UFC & ROH feedback from today

Hi guys,
Solid Thumbs Up tonite
Best Fight: Barry vs Kongo
Worst Fight: none
Best KO: Cheick Kongo
Best Sub: n/a
Matt Mitrione vs. Christian Morecraft-This was an entertaining fight. Mitrione looked so relaxed and that he really seemed to be enjoying himself in there. Good stand up by Mitrione who continues to improve. Morecraft had no answer for his stand up and did nothing when he got him to the ground. Great combination for the KO and I liked the "Meathead" chants in the crowd after the KO. Mitrione's popularity continues to grow.
Matt Brown  vs. John Howard-Another entertaining fight. Slowed down in the third but they had a good pace going in the opening two rounds. Surprised in Round 2 when Brown got Howard down that he didn't throw any punches when he seemed to have the chance but rather jumped into his guard and laid on him.
Charlie Brenneman  vs. Rick Story-Another entertaining fight. Great upset and great pace to this one. Two fights in the same month may have done Story in, he looked very tired in the first round. Would be interesting to see a rematch with a proper training camp by Story to see if he could do better on the ground here.
Pat Barry  vs. Cheick Kongo- That was crazy!
Have a great week. Looking forward to the July 2nd card.
Grant Zwarych
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I thought Pat Barry actually won the fight twice because it probably should’ve been stopped the first knockdown because he wasn’t defending himself, and definitely should’ve been stopped the second KO since Kongo looked loopy, and I was worried about Kongo’s safety, and then Kongo  goes and knocks out Barry.  Unbelievable finish, but if Barry thinks he was screwed somehow (like a pinfall after the ref is bumped) I can’t argue with him.

Steve Te Tai ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

ROH Best in the World - Thumbs up
Best Match -  Richards vs Edwards
Worst Match - Colt Cabana vs. Tommaso Ciampa (but wasn't terrible)
Colt Cabana vs Tommaso Ciampa:  I gave this match ** stars was fine for what it was not terrible but nothing that really stood out.
Homicide vs. Rhino in a street fight:  It was fine but nothing really great for a street fight **1/2 stars
 Mike Bennett vs. Jay Lethal: Fun little match between these two **3/4 stars
Steve Corino vs. Michael Elgin: Match was fine but the angle with Steen really made this match *** stars
Christopher Daniels vs. El Generico for TV title: Match seemed to drag at times but was still a good match *** 1/2 stars
4-way tag match:  I really enjoyed this match especially the UFO spot with Claudio.  The finish was kind of lackluster but the rest of the match was just awesome **** 1/2 stars
Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards for ROH title: This match to me is the MOTY, its definitely the North American MOTY.  The match told a story between the two men with lots of selling that was incredible.  Watching this match made me realize why I watched wrestling, I had been down of wrestling during the last few months and it was this match that has made me a fan again.  I can't remember the last time I was so emotionally invested in seeing a title change hands.  The post match interview may very well be one of the best I have seen.  This iPPV was well worth the $15 I paid and I will definitely buy a ROH iPPV again.  After the build, the match, and postmatch stuff I can't see how anyone could give this match less than ***** stars.
David Penton
Tucson, AZ

Hey Guys, if you use my feedback please just use my initials. Thanks!
Feedback: Ring of Honor - Best in the World
This was an event that I have been looking forward to for quite some
time. I have really enjoyed following ROH over the last two years
through iPPV's, and I went into this show with more enthusiasm than
maybe any of their events yet.
With that said, I wish I would have had the opportunity to see it.
What I got instead was a headache with GoFightLive that left me with a
very bad taste in my mouth. I ordered the show same day as I always
do, and began to stream it. The computer I was using was running a
little slow, so I logged out of my account and powered up my laptop. A
moment or two later, I logged back into GFL on the new computer and
recieved a message that my account had been blocked due to too many
IP's accessing it.
I thought to myself, while I understand the need for a small business
to protect their content from illegal distribution, surely I am not
the only one who has ever switched to another computer in the middle
of the event due to a dying battery or in attempt to get a better
stream. So I sent an email to GoFightLive support, which I would think
would be on call during a live event where their customers are
dependent on prompt attention to these things as they arise. I got no
response (and never did) to this email, so I sent another, again
explaining the situation. I got a brief response about fifteen minutes
later that wasn't necessarily helpful nor did it address my specific
So about three hours into the show, I tapped out and decided not only
was the situation not getting any closer to resolution, but I had
wasted several hours of my day hitting refresh on the GFL website and
hoping to get to see some of the card I had been so excited for. So I
sent a polite email to GoFightLive telling again telling them what
happened, again assuring them I wasn't illegally restributing my login
information and asking them kindly for a refund as I wasn't able to
watch any of the show and I wasn't interested in watching the stream
later as I already knew the results.
I got a timely response back telling me I would not be refunded my $15
due to the circumstances. I can only read between the lines of the
brief response, but essentially the message was "no refunds for
The fact that I just don't have a lot of coworkers and friends in my
life just begging me to share my fringe wrestling login credentials
with them seemed lost in this situation.
Now this is the sixth Ring of Honor pay-per-view I have ordered since
2009, and have no negative track record. It blew my mind that
something as simple as logging out of my account on a desktop and
logging back in on a laptop on the same network in my own home would
lead to missing the entire show, losing $15 and more or less accused
of trying to rip off the company.
I'm blessed to have a good job in this economy so it's really not
about the $15, more so the principle, the poor service and the waste
of time this afternoon turned into. I'm all for a small business
protecting themselves from the threat of illegal redistribution, but
this defied common sense to me and I was unable to find anyone willing
to make an attempt to help me solve a relatively simple problem during
a live show I had paid for. All in all horrible experience and
definitely the last time I will be ordering an iPPV through GFL.

Hi Dave,
Just finished with the ROH PPV.  Definitely a thumbs up show, especially for the price.  There was no bad match on this card, and the two big title matches went at least a half hour each.
Best match: Edwards vs. Richards (who reminds me of Benoit and the Dynamite Kid, but as this match went on, his face started to look more and more like Matt Striker).  This match went about a half hour, and both guys gave it their all (maybe even more).  Edwards appeared to legit hurt his leg on a dive outside the ring, and kept doing moves that almost exclusively used his bad leg.  Lots of stiff kicks in this one.  They told a good story, and the ending worked, where Davey was hitting Eddie with everything until Eddie finally couldn't get back up.
Best moment: Kevin Steen's return and almost immediate dismissal.  Steen came back at the urging of Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs, to apologize for his actions and beg for forgiveness.  Crowd was super hot for Steen, and was pissed when Cornette sent him away.  Steen made the save after Corino was laid out, and went to do the "My name is Kevin Steen and I'm an evil man", but instead went with "My name is Kevin Steen and fuck ring of honor".  He then knocked down Jacobs and gave Corino the sickest package piledriver I have ever seen.  Corino was either hurt badly, or it was one of the greatest works of all time leading into the intermission.  Cornette told the crowd that was absolutely the last time we would see Kevin Steen in ROH, no matter how the fans feel about it.
Worst match (by default): Homicide vs. Rhino in a Barrio Street Fight.  Decent match, but the ending was pretty lame.  Homicide won with a sunset flip.  That's right, Homicide sunset flipped Rhino, and pinned him for three seconds, without even having his legs over Rhino's arms.
PPV went three hours and 45 minutes, and never got boring.  It was my first iPPV, and I had no issues with Internet connection or the feed from GFL.  Some of the camera angles seemed to miss a few moves, but other than that there were no problems.  I felt that the PPV was good but not great until the main event, and the ROh title match put it over the top.
Eric Miller
Rhode Island

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