretty good promo talking about how he'll decide when he retires.

Official Result – Brian Davidson def. Jens Pulver via 1st Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

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