OVW TV tapings report 6-29 Louisville

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television report for June 29th, 2011. This was the "Go home" show for the July 2nd Saturday Night Special, which is titled "The Final Four". The Saturday Night Special will be the semi finals, and the finals, of the tournament for the currently vacant OVW heavyweight title. Tonights TV taping was 2nd round tournament matches. Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers. Ron Hed and Brittan DeVore were the ring announcers. The attendance was good again tonight, like last week, at least 160 in the Davis arena for this show. The Mondo Wrestling A Go-Go two night event held last weekend was not a box office success. Only a little over 100 in attendance for both nights combined, and they had taken local TV ads on RAW and Impact Wrestling for those shows.

1. Raphael Constantine beat Marshman Bud

Dark match. Not sure if I have Bud's name right or not. He was a fat guy with bad gear, looked like a low level Indy guy to me. Not much to it, Constantine won with a roll up. Constantine is proudly displaying an old medal he claims was held by his Great, great grandfather, wrestler Orville L. Cox, and that he Constantine is a 5th generation pro wrestler. Constantine had a three ringed binder with him tonight as well.

Black Lady wrestler Epiphany Jones cut an angry heel promo on the floor about how she's the best lady wrestler in OVW, and should be the champion. And then she woke up??

2. Trailer Park Trash, Mr. Black, Lennox Lewis & Jimbo Onno beat Brandon Espinosa, Ace Hawkins, Tony Gunn & Kharn Alexander in an 8 man tag

Dark match. Trash and Black are the current OVW Southern Tag Team champions, known as "The Fat and the furious". The heels didn't have much luck, but Lewis was finally taken down, and took the heat. TPT in with big chops on Hawkins. Hawkins had a bad night, as he was pinned after a sidewalk slam from the 537 pound Jack Black.

Joshua "Jump Squat" Johnson came out, here was here last week as well in the dark segment trying out a heelish fitness instructor gimmick. Sort of a tame, and lame, version of Simon Dean. Johnson used to work sporadically for OVW as Hogwild. Johnson is barely a worker at this point, way, way behind the OVW roster as to where he's at in the ring. He insulted the crowd for awhile, and got little to no reaction. He then offered a free fitness lesson to anyone in the locker room, leading to....

3. Andreas Rossi beat Joshua "Jump Squat" Johnson

Dark match. Rossi came out and beat Johnson in a matter of seconds. Rossi is UK wrestler Andy Baker, he's been in and out of OVW before. Big guy, and tall. Looks like a WWE developmental guy waiting to happen to me. He wore a "Whoo whoo" guy style head band.

The TV taping opened with Paredyse coming out dressed for summer, wearing swimming trunks and flip flips, brandishing a squirt gun and a big beach ball. Paredyse brought out Mike Mondo and his Attorney Christian Mascagni for his "Moment in Paredyse" segment. Mascagni did all the talking here, Mondo never spoke. Paredyse was aggressive with Mascagni here questioning how Masgani got the fired Mondo reinstated back into OVW, how he got Mondo a restraining order against OVW owner Danny Davis, how he got Mondo into the OVW heavyweight title tournament, and how he got Mondo to be able to select, and beat a handpicked opponent in the tournament last week, namely Elvis Pridemore. Mascagni answered each charge with his slanted lawyer speech, and said this was all cleared thru the OVW board of directors, because Mondo has been wronged by OVW in the past. Mascagni got very upset when Paredyse accused him, and accurately so, of becoming physically involved in Mondo's match lask week. Mascagni threatened to sue Paredyse for slander. Masgani said Mondo would beat Randy Terrez tonight, and go on to the Final Four of the OVW heavyweight title tournament at the Saturday Night Special.

Like last week, another manic backstage segment aired. Ted McNaler of the Elite was getting ready for his second round tournament match tonight. His partner Adam Revolver was there whining about how it's not fair McNaler got into the tournament and he didn't, and how McNaler screwed up and cost them the tag team titles, and the tag team title rematch, to Trailer Park Trash and Jack Black.
It then went to Shiloh Jonze talking to referee Chris Sharpe in the back. Jonze wanted Sharpe to make sure and be in the ring for his match tonight. Sharpe seemed confused by this request.
Raphael Constantine was in the back showing his Great, Great Grandfathers medal off to Elvis Pridemore.

4. Jamin Olivencia beat Ted McNaler in a 2nd round tournament match for the OVW heavyweight championship

McNaler came out alone, but his partner Adam Revolver soon came out, to distract him more than help him. OVW TV champion Rudy Switchblade came out to the floor to watch Olivencia. Switchblade and Olivencia can't stand each other. Match was even early, and the crowd was quiet. Olivencia pulled ahead, and made great use of wicked forearms to the head of McNaler in the corner. McNaler came back, but Revolver said something to him from the floor that distracted him, and that allowed Olivencia to hit his clamping DDT for the win. Olivencia is in the final four this Saturday.

Bolin Services 2.0, led by Price Bolin, was in the back offering "Smooth" Johnny Spade a chance to join up with them. Spade said no. Tony Gunn then asked Spade for the 4th time to be his tag team partner, and Spade said no for the 4th time, but Spade was getting highly annoyed here, and this could mean a Spade heel turn soon. Raphael Constantine was still showing off the medal in the back.

5. Rudy Switchlade beat Asher Knight in a 2nd round tournament match for the OVW heavyweight championship

Jamin Olivencia came to the floor to watch Switchblade. Crowd was quiet for this match as well. Switchblade was in control for most of this match, and won it with his Frogsplash finisher. Switchblade in the Final Four this Saturday.

Taryn Shay was in the back on the phone with Lady JoJo. JoJo claimed she was in the Bahama's, and said sorry about last week when she made Shay wrestle Jessie Belle Smothers at the last second, instead of wrestling Jessie Belle herself. JoJo said she will be there this Saturday. Or will she?? Seems iffy. An angry Jessie Belle came up to Shay and said she and Isabella Smothers(Mickie Knuckles) are going to beat the crap out of Shay and Lady JoJo this Saturday.

Shiloh Jonze got in the ring, and referee Chris Sharpe was there as well. Brittany DeVore interviewed Jonze in the ring about the fact he has not won a match since returning to OVW a few months ago. Jonze said he had an opponent he knew he could beat tonight, and if he doesn't win tonight, he'll quit OVW. Jonze then told a startled referee Chris Sharpe that he is the opponent, leading to....

6. Referee Chris Sharpe beat Shiloh Jonze

Sharpe, who is known as "The Package" here, got the win quickly with a small package. Hey, who know "The Package" was small? Brittany DeVore counted the pin. This got a big pop. Jonze went nuts and threw another tantrum, and called DeVore a b!tch, leading to...

7. Brittany DeVore beat Shiloh Jonze

Devore kicked Jonze in the nuts, and covered Jonze, Sharpe counted the pin. So Jonze is now gone from OVW without ever winning a match this run, or is he??
Christian Mascagni was in the back firing Mike Mondo up for his tournament match against Randy Terrez tonight. Mascagni assured Mondo that he his back, and has everything covered.

8. Mike Mondo w/Christian Mascagni beat Randy Terrez in a 2nd round tournament match for the OVW Heavyweight championship

Mondo is one of the best around anywhere, but Terrez hung with him, and had Mondo in some trouble. Raul Lamotta, who bumped into Terrez backstage last week, came out and got on the apron, but Terrez slugged him off. Terrez went up for his "Thrill kill" finisher, a twisting corkscrew top rope Moonsault, but Masgani shoved Terrez off the top rope. Mondo then hit his "gut check" finisher for the win. Mondo is in the Final Four this Saturday.

Out came Michael Hayes, the one legged legit Iraq War hero. Hayes has lost twice on TV to Mohammad Ali Vaez, and challenged him again here. Vaez came out and was angry, leading to...

9. Mohammad Ali Vaez beat Michael Hayes

Like last week, Hayes again got offense in early, but Vaez hit his running neckbreaker finisher, but unlike last week, Vaez couldn't make the cover. Vaez though put Hayes in a Camel clutch, and Hayes held on for a bit, but had to tap. Hayes is now 0-3 against Vaez.
The postmatch saw the persistent Hayes take the mic and say he knows he can beat Vaez, and he wants another match with him this Saturday. Vaez couldn't believe it. Vaez said he had money and cars, more than Hayes, or the crowd, would ever have, and Hayes has nothing he wants, but then Hayes' prosthetic leg caught Vaez' evil eye. Vaez said if he wins this Sat, he gets the fake leg. Hayes said yes instantly, which seemed to surprise Vaez. So, that's the stip for the Saturday Night Special. A one legged man putting his prosthetic leg on the line. The crowd was into this, they are very into Hayes in general.

Jason Wayne was in the back warming up for his tournament match against Johnny Spade when Bolin Services 2.0 came up and offered Wayne the chance to join up with them. Wayne turned them down.

10. Jason Wayne beat "Smooth" Johnny Spade in a 2nd round tournament match for the OVW heavyweight championship

TV main event time. This one was even for awhile. Wayne didn't enjoy Spade's very hard chops. Spade had trouble with Wayne's considerable size and strength. Spade finally took control and hit a superkick. Spade went for his Swanton finisher, but Wayne got his knees up. Wayne went for his full nelson slam finisher, but Spade blocked it. Wayne went for it again though, and hit it this time to get the win. Wayne in the Final Four this Saturday. This match was fine early, but fell apart a bit down the stretch.

They fit a tremendous amount of material into this taping, but it didn't feel like all that strong of a show to me. Not bad, but it felt overbooked. The TV taping ran a good 10 minutes longer than usual, so I had to leave and have no clue what the post taping dark match was. The brackets for this Saturday are Mondo vs Olivencia, and Wayne vs Switchblade. My prediction is Olivencia and Switchblade will somehow cancel each other out, leading to Wayne vs Mondo in the finals. Christian Mascagni will be involved in the finals for sure, and I think Bolin Services 2.0 will get involved as well. Don't count OVW owner Danny Davis out though. He will have a trick up his sleeve for Mondo and Mascagni at some point, just don't know when. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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