OVW TV tapings 6-15 Louisville

By Trent Vandrisse

  Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television report for June 15th, 2011, which will be episode #617. Like last weeks TV taping, and the June 11th Saturday Night Special, they were once again tonight without much of their core roster as several key OVW talents are still in Australia. They should be back for next weeks TV taping. Tonights show was wrestling heavy, so not as heavy as usual on the angles and talking. Plus, tonight they did not show any backstage interviews or angles on the screens. I wonder what makes the difference week to week as to whether they do or not? Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers. Once again no Dean Hill in the announce booth. I'm curious as to what's up with that. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The attendance was a tad over 100. Next weekend, June 24th and 25th, will be the return of Mondo Wrestling a Go-Go, this time for two nights back to back, which is interesting, not to mention ambitious.

1. Tony Gunn & Jimbo Onno beat Brandon Espinosa & Ace Hawkins

Dark match. Espinosa and Hawkins, in from Missouri, are back for the second week in a row. I find them fairly entertaining. Onno overpowered the much smaller heels early. Gunn took the heat. Espinosa with an over the top steamroller on Gunn. Gunn hit Hawkins with a big slop drop to win it for his makeshift team.

2. CJ Lane beat Epiphany Jones

Also a dark match. Epiphany has been gone for awhile, she's a large, black lady wrestler. Both lades came out the babyface side, but Epiphany played the heelish role. Lane with some leg kicks early. Epiphany took over with some bodyslams. Epiphany played to the crowd, and missed an elbow drop as a result. She then missed a charge to the corner. Lane went to the top rope, but Epiphany carried her off of it. Lane though rolled up Epiphany with a sunset flip to win it.

Gilbert Corsey got in the ring to start the TV taping, and brought out OVW owner Danny Davis. Davis thanked the fans who came to the June 11th Saturday Night Special, and said the next Saturday Night Special will be July 2nd. Davis talked about the ongoing tournament for the currently vacant OVW heavyweight title, and said there would be first round tournament matches tonight, and the semi finals, and finals of that tournament would be held on July 2nd. Davis said there were still a few open slots left for the tournament. An unidentified young man came out and handed Davis a Fed-Ex envelope and left. Davis opened the envelope, looked at the papers in in briefly, then told Corsey he has some legal business to take care of and left the ring.
Shiloh Jonze came out to the floor and begged and pleaded with Davis to allow him to enter the tournament for the OVW heavyweight title, literally on his hands and knees begging. Jonze is like 0-14 since returning to OVW. Davis, who had bigger fish to fry, finally just said yeah ok, whatever, and left, leading to...

3. "Smooth" Johnny Spade beat Shiloh Jonze by DQ by reverse decision

This was the first match of the TV taping, and a first round match in the tournament for the OVW heavyweight title. Spade and Jonze have a history in OVW, both as partners and foes. Spade simply abused Jonze early with some blistering hard chops. I'm talking super duper hard chops here. Jonze went the currently fired Mike Mondo route and produced some brass knuckles out of his tights, hit Spade with them, and won the match, which shocked the entire arena. But wait....Tony Gunn ran out and stooged off Jonze' cheating to the ref, who then reversed the decision, and gave Spade the win by DQ. Why would the referee just believe Tony Gunn though? Jonze couldn't believe it, and I'm pretty sure we will see Jonze vs Gunn in the very near future. So close, and yet so far there Shiloh. Gunn the past few weeks has been asking Spade to team with him, and Spade keeps turning him down, so this puts an interesting new wrinkle into that story. Spade has been saying for months he wants the OVW heavyweight title, and he did advance in the tournament here, albeit with a lot of help from someone who wants to be his friend. I predict Spade will at least be in the semi-finals, if not the finals of the tournament.

4. Randy Terrez beat Brandon Espinosa w/Ace Hawkins

Busy night for Espinosa and Hawkins. Terrez got a really impressive babyface pop coming out. Terrez beat Tony Gunn in a first round OVW heavyweight title tournament match on June 11th. Terrez also beat Espinosa in a dark match at last weeks TV taping, which went pretty well, so they decided to do it again this week on TV. It was much the same match as last weeks dark match, especially the finishing sequence. Terrez with a real nice 'Rana early, followed by some Lucha Libre. Hawkins distracted Terrez, allowing Espinosa to level Terrez with a stiff clothesline. Espinosa in control for awhile. But just like last week Terrez came back with his running kidney punch, his forward somersault version of a Samoan drop, and won it with the "Thrill kill", a top rope twisting corkscrew Moonsault.

5. Asher Knight beat Raul Lamotta

This was another first round match in the tournament for the OVW heavyweight title. Lamotta pulled Knight off the ropes as he was removing his t-shirt, and the match was on. All Lamotta early. Knight answered with an angry comeback, but the crowd was quiet here, for the first time all night. Match went back and forth a bit until Knight won it with a botched running neckbreaker. Just a so-so match at best here.

Michael Hayes got in the ring with a microphone, no not THAT Michael Hayes. This Michael Hayes is a one legged legit war hero, who is now a rookie wrestling in OVW. Hayes lost his OVW TV debut in a matter of seconds to Mohamad Ali Vaez a few weeks ago, and last week Hayes challenged Vaez to a rematch for this week. Hayes said Vaez beat him a few weeks ago, but that the challenge he made to Vaez last week was met with no response. Hayes said he knows he can beat Vaez. Hayes said he was going to stay in the ring until Vaez comes out. Good thing he didn't stick to that statement since Vaez is currently on tour in Australia. Heh. Vaez obviously didn't come out, so Hayes said he was going to keep on challenging Vaez every week, until he accepts his challenge for a rematch. One thing here, Hayes was in street clothes, if he really thought Vaez might have come out to wrestle him tonight, he should have been ready in his ring gear.
 6. Ryan Howe beat Kharn Alexander

No one really chanted "Skidmarks" at Howe tonight, so maybe in time he can lose that "nickname"(?) after all, but then again maybe not. Howe's real life girlfriend, Jessie Belle Smothers, was in the crowd, in her ring gear, openly cheering for Howe this match. She was one of the few though as the crowd was pretty quiet for this match as well. It's weird, I think Howe, coming off his Tough Enough fame and currently living in Louisville, is an excellent addition to the OVW roster. He doesn't seem that over though, which is odd, because he's sort of tailor-made to be babyface for this crowd. Kharn Alexander has an interesting look, and is a nice prospect, with potential. He's on the thin side, but really built at the same time. This was Howe's first OVW TV match, he's been in dark matches here before. Alexander took control for a bit, but Howe came back and applied a Boston crab. Howe with a flying back elbow and a spinning heel kick. Howe is clearly still real green, but he has some nice instincts, and he has some size, and a good look in a way. Howe got the win with his version of the old Buff Blockbuster, which looked really good. Nice finish, just a fair match, hampered some by a quiet crowd.

7. Jason Wayne beat James "Moose" Thomas w/Prince Bolin, Rocco Bellagio, Mo Green & The personal assistant

This was another first round match tournament match for the OVW heavyweight title, and quite a marquee one it was. The crowd came back alive for this one in a big way. Prince Bolin was down and injured at the end of the June 11th Saturday Night Special after "special enforcer" Dean Hill hit him with a chair, even yelling that he couldn't feel his legs, but Bolin was showing zero sign of any injury here. Mo Green was wearing gold dollar sign sun glasses. Two big bulls going at it in the ring here. Moose missed a charge to the corner. Bellagio grabbed Wayne's foot from the outside as a distraction, and Moose gave Wayne a double fisted clubbing blow. Wayne went for a bodyslam on the huge Moose, but instead fell over backwards with Moose landing on top of him. Moose walked across the belly of Wayne. Moose missed a Vader bomb. Green and Bellagio both got up on the apron, but Wayne knocked him off. Wayne with a flying shoulder tackle on Moose, then Wayne did actually manage to bodyslam big Moose Thomas, which electrified the crowd. Prince Bolin up on the apron to distract Wayne, allowing Moose to try for a swinging sidewalk slam on him. Wayne got out of it though, and hit his full nelson slam on Moose for a huge, and clean, win for rookie Jason Wayne over James "Moose" Thomas, amid much distraction from Bolin Servces 2.0. Fun match. They are clearly pushing Jason Wayne here, and like I did with Johnny Spade, I predict that Wayne will at least be in the semi-finals, if not the finals, of the OVW heavyweight title tournament. Where does James "Moose" Thomas go from here though? He once again seems to be a guy without a clear direction, and he seems to be in that boat pretty often in OVW.

8. Raphael Constantine beat Elvis Pridemore

Perennial jobber Elvis has been on an winning streak of late, including a brief stint as OVW heavyweight champion believe it or not, and Constantine has been losing ever since being forced to split up his "Fighting Spirit" tag team with Chris Silvio, so I was curious what would happen here. Constantine came out with something in a picture frame, it appeared to be a medal or something of that ilk, but I'm not really sure what it was. Constantine set it on the announce desk. Match off to a slower paced start. Constantine worked on Elvis' arms, Elvis worked on Constantine's legs. Elvis with a flying forearm, followed by a wacky, to say the least, reverse spinning kick of sorts. Constantine though poked Elvis in the eyes, then rolled him up holding the tights for a tainted victory, ending Elvis' highly unlikely winning streak. Constantine grabbed his picture frame off the desk, and showed it off. He's clearly very proud of whatever is signifies.

9. Mr. Black & Trailer Park Trash beat The Elite(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) to win the OVW Southern tag team titles

This was the TV main event. The Elite have not been getting along at all lately, constantly arguing, and losing several non-title matches, so I thought this might be a title switch, and it was. McNaler, fresh off a Florida vacation, is still wearing sunglasses, and is quite tan. The Elite were arguing on the floor before the match even began. The 500 pound Mr. Black and TPT somewhat got the better of the Elite early, but not totally. The Elite got Trailer Park Trash down, but couldn't agree at all on the best way to beat on him, and it ended up the Elite nose to nose arguing about it in the ring, while TPT slowly slid over and made the hot tag to Mr. Black. Black with a sidewalk slam on Revolver. McNaler got knocked to the outside, and TPT hit a top rope leg drop on Revolver to win the tag team titles. The postmatch saw the Elite in an intense, angry stare down with each other, McNaler on the floor and Revolver in the ring. Will they now finally break up? Stay tuned. In fact that seemed to be the story more than Black and TPT winning the titles. The celebration by Black and TPT wasn't much.
So this was 7 match TV taping for one episode of OVW. That's very rare, but it was something different for a change of pace.

I don't know what the post taping dark match was as I had to make skidmarks out of the parking lot. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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