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Subject: Joe Babinsack's Review of WSU Uncensored Rumble iPPV


WSU Uncensored Rumble IV iPPV


Reviewed by Joe Babinsack


Thanks to David at Go Fight Live and Sean at Women Superstars Uncensored for the iPPV.

Not the best opening, with a twenty minute delay apparently caused by some technical issues with a camera.

As always, I’m looking forward to Mercedes Martinez defending the WSU World Title, and continue to tout her as the best Champ in the business. Tonight, she’s taking on Brittney Savage – who has the looks and talent but lacks a little size. But her rise to the top in WSU is well storied, and I look for a great match.

Considering WSU’s reputation and the talent already in its ring, I’m not so big on Jillian Hall’s debut, but I know a lot of fans clamor for the former WWE types.

The event is from Union City, NJ. Let’s get to the event, and we’ve got Amy Lee doing her best Amy Lee impersonation to entertain and likely scare the live fans in attendance. Actually, Lee could scare those in other status as well.

Opener is Sassy Stephanie (the WSU Spirit Champ) against veteran Rain.

The dance off is never a good opener, and Rain puts the boot to the (minor) WSU Champ. Rain mostly in control early, with come-backs from the Sassy one. (By the way, I like her looks, love her talent, but hate the name.)

More with Rain in control. Another by the way is that ring gear of Rain. She’s looking better than ever.  

Nice opener, with the Champ being the Champ. I really appreciate the setup and matchmaking here, with a younger wrestler mixing it up with the veteran – who, by the way, moved up the card to challenge for the big belt, then worked back down the card to this point.

Appreciative crowd as well.

We get a WSU Tag Champ highlights clip, showing the Boston Shore (Amber & Lexus) winning from The Belle Saints (Marti Belle & Tina San Antonio) last month.

Talk about ring gear, as Lexxus is showing some cheek. She’s the thin one, and Amber the powerhouse type, to use a euphemism. There’s something hilarious about a NJ promotion ripping on Boston and setting up the reverse of the Jersey Shore and making them heels.

For the Belles, Marti is the thin one and Tina the blonde.

Fifteen minutes or so of back and forth action. Not too bad, but the finish seems a little off, and the apparent breakup of the face team isn’t quite there, but there’s a lot of time today and more story, undoubtedly, to follow.

Serena vs Nikki Roxx is next, which should be great.

Serena’s hair is back, but not long. Another former WWE gal, but she paid her dues in SHIMMER and elsewhere, and I’m into this match between two talented, nice looking ladies.

Ok, I don’t like to play that, but there are enough shots on this iPPV that the promotion can’t possibly be called shy about it all.

We’re two minutes in and I’m already realizing the WWE Divas couldn’t really hang with either. Maybe the SOS thing going down was a good thing for that roster.

Hard hitting in many ways, which should be expected with Roxx in the ring, and Serena keeps up with her. Spear! Knee strikes! Spear!

Serena’s established that move already, and it puts her over in about twenty minutes … or, about ten times what you’d see on cable.

We’ve now got an interesting elimination match, with the winner getting the #1 slot in the Rumble.

Not quite prepared for the dynamics here, with Allysin Kay, Monique, Jennifer Cruz & Rick Cataldo taking on the ever entertaining Amy Lee, Jamilia Craft (the gal in the maks), Jana and Nikki Styxx.

How’s that last one for a ring name?

I need to review WSU notes to keep track of faces and heels, but we get into another dance-off, and I can’t take time for that now. The interplay between Rick (happy to live in NY) Cataldo and Amy Lee is, well, priceless and definitely Uncensored.

Ok, so the first eliminated is first in the Rumble, the winner the Last? This is interesting but a little confusing. Let’s keep it that way for the reader to want to buy the replay at or the DVD. Cataldo and Lee are one and the other.

Which throws off details of the rest of the match, but let’s just say it was worked well, but having a big 8 person elimination tag match on the undercard of a 24 person Rumble seems to revisit that theme a bit much.

Not sure what’s up with Craft heading to Japan, or why Lee would announce that she may be retiring soon on this night (Cindy Rogers is retiring!) but Amy Lee on the mic is a sight to behold and hear, and, well, I’m not arguing with her and that mouth.

Highlight for the Alicia vs Jessicka Havok match. This will be painful (in a good way).

Jillian Hall vs Kristin Astara is next. Clever intro to the match, which plays off the WWE and what you should expect from the promotion using former WWE talent. Let me stop myself as I’ve trashed that other promotion vociferously this week.

Did I mention having two hot blondes in the ring?

What I love about WSU is that there’s no hesitation on establishing heels and faces, and the finish does exactly that. Kristin Astara is someone worth watching, and hey, Jillian can certainly stick around a bit longer.

Retirement match is next, and there’s some stuff going on before it gets serious. Cindy Rogers is in her typical black, and Danger brings her crazy fashion sense with a black top and a red bottom that is obviously, purposefully to be exposed.

Starts out slow but with these two in the ring, that’s not a complaint.

I like to hate Danger, but when she’s on, she’s great and she’s working this match like someone who really respects her opponent on all levels, and it really takes it up a notch. This is trading holds, trading submissions and building a story.

Danger becomes the heel after a submission/rope assist, and takes control.

Wow, when Rogers comes back, she hits a vertebreaker (much like the Cop Killa by Homicide) but it looks like she may have lost her, and I thought I might be seeing something serious. But that was either a brilliant move and sell by Danger or just something I read into too much.

After some chair use, and some more exchanges, Cindy Rogers goes out on top. Very emotional post match and an appreciative crowd. Very good post match video highlights of Cindy’s career. I believe she has some sort of injury issue, but this is a retirement.

Next up: Niya vs Barbie.

This is a weird visual if you think of the names. Niya is well built, somewhat short and African-American, with a red & white ring gear. Barbie isn’t what you’d visualize – a solid girl with dark hair and a light blue costume.

Before it really goes anywhere, Jessicka Havok channels 911 and destroys both, and challenges Alicia.

I have to say I loved it all.

This match too, as it was brutal, out of the ring, and they brought in Alicia’s mother for another level of storyline. Allysin Kay is acting as Havok’s second. Kinda weird since she never really got involved, but these two are playing ‘outsider’ heel types, who want to show that they don’t need to cheat and have established themselves as powerful and willing to take on the heels as well.

Lots of action outside, much like ECW style, but these two ladies don’t need the garbage. Well, not really garbage wrestling, but when was the last time anyone went into the stands in the past ten years?

Alicia pointing out her mother halfway through screamed angle, but it was well played.

You figure they’re not going to do anything physical with a lady with graying hair, but they tease enough, and tease the feel good win enough, but play it out well. Havok keeps kicking out, even with the chair assists, but pulls out a chain and chokes out Alicia, forcing her mother to toss the towel.

Post match promo is over-the-top, with Havok screaming that she warned Alicia to not get in her way, and that she promised she would kill her… Well, let’s not go too far.

Video packages with a promo from Martinez (who’s great all-around) and a highlight reel with Savage.

I didn’t initially feel  Savage as a threat, but they played this match well. Mercedes sold like a champ and Savage played a strong heel. The Referee bump was at first unwelcome, but what I loved was how the work plays to emotions and gets you into the action.

Great matchmaking and very clever how it played out – Savage is still strong, and Martinez still the Champ.

Uncensored Rumble up.

We’re told both Rick Cataldo and Jana have concussions and won’t participate. Angle alert? Not sure. 90 second intervals (but I sensed some inconsistencies in the middle.) Only other complaint was top rope/middle rope sort of confusion about the rules.

We start with the Boston Shore out #1 & #2, so the heels have the dominant position, and they play that out till the end.

Some good twists along the way. Cataldo did fake the concussion. Brittney Savage was announced at one point, but didn’t appear immediately.

First big surprise was Annie Social, who attacked and threw out Cataldo, which was over big.

What I absolutely loved, other than Social’s gear, was Serena/Roxx resuming their fight and selling that earlier match. Good selling all-around with ladies already having big matches, and Nikki Roxx is just a presence in the ring.

Kristin Astara plays chicken heel, but it got a bit old seeing her hiding under the ring.

Alicia coming in was cool, too, going straight for Allysin Kay and Jessicka Havok and pulling them out. Amy Lee is last out (officially) but Savage finally shows up.

Interesting enough for the Rumble format, and I liked how they cleared the ring a few times, played out the Serena/Roxx feud but put them on the same side towards the end, and ended up with a surprise winner, who will face Mercedes Martinez soon – August 6th.

They didn’t take long to establish that fight, with Martinez out to accept the challenge and set the promos straight.

Mercedes brought out Cindy Rogers for the emotional send off.


Really enjoyed the iPPV. A four hour show, less 20 minutes of technical difficulties, is quite frankly too long, but for $14.95, I can’t exactly complain about that pricing.

Joe Babinsack can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Tag line? Hey, long week, long weekend, and UFC in the ‘burgh to cap it off. I’ll get to ROH asap.


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