Lanny Poffo said brother died of a diseased heart

Lanny Poffo stated in an interview earlier today with Bright House Sports in Florida that his brother's death was due to a diseaed heart.

Poffo said the death of Randy Savage at 58 was due to ventricular fibrillation, a heart condition that can lead to a sudden fatal heart attack.  Poffo said Randy suffered it while driving, and that his sister-in-law, Barbara, who was in the Jeep Wranger with Randy, was able to grab the wheel when Savage foot was on the accelerator after passing out, to swerve away from hitting a motorcycle head-on as he veered into oncoming traffic.  She steered the Jeep into a tree, where it stopped.  She received minor injuries.

It was not made clear if this was the final verdict of the county medical examiner.

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