OVW TV tapings 6-8 Louisville

By Trent Vandrisse

Here's the June 8th, 2011 television report for Ohio Valley Wrestling. This was the "go home" show for the June 11th Saturday Night Special. I was curious what they would do tonight because several key members of their roster such as Mike Mondo, Paredyse, Mohamad Ali Vaez, and Jamin Olivencia are currently in Australia. Here's a link to the show they're wrestling on there. http://wrestlingforrotary.eaglehawkrotary.org/ Not sure if there are any more shows there besides this one. It is very cool these guys are getting to do some international touring. But as for OVW tonight, this ended up being the weakest show of the past several weeks by far, but it did end strong at least. They had a good sized crowd tonight, I'd say in the 130 range, though OVW will probably claim over 200. lol They started out hot, but kinda died as the show went along. Dean Hill, who became physically involved in an angle last week and took a chair shot to the back, was announced as not being here tonight, so the TV announcers were Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. It was announced on Facebook that this Saturday will be Cliff Compton's final match in OVW. I thought he'd make a speech about it tonight, but he didn't. Not sure what the future holds for Mr. Compton pro wrestling wise. They took the TV cameras to the OVW house show in London, Kentucky last Saturday June 4th for the Mike Mondo vs Al Snow match, with Danny Davis as the referee, so some of that footage might make this Saturday's TV show as well.

1. Trailer Park Trash beat Dre Blitz

Dark match. This one started out slow, but the crowd was into it, so they were getting a lot of reaction from doing next to nothing, which is a good thing. Blitz gave Trash a weak love tap of a chop, so Trash showed him how to light a guy up with chops. They went a good while here. TPT won it with a top rope leg drop. Dre Blitz gets no love. Last week during the big show closing angle, while many were checking on the fallen Dean Hill in the ring, Blitz laid outside the ring selling for several minutes, and nobody ever gave him a backwards glance, much less checked on him. After he lost tonight, the ref never checked on him, and Blitz laid in the ring awhile before finally slowly going to the floor. Pro wrestling is a cruel mistress Dre.

2. Randy Terrez beat Brandon Espinosa w/Ace Hawkins

I think this was a dark match as well, but Corsey and Boin appeared to be announcing during it, so it may make TV. I hope it does. Espinosa and Hawkins were decked out in pink and black, ala the old Hart foundation. They are from the St. Louis arena I believe. Hawkins yelled at the crowd saying that Espinosa did a number somewhere on Jimmy Jacobs, which made me chuckle. Back and forth match, like the first match tonight, this one went awhile as well. Espinosa took control, and held it for several minutes, and his offense looked good. Not a big guy, but a decent look and nice work. Terrez came back with his forward somersault version of a Samoan drop, and won it with the "Thrill kill", a twisting corkscrew Moonsault. I wouldn't mind seeing more of Espinosa and Hawkins.

They had technical problems with the videos on the screens on and off all taping long tonight, but it was worst during this first one. They showed Ted McNaler, one half of The Elite, the current OVW Southern tag team champions, returning from vacation last week in Florida. A lot has happened though, as last week while McNaler was gone his tag team partner, Adam Revolver, was paid off, as were several others, by Mike Mondo, to be Mondo's new paid gang of thugs. McNaler, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a lie, walked into a room with Revolver, Raul Lamotta, and Bolin services 2.0, and cautiously asked Revolver what was going on. McNaler and Revolver, though they are the tag champs, have not been getting along well at all the past several weeks. The video kept flashing on and off during this, so I missed some of what was said.

Gilbert Corsey got in the ring, and brought out OVW owner Danny Davis, who came out with the OVW title. Gilbert talked about yet another heinous assault on Davis by Mike Mondo last week, and said Davis has a monumental announcement for tonight. Davis talked about perennial jobber Elvis Pridemore giving back the OVW heavyweight title last week, after Pridemore learned he won the title when Mike Mondo knocked out then champion Cliff Compton before their match. Davis said right now OVW has no champion. Davis said at the June 11th Saturday Night Special a tournament will begin for the OVW Heavyweight title. Davis made an "Andre the giant" like boo boo here though, if anyone gets that reference, and accidentally said tag team title tournament instead of OVW heavyweight title tournament, which seemed to confuse the crowd a bit. Davis then told Adam Revolver, Raul Lamotta and Bolin Servives 2.0 to come out to ringside now. Ted McNaler came out as well. Davis said everyone is asking where Mike Mondo is. Davis said he called Mondo last Thursday morning and fired him, wishing him the best in his future endeavors. Not an overly smart crowd here, as they didn't seem to get the future endeavors line at all, but I chuckled at it. Davis said he would like to fire all the guys he called out to the floor as well, but he said he can't just fire the whole locker room. Davis said he can punish them all though, and it starts tonight, and carries over to the Saturday Night Special. Davis fined Adam Revolver $1,000, and said tonight the Elite will face Mr. Black and Johnny Spade. Davis then said "Poof be gone", which was funny, and the Elite left angry. Davis then said Raul Lamotta will also be fined $1,000, and tonight Lamotta has to face Benjamin Bray and Asher Knight in a handicap match. Davis then told Lamotta to "Vamoose". Davis told Kenny Bolin at the desk that he does believe Kenny had nothing to do with what his son, Prince Bolin, was a part of last week, and that's why Kenny Bolin is still at the announce desk. Davis then talked about James "Moose" Thomas, saying the only thing Moose likes better than eating is beating people up, so Davis gave Moose the night off without pay. Davis said "Poof be gone" to Moose. Davis then spoke to Prince Bolin and Rocco Bellagio. Davis fined Prince Bolin $1,000, and said Bellagio would face Jason Wayne tonight, with the rest of Bolin Services 2.0 barred from ringside. Davis said the punishment would continue at the Saturday Night Special. Eh, this segment was just so-so, didn't really click, and wasn't Davis' best work. Didn't touch some of the stuff they've done in recent weeks. It did set the show up for tonight though, but the crowd was quiet during much of this.

They showed Al Snow talking with Elvis Pridemore backstage, with Snow telling Pridemore he did the right thing when he gave the OVW Heavyweight title back. Shiloh Jonze was listening in the doorway. When Snow left, Jonze called Elvis over. Jonze said he knows he's a step down, but challenged Elvis to a match tonight. Elvis was agreeable to it. Jonze finally found someone he really thought he could beat. They had the volume down some in the mic in the ring, and on the volume on the videos, so it was a bit hard to hear. Turn it back up where you had it before please OVW!

3. Mr. Black & "Smooth" Johnny Spade beat The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) in a non-title match

Like I said last week, Black looks 500 pounds legit. The Elite were again arguing even before the match began. Black dominated Revolver early, including a Samoan drop. Spade in with big chops on Revolver. Both of the Elite were in the corner, and Black charged in. Revolver jumped out of the ring, but McNaler got crushed in the corner by Black and was pinned. Yet another loss for the OVW Southern tag team champions. How long can this go on?

They showed OVW Womens champion Lady JoJo and Taryn Shay in the back getting ready for their bikini contest tonight against female bodybuilder Trina Thompson. The sound was off during this video. The Bikini contest was set up here last week on the "Moment in Paredyse" talk show segment.

4. Elvis Pridemore beat Shiloh Jonze

Jonze comes out to some funny, game show like music. Not even sure how long the Jonze' losing streak is now, but he hasn't won at all since returning to OVW a few months ago. It's been an entertaining angle as losing streak angles go. All Jonze from the get go here. Jonze actually landed the herky jerky chicken leg like knee drop here. It's always missed before. The crowd came alive some here chanting "Elvis". Jonze pounding on Elvis in the corner. Jonze made a fatal error by wasting time celebrating, and Elvis hit Jonze with a spear and won it. Jonze again threw a post match tantrum, he needs to put that tantrum energy level into his matches. So let me get this straight, Shiloh Jonze is still on a losing streak, but Elvis Pridemore is on a winning streak, and went undefeated as OVW heavyweight champion??? Wow.

They showed Trina in the back oiling up her uhhhhhh, upper "Chestorial"(?) region in preparation for the bikini contest.

Tony Gunn was in the back, and like last week, again asked "Smooth" Johnny Spade to be his tag team partner, and go after the OVW Southern tag team titles. Spade again said no, and said he also told Jack Black he doesn't want to be his full time partner. Spade instead wants the OVW heavyweight title. My question is, why doesn't Gunn just team up with Black instead of being jilted repeatedly by Spade?

5. Asher Knight & Benjamin Bray beat Raul Lamotta in a handicap match

Another one of the Danny Davis ordered "punishment matches". This was worked like a tag, but Knight and Bray double teamed Lamotta a lot. The finish was badly botched as Knight and Bray wanted to do the old Hart Attack finisher, but Lamotta got dropped while they tried to set it up, which looked like it sucked to be Lamotta when he got dropped crotch first on Bray's knee. Then they did a half baked version of it anyhow to win it. Not good.

Lamotta was shown in the back in great pain, and in the locker room with Adam Revolver and Bolin Services 2.0. Revolver's partner Ted McNaler came in. They were all talking in defeated/angry tones about what "we" are going to do. McNaler started arguing with Revolver that he is not a part of this "we" problem, that Revolver got into this trouble while he was on vacation. McNaler then stormed out of the room.

Trina Thompson was still in the back oiling up for the bikini contest. Damn, no wonder oil is so expensive, she was seriously oiled up. Lady JoJo was shown in the back talking to Taryn Shay. JoJo said she was so sure she would win the bikini contest, that if she loses, she will give Trina a shot at her OVW Womens title. Way to telegraph the finish there kids. Jeez. So lame.

A backstage promo aired with Michael Hayes, no not THAT Michael Hayes. This Michael Hayes, a legit Purple Heart recipient and now a one legged pro wrestler, talked about losing to Mohamad Ali Vaez in his OVW TV debut last week. Hayes said it's not about losing, it's about getitng back up, and asked for another match against Vaez next week.

Next up was the bikini contest, which Gilbert Corsey got in the ring to host. Tough job there Gilbert. Taryn Shay was wearing some really steep looking high heels, and that girl was not made for high heels. She had a lot of trouble walking in them, and nearly fell down a couple of times. The heel part of Lady JoJo's high heels were actually lighting up and flashing. Taryn Shay went first, and high heel problems aside, she looked really good in her bikini, child birthing hips and all. She did look hot. Lady JoJo was supposed to go next, but said he wanted Trina Thompson to go next instead, so Thompson did. Thompson, a legit female body builder, is indeed ripped, but it's not the natural look a lot of guys like, and she's a black hole of charisma, though she was trying hard here. She got some cheers, but received a tepid reaction overall, and this whole thing was designed to get her over. But like I said, this girl is ripped, tons of hard work has gone into getting her body that way. JoJo started coughing and refused to take off her robe, saying it was cold in the arena, and she doesn't want to catch pneumonia. The crowd chanted "chicken" at her. Kenny Bolin, at the desk alone, appeared to be in a mesmerized rapture of sorts during all of this, and I'll be curious to hear his comments on the TV show. JoJo never did take her robe off, so it came down to Shay vs Trina. I think Shay actually got more applause, but that wasn't in the script, so Corsey announced Trina as the winner, so Trina now gets a shot at the OVW womens title. Shay and JoJo attacked Trina from behind and gave her some weak looking barefooted stomps and slaps. This storytelling sucked. Why would the heel JoJo say she'll give Trina a shot at the title if she loses the bikini contest to her, then refuse to disrobe during it? That makes no sense. This whole thing kinda flopped, and like I said, this was supposed to help get Trina over, so it definitely flopped in that way. It was just a time filler for tonight as well.

6. Jason Wayne beat Rocco Bellagio by DQ

TV main event time. Per Danny Davis' orders, Bolin Services 2.0 barred from ringside during this match, so big Rocco had to go solo. Wayne and Bellagio are both big guys, both in great shape, both with nice potential, but both also rookies. These guys might have trained together a lot, but very little experience in the ring during this one. Wayne, a legit former Marine, was wearing new trunks with a military theme to them. Match got off to a slower paced start, and went back and forth. Wayne hit a bit of a scary looking sidewalk slam, where Bellagio tilted back, and it looked like he might land on the back of his head for a second. Thankfully, he didn't. Wayne continued to take command of things, and hit Bellagio with his full nelson slam finisher. Wayne had it won, but Bolin Service 2.0 ran in and attacked Wayne, causing the disqualification on Bellagio. Al Snow and Cliff Compton ran out and made the save for Wayne. Pretty damed good high level guys to make the save for ya there Jason. Danny Davis came out and grabbed the mic. Davis announced at the June 11th Saturday Night Special it will be Jason Wayne, Al Snow, Cliff Compton and himself Danny Davis vs James "Moose" Thomas, Raul Lamotta, Rocco Bellagio and Adam Revolver w/Prince Bolin. That's right, Danny Davis getting back in the ring as a wrestler. I had predicted this weeks ago, but I guessed it would be against Mike Mondo, which that could still happen down the line if Mondo gets "unfired" yet again, which I suspect highly he might. Like I said earlier, this will also be Cliff Compton's final OVW match, though no fanfare was made out of that here. Davis also announced he has a special enforcer to watch Prince Bolin on the floor for this Saturday night, and it was none other than the long time voice of OVW Dean Hill, who came out carrying a baseball bat, no doubt a "Louisville slugger". As said earlier, Hill was involved in a physical angle here last week. Also as I said earlier, this was the weakest show in the past several weeks, but it did end strongly with this TV taping closing segment. I'll be curious to see what this Saturday Night Special draws. OVW still has momentum going for it, and has all kinds of storyline and match possibilities once they get their core crew that is currently down under in Australia back. But it was also quite clear that that core crew was missed greatly tonight. At the same time though, it was kinda good for those guys to be gone, gives the fans a small break from the "norm" here. I don't know what the post taping dark match was as I had to hit the dusty trail. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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