Strikeforce live coverage from Dallas - heavyweight Grand Prix

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Welcome to our live coverage of Strikeforce from the American Airlines Center in Dallas.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   We're also looking for replies on tomorrow's WWE Capitol Punishment.

Bryan Melancon vs. Isaac Vallie-Flagg

Round one: Melancon missed weight by five pounds and is a lot bigger.  He’s coming out firing .
Huge belly to belly throw by Melancon.  Melancon punching from the top, got his back, more
punching from the top.  Now he’s in mount and moved to side control.  He’s trying to crucifix
his arms but didn’t get it, but in escaping Vallie-Flagg gave up is back and now Melancon is
working for a choke.  He gave it up and is back on top.  Vallie-Flagg got up and fired a forearm.
Melancon slowed down.  Just then Melancon nailed a hard right and has Vallie-Flagg on  his
heels.  Melancon tried a takedown and didn’t get it.  Vallie-Flagg has a single leg and Melancon
grabbed the cage to keep from going down.  Melancon with a hard right.  Vallie-Falgg thought
flying knee but changed his mind in mid-flight.  Melancon 10-9.

Round two: Vallie-Flagg working with low kicks and doing more movement.  Melancon getting
sloppy with his technique.  They are against the cage.  Vallie-Flagg with a nice leg trip takedown
but Melancon right back up.  Vallie-Flagg has another single leg.  Both trading and flying knee
by Vallie-Flagg.  Another knee and the ref separated them from the cage.  This ref is quick to
break clinches at the cage.  They ended up right back there again.  Melancon triyng a takedown
but not getting it.  He finally gave it up.  Now Vallie-Flagg going for a takedown but didn’t get it.
Mostly inaction against the cage and the ref moved them to the center immediately.  Melancon
hurt Vallie Flagg with a punch.  Vallie-Flag gback wiht a few ody kicks and Melacon with a
straight punch.  Knee in a clinch by Vallie-Flagg.  Both tried but Vallie-Flagg’s round and I’ve
got it even 19-19.

Round three: Hard low kick by Vallie-Flagg.  Vallie-Flagg is landing several kicks.  Melancon
shooting for a high single.  Vallie-Flagg blocking and they are in a clinch against the cage.
Vallie-Flagg did another flying knee and a body kick.  Hard body shot by Melancon.  Vallie-
Flagg landing a few knees and a forearm.  Belly to belly throw by Melancon.  He’s on top and
now has full mount.  Vallie-Flagg back up.  Vallie-Flagg throwing body shots as they are against
the cage.  They are turning each other against the fence.  Vallie-Flagg with forearms and the ref
broke them.  Hard low kick by Vallie-Flagg.  Melancon got a takedown with 20- seconds left
which may win him the round.  Vallie-Flagg up and taken back down.  Close round but I think
the two takedowns will give it to Melancon even though Vallie-Flagg did more damage when
they were in close, so 29-28 Melancon.  It’s a close call either way.

 Split decision 29-28 Melancon 29-28 Vallie-Flagg 29-28 Vallie-Flagg.  Crowd not happy
because Melancon is from Houston and got the two third round takedowns.

Nah-Shon Burrell vs. Joe Ray

Round one: Both guys looking to trade until Burrell, the Muay Thai guy, lauched him with a
slam.  Burrell has him in full guard.  Ray tried an armbar but Burrell out of it without danger.
Ray going for a leglock and Burrell out of it throwing punches.  Now Ray going for a Kimura but
Burrell out of it.  Burrell dropping some punches and now has side control. These submissions
aren’t close but he’s going for them.  Ray tried an armbar and Burrell got out and threw punches.  Ray up.  Ray looking for a Kimura standing and has him down but Burrell maneuvered and now Ray has an armbar but Burrell out.  That was cool.  This is a fun round.  Hard to judge as well.  Ray went for so many subs but was on the bottom and took more actual punishment.  10-9 Ray. People at press row are split on this round.

Round two: Burrell in with punches.  Low kick by Ray.  Hard right by Burrell, Ray tried a
spinning back fist but missed badly.  Right by Burrell and a low kick.  Burrell landing two
punches and tackled Ray to the ground.  The thing is, Ray keeps going for stuff on the ground.
He tried an armbar but Burrell easily out.  Now Burrell has side control.  Punches by Burrell.
Ray got the takedown but Burrell reversed immeidately and is on top in the guard.  Ray’s corner is telling hin he has to win the round.  And right now he’s definitely losing this round.  Ref
ordered a stand up.  Burrell landed a few.  Another takedown by Burrell.  Not as much action as
round one.  Burrell stays on top.  Burrell’s round so I’ve got 19-19 but he could be up 20-18.

Round three: Burrell landing several punches.  Burrell continuing to land.  Ray landed a left.
Burell continues to land standing.  Ray’s corner keeps telling him to punch and he never does.
Burell continues to land strong.  First round scoring looks moot at this point becuase Burrell is
winning the round strong.  Takedown by Burrell.  Ray tried a takedown but ended out on the
bottom but caught Burrell in a guillotine.  Burrell out of it.  Burrell has his back.  Another
takedown by Burrell.  Burrell mostly riding him on top throwing a few punches that were
ineffective.  Burrell’s round for sure, 29-28 for 30-27 but Burrell is winning.

Scores 29-28 for Burrell.  So all three judges gave round one to Ray.

Conor Heun vs. Magno Almeida

We've got a timing issue as there are three fights left with an hour until the Showtime card begins.

Round one: Slam by Heun and Almeida was moving like crazy on the ground.  Total wrestling
vs. Jiu Jitsu.  Great scrambling as Almeida keeps working for submissions, mostly on the leg and Heun keeps escaping.  Now Almeida got the takedown and Heun trying a submission but
Almeida out.  Almeida with punches on the ground.  Heun controlling the head from the bottom
and throwing elbows.  Ref ordered a stand-up.  Fans booed the stand-up which is rare.
Almeida’s round close 10-9.  Press row split on this one as well.

Round two: They are in a clinch against he cage.  Very little action against the cage.  Almneida
throwing knees while Heun trying takedowns and not getting.  We had a ref bump as Heun threw Almeida into the ref and he went flying.  He got right up.  Crowd went crazy for the ref bump.  A few punches by Almeida and he jumped on Heun’s back.  Almeida punching while holding back position standing on Heun.  Heun with a takedown with 2:09 left.  Almeida going for an armbar and this looks like trouble.    Heun not tapping.  Almeida keeps twisting and pulling but Heun doesn’t seem to panic.  Heun out of trouble.  Crowd gave him a big hand.  Almeida’s round, so I’ve got 20-18.

Round three: Heun with a takedown.  Almeida again spinning for an armbar but doesn’t have it.
Heun controlling him from the bottom with a rubber guard.  Almeida out and going or a choke
while Heun trying to spin out of trouble and escaped.  Very hardcore crowd into the submissions.  Heun on top throwing punches including landing double punches.  He landed double punhes and he’s scoring the best offense of the fight right ow.  Heun continued to punch from the top.  Shots landed good and Almeida set up an armbar just as time expired. Heun’s round for sure, so this could go either way.  Heun’s round three more dominant than the first two so I think crowd thinks Heun won because overall he won, but round-by-round it could go either way as one was close.  Heun leaving the cage his elbow looked like hell, so one of the armbars popped the elbow..

Scoers: All three have it 29-28 for Heun.  So all three had Heun.  Some booing but I think they’d have booed more the other way.

J.Z. Cavalcante vs. Josh Wilcox, so they are skipping Todd Moore's fight due to timing.  They'll probably put him on after the main event. 

Round one:   Wilcox has the young Mil Mascaras body with the freaky big chest.  Both standing,
nobody gettign an edge.  Hard left by Wilcox.  Wilcox went for a takedown and couldn’t get it.
Really nothing much happening here.  Wilcox has the center but nobody winning the round early.  Wilcox landed a punch.  Both moving a lot but not throwing anything, another right by Wilcox.  Front kick by Wilcox.  Wilcox landed more so he should take it 10-9.

Round two: Wilcox landed a punch and he got poked in the eye and went down hard.  This is a
bad poke.  The ref said there was no foul.  What????  Doctor checking Wilcox’s eye.  The dcotor
ruled him unable to continue.  Wilcox said he couldn’t see.  This should be a no contest because Wilcox was winning and it was a poke to the eye that ended the fight.  Wilcox is almost in tears saying to his corner that he can’t see and rushed to the back with the doctor to get his eye checked. 

Ruling: :31 of round two.  Unintentional foul, a poke, ruled a no contest.  The right call.

Todd Moore vs. Mike Bronzoulis will be after the mainevent so we've got a 23 minute break right now.

They introduced Bigfoot Silva and Herschel Walker and both got a big reaction.  This is a way more hardcore MMA crowd than Strikeforce draws in San Jose

Chad Griggs vs. Valentijn Overeem

Round one: Overeem missed a high kick and Griggs rushed him and is trying to take hinm
down.  Now Griggs has him pinned against the fence.  Griggs took him down and is on top.
Griggs landing big punches on the ground and Overeem is turtling up and it’s over as Overeem tapped out.

Daniel Cormier vs. Jeff Monson

Round one: Knee by Cormier as they went into a clinch.  Cormier landed a few shots.  Several
more shots by Cormier, body and head and now they are against the fence.  Cormeir throwing
a few uppercuts and pushed Monson away.  Monson landed a right and Cormier back with about
five, although none solid.  Body kick by Cormer.  Monson’s face is already a swollen mess.
Good combo with a hard left by Cormier.  Body kick by Cormier.  Cormier is too fast for
Monson standing.  Cormier landed a hard straight right.  Another series of punches by Cormier.
Monson’s face all swelled up at this point.  Monson landed a left and Cormier responded landing
several more punches.  Cormier landing a lot of hard punches but Monson has a chin so he’s
hanging in there.  Cormier with punches and a knee.  10-9 Cormier.

Second round: Cormier landed several punches and Monson landed one.  Monson slipped
throwing a punch and then was staggered by Cormier.  Monson landed an overhand right.
Monson landed but Cormier back with several    Monson landed again. Monson pushed Cormier
into the fence but Cormier turned him.  Monson landed a right off the break.  Cormier back with
several and missed a high kick. Monson landed again.  Cormier back with several.  Cormier
landed a few more.  Cormier landed several.  Monson back with a hard right.  Monsin is more
competitive but Cormier still out landing him.  Knee to the body by Cormier.  In a clinch.
Cormier broke the clinch and landed about six shots.  Body kick and punch by Cormier.  Monson landed a hard right and Cormier back with two or three punches and a knee.  Now against the fence.  Cormier threw him down but didn’t follow him there.  Cormier’s round 20-18.

Third round: Cormier throwing kicks.  Cormer behind him standing but let it go.  Cormier landed a series of punches.  Body kick.  Monson landed a good shot back.  Cormier landed a few and Monson was hurt and ran off.  Monson tried a takedown and didn’t come close.  Cormier broke a clinch with a flurry and missed a crazy high kick.  Cormier landed several punches and knocked him down but wouldn’t go to the ground with him.  Cormier tried a takedown but his corner told him to stay standing.  Knee by Cormier.  Cormer threw him down hard and backed off.  Cormier doesn’t want to go to the ground.  Punches and a knee by Cormier.  Cormier with a low kick. Body kick by Cormier.  Cormier 30-27.

All three judges 30-27 Cormier.  Very obvious decision.

K.J.Noons vs. Jorge Masvidal

Round one: Most likely a lightweight title shot goes to the winner.  Masvidal with a flying knee.
Noons with punches.  Noons is working the body.  Masvidal landing.  Body shots by Noons and
Masvidal landed a strong knee to the head.  Noons continues to work the body.  Flying knee by
Masivdal.  Knee by Noons and Masvidal used it to get the takedown.  Noons is doing the eyes of
let’s do a standup, which gets the crowd going but the ref shouldn’t let the bottom fighter dictate
the standup.  Masvidal with a knee.  Noons is bleeding badly.  Front kick by Masvidal.  Noons
now bleeding a lot.  Masvidal tagged him with a right.  Now a left by Masvidal.  Noons landed
some.  Masvidal knocked him down with a kick and Noons is in trouble.  Masvidal pounding
him on the ground and Noons gave up his back.  Masvidal almost had him when time ran out.
10-8 Masvidal. 

Second round: Masvidal landed a left.  Noons swinging and missing.  Noons landed a good right.
Noons has a nasty hematoma on the right side.  Noons landed punches and a knee.  He’s
swinging wildly and missing.  Masvidal moved in with a takedown but Noons back up.  Another
takedown by Masvidal.  Noons was winning the standup in this round but these two takedowns
may make the difference.  Now they will as Masvidal landed some elbows.  Noons up.  Masvidal
moved in and going for another takedown and got it.  Now Noons on top and pounding Masvidal
on the ground.  Knee by Noons.  Hard knee by Masvidal.  Great round.  Close round, Masvidal
probably has it but Noons had the best offense at the end.  20-18 Masvidal.

Third round: Noons in with punches.  Noons landed a good uppercut.  Noon with a body shot.
Masvidal with a straight jab.  Masvidal going backwards as Noons presses him.  Knee by
Masvidal.  Left by Noons.  Noons landing.  Takedown by Masvidal.  Noons back up.  Masvidal
took him down.  Noons back up.  Masvidal controlling him.  Close round, the finish may have
given it to Masvidal so I’ve got 30-26, could be 30-27 or 29-28 or 29-27.  Point being Masvidal

All three scored 30-27 for Masvidal

Masvidal asked Scott Coker for a match with Gilbert Melendez for the title, which is likely next.
Shouldn’t he have been asking Sean Shelby?

Josh Barnett vs. Brett Rogers in the Grand Prix tournament.

Round one: Rogers has almost no sponsors.  Barnett moving in for a takedown right away.
Barnett picked him up with a sidewalk slam and has side control.  Barnett with an elbow to the
cheekbone.  He now went for a top wristlock and let it go.  Rogers tried to spin away but Barnett
back on top.  Barnett moved to full mount.  Barnett grinding the elbow to the cheekbone but not
throwing punches from the top.  Crowd booing. .  Barnett threw some punches.  Rogers tried to
backdoor out but Barnett controlled him again.   Barnett got mount again.  Barnett tried a form of
a choke.  Crowd booing as Barnett’s on top but not punching enough for their liking. .  Easily
Barnett’s round 10-9.

Round two: Barnett with a few punches and Rogers charged and Barnett took him down with a
belly-to-belly throw.  Crowd booing as Barnett isn’t violent enough on top until they recognized
Barnett putting on a head-and-arm choke.  Rogers tapped out and the place actually

Barnett did a pro wrestling interview after.  I'll ask where it came from.  It was a babyface interview talking about winning the tournament.  Crowd popped kind of big for it but the sound in the arena was terrible so a lot of people couldn't hear what he said.  I was not that far from him and I couldn't make it out either.

Bigfoot Silva did an interview.  Silva talked about how Werdum is a good friend.  Fans booed Silva a lot, they resent him beating Fedor.

Alistiar Overeem vs. Fabricio Werdum

Round one: Werdum got a so-so reaction, some boos, not a main event reaction.  Great
staredown.  Werdum with a high kick that misssed.  Werdum in with a punch.  Werdum tried a
takedown, Overeem sprawled.  Oveeem tripped Werdum.  Werdum trying to get Overeem to the ground and Overeem wants no part of it.  Another takedown.  And Overeem sprawled.  Overeem wants him standing.  Werdum in and Overeem threw him off like nothing.  Another takedown attempt and Overeem blocked and walked away.  Overeem looks real confident.  Overeem landed a knee to the body.  Overeem took him down, back up, body shot and knees and Werdum in with punches.  Werdum pulled guard and Overeem broke free and stood.  Crowd loves Overeem as he raised his arms.  Werdum landed a few punches.  Werdum with punches and a knee and Overeem tripped him down.  Werdum shot and Overeem blocked it and moved away.  Crowd booing that Werdum keeps shooting but that’s his game plan.   Overeem with a left and Werdum went down and Overeem walked away because he didn’t want to go to the ground.  Werdum landed a right.  Overeem threw him down hard.  Werdum was on his back praying, sort of like Ric Flair would beg.  Werdum motions like he’s praying for Overeem to go to the ground with him.  Left and right by Oveeeem.  Overeem knocked him down with a knee and walked away.  Werdum moved in and pulled guard as time ran out.  10-9 Overeem.

Second round: Werdum with a punch and knee and Overeem back with a knee.  Werdum landing punches and Overeem threw him down.  Overeem won’t go to the ground with him.  Werdum got the takedown but Overeem back up.  Werdum with two hard knees.  Overeem taking him apart with punches.  Overeem went to the ground and Overeem saw his game and backed off.  Both guys are tired right now.  Overeem landed a few punches.  Uppercut by Overeem.  Trading punches.  Werdum shot and Overeem landed on top and backed off which is the story of the fight.  Overeem landed hard punches and knocked him down but Werdum now has Overeem in his guard.  Overeem backed off and people cheered.  Werdum landed punches and Overeem put Werdum down with a knee.  He punched him on the ground but won’t follow up.  Ref told Werdum to get up.  Another knee by Overeem and Werdum pulled him into guard.  Werdum will lose the decision this way unless he catches Overeem in something.  Nobody doing anything on the ground.  Crowd booing as they both did nothing the last 30 seconds.  Overeem 20-18.

Third round: Werdum in throwing punches and knees.  He’s got Overeem against the fence going for a takedown.  Overeem toostrong but Overeeem is also tired.  Overeem on the ground has his back.  He’s just riding him and doing nothing, then backed off.  Overeem landed a punch and Werdum went down.  Crowd starting to hate this.  Ref Leon Roberts needs to stand them up quicker because that end of the second round stuff was brutal.  Werdum actually doing well standing landing more than Overeem.  Body shot and knee and Werdum went down.  He’s not being knocked down but just wants it on the ground.  Overeem on top in the guard.  Stand them up chant.  This ref won’t stand them up.  Werdum keeps landing.  Werdum went for a heel hook with time running out.  Werdum’s round.  Crowd hated this fight.  It just didn’t work.  Crowd was ready for Overeem to be a superstar and nothing happened.

Scores, Doc Hamilton 29-28, Cecil Peoples and Kerry Hatley 30-27 Overeem

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


What do you believe is the second most popular promotion right now in the U.S?