Punk delivers what will be the most talked about promo in a long time

At the end of Raw, C.M. Punk delivered what will go down as one of the most remembered promos of this era doing a worked shoot on the company.

Punk's interview started with him saying that he, not John Cena, was the best wrestler in the company, but he doesn't kiss Vince McMahon's ass, citing that Cena, Hulk Hogan and "Dwayne" were all ass-kissers.  He said it sickens him that Dwayne is in the main event at Mania and not him.  He said he was the best guy in the company when he arrived, but nobody saw it but Paul Heyman.  He said he was a Paul Heyman guy, just like Brock Lesnar and that Lesnar left, but the difference is, he's leaving with the WWE title.  He said when he's done he just may defend it in New Japan Pro Wrestling or Ring of Honor, and then said "Hi" to Colt Cabana.

He continued on by saying how Vince McMahon surrounds himself with yes-men like John Laurinaitis, and how Vince is a millionaire and not a billionaire because of how bad he's runing the company.  He said maybe things would get better if Vince dies, but the company will then be in the hands of his idiotic daughter and doofus son-in-law.

At that point they turned off his mic in mid-sentence and the show went to black and the next show on USA began.

Other notes from the show are that Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry will be the TV main event of tomorrow night's Smackdown taping in Phoenix.

Added to the Money in the Bank PPV are a Divas title match with Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella and the Raw Money in the Bank match will have Rey Mysterio, Miz, Jack Swagger, Alex Riley, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Alberto De Rio and Evan Bourne.

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