Weekend mailbag; TUF finals; Dragon Gate; Impact


I was going to email you earlier but wanted to wait to hear the podcast
and I'm glad I did.
First, love the comments about the "built in bias" and people only
seeing what they want, and an anti-wrestling bias.  I am not
egotistical enough to think you were talking to me or even had my
comments in mind but I took them to heart - I really don't care what
other people thing is boring.
Now we'll see if that hold up next time.
Yeah, I loved the Guida fight but I simply can NOT be impartial.  He
is the man and, next to Jon Jones, the fighter I'd most like to meet
and/or watch fight and/or train with.  I would kill to spar with Guida
(and even though I'm a super-heavyweight, I think he would)
Just like I want to see Jones fight everyone (especially I want him to
beat everyone that's had the belt since Lesnar/Couture/Ortiz -
Rampage, Evans, Machida, Griffin...I'm missing someone) I think of
just about everyone in LW and think I'd love to see Guida fight them.
How about THIS - if Guida has to wait until after Miller, why not put
him and Cerrone as coaches on the next TUF, and let their fight be for
the shot?  I would watch every fucking episode, possibly multiple
Hey, on the off chance you don't hear this as much as you should,
thanks for all your hard work, you do an awesome job.
Mike DeGeorge

Hey Guys,
Hope you had a great weekend, I sure did!
Had to watch TUF final Sunday aft as I was cheering Vancouver Canucks on Saturday night. It's been a long wait for us Canucks fans and this is finally going to be our year! Go Canucks Go!
Friday night Fozzy was playing in Peterborough before they left for Europe. Had fun time as bar not that big and was great intimate setting. Jericho's band put on a great show. Lead guitarist was great!. Disappointed in crowd size for him but those that were there were loud and appreciative. $20 cover probably hurt the size of the crowd. Bobby Roode was also there checking out Jericho.(Bobby is from Ptbo)
Solid thumbs up for Saturday night. Can't see how anyone could give it anything but.
Best Fight: Clay Guida vs Anthony Pettis
Worst Fight: Chris Cope vs Chuck O'Neil
Best KO: Ed Herman
Best submission: N/A
Chris Cope vs. Chuck O'Neil - Cope's skills sure advanced since the show ended a lot more than O'Neil's did. His confidence grew threw the fight as O'Neil had no answer to his strikes. Even though Cope was circling to his power. I hate how these guys have nicknames in their first UFC fight. I know I have said it before but I'll say it again. Win a few fights first before you start thinking that you are now a superstar.
Kyle Kingsbury  vs. Fabio Maldonado - I thought this was a solid fight. Maldonado's strategy of letting himself get kneed while he was in the Thai plum so he could score all those body shots was different. I was shocked he stayed on the ground in the third round rather than wanting to stand. He needed the KO and with Kingsbury's left eye closed there is a good chance he could have gotten it.
Tim Credeur  vs. Ed Herman - too short to comment on but impressive for Herman.
Clay Guida vs. Anthony Pettis - A grind it out performance by Clay who deserved the unanimous decision. Showtime looked pretty dangerous off his back the whole fight and I was thinking Clay was going to get caught a few times but Clay's ground game is a lot better than people probably give him credit for. Timing is a bitch as now Showtime's title fight will have to be pushed back. I am sure if he gets a couple of dominating wins after this loss he is right back in the hunt but this will push his title fight back by at least a year. I can't see Joe Silva giving Pettis the title fight ahead of Guida after this loss. Hats off to Guida for executing his fight plan to perfection in knocking off the last WEC lightweight champion. Guida vs Edgar could be an interesting match up and would be a high energy fight and I think the fans would love to see it. I know I would.
Tony Ferguson vs. Ramsey Nijem - Nijem looked good until he was caught. Ferguson looked impressive in the win. Surprising this fight ended so quickly considering Ferguson couldn't put Cope away in the semi's. That extra training camps after the series ends until the finale makes a difference. A great hook for the KO.
Scott Jorgensen  vs. Ken Stone -Jorgensen has always looked solid in all of his performances in WEC and has been very entertaining. His loss to Cruz made him human again but this devastating knockout in the guard really was impressive. He is on the cusp of being dominant but I think he is still has some work to do until he can stay and compete at that next level.
Josh Grispi  vs. George Roop - Roop looked very crisp in his stand up attack. Great technique. Poor Josh Grispi goes from being a fight away from a  title fight to two losses in his row. Roop rebounded well from his last loss to Mark Hominick. Great body shot to end it.
Have a great night All.
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Grant Zwarych
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Thumbs Way Up
Best Fight: Pettis vs. Guida
Worst Fight: None
1)Chris Cope d. Chuck O'Neil:  Chris Cope ended up being one of my
favorites from Season 13.  The complete underdog of the season, I
enjoyed him always squeaking out a victory to advance. Even in his
semifinal loss to Nijem, he still didn't go down easy.  When this fight
was signed I was torn since I liked Chuck O'Neil as well.   Cope doing
"whoo" is great and it got over with the crowd.  Cope looked great with
this striking and Chuck seemed to have Octagon jitters.  Cope impressed
me big time and you can see his confidence grew since his time in the
house.  Also, he seemed to have taken what he learned form Brock how to
counter when get pressed against the cage.  Little things like proper
head positioning in that situation.  Glad to see Cope win and I hope he
continues to have success in the UFC.
2) Kyle Kingsbury d. Fabio Maldonado:  Loved this fight.  Two big Light
Heavyweights just connecting with bombs.  Kyle is an impressive
specimen and looks like someone they can push.  It's a slow build for
him.  Fabio is one of those guys that doesn't look like much standing
next to Kyle, but damn he has a chin of granite.  Though Kyle won, I
think Fabio's job is safe with this performance.  I knew Guida and
Pettis would be the fight of the night, but this was a close second.
3) Ed Herman d. Tim Credeur:  I like Credeur and don't like Herman.  So
I am bummed by this outcome.
4) Clay Guida d. Anthony Pettis: What a fight.  How can it not be a
great fight with these two involved.  Both are so much fun to watch and
each second had me at the edge of my seat.  You just never know if
Pettis was going to sink in a triangle or an armbar from the bottom or
if Pettis would connect with his innovative kicks.  Glad to see Guida
win, he is one of my favorites.  I really think Guida getting a title
shot could do very good PPV buy.  UFC Lightweight division is one of
the best divisions going right now.
5) Tony Ferguson d. Ramsey Nijem: Ferguson has lighting in his hands
and I had a feeling he KO Nijem.  Ferguson must have to really
impressed Brock Lensar to be personally invited to train at Death
Clutch which only trains Heavyweights.  Will be interesting so see his
how well he does in the UFC. Hopefully Nijem will get another shot.  He
has the wrestling pedigree and is an entertaining personality.
John LaRocca
San Jose, CA
Thumbs up.
Listening to last night's WOR, where you mentioned reactions to the
Guida-Pettis fight & about how wrestling is still frowned on in MMA.
Always suspected Dana's boxing background informed his former frequent
raving about "two guys just standing there banging" being an exciting
match & mat work basically being time-wasting wimpitude (though I
haven't heard any statements from him like that in awhile), and that
attitude is part of it. But I suspect a lot of it is the arena
atmosphere. Unless you're right on top of the ring, it must be pretty
hard to make out what's going on with a situation like Guida & Pettis in
very tight quarters. But that sort of thing is made for TV, where the
camera can take you close in. One of your readers commented that Guida
took Pettis down and just humped him in the Guida style. I can see how
it would look like that in an arena, but on TV you could see Guida
constantly slamming his shoulder into Pettis' jaw, and it's hard not to
be impressed with how unorthodox and how obvious such a move is if
you're in someone's guard and trying to protect yourself from
submissions. Maybe it's done all the time but I don't recall it ever
being so emphasized. Normally I tape shows and blow through them - easy
to do with a couple guys standing in the middle and trading punches -
but Guida-Pettis was one of those rare matches I had to watch all the
way through, because there never seemed a moment, even though Guida
dominated, when Pettis didn't seem half a second away from victory. It
was really constantly exciting. But I understand how, from not too far a
distance, it might have looked like one guy lying atop the other and the
other guy squirming.
Easily best match of the night on a very good show. Does it seem like
having his nose smashed by Ferguson in the UF semi took the fight out of
O'Neil? He seemed unusually tentative throughout his fight. Chris Cope
showed real personality. Got the feeling that "situation" with Ferguson
in the house that it was a storyline setup to goose Spike ratings (or
why wouldn't he at least have gotten the customary Stern Lecture from
Dana on how a UFC fighter comports himself, or even been pulled from the
semi-finals as punishment?) so it was hard to take him seriously as a
heel, though I guess some did. He was so clearly in another league from
Chuck O'Neil in the series final & from Ramsey Nijem in the final fight.
Ramsey's style seems to be to shake his opponent with mad flurries until
the other guy gets too confused to block openings, but Ferguson just
never lost his cool. Great fight, glad it only lasted under a round;
figured it would either go short or go very long.
Guida's made for TV, though. It can be argued he's not one of the best
fighters but he's always one of the best to watch on TV. Mike Goldberg's
Ultimate Warrior comment was curious, but does that & the Ric Flair
mention mean UFC is no longer obsessed with distinguishing itself from
pro wrestling?
Steven Grant
Henderson NV


Hey Dave, 

I was at the Dragon Gate show on Friday, posted some live thoughts on the board so I thought I'd send them along.
My quick thoughts from a live perspective:

- The show was very enjoyable, nothing was bad and the last two matches were great.
- Crowd was 400 tops, probably a bit above 300.
- The building was good but way too spread out for the amount of people that were there, which I'm sure didn't make the crowd noise seem like anything special. People were watching the show from all corners of the building (there was a lot of space to stand around, grab a drink, chat, etc.) which again didn't help the crowd noise level.
- They couldn't get the mics to work early on and 3 or 4 times the kid playing the entrance music started it before the match was over, after one point Gabe came out and yelled at him, then he fucked up again and I got a bit worried for him.
- Crowd was quiet for a lot of it, at some points you could hear Naylor's commentary. There were pockets of folks who were into it, and in a more compact venue I'm sure it would've sounded better.
- After finishing up Pac and Yoshino spoke a bit and said they'd be back.
- DUF did a great job a ringside during Pinkie's match, had a lot of fun playing with the crowd. That brawl before intermission went on wayyy too long though.
Overall it was a great show live, aside from the crowd at times. I'm not really a snowflakes guy but I'd give the last two matches 4+. For $20 I sat 5th row with an unobstructed view of the ring so I ain't complaining and would definitely go again.
Jonathan Bartolomei


I have not watched TNA since the early days and I can barely read the Observer recap all the way through as its just not enjoyable. But I wanted to give them a chance with the new emphasis on wrestling so I tuned in. I think the new look is sleek and nice and was ready to watch and hope that wrestling does indeed matter. Well, they started with a cat fight between two Knockouts that went 6 minutes or so, which was 5 minutes too long and I was already bored. They actually opened with this? They finally go to the announce team who runs down the card and I was motivated, only  they are interrupted by the fake Sting which as a visual is nice, but Mr. Anderson said nothing basically so what was the point? So its now 9:10 pm and no wrestling. They then go to Eric Bischoff continuing to bury the X Division by mocking Brian Kendrick ... then they go to commercial -- its 9:15 pm and they have lost me. They are 15 minutes into a show where "Wrestling Matters" and they have yet to give me any wrestling and have bored me already. So I tuned out and that was it for me giving TNA another chance ...
Paul Nucci

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