UFC prelims from Pittsburgh

by Joe Babinsack

Michael Johnson vs. Edward Faaloloto

Solid opener.
Johnson started strong. They had a flurry about 30 seconds in, and Johnson took a left, and a knee and was hurt a bit. Faaloloto with a low kick.
Clinch, and Johnson with the takedown. He went for an arm but both up.
Couple of misses by Faaloloto.
Johnson ate a big elbow, bloodied.
A low kick by Faaloloto, Johnson down but up quickly.
Johnson pressing. Punces to the head, one to the gut. Two more strikes and a takedown.
Faaloloto up, low kick but he's hurt.
Johnson with a clinch, knees x 4. Then a big right and Faaloloto is down. Johnson jumps on him and its all over at 4:42 with a TKO.
Johnson waved a Terrible Towel for the home cheers.

Ricardo Lamas vs Matt Grice Featherweight

Slow, lots of circling, Grice low kick attempts Lamas a few misses.

Grice high kick with nothing on it.

Grice superman punch misses, Lamas goes for a takedown, but blocked, still going for it.

Lamas has his right leg. Takes him down.


Lamas has both legs, driving a bit to the cage, in control but not really active.

Grice almost escapes, but eats a punch.

Lamas on top North-south, but Grice escapes. Both up.

Grice with a punch, Lamas low kick….


Swing and miss by Grice, but a couple in there. Both pressing. Grice got rocked, Lamas almost a guillotine, then rocks a dazed Grice. Grice in a bad position, rocked and it’s over.

Grice not out but attended to for a minute.

4:41 TKO Ricardo the bully Lamas

Charles Oliveira vs Nik Lentz

Lightweight Bout

Slap hands to start.

Low kick Oliveira.

Kick, Lentz grabs the leg, take down.

Oliveira upkick, wants to stay on the ground. Tries for a leg. Lentz goes on top. Oliveira for a knee bar.  Lentz now in his guard. Oliveira seems to have a leg, Lentz side control. Oliveira isn’t wanting to get up and the crowd isn’t liking it.

Exchange, Lentz gets a leg, but nothing there.

Low kick by Oliveira.

Another knee by Oliveira, but Lentz goes for that leg.

Almost a slow motion back body drop, but no a serious move.

Knee to the head by Oliveira. Tagged him and Lentz is down. 2-3 more punches, but Lentz weathers it. Oliveira on top, Guillotine. Lentz weathers that and escapes.

He turns it around at 1:10

Not cinched in fully, but tight.

Both up, but hold still on. Almost a DDT.

Crowd goes nuts.

Oliveira another punch. Takes him down. Rocks with an elbow from the top. Both ride it out.

Lentz is showing more hurt, but weathered the storm in Round One.


Oliveira faster out.

Jumping knee strike by Oliveira.

Has Lentz down, but Lentz with a guillotine from the bottom.

Not much action, but Lentz in control.

Oliveira rolls over, Jumps back and tags Lentz

Big boos.

Oliveira has his back, punches to the side of the head on each side.

Lentz is bloodied, Rear naked choke, and he taps

Crowd really riled up


Replay shows a knee to Lentz’s head with him on his knees.

It’s a wrestling crowd doing the Bull Shit chant and Oliveira is playing it up.


Lentz has a big mouse under right eye.

Rogan just announced that the Commission will review this blatant knee
1:48 by tapout.

Daniel Roberts vs Rich Attonito

Welterweight bout

 Daniel Roberts vs. Rich Attonito

Attonito out to Roadhouse Blues. Wow, I finally nail an entrance song.  Hip Hop isn’t my genre, so I should stop while I’m ahead.

The Raging Bull against the Ninja.

Attonito is the Raging one.

Both moving fast. Roberts with the first strike attempt. 30 seconds later Attonito with a kick. High kick by Roberts. Antoher exchange. Roberts with a Muay Thai clinch briefly, no real damage but some knees.

Still circling.

High kick by Ninja blocked.

Straight right by Roberts. Crowd spoiled by the first three fights.

Roberts slips. Attonito with a couple of punches, Ninja circling more on defensive. Roberts drops for a take down but doesn’t get it. Small exchange. Another blocked high kick by Ninja.

 Attonito aggressive, but Roberts mixing it up.

Attonito tries a clinch but Ninja escapes.

Superman punch by Roberts, slips, Attonito doesn’t followup. Greco clinch, but Attonito working the leg now, but releases.

Slow fight in comparison, crowd isn’t into it. Just some exchanges here and there. A take-down attempt by Roberts but Attonito stuffs and gets the take down himself. Attonito in control, Side control now. Action, but not much. A few more punches from Attonito from the top.

That’s it for Round One.



Slow again, but Roberts goes for a takedown and almost gets it. Now he has his back, but both up. Now Roberts has him down, Rear Naked Choke almost….. almost …

Attonito fighting it. This would be a pin in wrestling.

Attonito keeps defending it, but he’s not in a good position… but he breaks and escapes and now is on top.

In the cage, and Attonito in side control.

Not much action, finally a punch to the gut by Attonito. Attonito spins and regains some control, but both are jockeying for position. Attonito in Robert’s guard now. Punches to the side. Now an elbow that gets the crowd into it.

Couple of punches down on Rogers.

More punches.

Roberts hanging on, but not very active.

Attonito up on his feet a bit, but can’t get past guard.

Crowd screaming for stand up.

A brief flurry by Attonito just before the bell.




They come out cautious. Kicks by Robert blocked, Attonito with a high one, then a punch to the head, and a punch to the gut. Roberts is cycling back.

Solid punch, solid low kick by Attonito, and he looks to be pressing it. Overhand punch hurt Roberts somewhat. Roberts is getting it taken to him. Low kick hurt him. Another punch. Another and another.

Attonito picking him apart, but it slows.

Big roundhouse kick knocks Roberts down and Attonito jumps on him with a flurry, but Roberts weathers it. Attonito on top, but nothing. Attonito lets it go.

Roberts looks gassed, but gets a take down and lets him up.

Roberts has his hands down, but Attonito isn’t pressing. 2:10

Attonito clipped him strong, but kick back by Roberts. Roundhouse punch misses by Attonito.

Attonito has the fight, but doesn’t seem to be pressing. Roberts down for takedown, but Attonito grabbed it and some ground & pound briefly.

Both up…. Nothing like the first three fights and the crowd isn’t into it.

Low kick by Attonito. Just tagged him in the face. Another punch to the face, but Roberts can eat them. Attonito with a take-down.

It’s almost over, and Roberts gets guard.

That’s it.

I’d say Attonito 29-28, maybe all rounds. That first was close.

Unanimous For Attonito, but mixed scores.


Joe Lauzon vs Curt Warburton

Lightweight bout


Warlord vs. J-Lau

Ref Chip Steidl gets the boos after missing the illegal knee.

Circling, but very active.

Couple of swings by Warburton. No significant strikes yet.

Warburton pressing.

Exchanges, but nothing big. Trade overhands. Lauzon landed something.

A strong combo drops Warburton. Lauzon on top and pounding away, gets a knee in there, now he has a very sick and deep Kimura, and Warburton finally taps. I mean five seconds of that was very long. Replay make it look even worse.. your arm doesn’t bend that way.

But he can move it, even though he’s not putting it in the long sleeve.

Official announcement:

1:58 by tap out, Kimura

Joe Stevenson vs Javier Vazquez


Showtime in the red/black trunks.

Daddy in the black/white trunks.

Circle to open. Jabs by Vazquez.

Stevenson down, but in guard and immediately goes for an arm. Vazquez is fighting. Stevenson has it tight, but not with much leverage. But he’s not letting go. Vazquez tried to pick him up, but then jumped in on Stevenson’s left arm. Same basic position, but Vazquez with control from the top. No strikes, little action now.

Crowd booing.

 They are positioning, but no offense on either side.

Ref stands them up.

Boxing, circling, slow.

Overhand by Stevenson misses, as does Vazquez. Brief misses, Stevenson laughing.

Stevenson bouncing. Another overhand miss and a slight take-down attempt by Vazquez.

Jabs by Vazquez. He went for a right, then a take-down, and got it. He’s on top, but Stevenson pushing him off. Vazquez in side, but Stevenson has him locked up. Vazquez with weak punches to the side.

Slowed down. Stevenson has him tied up from th bottom.

That’s it for Round One.

Tight circling to open. Jabs by Vazquez.

Misses by Vazquez, both missing.

Jab by Vazquez.

Weak overhand by Vazquez. Lots of head movement, but all circling. They threaten and exchange. Shot by Stevenson, but nothing on it. Stevenson eats a punch. Now Vazquez eats one. Stevenson hit.

Wild uppercut by Vazquez.

Stevenson goes for a single-leg, backs Vazquez to the cage. Lifts him up, but Vazquez with a standing Guillotine. Both down, but Stevenson brings them back up quickly.

Stevenson bulls him into the cage.

Vazquez leg trip and takes him down, on top, near the cage. Vazquez has his back by positioning. Rear Naked try, but Stevenson out before anything happens.

Stevenson flips them over, and both are standing. Stevenson animated, but neither are doing much.

Overhand misses by Stevenson.

Almost a cartwheel kick at the end, but not much on it, by Stevenson.

End of Second

very even round. I'd have Vazquez leading though.

  Both at each other, but same style. Punch by Vazquez to the chest.

Boxing match, feint by Stevenson for a take down.

Nothing really connecting here. Low kicks.

Vazquez ties him up and throws a knee but not much there. No one really wants this one.

Brief standing clinch, but both push off.

Still circling at 3:00

Stevenson a little more aggressive, but the boos are raining.

Stevenson more animated, but Vazquez seems in control, just tossing jabs here and there. Stevenson now pushes Vazquez to the cage, but nothing. Still circling. Low kick by Stevenson. Body punches, but not enough on them. Stevenson ate a punch. Another.


1:00 left

Knee try by Stevenson.

More boos. Weak punches and weak clinch attempts.

Uppercut attempts by Vazquez.

It’s over.

Weak fight. Just never really got interesting. Stevenson runs around the Octagon, but he’s done less than Vazquez … that’s what the fight comes down to, I think.

Official Announcement.

30-27, 29-28. 30-27 for Vazquez


  Tyson Griffin vs Manvel Gamburyan

Featherweight Bout

Tyson Griffin out to the theme from Rocky.

The Anvil vs Tyson Griffin

Circling, but more deliberate than that last fight. Low kick attempt by Griffin. More forcefulin the circles. Leg kick by Gamburyan. Back at him by Griffin. Brief exchange, and Gamburyan basically tackles Griffin down. Griffin sitting at the cage, though, and Gamburyan tries to muscle him up, Griffin bulling him into the cage now. Slow but they are pushing each other.

Low kick by Griffin. It’s slowed up though. Griffin grabs a leg, but releases.

Still clinched up. But Gamburyan takes him down, and now on his back. Griffin up. Gamburyan on his back, but falls off. Griffin with a front face lock. Punches underneath, but nothing on them.

Clinch in the cage again.

Low kicks by Gamburyan. Knee to the thigh by Griffin.

Still in a clinch, Griffin trying to go low, but getting blocked. Griffin has the left leg, but Gamburyan showing great balance. Still clinch. Knee by Griffin

Here we go Steelers chant… the energy is draining from the crowd.

End of Round One disrupts the Steelers chant.

More aggressive than last round, but still circling. Front kick by Gamburyan. Trading punches. Gamburyan throws another one or two, but back to circling.

4:00 and not much.

Swing and miss by Gamburyan. Circling. Low kick by Griffin misses. Circling.

Step, step low kick by Griffin.

Overhand by Gamburyan misses. Griffin gets a brief take-down.

Low kick by Griffin. Hard, low kick. Gamburyan misses a swing.Low by Griffin, punch by Gamburyan. Sprawl by Griffin to block.


Trade punches.

Big swing by Griffin but mostly blocked. Griffin tripped up, but Gamburyan cannot follow. Low flying knee by Griffin, turns into a low blow with his foot.

Crowd on Gamburyan for calling for a timeout, but that did seem to clip him.

Touch gloves.

Jab, jab punch by Griffin, but not much on it.Griffin aggressive now. Then drops back. Low dance by Griffin. Gamburyan swinging and missing. Couple shots by Gamburyan without much. Couple of punches by Griffin.


Jabs by Griffin. Low kick. Gamburyan on defensive. Another Low blow?

Crowd not buying it. But replay shows a low blow right between the legs.

Gamburyan angry and selling.

End of Round Two

Not a vey good fight.

Assistant Commish in the Octagon in Griffin's corner for what that's worth.


Swinging away now, but nothing really connecting. Almost one by Gamburyan. Sprawl by Griffin, now both down (I think Gamburyan got that one) but both up quick. Pace picked up, that’s for sure.

Body shots by Griffin.

Low kicks traded.

Low kick by Griffin, Gamburyan backing up, but Griffin gets a cinch and it stalls. Griffin pushing Gamburyan into the cage. Gamburyan going for a kimura standing. Griffin stumbles, Gamburyan on him and into the cage.

Now Griffin with more control, but Gamburyan with a waistlock into a takedown. But Griffin reverses and has his back briefly. Both up, Griffin bulling him, but not too active.


Griffin with knees to the thigh, which seems a dangerous strategy at this point.

Clinch, Gamburyan seemed to take him down.

Back up, cinch.

Gamburyan with some punches, Griffin with a kick. Weak by Griffin, miss by Gamburyan.

Griffin stuffed a takedown, almost grabs a check.


Griffin with a standing Guillotine. Much more active in the 3rd, but not exciting.

Both jogging around the Octagon.

Very close, I'm thinking Gamburyan because of the take down attempts and more success, but Griffin had more control at times.

Official Decision: 29-28, 29-28, 29-29 for Griffin.

















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