Ultimate Fighter finals live coverage from Las Vegas - Pettis vs. Guida

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Reuben Duran b Francisco Rivera via choke in the third round

Scott Jorgensen b Ken Stone via first round knockout

Clay Harvison b Justin Edwards via split decision on 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28 scores

Shamar Bailey b Ryan McGillivray via striaght 30-27 scores

George Roop b Josh Grispi with a body shot in the third round

Jeremy Stephens b Danny Downes via decision on scores of 30-27, 30-26, 30-26


Chris Cope vs. Chuck O’Neil

First round: Cope and his corner are doing the Ric Flair "Whoo." Tons of "Whoos" in the crowd. He hasn’t even thrown any chops. Now in a clinch against the fence. Good low kick by Cope. O’Neil right back with a low kick. O’Neil missed a high kick. Big left hook by Cope was he best blow so far. Both have hit some jabs and low kicks. Cope landing to the body. Nice spin kick by Cope. Nice body kick by O’Neil. Another spin kick by Cope but didn’t really land hard. Cope 10-9.’

Round two: Cope doing the "Whoo" between rounds that the crowd picked up on. Announcers have made no reference to it. I said that too soon. Joe Rogan talked about him doing a Ric Flair "Whoo" and they talked about him meeting Spencer Fisher (whose favorite athlete is also Ric Flair). Little known trivia is Joe Silva’s favorite athlete growing up was also Ric Flair. Nothing much happening early. Cope throwing more but mostly missing. Cope missed a spin kick. Cope landed a left hook. Both mostly missing punches. Cope continues to be more aggressive. Cope’s round and up 20-18.

Round three: Rogan said the "Whoo" is getting real annoying. Cope landing low kicks. Cope getting in body shots. Now Cope has O’Neil pinned against the fence. O’Neil turned but couldn’t make a hip toss work. Cope landing far more. Big left hook by Cope. Cope with left high kick. Nice left by Cope. Cope moved in with body shots, missed a spin kick to the head. Cope in with body shots, then knees from a clinch. Cope throwing punches from the clinch. O’Neil threw a knee to the body from the clinch but Cope with a knee to the thigh and an elbow. Another spin kick by Cope. Cope with a combo , spinning back fist Cope is really taking over now. Cope in with a body shot. Cope is too quick and in better condition which is really playing out at this point. Cope missed a spinning kick to the head but followed with a kick to the head. Has to be 30-27.

Scores: 30-27 across the board for Cope

Kyle Kingsbury vs. Fabio Maldonado

First round: Body kick by Kingsbury. Clinch and all kinds of knees by Kingsbury. They didn’t seem to hurt Maldonado. Big right by Maldonado. Clinch and knees again by Kingsbury. Kingsbury with a takedown and Maldonado with a guillotine. Kingsbury was in trouble but escaped. Kingsbury with a knee and Maldoando with a hard body shot. Jabs by Kingsbury. Maldonado landed a good left hook. Kingsbury is getting tired. . Kingsbury landed some punches but they didn’t seem to be that powerful at this point. Good left by Maldonado. Kingsbury tried for a takedown and didn’t come close. Kingsbury landed good punches. Now Maldonado hurting him with punches to the body. Another takedown by Kingsbury. Kingsbury dropping short elbows. Maldonado up and nailing Kingsbury with ripping body shots. Kingsbury with hard knees but slipped and fell down. Close round, Maldonado did a lot of damage with crisp body shots but Kingsbury seemed to land more. But Maldonado got stronger as Kingsbury tired. Very slightly 10-9 Kingsbury.

Second round: Body kicks byKingsbury. Takedown by Kingsbury. Maldonado reversed but Kingsbury right back up. Kingsbury landed a left. Big head kick by Kingsbury. Maldonado throwing uppercuts to the body. Good left and knees by Kingsbury but Maldonado back with body shots. Kingsbury went for a takedown and Maldonado threw him down and invited him up. Maldonado slipped. Kingsbury landing but not with power. Kingsbury with a takedown. Maldonado used a guillotine to get up. Hard knee by Kingsbury but he took some body shots. Hard body shot by Maldonado. Knee by Kingsbury and a right landed. Left hook by Maldonado. Another round that could go either way. Again Kingsbury close from the knees connecting so much. 20-18 Kingsbury at this point.

Round three: Left hook by Maldonado. That punch keeps working for him. Maldonado landed the left again. Maldonado landing several punches. Maldonado bleeding . Maldonado landed a 1-2 combo. Another combo . Kingsbury back with knees and landed a jab. Kingsbury with a takedown but Maldonado worked his way up. Kingsbury has him against the cage with knees. Kingsbury’s left eye is swelling badly. Maldonado landed several shots. Kingsbury’s left eye is in bad shape. Left hook landed by Maldonado. Maldonado targeting the eye with jabs. Kingsbury trying a takedown but didn’t get it. Kingsbury looked at the clock. He’s looking to stall it out right now. His eye looks horrible. Big left by Maldonado . Kingsbury tried a takedown, didn’t get it and Maldonado is on top. Kingsbury just trying to stall from the bottom, hoping he has the first two rounds and can give up the third and get the decision. That’s a big risk. Ref ordered a stand-up at 1:01 left. Kingsbury attempting a takedown, didn’t get it but threw some knees. . It knocked Maldonado’s mouthpiece out. Kingsbury got a clinch and time has expired. Maldonado won this round solid. So it come down to the first two rounds that were close. I’ve got 29-28 Kingsbury but this could go either way. Very good fight.

Scores: All three judges have it 29-28 for Kingsbury.

Ed Herman vs. Tim Credeur

Round one: Credeur was landing a bunch of punches, but Herman put Credeur down with a short uppercut to the jaw and finished him with punches on the ground. :48


Anthony Pettis vs Clay Guida

Round one: Guida doing the ultra cadio movement early. High kick by Pettis. Low kick and takedown by Guida. Pettis went for a triangle right away but Guida blocked it. Loud Guida chants. Guida doing little from the top, maybe two punches. A few more punches now by Guida. Pettis now punching from the bottom. Pettis missed on a kick. Pettis back up. Guida has him in the corner going for the takedown. Another takedown by Guida. Guida has him against the fence. Crowd loves Guida. Guida with some punches from the top. Pettis again going for the triangle but Guida out of trouble. This is kind of an awesome ground fight because of Pettis always threatening. This round could go either way. Guida was on top and did more damage but Pettis was very active from the bottom and Pettis was the one who made it exciting. Still 10-9 Guida.

Second round: Duke Roufas told Pettis no right high kicks becuase he doesn’t want Guida getting a takedown. Guida shot in and slammed Pettis down. This is a guy who Ben Henderson and Shane Roller got out wrestled by and Guida is taking him down every time he tries. Shoulder strikes by Guida. Shoulderblocks by Guida, first time I’ve seen that in UFC. Some booing. Pettis up. Guida still has him pinned against the cage. Guida trying to wrestle him but Pettis had his leg spread. Pettis escaped from trouble and wants to strike. Pettis with a left high kick. Spin kick by Pettis. Pettis landed punches and a body kick. Guida swinging wildly but not connecting. Body kick and takedown by Guida with :49 left. Loud Guida chatns. Pettis tried a triangle, Guida has great top defense and Pettis tried an armbar and Guida with an awesome escape and Pettis went for a second one. Last few seconds were great. I’d give the round to Guida again but you could make the case for Pettis. 20-18 Guida.

Round three: Overhand right by Guida and another takedown. Some short punches by Guida and Pettis trying stuff from the bottom. This is a great ground fight becuase Pettis is constantly going for stuff and Guida constantly blocking. Mike Goldberg called Guida the Ultimate Warrior without the face paint. Actually, I can’t think of a worse descrption for Guida than the Ultimate Warrior. Guida with shoulder strikes. Pettis’ title shot is flying out the window here. Guida on top has him againt the cage and Guida is keeping busy. Pettis on his feet but Guida still holding on. Guida tried a hip toss and Pettis on top with side control and now mount and has his back. Guida has 80 seconds to finish in top position. Pettis throwing punches. Pettis working for a choke and Guida backdoored out. Guida on top and Pettis going for a triangle while Guida punching. This isn’t the fight some people wanted but this was a hell of a fight and the crowd was going crazy. Guida has Pettis’ back with 13 seconds. Left. Guida just riding and he should win the decision 30-27.

Scores: All three judges score it 30-27 for Guida.

Tony Ferguson vs. Ramsey Nijem for the TUF championship
Round one: Crowd doesn’t like Ferguson. Both guys swinging and Ferguson got the takedown and has cradled Nijem. Ramsey escaped but Ferguson with punches and Nijem back with punches. Ferguson pushed him into the fence. These guys are coming out at a really fast pace. Ferguson with a punch and a low kick. Big right by Nijem. Body kick by Ferguson. Good left hook by Ferguson. Right by Ferguson. Nijem in throwing a lot of punches that didn’t land and Ferguson took him down again. Nijem hurt himwith a punch. Right by Ferguson. Now a left by Ferguson. Nijem with a stright right. Ferguson dropped him with a left hook and Niejm went down hard. Nijem was down and his eyes rolled up and Josh Rosenthal stopped it. 3:54


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