OVW TV report 6-1 tapings in Lousville

By Trent Vandrisse

It was yet another "wild one", to say the least, at the Ohio Valley Wrestling television tapings at the Davis Arena in Louisville, Kentucky on June 1st. OVW is on a roll right now, and doing some wild stuff. If you used to watch OVW back in the day and drifted away, or are just sick of the abundance of lame and uninteresting garbage TNA and the WWE offers these days, check some OVW out at ovwrestling.com. It's just a good wrestling show, and this is a good time to give these guys a chance. Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers, Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The attendance was around 100. This Saturday, June 4th, is a house show in London, Kentucky featuring Mike Mondo vs Al Snow with Danny Davis as special referee, and the did a heck of a job building that show up even more tonight. Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and the TV cameras will also be in London, Ky this Saturday. Next Saturday, June 11th, will be the next Saturday Night Special at the Davis arena, but little to nothing is known about that show yet. I don't get the impression it will be a "major" Saturday Night Special. Last Friday, May 27th, OVW raised $2,000 by doing a benefit show for the family of Trey Zwicker, a 14 year old who was found dead behind a high school in Louisville. That show wasn't especially well attended, but all four major network TV stations in Louisville were there covering that event. The Homecoming 4 show, held last Tuesday May 24th, is already out in DVD. OVW's Paredyse gave a rare and interesting interview on the "Phoning it in" Internet radio show I'm a part of, along with Larry Goodman and Murder One. Here's the link to that interview. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/psp/2011/05/31/phoning-it-in The Louisville Roller derby girls were here tonight promoting the last event for their season, being held on June 11th. Ok, now let's get to the TV report.....

1. Trailer Park Trash beat Tony Gunn

Dark match. Both guys came out the babyface entrance. Joe Wheeler is the referee. Gunn played the heel role, choking TPT on the ropes. TPT back with some big chops. TPT got the win with a top rope leg drop. The crowd enjoyed this match, more than I did I must say.

2. Raul Lamotta beat Lennox Norris

This was also a dark match. Lennox has lost so many times he lost his former last night, Lightfoot, and is now being called Lennox Norris here. Lamotta was way more aggressive than usual here, and was kicking butt on Lennox Norris. Lamotta with a Cobra Clutch like sleeper on Lennox. Lamotta got the win with a curb stomp. Lamotta looked good here.

The TV taping opened with clips from last week when perennial jobber Elvis Pridemore actually won the OVW heavyweight title from Cliff Compton. Mike Mondo ran out before the match and hit Compton with brass knuckles is how it happened. Per the stipulations set up last week, this means that Mondo should get a shot at the title vs Elvis tonight.

A backstage promo with Mike Mondo aired. Mondo scoffed at how intelligent Danny Davis thinks he is, and bragged that he would win the OVW Heavyweight title tonight.

3. "Smooth" Johnny Spade beat Karn Alexander

This was the first match of the TV taping. Not sure I have the name right for Alexander, but it's either Karn, or Carn....I think. He's a young, well built guy, but green. Think he's a student here. Spade in control early. Spade with big chops on Alexander. Spade landed funny and tweaked his knee, and Alexander then clipped Spade's knee from behind, and went to work on Spade's leg. Alexander with a figure four. Spade back with a Shining Wizard, and more wicked chops. Spade, still favoring the leg, got the win with a Swanton.

Brittany DeVore did a backstage interview with Adam Revolver, one half of "The Elite", the current OVW Southern tag team champions. DeVore mentioned that Revolver has a black eye, and talked of the friction recently between Revolver and his partner, Ted McNaler. Revolver greatly downplayed any problems he and McNaler are having, and said McNaler is on vacation in Florida this week. Revolver had both tag team title belts with him here, over his shoulders, and said that's the way it should be.

"Smooth" Johnny Spade was walking thru the OVW office area, when he was approached by Tony Gunn. Gunn asked Spade to team up with him to go after the tag team titles. Spade said thanks but no thanks, he has his sights set on the heavyweight title. Gunn looked hurt at the snub.

Out came the current OVW heavyweight champion, Elvis Pridemore, wearing new tights. Elvis went out to get the mic, when it was already in the ring. Elvis said people want to know who the man behind the red hat is. Elvis said he was OVW's baddest man, drawing open laughter from the crowd. Elvis called himself a hillbilly rapper. Elvis asked OVW owner Danny Davis to come out. There was a delay as Davis came from the concession stand area instead of thru the curtain. Elvis told Davis he saw the tape from last week, and found out then OVW champion was laid out before the match. Elvis said he figured Compton had fainted from the fear of the thought of fighting him, and added that it's happened before. The Davis area burst into laughter at that line, and Davis himself was biting his finger trying not to laugh. Elvis said he didn't want to win the title this way, and handed the belt back to Danny Davis. Out came a furious Mike Mondo. Mondo got in Elvis' face and said people would kill to hold the OVW title, and called Elvis a hillbilly punk. Mondo said he deserves a title shot tonight, and demanded to face Elvis for the title right now. Mondo got right in Danny Davis' face as well ranting and raving. Davis said Elvis did the right thing by giving the title back. Davis said Mondo should take a page out of Elvis' book. Davis sternly warned Mondo to settle down or his ass would be out of here. Davis said he did promise Mondo an opponent for tonight. Mondo kept up his angry rant. Davis told Mondo to let him go make a phone call, and before the night is over, he will find him an opponent.

The announcer all left the desk, and out came the Peacock print covered chair, which means it's time for the "Moment in Paredyse" talk show, starring Paredyse. Paredyse was wearing jockey shorts and a thong at the same time. Paredyse told a bad Sarah Palin joke. Paredyse brought out his guest for tonight, formwe OVW lady wrestler and now a world class female body builder, Trina. Paredyse mentioned last week Trina saying she was returning to active competition in OVW. Out came current OVW womens champion Lady JoJo, along with Taryn Shay. JoJo said Paredyse should interview her instead of Trina. JoJo said she is the longest reigning OVW womens champion ever. Paredyse said Trina was a legit athlete. JoJo said she has the hottest body in OVW. Paredyse said then why not have a bikini contest here next week. JoJo said no, but Paredyse got the crowd to chant "chicken" at her, so she accepted it, and I guess Taryn Shay will be involved in it as well. Trina never spoke a word this whole segment, and after the wooden promo she cut here last week I can see why. She doesn't exactly exude carisma. Not much of a segment.

Prince Bolin was backstage on the phone with someone, as he's been the past few weeks. Also with him was Rocco Bellagio, Mo Green, and his personal assistant. Bolin said they were "ready for launch", and that he got what he was supposed to get.

Raul Lamotta was sitting in the locker room, and he opened a manila envelope. It contained a wad of money. Lamotta smiled, and got on his cell phone.

4. Jack Black beat Shiloh Jonze

Jonze pushed referee Chris Sharpe out thru the curtain, and ordered him to get in the ring. Jonze took the mic and complained about his long losing streak, but again said he has a plan to end it. Jonze' plans never seem to work out in his favor. Jonze talked about an OVW original taking up his screen time last week, and said it was time to take out the trash. Out came the huge, and I mean huge Jack Black. Black looks 5 bills legit. Black beat Jonze in about 20 seconds with a sidewalk slam.

Adam Revolver was sitting in the locker room. Mike Mondo came up to Revolver and handed him a manila envelope, and told Revolver that the plan they had talked about would be executed, and goes into action tonight. Revolver looked surprised, and asked Mondo if he knows what this would mean for their careers. Mondo said he did.

Backstage interview with Trailer Park Trash. TPT said he would be appearing at the June 11th Saturday Night Special.

5. Mohamad Ali Vaez beat Michael Hayes

No, not THAT Michael Hayes. This Michael Hayes is a legit war hero, and lost his left leg in combat in Iraq in 2006. This was Hayes' OVW TV debut, and actually I thought the crowd tonight would be bigger for it. This match was set up on TV last week. Vaez looked sunburned. Vaez took the mic and offered Hayes a chance just to go to the back with his head held high. The crowd chanted "Michael". Vaez said he was a professional athlete, and that Hayes was a cripple, and only half a man. Hayes declined the "chance" to just leave, so Vaez blasted Hayes from behind, then pounded on him. The bell rang, and Hayes slowly tried to get back up. The crowd was hot for this. Soon as Hayes did get up however, Vaez hit his running neckbreaker on him and got the win in a matter of seconds. They are not rushing the storytelling here with Hayes, no reason to, but I was surprised with this result. They had the local one legged war hero get beat almost instantly. Surprised in a good way though, they have plenty of time to come back to this down the road.

5. Rudy Switchblade beat Randy Terrez to retain the OVW TV title

Switchblade and Terrez feuded months ago when Terrez first came to OVW, over a women then, and these guys have good matches together. Switchblade has a different attitude now, more for himself, yet not really a heel. Both guys going back and forth with all kinds of fast paced moves. All action. Jamin Olivenca came out with a chair, and joined the announcers at the desk. Olivencia and Switchblade do not like each other at all and have had very heated matches in recent weeks. Terrez off the ropes with a wicked looking kidney punch to Switchblade. Switchblade slowly started to take over the match. Switchblade with a roundhouse kick to Terrez. Olivencia stood up at the desk trying to distract Switchblade. Terrez dropped Switchblade neck first over his knee for a very near fall. Switchblade dropped Terrez down and won the match to retain the TV title. Switchblade and Olivencia had a post match stare down.

Mike Mondo came out for the TV main event against the now mystery opponent Danny Davis said he'd find earlier this show. Also coming out was a bunch of lumberjacks for this match, both heels and faces. Mondo took the mic and demanded to know who his opponent would be. Mondo said time's up, and he runs the show around here. Davis came out, and said Mondo was really pushing the envelope. Davis said he found it fitting since Mondo's "nightmare tour" starts this Saturday June 4th in London, Kentucky, why not face Snow here tonight as well. Out came Snow, in street clothes. Mondo said Davis couldn't do that. Davis said he could do that, and told Mondo to look at the lumberjacks around the ring. Right then, Mondo's plan was executed as the heel lumberjacks, the ones Mondo has paid off earlier, viciously attacked the babyface lumberjacks and left them laying. Mondo attacked Danny Davis in the ring and took him down. Dean Hill, yes announcer Dean Hill, ran into the ring and actually attacked Mondo. Adam Revolver, now one of Mondo's paid off thugs, gave Dean Hill a chair shot to the back, then grounded the chair into the back of Hill's neck. I don't know if Hill has ever done a physical angle like this here before. I know he lost his handle bar mustache here years ago, which he still talks about on occasion. Al Snow ran in, but was beaten down by Mondo and his thugs. Cliff Compton tried to run in and save things, but the returning James "Moose" Thomas ran in and beat up Compton. Thomas is one of Mondo's thugs now too, as his manager is Prince Bolin. The last we saw of Thomas however, he was beaten by Mondo in an anything goes match. In that match Mondo threw Thomas thru a big screen TV, and pinned him after three brass knuckles shots. Kenny Bolin was very angry on the floor at his son Prince Bolin, both for Dean Hill being beaten down, and now his son is in bed with Mondo. Jason Wayne finally forced Mondo and his new group of thugs to the floor by running in brandishing a baseball bat. Mondo's plan worked to perfection though, and he now has an army of thugs behind him. Questions abound though, how will Mondo, and others, not be fired by Danny Davis for this, and where did Mondo get the money to pay all these guys off. Maybe it's because he drives a beat up Dodge Neon and doesn't have a car payment. Heh. Dean Hill was down in the ring for a long time, but was finally very slowly helped to his feet, while Mondo gave extremely smug and cocky looks on the floor, surrounded by his thugs. This is great storytelling here, and indeed a wild way to end the show. Is it too much hot hotshotting having the announcer beaten up? Have to wait and see. I love it because now that it happened, it leaves things on a huge cliffhanger, with far more questions than answers, and everyone one wondering what will happen next. I really like how they subtly planted seeds for several weeks with Prince Bolin on the phone talking to someone, but it wasn't presented like a main line thing, then boom, it explodes. OVW does their storylines in a manner with many twists and turns, yet it still rewards the long time viewers that pay attention. You reading this Vince Russo and/or Vince McMahon? Ahh, never mind.
I didn't see the post taping dark matches, which Ron Hed said there would be a couple of tonight instead of just one, because I had to skedaddle. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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