TNA Slammiversary PPV coverage live from Orlando

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We don't have the Spanish feed on DirecTV, but there is a split second off the picture and the sound.

James Storm & Alex Shelley vs. Douglas Williams & Magnus for the tag team titles

The Invasion is wearing matching track suit warm-ups.  Bobby Roode was on commentary.  They teased an Invasion win when Storm spit beer in Shelley's face and a blinded Shelley superkicked Storm, and the Invasion double-teamed Storm, but he kicked out.  Finish saw Magnus accidentally kick Williams.  Storm superkicked Magnus right into a sliced bread delivered by Shelley and Storm pinned Magnus.  Solid opener, probably not as good as you'd expect.

The sound and picture are still off.   

Scott Steiner vs. Matt Morgan. 

Morgan blocked a belly-to-belly suplex and came off with the Carbon footprint for the pin.  Mach was nothing special but goal of the match seemed to be to put Morgan over by beating a former top guy.  

Jeremy Borash interviewed Jeff Jarrett.  Tonight is about becoming the No. 1 contender and taking the only thing you have left, the gold medal.  Jeff pushed that Earl Hebner would be the referee.  Jeff said that on Impact they were going to have a podium where they put the gold medal around Jeff's neck.  He dedicated the win to his wife.

Abyss vs. Kazarian vs. Brian Kendrick for the X title 

This was a psychological mess.  This was worked like a handicap match, which almost turned Abyss face but pretty much killed Kazarian dead.  Crowd was dead for 90% of the match.  the finish saw Kazarian and Kendrick finallly fight each other, and Kendrick escaped the Omori driver and knocked Kazarian down with a kick.  Abyss then pulled Kendrick out of the ring and jumped on Kazarian for the pin.  Awful layout and idea and the match never recovered from the inherent problems.

Samoa Joe vs. Crimson

Crimson won with a sit out power bomb clean, but Crimson did not get over as people didn't care about this at all.  They shook hands after and Joe said "We will do this again."   They started out fast but Crimson's punches and offense looked so green.  At points it was almost painful to watch.  The key is that the crowd is not into him much at all.  Crowd was dead most of the way.  They worked a physical match but it didn't work at all.  

Winter went to give Angelina her drugs but Angelina turned down the drugs and spoke in a normal tone that she's starting to figure it out.

Mickie James vs. Angelina Love for the Knockouts title

Crowd dead except when James engaged them.  Winter kept interfering but James overcame it over and over.  Finish was supposed to by a DDT by James, but it was completely botched.  Can't believe they just went for the pin after botching the finish so bad.  After the match Winter started whipping James and Love joined in and they left James laying.  Really bad match.

Bully Ray did an excellent promo to build up the match, saying it's a last man standing match and he's the only man, and htat he's in the best shape of his life and there's nothing AJ can do to him.

A.J. Styles vs. Bully Ray last man standing.  This show needs a great match something fierce right about now

Excellent match.  Told a story that Styles turned the corner into being a crazy brawler.   He busted Ray up with a chain.  Earlier Ray chopped the hell out of Styles and Styles did the "Is that all you've got," type of reaction.  Styles did all kinds of big dives.  The finish saw Styles climb up the lighting stand and dropped an elbow from about 15 feet high onto Ray through a table.  Finish was weird as both were selling.  Styles got up, but the ref kept counting.  Ray kicked Styles into the stage and Styles went through the stage.  The ref kept counting and even though Styles got to his feet to get kicked into the cage, at the count of nine, Ray got up and fell down and was ruled the winner.  Both pretty much sold like they were dead.  This blew away everything on the show so far by a wide margin.

Sting vs. Mr. Anderson for the TNA title.  They decided to put Angle vs. Jarrett last, which makes the most sense since it'll probably be the better match of the next two.

Anderson won the title with a low blow and the mic check for the pin.  Sting had kicked out of an earlier mic check.  Eric Bischoff had come out a few minutes before the finish.  The key spot was Sting using the scorpioni death drop and ref Jackson James counted but Eric hit the mat and then James hit the mat, so Sting got up thinking he won hearing the three count but since one of the counts was by Bischoff, it was really only a two count.  It was really clever but the crowd was totally flat.  You can't make people not care and then come up with a new idea for a gimmick finish and have anyone care, but how would they understand any of that?  They brawled a lot outside the ring and whipped each other into a wall.  Anderson then worked on the left arm for several minutes.

They pushed after the match that Sting has now lost his leverage in his feud with Hogan and Bischoff.

They claimed Karen Angle was live via satellite in Hendersonville.  Karen said that she didn't fall down the steps, but Kurt pushed her down the steps.  Karen said Jeff was going to win and she was going to put the gold medal around her neck, have Big Daddy come into the room and do what she does best.   Mike Tenay then called her an "A-1 ball buster."

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle with the gold medal and No. 1 contendership at stake.  We have roughly enugh time for a 20 minute match if they need it. 

Very good match, not their best, but they had to overcome a dead crowd.  The crowd wasn't caring about this at points even when they were kicking out of each others' moves.  But they did enough and when Jarrett had the ankle lock on Angle and Angle looked liekhe was about t tap, there was a loud "USA" chant and Angle revesed and eventually used the ankle lock and Jarrett tapped out.  Angle survived a guitar shot and a stroke off the middle rope.  They pushed hard that this was going to be the final time these two are ever in the ring against each other.

They pushed in the Destination X commercial that this was the return of the six-sided ring and that X Division stars from the past would be brought back for one night only.

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