Feedback to TNA Slammiversary

On the TNA scale, I give this show a mild thumbs up. On the real scale, barely a thumbs in the middle.

Best match: Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles
Worst match: Samoa Joe vs. Crimson

Sting-Anderson followed the same template as Sting-RVD did last month. Not a long match, brawled in the crowd at first. The thing is, Anderson's not even on RVD's level, and with where RVD's at that speaks volumes about Anderson. However, I will give credit to TNA for not putting this on last. Someone in that company has an idea.

Ray-Styles was great, even with a shitty finish. Although if Ray HAD to go over, that was the right way to do it. Angle-Jarrett, really good as well. Gun Money-British Invasion I really liked actually, but since it's TNA the booking took that match down one notch.

Everything else - I didn't find any worse than what's been on TNA PPV this year. That's not high praise. Although the Crimson match really stood out to because it had NOTHING good going for it, and booking Crimson to be at Joe's level rather than greater than Joe's level killed any hope he has. Crimson, if they're going for the Goldberg push, needs to be a man-beast. And he's not booked like one, is muscular but doesn't really look like one, and doesn't play the part very well. So you're left with a weak, uncharismatic Goldberg.

It's also a shame that the TV is so horrible every week yet on the PPV you got several really good go-home promos. Not that this is news but, if they want to get buys up there's an easy fix for a few.

Ryan Heavener
New Lenox, IL

Thumbs in the middle, maybe slightly down.

Best match: AJ vs Bully

Worst match: Mickie James vs Angelina Love

The last man standing match was great, even with the lame finish. Sting and Anderson was predictably poor and not a main event calibre match. Personally I was underwhelmed by Angle vs Jarrett, especially considering the classics they have had, but it was still enjoyable.
The rest of the show was the usual TNA PPV mixed bag, and was largely just boring.

Barry Murphy

Bryan and Dave:
I emailed you this question earlier today but it applies following the debacle that was Sting vs. Ken Anderson: Is TNA serious with this pay per view offering?
UFC 131 was a fantastic event; strong matches up-and-down the card with real consequences as it pertained to its titles. Slammiversary, which Jeff Jarrett calls TNA's most important event of the year, was a disaster. False finishes, severe psychological issues with the booking, screw jobs that diminish their world title. And they wonder why their TV ratings and PPV buyrates never improve.
TNA needs a savior like a man in the desert needs water. But why would anyone waste their time bailing water out of the Titanic?

Dennis Gorman

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