UFC 130 live coverage from Las Vegas

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Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 130 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Cole Escovedo vs. Renan Barao

Round one: Barao landed early and put Escovedo down with a high slam.  Escovedo up.
Escovedo pulled guard by jumping up into a koala position and pulling Barao down with him.  I
can’t impress on you how quiet this is.  As quiet as any fight in modern UFC history.  Ref Steve
Mazzagatti stood them up.  I think he was just checking to see if his eardrums weren’t broken.
Escovedo landed a few punches and Barao came back with a sidewalk slam.  Barao won the
round 10-9.

Round two: Escovedo caught him with a left and a knee but then Barao took him down again
with a high slam.  Nice high kick by Barao after Escovedo got back up.  Barao took him down
again.  Mazzagatti stood them up again.  Nothing is happening when they’re on the ground.  Or
standing at this point.  This is not airing on the live PPV.  Quite frankly, this should be one of
those fighters where they tape over the masters.  Escovedo jumped back into the koala position
and pulled guard.  In other words, Escovedo is trying to make sure he loses this somewhat close
round.  Great move.  Barao 20-18.

Round three: Flying knee by Barao followed by a takedown.  Escovedo landed a body kick.  Hard
body kick by Barao.  Hard right and elbow by Barao.  High kick by Barao.  Escovedo with a
punch and a high kick that was blocked.  Body kick by Barao.  Nice spin kick by Barao but
missed a flying knee follow-up.  Barao picked him up high and slammed him down again.  Front
kick and another by Barao.  Good right and spin kick by Barao.  Another takedown by Barao.
 This round much improved from the first two.  Another slam at the bell by Barao.  Easily Barao
in this round so should be 30-27 although round two there was at least an argument..

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Barao

Michael McDonald vs. Chris Cariaso

Round one: Fans seemed to know McDonald.  Josh Rosenthal ref.  Body kick by Cariaso.
Cariaso tried a takedown but a good block by McDonald.  Cariaso has McDonald backed agianst
the cage.  Now McDonald moved to the center.  Body kick by Cariaso.  That was a hard one.
Another body kick by Cariaso.  Another body kick by Cariaso.  Cariaso in with punches and now
pushed McDonald against the fence.  McDonald escaped.  McDonald dropped with him with a
left.  He’s now on top.  McDonald missed a high kick.  Cariaso tried a kick and McDonald used
it so slam Cariaso down.  Crowd liked this round.  10-9 McDonald.

Round two: Body kicks by Cariaso.  He fell down after one but McDonald didn’t jump on him
and Cariaso up.  McDonald put Cariaso down to a knee with a punch.  McDonald may have eye
poked Cariaso.  Takedown by McDonald.  McDonald 20-18.

Round three: Cariaso with a takedown.  McDonald tried a triangle from the bottom.  Cariaso
escaped and McDonald back up.  Takedown by McDonald.  They both tried something and got
nowhere on the ground and Cariaso got back up.  Body kick by Cariaso.  Cariaso’s round so 29-
28 McDonald.

Scores: 30-27 Cariaso, 29-28 McDonald 29-28 McDonald.  How a judge could score all three
rounds for Cariaso is beyond me.

Not much excitement in the first two fights.   

Judge Adalaide Byrd scored the three rounds the same as I did.  I think that means I should commit suicide.  Glenn Trowbrdige also scored the same as I did.  First two for McDonald and round three for Cariaso.  Judge Tony Weeks gave Cariaso all three rounds. 


Gleison Tibau vs. Rafaello Olivera

First round: Kim Winslow is the referee.  Oliveira landed a right.  Takedown by Tibau.  Oliveira
back up right away.  Body kick by Oliveria.  Very little happening here.  Kind of the theme of the
night so far.  Taibau landed a hard left, best punch of the fight and followed with another
takedown.  Tibau with some punhes on the ground before Oliveria got up.  None of the punches
were more than annoying.  Both swung wildly and missed.  Tibau landed another right.  Body
kick by Oliveira.  Tibau 10-9.

Round two: Olivera landed a right and tried a takedown but it was blocked.  Takedown by Tibau.
Tibau with afull mount and now has side control before Oliveira got backup.  Now Oliveria
dropping to try an taekdown.  Tibau hurt him iwth a left and is throwing more on the ground and
back in full mount.  Tibau now has back position.  Tibau grabbed a choke and Oliveira had to tap

Kendall Grove vs. Tom Boetsch

Round one: Boetsch with a takedown.  Boetsch with another takedown.  Grove tried a triangle
from the bottom and Boetsch backed off.  Grove got back up.  No major strikes landed in the
stand-up the rest of the round.  Boetsch 10-9.

Round two: Grove threw a low kick.  Boetsch landed a couple of punches.  Grove in a clinch
with a few body punches.  He has Boetsch against the fence but Boetsch with a hard takedown.
Grove backup but taken right back down.  Grove back to his feet.  Boetsh trying for a takedown
again and Grove throwing elbows but Boetsch got him down, so that’s three for the round.
Boetsch 20-18.

Round three: Boetsch came out and took Grove down.  Grove back up.  Grove needs a finish
here.  Awesome scissors hiptoss takedown by Boetsch.  That was a thing of beauty.  Boetsch has
his back and threw a knee to the body.  Grove back up with 3:16 left.  Boetsch moved in going
for a takedown.  Boetsch looks tired as Grove blocked the takedown.  Boetsch still got another
takedown.  Another takedown by Boetsch.  This should be a tech fall by now.  Boetsch then got
him down again,  Easy 30-27 for Boetsch.

Scores: All three had it 30-27 for Boetsch.

Miguel Torres vs. Demetrious Johnson

Round one: Johnson opening with low kicks.  Huge size difference here.  Torres tried a
takedown, didn’t get it and Johnson took Torres down. .  Reverse by Torres.  Torres passed to
side position.  Tried to pass to mount but got caught in the guard.  Not much going on .  Torres
tried a guillotine but didn’t have it.  Johnson reversed.  Torres tried a kneebar.  Up kick by Torres
but Johnson quickly got Torres’ back.  Now Johnson on top and Torres throwing elbows from
the bottom.  Torres tried another reverse but didn’t get it.  Torres tried a triangle but didn’t get it
and tried an escape but didn’t get it.  Ground work here was all action and fun.  Best round of the
fight so far.  Johnson 10-9.

Round two: Johnson with another takedown.  Torres tried a triangle, didn’t get it, but managed to
get up using it.  Both against the cage throwing punches and knees until Johnson took Torres
downs again.  Torres throwing elbows from the bottom. Torres reversed but Johnson reversed
back.  Torres again going for a triangle from the side no less but doesn’t have it. .  Johnson
staying on top.  Torres again going for a knee bar but Johnson out.  Torres constantly moving
from the bottom but not getting anything.  Johnson not doing much damage but he is out
wrestling Torres.  Torres is doing more from the bottom but the submissions weren’t really that
dangerous.  This round could go either way, I’ll go close for Johnson.

Round three: Johnson with a takedown and Torres went for a triangle but doesn’t have it.
 Torres throwing elbows from the bottom.  Now Torres swept and was on top.  Torres going for a
guillotine.   But Johnson out.  Both throwing knees.  Johnson in with punches and knees and got
another takedown with seconds left.  Good fight, easily the best so far.  Crowd gave both a big
reaction.  I think I’d give Torres the round but close so 29-28 for Johnson.

All three had 29-28 for Johnson.  Crowd booed.   Really 29-28 for either guy would have been a
good score.

Brian Stann vs. Jorge Santiago

First round: Stann got a big reaction.  Santiago booed.  Stann is the first guy so far the crowd
really is into.  USA chant.  Trading kicks.  Traded low kicks.  Both throwing but nobody landing
clean.  Good low kick by Stann.  Santiago’s leg buckled.  Santiago nailed a high kick and Stann
flew back from but didn’t go down.  Stann cut under left eye.  Stann dropped him with a left and
punching away on the ground.  Santiago regained compoosure.    Stann throwing hard shots,
landed several of them on top. Hard elow by Stann and another.  More punches by Stann before
Santiago back to his feet just as the round ended.  10-9 Stann, would have been 10-8.5 with half
points.  Biggest crowd response so far.

Second round: Santiago tried a takedown but just moved Stann into the fence.  Knee to the body
by Santiago.  Stann escaped the cage and moved to the center.  Hard low kick by Stann. Trading
punches.  Stann got tagged and came back.  Body kick by Santiago.  Stann threw but looks like
he’s a little tired now.  Santiago tried a takedown, Stann blocked it and they’re in a clinch.  Low
kick by Stann. He kicks hard.  A combination of punches stunned Santiago. Santiago back.
Stann caught his kick but didn’t throw him down.  Body kick by Stann.  Left landed by Stann.
Santiago in with a flying knee attempt but got hit with a punch.  Stann in with a few but none
landed clean.  Santiago landed a counter right.  Hard body kick by Stann.  Low kick by Stann.
Stann droppped him with a right over the top countering a shot by Santiago and after six punches
on the ground, ref Herb Dean stopped it.  Great fight.  Stann got a genuine superstar reaction with
super loud USA chants when it was over.  4:29 of round two.

Stann's promo talking about Memorial Day got over huge.    

I'd estimate the crowd at 10,000 to 11,000 right now. 

Thiago Alves vs. Rick Story

First round: Kim Winslow referee.  Story in with a left.  Low kick by Alves.  Traded punches.
Story shot in for a takedown and got Alves down.  Alves back up.  Knees to the body by Story.
Story still controlling him. Knees to thigh now.  Alves with a takedown, Story right back up.  Ref
separated them.  Story landing a ton of punches off a clinch by the cage.  Back in a clinch against
the cage.  Both trading punches, both landing solid shots back and forth.  It’s like who’se going
to go down.  Now Story shooting for a takedown again.  Very good round.  Story 10-9.

Second round: Story landed to the face a kick and got a takedown.  Story got another takedown.
Alves right back up.  Alves with a leg trip takedown and on top.  Story now back up and they are
in a clinch.  Story ducked low for a takedown attempt.  Alves blocking.  Pace slowed in the
clinch this round.  Story is the aggressor.  He’s got Alves against the cage and going for another
takedown and Alves is blocking.  Ref KimWinslow separated them.  Alves landed a right.  Story
dropped Alves.  Story bleeding from the right elbow.  Crowd booing as Story went for another
takedown but cheered as he got Alves down.  Back in a clinch against the cage.  High kick by
Alves blocked.  Story’s round and now 20-18.

Third round: Both standing and trading.  Alves landed the best shot but Story right back.  He’s
not afraid to stand with him and he’s giving it right back. Story rushed for a takedown but Alves
danced away from the cage.  Both trying to muscle takedowns and neither got one.  Trading.
 Alves landed a hard left hook.  Now both trading until Story ducked for a takedown attempt.
Both trading again.  Both trading again and Alves landed a hard shot.  Story landed a good shot.
Story trying a takedown.  1:00 left.  Alves landed a right and hurt Story with a knee but Story
instinctively went for the takedown .  Couldn’t get it but got the clinch and and had Alves tied up
as time was running out.  Alves with a high kick blocked.  Story throwing punches and Alves
landed a knee.  Both throwing with time ending.  Really great finish.  Alves won the round but
Story should take the fight 29-28.

29-28 across the board for Story.  Crowd booing a lot but clearly the right decision.

Stefan Struve vs. Travis Browne

Traded low kicks. Front kick by Struve.  Struve threw a kick but Browne caught hte leg.  Both
throwing big punches and missing.  Brown threw another big punch and missed and then Struve
back with a missed punch.  Front kick by Struve.  Browne got the takedown with a hip throw.
Struve tripped and grabbed a kravat and a guillotine.  Now Struve is laying on his back. Don’t do
that at the end of a close round.  Brown landed a right superman punch that almost knocked
Struve out.  The punch couldn't have landed any better.  Could be KO of the night, this or Stann, but Stann is odds on for best match.  Two shots on the ground and ref Steve Mazzagatti stopped it.

Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson

Round one: Mir got some boos but more cheers than Nelson, crowd seems to mostly like them
both, though.  Touched gloves.  Nelson shoved Mir into the fence.  Mir turned it around and
going for a takedown.  Mir has added the strength hoping to out wrestle him because eight years
ago Nelson dominated him in wrestling.  Nelson turned him back.  Knee by Mir as they broke.
Body kick by Mir.  Knee by Mir in a clinch.  Head kick by Mir blocked.  Nelson nailed Mir with
a punch and now has him backed against the cage.  Mir already looking at the clock and there’s
2:50 left.  He looked again.  Mir with knees that hurt Nelson but Nelson pressing forward.  Mir
landing punches and knees but Nelson standing up to him.  Nelson has him against the cage
looking for a takedown.  Trading short knees that weren’t doing major damage.  Nelson missed a
punch that would have torn his head off, but landed a second.  High kick hard and punch by
Nelson.  Knee and hard punch by Mir.  Nelson clinched him against the fence.  Mir with a double
leg takedown and mount with :43 left.  Nelson back up.  Crowd going crazy.  Nelson wanted a
takedown back but Mir’s size is able to block it.  Nelson threw a knee.  Standing ovation for the
round.  Mir 10-9.

Second round: Crowd going crazy as round two started.  Nelson landed a good punch coming in. 
Mir with a hard body kick.  Both looked tired.  Slow body kick by Mir still landed.  Mir pushed
Nelson against the fence.    Mir went low for a single leg takedown.  Mir has his back and Nelson
getting back to his feet.  The crowd went crazy as Nelson got back to his feet.  Nelson with a
short right.  Mir looking at the clock again.  Overhand right by Nelson but didn’t land flush.
Knee by Mir.  Mir ducking low and got a double leg takedown.  Nelson back up.  Body kick by
Mir and Nelson landed a right.  Nelson trying for a takedown but he can’t get it.  Nelson has Mir
against the fence.  Crowd booing and ref Josh Rsenthal ordered a separation.  Nelson is
exhausted as the round ended.  20-18 Mir.

Round three: Front kick by Mir.  Body kick and knee by Mir.  Mir low with a double-leg
takedown.  Mir landing elbows from the top.  Nelson back up.  Another double leg takedown by
Mir.  He’s on top dropping elbows.  Nelson back up.   Every time Nelson gets up the place
explodes.  I’m shocked this is going three with both guys as tired as they are.  Mir with another
double leg.  Nelson simply can’t stop the double and that’s the difference in this fight.  Mir
dropping elbows.  Mir should win 30-27.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 30-26 for Mir.   Judge Patricia Morse Jarman gave a 10-8 for the third round.

Quinton Jackson vs. Matt Hamill

Round one: Both supposed to be the same weight but Hamill looked an inch plus taller.  Low
kick by Hamill.  High kick by Hamill blocked.  Low kick by Hamill.  Hamill in for a takedown
and couldn’t get it.  Jackson landed some punches.  Big psychological edge for Rampage   Body
kick by Hamill blocked.  If Hamill can’t take him down, he doesn’t have a good chance here.
Hamill missed a kick bad.  He’s looking worried now.  Hamill went in and got hit with a few
punches by Jackson.  Low kick by Hamill.  Hamill threw a few punches and backed off as
Jackson went for fire back.  Hamill landed a left and a low kick and moved back out.  Low kick.
Jackson landed a punch as a counter.  Hamill in with a punch.  Now Jackson back with punches.
Hamill moved in and Jackson landed a knee.  Hamill moved in for a takedown and Jackson
easily blocked it.  Jackson landed a few punchesJab by Jackson got through.  Low kick by
hamill..  Tied up and Jackson threw a knee.  Hamill grabbed alinchch.  And jackson shoved him
off.   Hamill looking tired and took a body punch.  Jackson starting to take over landing punches.
Best offense of the fight. Jackson missed a right. .  Jackson won the round late 10-9.

Second round: Hamill hterw a high kick but didn’t hurt Jackson.  Hamill bleeding from the
mouth.  Both missed punches.  Hmiall moved into a clinch.  Jackson landed a knee.  Jackson
cracked him with a right.  Hamill in for a takedown.  Rampage swarmed him landing a few
punches.  Crowd booing.  Lackluster main event.  Even though Jackson is winning he’s not
overly aggressive and is doing nothing to make you want to see him in a title matdch which
should be his goal here, to look impressive now that it’s clear he’s winning.  Crowd booing both
guys.  Hamill landed a left jab.  Low kick by Hamill.  Hamill again tried a takedown and didn’t
come close.  Jackson’s defensive wrestling is good but he’s doing nothing stnding.  Jackson
started to land punches that hurt Hamill but Hamill clinched him.  Body shot by Jackson. And
Hamill again couldn’t get the takedown.  Knee by Jackson.  Hamill looks real tired.  Easily
Jackson’s round 20-18.

Round three: Jackson starting to land.  Hamill moved him into the fence.  Crowd booing again.
Hamill now trying to upper body wrestle Jackson.  Hamill ducked low but he couldn’t take
Jackson down.  Jackson landed a three punch combo.  Good left that hurt Hamill.  Jackson with
a body kick and a punch.  Another body kick and then Jackson got behind Hamill I guess to show
he could.  Hamill is tired and has nothing for Jackson, but Jackson is not aggressively trying to
finish.  Knee to the body by Jackson.  Knee to the body by Jackson.  Now Jackson landed four in
a row followed by a knee as time is running out. .  30-27 Jackson but crowd is booing the ifght

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Jackson.

As Rampage walked by press row, he said, “Was it really that boring?”
Crowd booing, apologized said he came in with a fractured hand, and that Hamill is tough and he
apologized.  He said Hamill’s really tough .  Said he tried to make it exciting.  Said he’d give
himself a 5 overall for his performance. 

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


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