UFC main card coverage from Pittsburgh

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Matt Mitrione vs. Christian Morecraft 

First round: Really heated start. Body kick by Morecraft, Mitrione back with a low kick. Mitrione knocked him down with a straight left. Morecraft landed a punch. Big left by Morecraft. Both traded punches. Morecraft charged like he was going for a takedown but Mitrione out of the way. Morecraft starting to throw more but mostly missing. Morecraft landed two big punches. Mitrione caught him with a left. Mitrione landed a left. Punches going back and forth now. Mitrione hurt him with a punch and knocked him down a second time. . Morecraft reversed him on the ground. Mitrione punched him on the ground and both are up trading underhooks. Time ran out, Mitrone 10-9 even with the two knockdowns.

Second round: Body kick by Mitrione. Knee by Morecraft and they were in a clinch. Mitrione missed a high kick. Both of these guys are tired with such a high punch output and being big guys. Morecraft charged for a takedown and got Mitrione down against the cage. . They weren’t down for three second before the ref warned them about stalling. Morecraft mainly holding him down but doing no damage. Mitrione threw several punches while Morecraft was holding him down, and then got to his feet. Morecraft with a second takedown. Morecraft is still donig nothing but holding him down. Morecraft doing some body punches and the ref is warning them and stood them up way too fast. Left by Mitrione. Mitrione landed a good left. Morecraft tried a takedown and Mitrione shoved him down easily. Big left by Mitrione. Mitrione landed a series of punches and it was over. Morecraft may have hurt his leg late because after the missed takedown he had no more movement left. Three big punches did it.

Matt Brown vs. John Howard

First round: Howard landing low kicks early. They’re now against the fence. Brown landed a body shot and threw a kick and Howard tried to use it for a takedown, but Brown ended up on it and Howard got up. More low kicks by Howard. Brown landed some punches and a low kick of his own. Howard doing a number on Brown’s left thigh which is reddening. Brown with a kick and Howard tried to use it for a takedown. Howard got him down but Brown back up. Brown landing several short punches while they are against the cage. Knees by Brown who is starting to hurt Howard. Brown tripped him when down and Brown on top looking for a D’arce choke but Howard out. Big suplex by Howard. Howard needs some damage. Howard has side control and Howard now riding hinm. Brown back up trying to get away. Another takedown by Howard but Brown right back up. Brown landing a lot of punches. Tough round to score, Howard got takedowns but Brown lnaded more solid punches. Howard did well with low kicks. I guess I’ll go 10-9 Brown.

Second round: Howard with a low kick. Brown shot but good sprawl by Howard. Brown throwing shots from close. Howard has a single leg but he gave it up. Brown working on a guillotine standing but he’s out. Howard tried a takedown but Brown avoided it. Back in a clinch, Brown tripped Howard down. Howard’s really tired. Looks like we’ve got an upset here. Crowd booing as they are on the ground. Howard on top on the ground. Brown has an uma plata. Brown’s round so 20-18 I think.

Third round: Howard back to the low kicks and then kicked high. Brown took Howard down. Howard up and behind him and Howard got a takedown but Brown back up. Howard tried a high slam but couldn’t get it. Another high pick up and failed to slam Brown. Brown threw two knees. Howard went for a takedown and got him down. But he’s doing no damage with it. Crowd booing them as they are in a clinch. Howard got another takedown. Howard working for a Kimura late. Another close round. Howard again got the takedowns. I’d give it to Howard by a hair to have Brown winning 29-28. Rounds one and three were close, though.

Decision, all three have it 29-28 for Brown. Brown said he hates to win decisions but he’s got kids to feed.

Rick Story vs. Charlie Brenneman

Round one: Takedown by Story and Brenneman right back up. Story has him against the cage. He dudcked for at takedown and Brenneman danced away. Knee by Story. Takedown by Story but Brenneman back up. Trading punches and each connected. Brenneman shot for a takedown and got it. He’s behind Story. Story tried a hiptoss and didn’t get it. Story missed a few punches. Hard right by Brenneman followed by a takedown. No question, Story is lethargic, trying to peak twice in a month is very difficult. Brenneman with side control. Brenneman ripping at Story’s body. Brenneman staying active with body punches. More body shots by Brenneman. Story thought triangle but didn’t come close. Brenneman’s round easy 10-9.

Second round: Takedown by Brenneman right away. Story trying for a guillotine. Brenneman out of trouble and out. Brenneman to his feet. Knee by Story. Uppercut by Story. Takedown by Brenneman. Brenneman working the body on the ground. Story going for a guillotine from the bottom. Brenneman is out of trouble again. Brenneman’s round again. 20-18.

Third round: Brenneman moved in for another takedown. I can’t belivee he stood them up as Story was working for a Kimura. Story landed a left. Another takedown by Brenneman. Story has a triangle attempt from the back. Brenneman escaped. Story again going for a triangle. Brenneman out . Story is on top with 90 seconds left. Story landing punches and now Story has a mount. Story using his body to slamming Brennemann’s head bouncing off the mat. Brenneman escaped the mount from the bottom. Story again working for a Kimura but time is running out. Brenneman is out of trouble. Story won the round but Brenneman should have taken the fight 29-28.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Brenneman

Pat Barry vs. Cheick Kongo

Round one: Barry tried for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Both throwing low kicks. Both throwing scary low kicks. Another by Kongo. Kongo with a body kick. Barry clobbered him with a right and is overwhelmning him. Barry knockedhimdown again. Kongo is in a lot of trouble and out of nowhere Kongo knocked himout cold with a right to the jaw. This was an incredible short fight with one of the best finishes ever.

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