UFC 130 feedback

Hi Guys,

Hope you had a fun weekend at the annual convention.

Not sure how this PPV will do for buys. If the bar crowd is any indication,maybe not so well. Bar I was at had a lower than usual crowd size, semi surprising as I thought it may have been a bit fuller with no Stanley Cup playoff game last night. If there would have been a game on, it may not have been pretty.

I am glad I had no money on tonight's card as I got hammered in my picks tonight.

Thumbs in the middle
Best Fight: Brian Stann vs Jorge Santiago
Worst Fight: Kendall Grove vs Tim Boetsch
Best KO: Travis Browne
Best Submission: none
Kendall Grove vs. Tim Boetsch-pretty uneventful opener and not a great fight to try to draw fans into buying the PPV. Boetsch just too powerful for Kendall who did not look like a TUF winner in this fight.
Miguel Angel Torres vs. Demetrious Johnson-loved the chess match on the ground here. Torres was very active on his back but unfortunately for him, spent too much time on his back. Johnson looked very good and the huge reach advantage meant absolutely nothing here.

Brian Stann vs. Jorge Santiago-Stann looked impressive again here. Great action both ways. Will be interesting to see how Stann will react when someone at UFC caliber gets him on his back and how he deals with that. Stann is a great personality that people can really get behind. Just started his book and so far a great read.

Thiago Alves vs. Rick Story-great action. Story really moved up a notch with this win. Sometimes you don't know what Alves you are going to get but Thiago was game here and this was a big win for Story. Where does Alves go from here? Another gatekeeper of the division, but below Fitch on the gatekeeper pecking order.

Stefan Struve vs. Travis Browne -Nice finish for Browne. You wonder how Struve will do once he puts on more natural body weight. Reach advantage again here meant nothing.

Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson-A bit surprised that Nelson seemed to gas as early as he did in this fight. I had though Big Country was taking this fight going in. Mir winning doesn't excite me. After how Brock manhandled Frank last fight, I don't want to see Lesnar vs Mir III but it may be coming as the rubber match. That is a no lose fight for Mir and a potential big lose for Lesnar and UFC. At least Frank can talk a bigger game to hype that fight then possibly any other Lesnar potential opponent.

Quinton Jackson vs. Matt Hamill-not a strong main event. The big story is Rampage defending the takedowns. I saw this fight going as Hamill taking Rampage down at will, holding him there and grounding and pounding a unanimous decision. I couldn't have been more wrong. Again this leads to the next fight. Dana confirmed if Rampage won he would face Jones for the title. Not a stellar performance by Rampage but he got the job done. Rampage will need to have a lot more personality in selling that fight as going in it looks like Jones will walk all over him and based on his last two wins, and I don't think people buy his win over Machida as a win, he doesn't look like a strong contender. I would much rather see Machida vs Jones as the next title fight.
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Have a great Memorial Day weekend for all of you in the USA and a great weekend for everyone else.
Grant Zwarych
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Thumbs Down (sometimes a weak line up on paper doesn't lie)
Best match - Struve vs. Brown (yes, just because of the highlight reel K.O.)
Worst - Hamill vs. Jackson - Hamill's stock dropped back down. Way down. And Jackson, though not truly tested tonight, proved me wrong: maybe his heart is still in this game.
Overall: I'll take a lame duck UFC PPV over a lame duck WWE PPV any weekend because I believe Dana respects my money more than Vince does. Just my opinion.
Josh Jabcuga
I give UFC 130 a thumbs in the middle.
Best match:  Alves vs. Story or Stann vs. Santiago.  I can't decide.
This didn't really feel like a major show and the Edgar/Maynard fight being pulled really hurt the card.  I had Barao over Escovedo 29-28.  But I thought that Cariaso beat McDonald 29-28 but it was such a close fight that it wasn't insane that it went the other way and I feel the same about the Alves/Story fight.  And I also had Torres beating Johnson 29-28.  The last two matches of the show were mediocre.  I thought Mir would have been able to finish Nelson within the three rounds just as I thought Rampage would finish Hamel within the three rounds so I was surprised when neither happened.
Jason McNeil
Thumbs up.

Best match: Story-Alves
Worst match: Mir-Nelson

Very good show overall -- no really bad matches in the bunch.
Story very impressive from the beginning with his offense.
Nelson look tired at the end of round 1, exhausted at the end of round 2.

Jackson-Hamill not exciting as we had three rounds where the more
powerful Jackson was blocking Hamill from using wrestling moves. 
The one sided Struve-Brown was a good match.
Mike Omansky
Overall: Thumbs in the middle. A truly nothing special card. Definitely a letdown from the UFC 129, but not a dog of a card. The loss of Maynard - Edgar 3 really hurt this one.
Best: Torres vs. Johnson
Worst: Grove vs. Boetsch
Stann vs. Santiago: I was disappointed in Santiago. He made a name for himself after the UFC cut him a few years ago and I was hoping to see the rejuvenated Santiago (see his Misaki fight as Rogan mentioned). Unfortunately we saw the guy who the UFC justifiably cut. Stann is a tough guy, but limited in how far he can go. Anderson Silva would have destroyed either guy.
Alves vs. Story: Rick Story was my pick for upset of the night and he didn't disappoint. Unfortunately his fighting style is not fan friendly. There was too much wall and stall. However, look at it this way. If Alves is truly top 2 or 3, he should have been able to keep his back off the cage or mat and beat Story decisively.
Browne vs Struve: I knew this one wouldn't go the distance and it sure didn't. I give credit to Browne for the nice Superman punch finish. Almost as nice as James Irvin's finish of Houston Alexander with the same technique.
Mir Vs. Nelson: I was surprised that it was Nelson who would gas first. I was honestly not impressed with either guy. Cain Velasquez has nothing to worry about between these two guys.
Rampage vs. Hamill: A solid win by Rampage. He did everything right except finish Hamill, who's a really tough guy to finish. I really didn't like the live crowd for booing this one. Trust me dimbulbs, Rampage and Hamill were trying hard to win. A fight with Bones Jones would be nice.
A. Wong
Toronto, Canada
Thumbs in the middle. Card was sort of okay up till the mains stunk out the joint. Actually maybe it was closer to the mains putting it over the line to thumbs down. Some odd decisions, too. But there were a few good fights and good finishes.
Best fight: Torres-Johnson
Worst fight: Hambone-Hamill
KO: Browne
Sub: Tibau
Barao takes a decision over Escovedo in the FB opener. Not thrilling but an impressive win over a quality opponent. Barao has the tools but needs to put them together, but again, was in very tough for his UFC debut fight.
I thought Caraiso did more than enough to win at least two out of three rounds vs. McDonald, but it was clear who was getting the push. I had him winning all three. Not a great fight as they kind of cancelled each other's styles, but not bad.
I thought Tibau had his career best performance vs. a good opponent in Oliveira. Mixed up his attack, was effective with everything, and closed the show. Good fight.
On the Spike show, Tim Boetsch was actually impressive in his MW debut in overpowering the again underachieving Calvin Grove for all three rounds.
Torres and Johnson put on a to me highly entertaining grappling clinic. Torres looked better than he has in years and even though Johnson was on top for most of the fight, I thought Torres was the actual aggressor and deserved the decision. It was good to see him using his Jiu Jitsu again.
On the main card, Stann continues to improve by leaps and never let Jorge Santiago into the fight and finished it clean. Santiago looked rusty but again was never even in the fight. Why the fuck did they give the next TUF shot to Mayhem instead of Stann? Stann as the babyface vs. Pissbing = $. Mayhem vs.Pissbing = two somewhat annoying heels. Sounds boring. Anyway Stann looked great against a top guy.
Rick Story definitely controlled the first two rounds and deserved the decision he got vs. Alves, but... he's a boring fighter. You got a bunch of boring fighters on top of 170 these days, and it's bad. Thiago finished strong but too little too late.
Browne got in a highlight reel one punch KO vs. Struve. I think it was a fluke but it was sure fun to watch.
The mains, the less said the better. Nobody was in shape and both fights stunk out the joint. Hopefully Fat Roy's 15 minutes are over,  and Mir needs to understand that gassing from too much muscle is no better than gassing from too much fat. Also hopefully Hambone and Hamill both removed themselves from the title picture and we'll get Jones-Machida, which is at least interesting. Machida beat Hambone anyway.
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