UFC 131 live coverage from Vancouver

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Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 131 from the Rogers Arena in Vancouver.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to dave@wrestlingobserver.com

Michihiro Omigawa vs. Darren Elkins

In the third round, Omigawa smashed Elkins’ face with a punch that opened up several cuts. Scores were 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 win for Elkins. Crowd is booing the decision like crazy.

Joey Beltran vs. Aaron Rosa

Round one: Jerin Velel referee. Rosa way out of shape at 261. Rosa is a good fighter but he’s used to fighting at 205. Beltran backed himinto the cage. Beltran landing several punches after they separated and then Beltran pushed himback into the cage. Beltran landing body punches. Beltran landed an uppercut. Both throwing shots while in the clinch. Beltran landed another punch. Both with crazy punching exchange. Both are just throwing but neither hurt the other. Rosa has a bloody nose. Now back against the fence. Body kick by Rosa as they separated. Rosa landed a series coming in. Big trade of punches again. Beltran is hurting the body with punches, Beltran with a series of elbows working close Beltran with body shots. The last ten seconds saw both guys throw shot after shot. Great finish to the round. Beltran landed more at the end to win 10-9.

Round two: Low kicks by Beltran set up going upstairs with punches. Both throwing big punches. Beltran with a combo followed by a low kick. Punches and knee by Rosa. Hard knee by Beltran to the groin which put Rosa down. They are calling for the doctor. After the knee to the groin, Beltran nailed him with a hard knee to the face. Rosa got a break but is now ready to continue. Rosa back with a knee to the groin after a series of punches. In a clinch, and both guys throwing punches. Beltran nailed him with a punch. Beltran moved him back against the cage.

Round three: Rosa with puncheds, but Belran with a guillotine, and now he has his back and Beltran threw a lot of punches and knees. Rosa took the blows. Beltran got the power takedown with 3:42 left, Beltran with knees to the body and tons of punches on the ground until it was stopped. Very good fight.

Dustin Poirier vs. Jason Young - Poirier won by a 30-27 score

Nick Ring b James Head via third round choke

Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Mike Massenzio

Massenzio looks tiny next to Soszynski.  Massenzio is a middleweight while Sozynski cuts to  light heavy, right now a good 20-25 pounds edge.

Soszynski will be taking the decision 30-27, 30-26 and 30-27

Jesse Bongfeldt vs. Chris Weidman

Round one: They are calling Weidman "The All-American," which is nickname infringement on both Brian Stann and Jack Swagger. Bongfeldt is from Kenora, Ontario, making him the crowd favorite. Bongfeldt nailed him with a body kick that hurt Weidman. Weidman regained his bearings and clinched. He tried a suplex, nearly ended up on his back but powered him over. Weidman has side control. Bongfeldt regained guard. Weidman actually did more damage with punches from that position. Now back to side control. Weidman doing some punches and elbows from the top. Bongfeldt up with :28 left. Weidman with a knee and Bongfeldt went to take him down from there, but Weidman grabbed a standing guillotine and Bongfeldt tapped out with seconds left in the round. That’s four first round finishes in Weidman’s six fights. Weidman’s knee dislocated early in the fight but he continued to fight. He noted he had four knee surgeries on that knee. 4:54

Sam Stout vs. Yves Edwards

Round one: Stout is one of these guys who always has great fights. Of course he’s the crowd favorite being from London, Ontario. Edwards got a single leg. Great balance by Stout but Yes had the leg so strong he got him down. Edwards isn’t doing a lot on top. Stout back up. Good left by Edwards. Front kick by Stout . High kick by Edwards but didn’t land strong. Stout laid him out with a left counter punch, he was out cold just as Stout got nailed with a right. He won’t win fight of the night but he’s got a hell of a shot at knockout of the night. 3:52

Vagner Rocha vs. Donald Cerrone 

Round one: Cowboy throwing kicks, kicked Rocha in the groin right away. Knee by Cerrone as Rocha tried to duck in. He’s working the legs. Rocha with a takedown. Rocha has great Jiu Jitsu and threw some hammer fists but Cerrone back to his feet. Rocha nearly got another takedown. Cerrone is working the leg to take the legs out and weaken the shots. Rocha trying to time punches off the low kick timing it. Cerrone keeps landing the kicks to the left leg. Desperation takedown by Rocha easily avoided. Cerrone landed a left to the face and a low kick. Cerrone threw Rocha to the ground but doesn’t want to go down with him. . Cerrone swept his leg but still won’t go down with him. Rocha landed a nice punch moving in. Cerrone continues with the low kicks. Left jab by Cerorne. Easily Cerrone 10-9.

Round two: Rocha’s left leg is shot. Low kick and body kick and another body kick. Nice takedown by Rocha but Cerrone up immediately. Cerrone stepped out of trouble. He killed him with a kick. Rocha is landing some punches, but he’s giving up a lot standing. Cerrone continues to land the low kicks. Rocha moved in for a takedown and pretty much ran into a fist and went down. Cerrone just killing the legs. Now a front kick. Not the usual Cerrone fight but he’s strategically taking him part. Rocha’s leg is shot. Now he’s killing the right leg as Rocha switched his stance. Rocha tried a takedown and didn’t get it. Not an exciting fight, but a smart fight by Cerrone. 20-18 Cerrone.

Round three: Cerrone’s corner said it could go either way, which I guess is to keep him from being overconfident. Cerrone kicking the left leg. Cerrone easily sprawled away from a takedown attempt. Cerrone caught one leg and swept him with the other. Cerrone just continuing to throw low kicks. Cerrone is doing nothing to try and finish making this a not too exciting fight. Cerrone landed a few punches. Brutal kick to the left leg. Cerrone with ten seconds left decked him with a left. Rocha was slow to get up and time expired. 30-27, maybe 30-26.

Scores:  30-27, 30-27, 30-26 for Cerrone

Dave Herman vs. John Olav Einemo

First round: Einemo, who looks like former wrestler/football legend Leo Nomellini, came out with a Vancouver Canucks to turn himself babyface. Einemo is 6-6, 261. He’s a world class Jiu Jitsu guy from the early 2000s. Herman looks in much better shape. Herman kicked him in the head right away. Herman is giving up 28 pounds and is looks like 40. Einemo trying for a takedown and Herman trying to keep it standing. Herman away from the clinch and landed a knee. Another knee by Herman. Einemo is kind of slow. Herman now with low kicks. Einemo missing punches. Einemo got the takedown with 2:00 left in the round. Herman got up from the bottom with no damage. Einemo got a second takedown just as time ran out. I’d give this round to Herman slightly but it could go either way.

Second round: Einemo got him against the fence but Herman moved out of the way. Eniemo landed several hard rights. Herman back with punches. Front kick by Herman. Ax kick by Herman that didn’t seem to hurt or make sense. Trading knees. Einemo is sloppy but he’s got Herman in trouble. . Einemo went for a punch, missed and slipped and fell down. Herman didn’t want to go to the ground with Einemo. Herman’s rep is he gasses in round two and you can’t tell for sure but he hasn’t looked good . Right and a knee by Einemo. Einemo keeps landing Herman back with a knee and ducked him with a punch. Herman throwing elbows. Herman throwing elbows on the ground. Herman backed off. Big right by Herman. Einemo back with a big fright of his own. Both exhausted throwing punches. Three hard knees by Herman. Another two knees by Herman. Herman put him down with two hard knees, followed by a left hook that put Einemo down, and after punches on the ground it was over. Both guys were exhausted. This wasn’t a pretty fight but the last 90 seconds were very exciting.

Mark Munoz vs. Demian Maia

First round: Jerin Valel referee. Body kick by Maia. Maia hurt him with a left hook that landed more with the forearm. Another left hook nailed Munoz. Both guys trying to fight stand-up. Munoz missed a crazy kick. Maia landed a big right. Maia trying a takedown. The ref separated them. Maia landed a left and threw a head kick that would have killed him had Munoz not ducked. Munoz landed a left to the chin that hurt Maia. Mnunoz missed a crazy kick. . Munzo landed a hard left to the chin. Both trading and both landed hard. Munoz went for a takedown late but time ran out before he could get it. Good round. Maia 10-9.’

Second round: Munoz took Maia down and threw his hard punches on the ground to the body. Munoz let him up rather than get caught in the guard. Now Maia throwing punches. Munoz with a hard left. Both landing punches. Maia and Munzo sprawled. Munoz went for a D’Arce choke on Maia and now Maia escaped and got Munoz’s back. Munoz escaped and nailed him with a right. This is a super fight. Maia going for a takedown but Munoz sprawling. Munoz dropped and throwing hard punches to the left thigh of Maia tryingto take it out. Munoz on top and Munoz has that great punching power on the ground. Maia now has guard. Both standing. Munoz shooting for a takedown now and this time Maia trying a guillotine but Munoz out. Elbows by Munoz. Munoz throwing Munoz throwing body shots from the top. Munoz’s round so I’ve got it 19-19.

Third round: Munoz got the takedown but Maia back up. Munoz shooting for another takedown. Maia trying to get Munoz’s back. Munoz is in some trouble . Maia is trying a crucifix. But Munoz out of trouble. This fight is anyone’s to win at this point with 2:00 left. Munoz going for a takedown figuring the takedown will give him the round. Munoz with a few punches out of the clinch. Now Maia punching off the clinch but these punches are not damaging. Crowd booing because Munoz has him pinned against the fence. The ref separated them. 90 seconds left and Maia in with a left and a head kick. Munoz back with a body kick. Maia tried a takedown and Munoz threw him down and landed one good punch. Maia back up landing knees. It’s still anyone’s fight with 45 seconds left. Body kick by Munoz and one right back by Maia Munoz whiffed bad on a kick. Both guys throwing punches. Maia shot for a takedown and Munoz blocking . Both trading at the horn. This could easily be called a draw but I slightly have Munoz for the round 29-28 overall. Very good fight.

29-28, 29-28, 30-27 Munoz. How can a judge give Munoz the first round?

Kenny Florian vs. Diego Nunes

First round: The fans hate Florian because everyone in town knows he wore the Bruins jersey to weigh-ins yesterday. Crowd is super hot. Florian in with a head kick. They have a loud chant likely related to hockey. Florian went for the takedown and couldn’t get it. Florian working for it. He got behind Nunes. Nunes out of trouble and Nunes has Florian against the fence. Nunes got the takedown. Florian threw some elbows. Nunes throwing knees. Now separated. Big right by Nunes. Low kick took Florian off his feet for a second. High kick by Nunes. That was mostly blocked. Spining backfist by Nunes. Florian missed a high kick. High kick landed by Nunes. Spin kick by Nunes. Florian with a takedown with 42 seconds left ducking a punch. Nunes out of trouble and back to his feet. Nunes decked him with a left to the chin late and time ran out. Nunes won the round 10-9. Even before the knockdown I had Nunes up but Florian before the knockdown may have gotten the "star" edge. With the knockdown there should be no way it could go to Florian.

Second round: High kick by Nunes landed. Nunes missed a right. Crowd so hot for this one. Florian going for a takedown and Nunes trying to block. Great balance by in avoiding it as Florian got one leg up about five feet and Florian still couldn’t get the takedown. Florian still working for it. . Nunes grabbing the fence to avoid the takedown and John McCarthy warning him. Nunes then took Florian down. Florian throwing elbows off his back and now has a triangle attempt . Nunes bleeding fromthe elbows. Nunes dropped down right after Rogan said he doesn’t want to be in Florian’s guard, but he did back out. Body kick by Nunes. Takedown by Florian. Crowd booed like crazy when he got on top. Nunes bleeding badly,blood all over the mat. Florian landing good punches on the ground. Now Florian landing body punches. Florian’s round, so it should be even 19-19.

Thrid round: Low kick by Florian. Florian looks like he’s got more left a this point. Trading knees in a clinch. Florian working for the takedown and got it this time. Now doing body punches. More body punches by Florian. Florian with some elbows. Florian moved to side control. Nunes up and he’s got 2:00 left to do something big or Florian’s winning the fight. Nunes trying for a takedown and can’t get it. Body kick by Nunes. Nunes throwing a bunch of punches but they missed. Florian using a front kick well to keep distance. Jabs by Florian and a kick by Nunes. Florian landing. Florian landing the jab on him. Crowd now quiet since Florian looks like he’s winning. Nunes trying but he’s exhausted. Hard knee by Florian. Nunes throwing but too slow at this point. Nunes decked him right at the end of the round. Not sure if it’s enough to win the round. I’d say no it’s not because Florian had the whole round. It was a right to the jaw that put Florian down. I’ve got Florian 29-28.

Scores: 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 for Florian. How can a judge possibly give Florian the first round?

Shane Carwin vs. Junior Dos Santos

First round: Even though Dos Santos weighs less, Dos Santos looks like the bigger guy. Carwin shot in for the takedoiwn. Dos Santos defending the takedown well. Junior danced away. Both missing rights. Both trading, neither hurt. Both way more cautious than usual. Carwin threw a left that missed. Much more cautious than you’d expect. Dos Santos landed a left. Dos Santos got a takedown but Dos Santos right back up. Dos Santos with a left. Dos Santos landed another left. Both trading. Dos Santos landing more jabs. But Dos Santos missed the right. Dos Santos continues to land the jab. Dos Santos continues to beat him in the stand-up. He put Carwin down and Carwin is in trouble. Dos Santos went for a choke. Carwin is in a ton of trouble with seconds ticking off. Carwin is up with ten seocnds left, covered in blood. I guess we’ll see what Carwin is made of. I have this 10-8 for Dos Santos.

Second round: Dos Santos left eye is in rough shape. Dos Santos missed a head kick. Dos Santos dancing away from trouble. Dos Santos missed an overhand right. Dos Santos with jabs to the body and head. Carwin just doesn’t have the speed. Carwin threw a low kick. And another low kick by Carwin. Dos Santos back with a low kick. Dos Santos landed a right. Dos Santos landed another. Slow round. Carwin moving in and landed a big left. Carwin landed a good right. Carwin now looks tired, tho. Dos Santos with a low kick. Big head kick by Dos Santos and Carwin didn’t go down. Hard right by Dos Santos. Left in by Dos Santos. Carwin needs to risk and move in because he’s getting picked apart at this distance. Dos Santos landed punches. Dos Santos out boxing him. Another Dos Santos round 20-17.

Third round: Carwin looks like he’s got a broken nose from the first round flurry as well as swelling around the left eye. Carwin shooting in for a takedown. He got Dos Santos down. Dos Santos got back up. Dos Santos back landing the jab. Carwin is tired here. Dos Santos continues to jab. Carwin threw a left. Dos Santos with a left and right. Jab and a big right by Dos Santos. Carwin’s hands are low. Dos Santos landed another left. Dos Santos with another left. Ref Herb Dean stopped it. He wants the doctor to look at Carwin. Cawin said he could see so he doesn’t want out. Doctor allowed it to continue. The right eye doesn’t look too bad but the left eye looks bad. Carwin has one minute to do something. Takedown by Dos Santos. Carwin back up. Dos Santos fought a smart fight avoiding Carwin’s power for three rounds. Again, not a great fight or even a good fight. Dos Santos with a second takedown and held Carwin down till it was over. Dos Santos should win 30-26. I guess they did go three after all.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27, and 30-26 for Dos Santos. That means two judges gave round one 10-9, which is crazy. Some strange cards but at least no bad decisions.

They brought Velasquez into the ring. Velasquez said nothing. Dos Santos did come across like a star.

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