It's Showtime! promotion TV report

Its Showtime - Warsaw TV Report
Aired - July 1st, 2011, Took Place - June 11th, 2011
By Daniel Galvan
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Commentators - Michael Schiavello and Frank Trigg 
77 kg Bout
Errol Koning (22-5) vs Murthel Groenhart (44-13)
Koning throws a couple of leg kicks, but is met with a right from Groenhart. Murthel lands a combination ending with a solid upper-cut. Errol lands a good left and knee to the body. Groenhart lands some good inside leg kicks and body kicks. Big left from Groenhart, Murthel lands a good knee. Groenhart trips Koning and hits him with a knee when he is falling down, so he is warned by the referee. Koning is cut on the side hairline. Murthel ends the round being the aggressor with strikes. Groenhart 10-9. Errol starts off pretty aggressive.  Koning lands a crisp liver shot. Murthel penetrates Errol's defense with punches. Murthel connects with an uppercut, following up with a solid jab. Groenhart continues to land solid strikes, finishing off with an over-hand right. Big right hook by Murthel. Groenhart 10-9. Koning lands a glancing head-kick. Groenhart just throws Errol to the canvas. Koning counters a knee from his opponent with a bigger knee.  Errol continues to land some knees, but is caught with an uppercut. Groenhart backs Koning in the corner and lands some good combinations. Groenhart 10-9. 
Official Result - Murthel Groenhart def. Errol Koning via Majority Decision 4-1. 
95 kg Bout
Revanho Blokland (21-3) vs Marc Vlieger (6-5)
Vlieger lands a leg kick that trips up Revanho. Blokland starts to work the punches with right and lefts. Blokland starts to come in his own by landing right-left combinations and then a low leg kick. Vlieger lands a good double hook combination. Big left hook from Blokland penetrates the guard of Vlieger. Nice over-hand right by Marc. Blokland 10-9. Revanho starts the round off with some solid combinations, but gets tripped by a leg kick from Vlieger. Blokland starts to score with some lefts. Vlieger lands a knee in the clench. A lot of good defense by both men as their guards aren't letting too many punches through, but Revanho is the more aggressive fighter. Blokland 10-9. Vlieger trips Blokland down again. Vlieger lands a couple of good over-hands. Both men trade knees to the stomach. Blokland scores with a three punch combination. Vlieger scores with leg kicks, but Blokland counters with punches. Vlieger scores with hooks and looks to have won the round with his effective leg kicks Blokland ends the round with punches. Vlieger 10-9. 
Official Result - Revanho Blokland def. Marc Vlieger via Unanimous Decision 5-0.
73 kg Bout
Hafid el Boustati (58-8-3) vs Piotr Woznicki(15-9) 
El Boustati lands two back-to-back left hooks. Both fighters trade left hooks. Big leg kick from El Boustati. Solid upper-cut by Woznicki. Good head kick by Hafid. El Boustati just controls the striking with his aggressiveness and his ability to land clean punches on his opponent. El Boustati 10-9. El Bousati starts the round with hard leg kicks. Piotr lands a couple of solid punches. Boustati goes to the body of his opponent. Woznicki lands a couple of good jabs, but El Boustati continues to take the reach away from his opponent by working from inside. Boustati lands two solid rights at the latter part of the round. El Boustati 10-9. Woznicki finally starts to use his jab and reach against El Boustati.  Boustati starts to disrupt Woznicki with with leg and body kicks. The jab continues to be a benefactor for Piotr, but it may be the case of too little too late. El Boustati finally lands a big over-hand strike and knees. El Boustadi lands a hard knee and Woznicki looks tired. Woznicki 10-9.
Official Result - Hafid El Boustati def. Piotr Woznicki via Unanimous Decision 5-0.
95 kg Showtime Title Fight 
Danyo Ilunga (36-4) vs Nenad Pagonis (81-5) 
Ilunga lands a rights to start. Danyo gets tripped up by a leg kick from his opponent. Everytime Danyon looks to land some big shots he gets tripped up the leg kicks of Nenad. Pagonis lands a couple of hard punches. Front kick by Nenad. Pagonis follows up with a big right hand, but Ilunga continues to push on. Jumping knee by Pagonis doesn't land to clean. Both fighters land two big punches on each other and fall down. The referee doesn't count it. Ilunga knocks Nenad down again to end the round, but it still isn't counted by the referee. Close round 10-10 Draw. Ilunga gets a yellow card for excessive clenching. Ilunga lands a couple of solid punches that sway Pagonis backwards. Pagonis clenches with the champ, but Danyo just pushes him down. I lunga gets his opponent in the corner and he lands some combinations including body shots. Hard right punch by Danyo. Pagonis sweeps Danyo. Pagonis just backs off from the entire length of the ring, so he can move out of the way from a headkick by Ilunga. Ilunga 10-9. Ilunga puts Pegnois against the corner in the beggining of the round, but Nenad escapes the corner. Pagonis counters the punches of Danyo with leg kicks. Ilunga rocks Nenad with a stiff right, and Danyo goes to work on Pagonis, but Nenad is able to survive. Solid right hook by Ilunga. Pagonis just gets controlled through-out the majority of the round by Illunga. Ilunga 10-9. Pagonis lands a couple of left hooks, but Ilunga just puts him back against the ropes and puts some combinations together. Ilunga lands a HUGE left punch that knocks Nenad down, but Pagonis gets back up. Ilunga goes straight back to work and overwhelms Nenad with punches, and another knock-down is counted and the fight is called. Solid performance by Ilunga.
Official Result - Danyo Ilunga def. Nenad Pagonis via 4th Round TKO 
70 kg Bout
Rafal Dudek (11-7) vs Michal Glogowski (34-5-1)
Dudek lands a couple of crisp leg kicks. Glogowski lands a left hook and straight right, but is countered with a couple of jabs. Glogowski lands a chomping leg kick on Dudek. Michal finds a home for some body punches. Leg kicks by Glogowski. Glogowski 10-9. Dudek starts the round a bit more aggressive, landing a good hook and straight punch. Glogowski scores with jabs, but is met with a combination from Dudek. Nice front-kick from Glogowski. Dudek scores with two solid leg kicks. Glogowski leads with the jab. Jumping knee by Dudek. Dudek 10-9. Glogowski scores with a jab-cross combination early. Dudek lands the jab. Nice right hand by Michal, but he eats a knee. Dudek is working over the left leg of Glogowski with leg kicks. Glogowski lands a good combination. Both guys trade nice combinations. Very close third rounds as they counter punches with kicks or kicks with kicks. Nice left hand by Dudek, but he gets hit with a right by Glogowski. Great third round. I have this one a 10-10, but maybe it could go to Dudek. The fight will go to an extra round to declare a winner. Dudek starts off with some good punch combinations, but Glogowski goes to work leg kicks. Glogowski lands a left, but Dudek is pressuring him against the ropes. Glogowski slips after receiving a leg kick. Rafal lands a nice right and a high knee. Both guys trade knees and outside kicks. Rafal lands a nice right inside the guard of Michal. Another good round. Dudek 10-9. A really good fight for sure. 
Official Result - Rafal Dudek def. Michal Glogowski via Extra Round Majority Decision 4-1

95 kg Bout
Daniel Ghita (39-8) vs Erhan Deniz (18-7) 
Deniz lands a couple of early punches, and is actually the first one to throw a leg kick. Ghita finally lands a hard kick that he has made his name off of . Ghita then throws two more hard leg kicks. Solid head kick by Ehran, but he is countered with leg kicks and body punches. Accidental head clash by both fighters. The referee thinks that Ghita is knocked out on his feet, but he isn't it was a head-butt. Terrible reffing. Ghita's round on my score-card, but the referee screwed up the first round for Ghita. Ghita goes to work in the second with more leg kicks and a bunch of body shoots. Deniz throws a couple of leg kicks of his own, but it is met with Ghita's leg kicks and upper-cuts. Ghita lands a body punch and a head kick that knocks down Deniz and cuts open his head. Ghita gets the finish. 
Official Result - Daniel Ghita def. Erhan Deniz via 2nd Round KO

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