UFC 132 live coverage from Las Vegas Faber vs. Cruz

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 132 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Jeff Hougland vs. Donny Walker

First round:  Takedown by Hougland.  He’s landing some punches from the top but Walker is
defending well.  Hougland moved him against the cage and landed a few punches and is working
for a guillotine.  He gave it up and now Walker is on top in side control with 2:10 left.  Walker
had him with a cradle with his legs spread, but pins don’t matter.  Now Walker is working for a
guillotine but Hougland got out.  Hougland reversed him on the ground.  Now Walker is going
for an ankle.  Hougland’s round 10-9.

 Second round: Hougland in with a few punches.  He landed a few more but he’s kind of
tentative with them.  Spinning backfist by Hougland, more style than power.  But he followed
with a hard right.  Hougland moved in for takedown but didn’t get it.  Knee by Hougland. 
Walker is throwing low kicks as his main offense.  Walker is bleeding from the right side of his
face.  Hougland accidentally kicked Walker low.  Hougland landing the jab while Walker is
throwing kicks.  Walker moving forward, got the takedown and Hougland immediately grabbed a
guillotine.  Hougland squeezing like hell as time was running out in the round but Walker
survived.  Crowd was really into Walker surviving.  Hougland 20-18.

Third round: Hougland tried a takedown but gave it up to push Walker into the fence.  Walker
turned and pushing Hougland into the fence.  Walker with a knee and Walker in control on the
ground. .  Walker now on top.  Hougland working for an armbar.  Walker broke it with a short
power bomb.  Now Hougland working for a triangle.  But Walker wasn’t in trouble.  The ref,
Mario Yamasaki,  ordered a stand-up, not sure about that since Walker was working from the
top.  Hougland went for a takedown, but Walker blocked and is back on top.  Hougland reversed
on the ground and is on top with 1:15 left.  He’s throwing sone body punches from the top.  Both
punching as time ran out.  People gave the two a big hand, as it was a good opener.  Very close
round, you could go either way but I’d go Walker close giving Hougland a 29-28 win.

Scores: 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 for Hougland.  All good scores.

Andre Winner vs. Anthony Njokuani

First round: Big short right by Njokuani.  Njokuani with a low kick and an uppercut.  Njokuani in
with two more punches and a low kick and a body punch.  Another low kick by Njokuani and a
jab.  Njokuani ducked a punch and landed a body punch.  Njokuani goes “Aah” every time he
lands to make sure the judges take notice.  Good combo by Nojokuani.  Winner doesn’t make
noise so his blows aren’t as recognizable.  High kick by Njokuani.  Body punch by Njokuani.
Body punch by Njokuani.  Front kick by Njokuani.  Good body punch by Njokuani.  Njokuani
continues to land to the body.  Body and head shot and Winner is hurt.  Nojokuani landing
punches and a hard knes.  Another knee, more punches, another knee and another three knees.
He followed with a punch, a knee, a punch, another knee.  Now another knee and kinds of
punches.  Winner is taking a bad beating but he’s not going down.  He got out of trouble.
Njokuani took him down but Winner back up.  10-8 Njokuani.  Crowd gave the two a big hand
when it was over.

Second round: High kick by Njokuani.  Njokuani in with punches and kicks and Winner is back
in trouble taking all kinds of punches and knees against the fence.  He got out of trouble quicker
this time.  Body punch by Njokuani followd by a hip toss takedown.  Winner right back up.
Good uppercut by Winner.  Winner landed another uppercut.  Another low kick by Njokuani.
Njokuani landing more kicks.  Winner landed a left hook.  Body kick by Njokuani landed hard.
Right by Winner.  Njokuani’s round so he should be up 20-17.

Third round: Action slowed down here.  Body kick by Winner.  Njokuani landed a body kick.
Winner with a low kick.  Hard low kick by Njokuani and a high kicked blocked.  Njokuani
landed to the body with a punch.   Punches and a high kick by Njokuani although most of the
high kick was blocked.  Njokuani landing some punches from a clinch.  Left by Njokuani and a
body kick.  Winner landed a right.  Njokuani took the round, so I’ve got 30-26 as the score but
he’s winning for sure.

Scores: 30-27, 30-26 and 30-26 for Njokuani

Aaron Simpson vs. Brad Tavares

First round: Tavares landed a body kick. Simpson moving in for a takedown, .  He’s not getting it
but he’s throwing knees to Tavares’ thigh.  Simpson from the clinch punching the body.  Crowd
started to boo the two of them.  Simpson trying to throw Tavares but Tavares blocking well.  So
they ended up back in a clinch.  Simpson with some body punches from the clinch.  Ref Josh
Rosenthal broke the clinch.  Tavares landed a right.  Simpson moved into another clinch.
Simpson got a momentary takedown but Tavares right back up.  Simpson throwing some lefts off
the clinch.  Crowd starting to boo again.  Simpson got a takedown in the waning seconds.
Simpson was the aggressor the entire round but Tavares’ right was the best punch.  Simpson 10-

Second round: Tavares landed a good right.  Simpson with a takedown and got behind Tavares.
Simpson has him in a clinch against the fence.  Both throwing knees to the thigh.  Simpson
punching the body from the clinch.  Knees by Simpson.  Now Tavares working for a takedown
and Simpson blocking.  High slam by Tavares and Simpson right back up and took Tavares down
and working for a D’Arce choke.  Simpson let it go and some pucnches but Tavares back up.
Knee by Simpson.  Simpson throwing lefts from the clinch.  Simpson tried a takedown late but
couldn’t get it.  This round was a lot better than the first.  Simpson 20-18.

Third round: Simpson landed a good right and moved Tavares into the fence.  Tavares landed a
good right as Simpson moved in. Tavares started to throw Simpson but Simpson blocked.  Back
against the fence.  Simpson tried to throw Tavares who mostly blocked and stayed upright.
Simpson with knees to the thigh from the clinch.  Simpson also landing lefts from the clinch.
Crowd booing as Simpson took Tavares down with 2:18 left.  Tavares back to his feet with no
damage on the ground.  Another takedown by Simpson and Tavares right back up.  Simpson still
the aggressor here.  Tavares doing a good job of defending takedowns but he’s going to lose
because he’s doing virtually nothing on offense.  Ref Josh Rosenthal separated them with:38 left.
Right and a takedown by Simpson.  Simpson throwing punches from the top and Tavares up and
threw a punch just as time ran out.  Simpson should win 30-27.  Crowd booing the fight.  Mostly
Simpson using Greco-Roman wrestlign with some puchhing to win.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Simpson.  Fans booed this but there was no other possible

Takeya Mizugaki  vs. Brian Bowles

Round one: Bowles landed two body punches.  Low kick by Mizugaki.  Mizugaki’s corner is so
awesome and they speak Japnee so nobody knows what they’re saying.  Mizugaki landed a few
punches. This fight is not what you’d expect.  Moving and little in the way of throwing.  Now a
big exchange, and then another.  Mizugaki moved Bowles into the fence but Bowels turned
Mizugaki into the fence.  Knee by Mizugaki.  Ref Mario Yamasaki broke them from the clinch.
Crowd booed them when it was over as little action.  Nobody won this round, really 10-10 but if
you have to pick I’d go with Mizugaki.

Second round: Nothing happening this round either.  Bowles landed a few punches and Mizugaki
landed a few.  Low kick, Bowles caught the foot, landed a right and took Mizugaki down.
Bowles throwing punches.  Bowles working for a choke on the ground.  Mizugaki has wrist
control while Bowles kept him in place with a body scissors.  Bowles’ round so I’ve got Bowles
20-19 at this point.

Third round:   Bowles now has Mizugaki against the fence.  Now they’re in the center. This fight
is killing the crowd.  Bowles with a takedown and now jumped on Mizugaki’s back looking for a
choke.  2:45 left.  Bowles just staying on his back with nothing happening.  For a show that
looked good on paper, it’s so not happening at this point.  They look like guys playing piggy back
and crowd is getting restless..  Yamasaki broke them.  30 seconds and Mizugaki needs
something.  Bowles basically danced backwards the last 30 seconds figuring he had the fight.
I’ve got 30-28 for Bowles but the judges aren’t giving a 10-10 first so they’ll have 29-28 or 30-
27 for Bowles.

Scores: 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 for Bowles

Rafael Dos Anjos vs. George Sotiropolous

Round one: They stood and traded and Dos Anjos caught Sotiropolous with a looping right to the
jaw and he went down and ref Yves Lavigne stopped it immediately.

Time was :59

Melvin Guillard vs. Shane Roller

First round: Guillard in with a punch and a high kick.  Right followed by a kick by Guillard.
Low kick by Guillard.  Knee by Guillard.  Eye poke and Guillard immediately get mad but then
apologized.  Another low kick by Guillard.  Body kick and a knee.  Guillard really looks good
here.  Exchange of punches.  Roller is not backing down at all.  Guillard dropped him with a left
hook to the jaw, and he got up.  Guillard landed a knee and dropped him a second time with a left
and knocked him out with punches on the ground.  Gullard looked great here and Roller is no

Guillard after the fight said he didn’t want to ask for a title shot, but wanted to fight on the 10/8
show in Houston.

This isn't confirmed, but I believe Bowles broke his hand early in the Mizugaki fight which may have explained why that fight didn't deliver.  

A few notes.  The place is not full at the start of the PPV.  Some areas tarped and a lot of the middle sections are empty.  During the open, the crowd didn't react to anyone as a larger than life superstar, unlike in the weigh-ins where Faber especially and Wanderlei wereover and Cruz was booed.  In the open, neither Cruz nor Ortiz were booed or cheered.  They showed Ortiz arriving and the crowd didn't really react that much. Now showing Leben arriving and no reaction.  But a good reaction for Silva and a better reaction for the arrival of Faber. 

Carlos Condit vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Kim out to the Pride theme song.

Round one: Condit threw a front kick while Kim moved forward and threw a high kick.
Takedown by Kim right into the guad.  Condit flipped over and on top and Kim got up from
there.  High kick by Condit landed good.  Traded punches with Condit landing more solid.  Low
kick by Condit.  Flying knee by Condit knocked Kim down and Condit finished him with six
punches on the ground in explosive fashion.  The fourth punch on the ground was the one that
knocked him silly.  2:58

Joe Rogan noted Condit was sick and his camp tried to talk him into pulling out of the fight.  He asked for a title shot and Rogan pushed the idea he should face the GSP vs. Nick Diaz winner.

Tito Ortiz vs. Ryan Bader

Ortiz was cheered coming out.  I think the idea that he’s going to be cut if he loses has gotten the
people behind him.  Bader was cheered.  Ortiz got mostly cheers and some boos in his intro.
Ortiz looks much bigger and in great shape.

First round:   Bader landed an overhand right.  It’s amazing how much bigger Ortiz looks than
Bader.  Tito looks 225 to 230.  Tito threw a big punch but it didn’t land solid.  Body kick by
Ortiz.  Loud Tito chant.  The people don’t want to see him go.  Tito dropped Bader with a very short right.
He threw a few punches on the ground and immediately clamped on a guillotine and finished him in one of
the biggest upsets of the year.  This pop for Ortiz winning is one of the biggest Las Vegas pops in
a long time.  The place is going crazy for Tito.  1:56

The undercard wasn't much but ever since TV started, this has been great.

Matt Wiman vs. Dennis Siver

First round: Trading low kicks and now punches with Siver getting the better of things.  Wiman
shot for a takedown and Siver showing strong takedown defense.  Both swinging wildly and
missing.  Wiman dropped his hands and missed a high kick.  Hard low kick by Siver.  Both guys
are out swinging.  Wiman got the takedown.  Siver out and Wiman going for a single leg again.
Siver missed a punch but followed with a takedown.  Wiman thinking Kimura from the bottom.
Siver let him up.  Siver threw some wicked punches that missed.  Wiman got a single leg but
Siver pulled the leg out and showed great balance staying up.  Big trade and Siver landed several
good shots in it.  Wiman going for a takedown and got it.  Good back-and-forth round.  Crowd
gave both a hand.  10-9 Siver but this could go either way.

Second round: Wiman has swelling above the right eye.  Wiman shot in for a takedown but Siver
defending well.  They are against the fence.  Crowd wanting the ref to break this up.  Wiman on
top and landed an elbow that busted Siver above the right eye.  Wiman targeted the cut rubbing
his glove on it and throwing elbows.  Wiman on top pounding on the cut.  Siver bleeding like
crazy now and Wiman pounding the cut .  Wiman continues to throw elbows to the cut.
Wiman’s round so I’ve got 19-19.  Could be a 10-8, and I’d definitely go 10-8.5 with half points.

Round three:   Siver threw a kick.  Wiman grabbed the leg and couldn’t get the takedown.
Wiman shot in again and Siver defending.  Spin kick by Siver but it didn’t land good.  Wiman
taunting him.  Siver throwing big shots but missing.  Kick by Siver.  Wiman back with a low
kick.  Siver with a front kick .  Wiman tried a takedown but couldn’t get it.  Wiman threw a
punch and Siver out of the way landing a few.  Wiman landed a right and coming forward and
shooting low.  Siver throwing punches as Wiman tries for the takedown.  Wiman tried a
guillotine, Siver out,Wiman tried a triangle and Siver out.  Body kick by Siver.  Siver threw a
kick, Wiman grabbed the leg, Siver was punching off one leg but Wiman got the takedown and
now going for another guillotine, but Siver out. . Siver landed a punch and Wiman shot down.
Punch may have landed good, tho.  Now Siver with a guillotine as time ran out.  I think Wiman
took the round but it could easily go the other way.  Rounds one and three are close.  Wiman won
the fight overall but you could give a decision to Siver on ten point must.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Siver.  Crowd booing like crazy.  It’s not a bad decision
because I could see one and three for Siver, one more than three but as far as who really won the
fight, no question it was Wiman.  With half points it would be 29-28.5 for Wiman.  But that's the the classic ten point must issue.

Wiman was so furious he stormed out of the building and last we heard he went to the parking lot and was gone.  He'd better come back or he'll be in trouble.

Chris Leben vs. Wanderlei Silva

Round one: Leben looks a lot bigger.  They are out ther slugging away and Leben finished him in
seconds.  Wanderlei was trying to give the ref a triangle he was so out of it and he looks hurt bad.  Four uppercuts put Wanderlei down and then a series of punches on the ground finished him in 27 seconds.

Leben said "Wanderlei, I love you, you were my hero."

Dominick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber for the bantamweight title

Faber over like crazy, also in tremendous shape, probably the best shape I’ve seen him in since
the first Pulver fight.  Not that it’s going to necessarily matter here because physique isn’t what’s
going to be the difference maker here.  Cruz booed a lot but it’s more they like Faber, it’s not like
Koscheck or someone people really hate.

First round: Steve Mazzagatti drew the main event assignment.  Crowd really psyched for this
one.  Cruz landed the first right.  Faber with a high kick.  Faber chant loud.  Faber grabbed him ,
got behind him but can’t take him down.  Cruz shoved Faber off.  Low kick by Faber.  Cruz
landed a right. Cruz landed a right and followed with a kick.  Cruz is so quick.  Faber decked
him with a right but Cruz right back up.  This pace is going to run somebody out of gas.  They re
moving so much and so fast.  Faber grabbed his head but Cruz got away.  Low kick by Cruz.
Faber in with a punch.  Cruz hurt Faber with a right.  Good low kick by Cruz.  Cruz landed a
punch and got out.  Faber charged and caught Cruz against the fence.  Cruz got away with no
damage.  Cruz landing two uppercuts.  They are in a clinch with 20 seconds left and Faber landed
a good punch off the clinch.  Cruz went for a takedown but Faber whizzered him.  No way they
can keep up this pace for five ronds.  Crowd gave both a big hand.  Even with the knockdown I
give the round to Cruz 10-9.

Second round: Cruz moving forward but Faber landed the first right.  Faber got inside but
couldn’t get the takedown.  Low kick by Faber and body kick by Faber.  Cruz landed a left and a
right.  Faber missed a right bad.  Low kick by Cruz.  Faber with a right.  Faber with another right.
Cruz with a right.  Cruz still too fast for him.  Faber with a right but missed a left bad.  Faber
with a front kick but missed a right.  Cruz now missing punches but landed a right.  Both missing
punches now.  Cruz continues to miss punches and kicks.  Faber with a front kick.  Now Faber
missed a punch and Cruz missed two.  Cruz with a high kick blocked.  Cruz still landing more.
 Faber dropped him with a punch and landed a knee.  Cruz with a takedown.  Faber back up.
 Heat incredible here.  Cruz throwing kicks and punches.  Fantastic round.  Very close.  I’m
going with Cruz but that knockdown could take it the other way.  20-18.

Third round.- Cruz landed a right.  Faber missed a right.  Cruz landed another right.  Faber
missed the left.  Low kick b Cruz.  Cruz landing more.  Cruz still too fast for him.  Cruz starting
to land more.  Cruz breathing from his mouth but he’s doing more.  Faber him took him down
and Cruz reversed on the ground and Faber up.  Cruz in with a flying knee.  Cruz with a left.
High kick and punch by Cruz.  Cruz with a right to the jaw.  Faber with a right.  Another right by
Faber. Cruz shot for takedown Faber sprawled.  Cruz’s round 30-27.

Fourth round: Cruz landed two punches and kick.  Faber decked him again .  Cruz took Faber
down and Faber back up.  Faber landed a body shot.  Cruz landed two punches.  Huge Faber
chant.  Faber tried a takedown and still couldn’t get it.  Faber with a left.  Faber looks tired now. 
Cruz missed two punches but landed a knee.   Faber with a right.  Cruz tried a takedown,
but didn’t get it, Faber tried to hook him, but Cruz out.  Faber now moving forward.  Trading
punches.  Cruz with a right and Faber back.  Cruz landed a right.  Cruz tried a takedown and
didn’t get it.  Faber has him against the fence in a clinch.    Faber’s round with the knockdown,
39-37 for Cruz at this point

Fifth round: Crowd giving both men a big hand at the start in appreciation.  Cruz landed a few
punches and Faber back with a punch.  Cruz went for a takedown and got it.  Faber tried a
guillotine and landed a punch off it.  Cruz with another takedown and Faber back up.  Cruz with
another takedown and Faber up.  Cruz threw Faber down two more times. .  Crowd gave both
men a standing ovation.  Cruz’s round for sure so I’ve got 49-46.

Scores: 50-45, 49-46 and 48-47 for Cruz

Fans booing Cruz like crazy and he thanked the people who supported him and those who didn’t
and made him stronger.

Crowd cheered Faber a lot after, said he knew it would be a tough fight, congratulated Cruz, but
when he said he felt he won, the crowd did boo him.

More tonight on the radio show.

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