Non-Raw report from the Nassau Coliseum


1. Chris Masters beat Curt Hawkins with a masterlock, submission..nothing special.


2.  Zack Ryder pins Primo with a flying leg.  Crowd big into Ryder, with the Internet/Twitter
effect apparent.  Big cheers on the wi n; interest in the match throughout.

3. Drew McIntyre pins Vladamir Kozlov with a snap butterfly DDT.  Quick match; unimpressive.


-- Cena was laying in the ring as RAW went off the air.
-- Miz came out. Said he's sorry Cena is having a bad night, but it's not over:
Miz gets his title match right now. Plus it's a street fight.
-- Miz grabs a chair, jumps into ring, swings and misses.
-- Cena makes a brief comeback.
-- Hells hit the ring: Sheamus, R Truth and CM Punk.  4 on 1, beating on Cena.
-- Steve Austin finally runs in. Actually delivers a suplex to Miz. Stunner to the other heels.
-- Cena recovers, and hits Miz with attitude adjustment for the pin.
-- Lasted about 10 minutes, and while a screwy match, it was fun.

  --  Mike Omansky

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