Marquardt update

On the MMA hour with Ariel Helwani, Nate Marquardt admitted using testosterone replacement therapy leading to his levels being over the acceptable levels.

He said he was on therapy for low testosterone since August (he had fought 3 times since then) and had submitted that to the UFC and commisisons.  He said three weeks ago when he was feeling very moody a doctor gave him testosterone shots instead of oral drugs to combat his low levels, which led to a spike in his blood ratio of tesosterone.  He expected it to drop to normal range by regulating it, but perhaps due to his weight cut it didn't drop as much.

He was there with Lex McMahon, his manager, who said that his levels were fine on Sunday but he had to get to normal levels on Saturday before weigh-ins and in his final test he was over.  They would not talk specific numbers, only that they were of the impression Marquardt would be cleared from his suspension for his numbers being back in normal range later this week by the Pennsylvania commission.  He said until clearance they did not want to discuss what the numbers in question were.

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