UFC 131 feedback

Thumbs Up
Best--Einemo/Herman.  No technical masterpiece but enjoyable
Worst--Carwin/JDS.  Carwin started off the fight passive and counter punching; i.e. abandoning any chance of winning.
Mike "Gordo Chihuahua" Devlin

I give UFC 131 a thumbs up.
Best match:  Florian vs. Nunes.  Although there were a lot of fights with good back and forth action and not many ridiculous decisions except for maybe Elkins vs. Omigawa in which I thought that Omigawa won.  Nick Ring and Sam Stout both came off looking best with their dominant performances on the show with their respective wins.  Dos Santos looked good against Carwin but it went the way I expected it to with Carwin putting up a tough fight but ultimately losing the fight.  I enjoyed the Cerrone/Rocha fight as well as Olav Einemo/Herman fight.
Jason McNeil

Hey Guys,

A solid thumbs up tonight for sure.

Bar was so-so tonight, it was maybe full by the main event but until the Florian fight there were a lot of empty tables.

Best Match: Demian Maia vs Mark Munoz
Worst Match: Kenny Florian vs Diego Nunes (by process of elimination but have seen a lot worse)
Best KO: Sam Stout
Best Submission: Chris Weidman
Jesse Bongfeldt vs. Chris Weidman-A solid opener on free TV that would grab people's attention. Bongfeldt had a couple nice kicks but had no answer for Weidman's wrestling. Great guillotine by Weidman.
Yves Edwards vs. Sam Stout-This was the fight I was looking 2nd most forward to and it didn't disappoint. Stout looked great here. Composed when Edwards took him down before getting back to his feet and then an awesome KO. Another bonus for Stout.
Joey Beltran  vs. Aaron Rosa-a slobberknocker for sure. This was an entertaining fight with two big chins, those that were at the bar loved this fight and it was an early contender for fight of the night
Vagner Rochca vs. Donald Cerrone-Cerrone looked great here destroying him with leg kicks. Another solid match.
John Olav Eineimo vs. Dave Herman-Another great slugfest. I thought this was another contender for fight of the night even though it started slow. Both guys could take a lot of punishment and it was a fantastic combination to finish it, body kick to buckle him, knee to the head and then the left to drop him.
Demian Maia  vs. Mark Munoz-an amazing war here. Both guys looked great in this one. Surprised how aggressive striking Maia was in the first round. I would have loved to see this one go 5 rounds.
Kenny Florian  vs. Diego Nunes-how could they follow the fight before them? Nunes looked totally gassed after the first round. Florian's 1st fight at this weight but was not dominating and didn't look anything like a top contender for the title at this weight class. Hoping if he stays at this weight they don't give him a title shot until he earns it.
Shane Carwin  vs. Junior Dos Santos-Carwin did not fight his fight here and looked totally off. Maybe due to being the first fight back after surgery? Dos Santos picked him apart and kudos to Carwin for surviving the 1st round onslaught. Shocked Dos Santos didn't finish him early in the second but continued to pick him apart. Based on this performance I heavily favour Velasquez vs Dos Santos but can't wait to see the fight.
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Have a great night all!
Grant Zwarych
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UFC 131 Feedback
Thumbs Up
Best fight: Demian Meia vs Mark Munoz
Worst fight: Joey Beltran vs Aaron Rosa
Hi Dave
This was a typical good show from UFC, I went to a bar to watch and am glad I did. Carwin vs Dos Santos was quite exciting, Dos Santos is dangerous and Carwin is very, very tough.
I thought Sam Stout had a good showing and I enjoyed Dave Herman vs John Olav Einemo. Cerrone was pretty impressive and I am very glad to not be Vagner Rocha's legs right now after all of those kicks.
Florian vs Nunes could have been better but is nothing to complain about too much. I think Florian could have been more impressive in his debut at 145, especially in the first round, but at the same time Nunes seems like a good fighter.
I cannot believe that Demian Meia is the same guy who used to seem so one-dimensional with his grappling. He was both effective and aggressive standing and I would love to see him in a title fight again against anyone but Anderson Silva.
Good show overall.
Dave Musgrave
Markham, Ontario


UFC 131 - Thumbs Up (Minus the judging)

Best Fight: ALL

Worst Fight: NONE

I do not have that much to say on this one. I loved the entire PPV, but the fucking judges made me want to pull all of my hair out. In the Munoz/Maia fight, somebody scored it 30-27.  How in the blue hell does anyone see that first round for Munoz?  The same exact thing happened in the Florian/Nunes fight.  Another 30-27.  I am not saying that the right guys didn't win, because they did, but are these judges watching the same thing we are?

To end, I want to say this - Shane Carwin certainly lost his fight, but that man has the heart of a lion.

Michael Barton
Monticello, NY


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