Strikeforce feedback


Card - Thumbs DOWN big time.
Best Match - Moore- Brounzolis.  Todd Moore won 29-28.
Worst match - Has to be OVereem/Werdum. 
I just read through your recap of the fights and I want to let you know what it was like in another portion of the arena.  We were on the second level.  We could hear all of Josh Barnett's interview and it was pretty good.  JR even posted that all of MMA should be taking lessons.  I think the fight would have sold out had Strikeforce or UFC or whoever promoted this event gotten him in Monday and had him do the media rounds for the week.  Also no one in our section was booing Silva.  It was mostly quiet waiting to see what he said, but we could not make out most of it.  Also in that first match, we all thought Melancon won and nobody seemed to know him or mention he was from Houston.  We honestly thought he won rounds 1 and 3. 
I believe there were three things that would have helped the show sell out.
1) Have Hershal Walker fight on the show.  Why would you go into his home town and not have him fight.
2) Have Barnett come into town on Monday and start doing media.  He could have sold out the place by himself.  If he went around talking people would have either loved him or hated him and that would have brought them into the house.
3)  Have Gina Carano come into town and do some personal appearances.  I bought my tickets on the hope of seeing her and the other women's fight, which was abruptly cancelled with no reason ever given.  I think she could have helped garner more interest even without a woman's fight on the card.
Hope you had fun.  I know you used to live around here so I am sure you knew what you were doing and where you were going.
Take care,
Craig Wozniak

Strikeforce - going to mainly ignore the undercard except that it becomes obvious now why
Shwtime doesn't want them aired.  Also, how could they have had such glaring timing
Thumbs up - Strikeforce to me has been a nice diversion between UFC, K-1 and Bellator
cards.  This was pretty fun in an "I didn't expect much" sort of way.  They're like TNA -
matchups I didn't care about in the first place but I'll watch because I'm an MMA addict.
Best fight - Masvidal destroying Noons.  We all knew "King" was a twat, but now he has a
vagina on his crown to go with it (thank you, I spent half the fight coming up with
that).  I am one of the seven or eight people in the world who seems to be unimpressed
with Melendez, but I look forward to this fight.
Cormier vs. Monson - Monson obviously prepared for a wrestling match and got nothing of
the sort.  Cormier learned how to box, and the MMA world just became that much more
dangerous.  Awesome gameplan by Cormier's side.
Griggs vs. the other Overeem - Amazing performance by Griggs, who is apparently out to
show he's the real deal.  Match him up with Werdum or Cormier next fight, sez I.
Worst fight - Barnett vs. the Brett Rogers Boppin Buddy - OK, kiddies, MMA lesson.  THIS
IS A BORING WRESTLING MATCH.  When one guy plays blanket for five minutes and the other
guy can't do anything, that's a dull fight.  NOT when two people are on the ground
fighting for position.  Everyone got that?  The only reason this had a finish is that
Rogers left himself more wide open than...well, hell, I can't even make Tito Ortiz jokes
Overeem vs. Werdum - Speaking of one guy not being able to do anything, note to Fabricio
- HAVE A PLAN B.  A lot of people will rate this worst fight but I was entertained by the
antics of Overeem, who obviously saw this coming.

Mike DeGeorge

Thumbs up
Best fight: Noons vs Masvidal
Whenever Steve Austin or The Rock cut a great promo, did Jim Ross ever point out that it was a great promo? Did Ross ever clue the crowd in as to the objectives of the promo? The answer is, "no." But Ranallo can't seem to help himself and just has to show everyone that he "gets it" by pointing out every subtle similarity between MMA and pro wrestling. He's the guy that goes to a movie and points out all of the flaws in the CGI. God forbid a guy cut a good promo that draws interest in himself or a fight because Ranallo will just tell everyone he's trying to sell a fight, compare it to wrestling and turn people away.
Chris Marullo

Thumbs Up

Best Fight:  Barnett vs. Rogers

Worst Fight:  Wilcox vs. JZ

It was a pretty good MMA show but an even better pro-wrestling show.  We had Justin Wilcox sell his eye poke like Buddy Rose, a ref bump, references to the Von Erich Iron Claw, Barnett’s pro-wrestling workout, Barnett’s promo, Overeem with the cheap heat Mavs banner, and Fabricio Werdum constantly rolling outside the ring to the count of 9, while babyface Alistair egged the fans on for Fabricio to stand and fight with him.

Despite the cheap heat Mavs flag, the reaction to Alistair from weigh-ins to the main event showed he was the guy people paid to see for this show.  Fabricio’s taunting from his back whipped the crowd into a frenzy, and the heat grew even more as Fabricio would take longer and longer to stand.  But because of that strategy, I was afraid Werdum would’ve won on points because Alistair kept working on knocking him out while Werdum was actually connecting with more punches in between takedown/fall downs.  I felt Alistair won the 2nd round for sure, but could’ve seen the 1st and 3rd going either way but felt Werdum would’ve won the scorecards.  An important win, but the idea of Overeem being the REAL best heavyweight in the world is in jeopardy.  Avoiding the ground was good strategy but he should’ve shown more as a striker instead of just trying to hurt him with big hits.

I felt Barnett would be ready for this, but two and half years is a long time, but in the end he showed he is back at full force.  Great catch wrestling display and great postfight promo, even if the fans weren’t as into him.  Then again Cena acts babyface when fans aren’t into him either.  KJ Noons has great babyface charisma.  He just didn’t seem to train properly for Masvidal, and this fight was like a Rock’n’Roll Express match with all the hope spots but unfortunately, no double dropkick.  I’m very happy for Daniel Cormier’s development by sticking with his game plan and all, but as the viewer of this fight, I sure wish he would’ve gone for a finish or at least a spectacular takedown or something.  Jeez.  And Monson looked ready to move to 205 as soon as the opening bell rang.

Honorable  mention for the best fight goes to Conor Heun-Almeida with a great Pettis-Guida type ground battle.  But what put it over was MMA’s first ref bump.  I was hoping so bad Almeida would’ve tapped out Heun with an armbar at that point, while the ref was recovering, then John McCarthy would hop in the cage as Heun would reverse the armbar into a KO powerbomb for the win, and after the celebration the first ref would wake up and overrule McCarthy’s stoppage and Almeida would win.

Steve Te Tai ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

I give Strikeforce Grand Prix Heavyweight Tournament a thumbs down.
Best match:  Masvidal vs. Noons.  Good match although it went in the opposite direction that I thought It would. Man, Noons was a mess after this fight.  A good win for Masvidal but I do not think he will beat Melendez, and I would still be interested in seeing Noons vs Melendez if it ever happens after this.
Worst match: Valentijn Overeem vs. Griggs. How is this fight on the main card?  Not that his brother did any better because the main event sucked.  I really have little to no interest in this tournament from this point on. Brett Roger's performance was just as disappointing as Alistair Overeem's.  Barnett had an unimpressive win and his post fight promo was lackluster.  The commentary was really bad as well.  I would have killed for Rogan and Goldberg after the first match.  Other than that, Daniel Cormier showed a lot of potential with his win over Monson.  I haven't seen the prelims so I don't know whether it will change my opinion of this show or not
Jason McNeil

Thumbs down. Good card on paper, pretty much a disappointment in reality.
Best fight: Masvidal vs. Noons
Worst fight: Overeem vs. Werdum &/or the Cormier-Monson rasslin match
KO: Griggs by default
Sub: Josh by default
The undercard wasn't bad. Melancon vs. Vaille-Flagg (what a name) was an entertaining scrap. I thought Melancon did enough to deserve the decision but it was close.
Burrell vs. Ray was entertaining also and it was interesting to see all three judges for once give a guy a round fighting off his back. Good perofmance by Burrell.
Heun-Almeida was pretty good also, very nice back and forth grappling. I thought Almeida did enough to win but I guess Heun stole it with the late 3rd round flurry. If they had quit right here it would have been a good card.
Wilcox was looking very good, outstriking JZ, till he managed to impale his eye on JZ's finger. Note the doc asking him how many fingers---if the doc last week had done that, Junior would have stopped Carwin. Things pretty much went to hell from this point forward.
On the main card, Griggs continues to be a guy to win a lot of money betting on, but jeez Valentijn, tapping to G&P?
Cormier vs. Monson IMO was fake. They were visibly whispering to each other in the clinch all night.
Noons and Masvidal did their best to save the show. Great fight with Jorge showing once again that KJ can be outboxed, but KJ never stopped coming and won the last round IMO. Once again the judging is inexplicable as nobody gives Jorge the 10-8 in the 1st after he dominated the entire round, scored a clean KD with a highlight reel HK, and nearly ended the fight, butthen nobody gave KJ the 3rd which he clearly won, either.
Josh did his best to save the rest all by himself with a totally dominant performence over Brett, who just seemed clueless out there. Josh who seems to have not lost a step from the layoff  did whatever he wanted and set up the finish by rocking Brett with a lead left hook. You hadda love him taking the mic away from Gus and cutting a promo instead of answering stupid questions, too. Josh comes out of the night with the most momentum.
Werdum tried to flop his way to a win but wasn't in shape and I blame him for stinking out the joint. He made Alistair and Strikeforce look bad too. Dreadful. 
 Crimson Mask

Thumbs up

Best fight: Noons vs Masvidal

Worst fight: Overeem vs Werdum

Was there live for my first MMA show ever and was excited for it. Since it was the first show I had ever been to I am sure that has clouded my judgement but I really liked it. Only the Overeem fight was a real stinker which killed the crowd. Otherwise the crowd seemed hot for everything even with so many decisions. Can't wait to go to another live MMA event.

Jarrod Villela

Thumbs in the Middle
Best: K.J.Noons vs. Jorge Masvidal
Worst: Alistiar Overeem vs. Fabricio Werdum
A decent main would have made this an easy thumbs up.
Masvidal-Melendez is a fight I want to see.
Interesting that the "Baby-Faced Assassin" has a beard.
Seems like they went out of their way to show empty seats.
All Werdum had to do was split the first two rounds because
Overeem was so gassed by the third. His strategy was basically
throwing the first two rounds. Made no sense.

Jonathan Renfro

Thumbs Down
Best Match - Nah-Shon Burrell vs. Joe Ray
Worst Match - Fabricio Verdum vs. Alistair Overeem
What a lackluster card with a horrible main event.  There was really nothing on this card that stood out which is a shame because I was really looking forward to some good fights.  I would have loved to sit next to Dana White during the main event which featured Verdum's slapstick routine of slipping on banana peels every 10 seconds.  Honestly, they should mic White during matches like this and sell it as a special feature on the DVD version of this show. 
You know you are in trouble when Barnett's pro wrestling promo, Heidi Androl interviewing an linguistically overmatched Werdum, Mauro Ranallo's Von Erich iron claw reference, the hot doctor who waved off the Cavalcante-Wilcox fight and counting Snowman Monson's tattoos were the highlights of the show.
Werdum was embarrassing and should have had a point taken away for not getting up in a timely fashion.  Overeem's 40 more lbs of whoop ass was more like 40 lbs of hot air.  The destruction of Noons was very surprising.  Cormier will be fun to see over the next year.  Barnett is great TV.
Did you notice how Ranallo and Frank Shamrock on many occasions turned Gus Johnson into a silent partner?  It was like Vince and Jess turning Bruno Sammartino into a mute during Superstars of Wrestling.  I wonder what the deal was because I forgot Gus was there several times.
A true mess of a show. 
Jason Singh
Vallejo, CA 

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