UFC 132 and other weekend feedback

UFC 132
Thumbs Way Up.  One of the best cards ever.
Best Fight:  Cruz v Faber
Thank you UFC for featuring the lighter weight class in the main event and getting it over.
David Kaplan

Dave and Bryan:
Best fight: Dominick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber.
Worst fight: Dennis Siver vs. Matt Wiman.
Want to know why boxing and professional wrestling are in trouble? UFC has had oustanding cards and has created stars this year. UFC 129, 131, TUF 13 Finale, UFC on Versus and UFC 132 were compelling events with myriad decisive winners. What has boxing provided the public?  A terrible Klitschko-Haye fight? The only fight that boxing has that will capture the public's interest is Mayweather-Pacquiao.
Wrestling has only provided three moments this year: HHH vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania, Christian winning the World Heavyweight Title at Extreme Rules, and C.M. Punk's June 27th promo.
What those in power in boxing and wrestling have forgotten is that to expand their fanbases, to draw money, it's vital to give the public a reason to care about the fighters and why they're fighting.
UFC 132 was a reminder of that simple truism: Tito Ortiz was fighting for his career against Ryan Bader, who was trying to build a legacy. Silva and Leben were fighting to see who was toughest at 185. Cruz and Faber were in a grudge match for a title. All compelling reasons to pay for the pay per view. And I'm glad I did.
Denis Gorman

Thumbs: Flying. Great card.
Best Fight: The struggle to pick the best fight out of all these great fights.
Worst Fight: Main event, but isn’t  that what UFC main events are for.
Best KO: Condit’s flying knee shot/ground shots combo. He could have put out Randall “Tex” Cobb with that.
Best Submission: Tito…imagine that.

To hell with pound-for-pound. Carlos Condit may be the best minute-for-minute fighter in UFC. His fights are always entertaining, in large part because they are always entertaining in new ways. Great opener and a great win for Condit against a guy who seemed set up perfectly to make him look bad.  Get Condit into a main event ASAP.

The old main eventer deluxe, Tito Ortiz, gets the kind of quick and decisive win from a standing blow/submission that you would have been deluded to think he could deliver in his prime, much less ten years too late. Great revival win. But it does give me uneasy visions of some overhyped, underwhelming Tito main event to come. But bless you, Tito, for derailing the progress of a boring, “dump and hump” fighter like Bader toward a main event to come.

Great first round from Wiman and Siver. Too bad the inevitable happened after that. Siver looks a much more interesting fighter than Wiman….AND THEN, just as Wiman had me really hating him for his smug mugging for the crowd, the judges deliver a justly unjust decision for Siver!! Bless them, too.

Was hoping for an insert of the Guillard fight, and got it. Now Melvin can do what he does best: get beaten in spectacular fashion in a fight that could make him a star. Every PPV main card needs a fighter like that on it.

Wanderlai may well be the greatest pound-for-pound fighter ever, considering his run of dominance and the guys he had to beat to keep it going. Leben seems like the perfect opponent for him to re-elevate a few years too late again. Turns out it was the other way around. But that’s MMA for you.

Man, this card is flying by. Time for a Jon Fitch fight to send everyone into a coma for 15 minutes. No, actually time for the main event. Best minute-for-minute UFC card…maybe ever.

Hopefully, Faber can cap it all off by cementing superstar status a few years too late. Nah. But kudos to Cruz for a superior tactical performance. Can’t believe Faber thought he’d won. Or that Rogan would “love to see it again.” On a night of so many good fights, that was almost as unnecessary as the Jenny McCarthy crowd shot.

Mike Regan

Thumbs up
Best: Cruz vs. Faber
Worst: Simpson vs. Tavares on Facebook
KO: Dos Anjos
Sub: Tito!
A really enjoyable night of fights! As an MMA fan from the mid 90's, it was sad and exhillarating tonight.
I'm a fan from the early 90's. I was so happy when Tito Ortiz came from the brink of losing his job to beating the young gun Ryan Bader. Tito actally had  tears in his eyes when he walked out. Damn, WWE has nothing on this. I cheered most of my MMA watching against Tito, so it was freaky weird to me to see myself cheering for the guy! I guess it's like tennis fans who hated John McEnroe. Once he wasn't really relevant, people realized how much he meant to them. That was Tito tonight for me. I loved it when they showed Chuck Liddell obviously disappointed that Tito had won! The weird thing is I cheered Chuck when he fought Tito!
I was so sad seeing Wanderlei Silva lose in less than 30 seconds to Chris Leben. Wand was such an impact player once he was in Pride and to see him lose in less than 30 seconds was just sad. Please retire!
Andre Winner deserves something for having the best chin of all the
UFC 132 competitors. I was shocked when he survived round 1 against Njokuani.
I don't want to ever see Aaron Simpson fight againt. Wall and stall was in full effect during his fight. I place most of the blame on the ref Josh Rosenthal. He should have broke them up more frequently. When you stall against the cage for 1, 2 and 3 minutes at a time, the ref isn't doing his job.
I was so happy to see Carlos Condit KO Stun Gun Kim. Basically, Carlos is a Greg Jackson fighter. GSP is a Jackson fighter. If they fight, what happens? I really want to see how the camp politics work out once GSP beats Nick Diaz. Note, I don't think that's a given, but the most likely outcome.
Finally, the main event lived up to its status. Other than two flash knockdowns, Faber did squat. I was happy to see Cruz get the decision. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole fight. Who says the little guys don't deliver? They sure did tonight!
A. Wong
Toronto, ON

UFC 132--Thumbs Up I guess
I wonder about the Ortiz fight.  Really weak push of a punch, and then Bader couldn't pull that bull neck out? Must be shot from prior fight, I hope.
Title fight--meaningless movement, pittypats, a few flashy slaps, and flash takedowns trumped 3 knockdowns.  Disgraceful 
Mike Devlin

Hi Guys,
I was really looking forward to this card as it had a lot of good fights and it didn't disappoint.
Ring girls outfits...I'd love to squeeze those limes!
Bar I was at was very dead. Although yesterday being Canada Day everyone was out partying. The bar picked up for maybe the last three fights then that was it. Emptied after the main event. Bar owners here are hating the 9pm start as most being start revving up at home before going out.
Thumbs Way Up!
Best Fight:Njokani vs Winner
Worst Fight: Matt Wiman vs Dennis Siver-disappointed from my anticipation of the fight and a solid Siver win.
KO: Carlos Condit
Sub:Tito Ortiz

Rafael dos Anjos vs. George Sotiropolous-too short to talk about except for Sotiropolus ' stock continues to plummet after two straight losses
Anthony Njokuani vs. Andre Winner-a great battle here. Njokuani looked great in the first round. Kudos to Winner who stayed on his feet after that amazing beating.

Melvin Guillard vs. Shane Roller-I had picked Roller in this won. Guillard looked very impressive again and continues to roll.
Carlos Condit vs. Dong Hyun Kim-Condit looked great and I was expecting him to win. Don't think he is ready for GSP yet but one more high level win and he may have a case with no other opponents.
Matt Wiman vs. Dennis Siver-Wiman continues to improve and he was very dominant in this loss. The decision was close but I was expecting Siver to win convincingly here. Siver vs Condit next with the winner getting GSP vs Diaz winner? (unless fight is not good)

Tito Ortiz vs. Ryan Bader-another shocker at how this went and too short to comment on. Where does Bader go from here now with two straight losses? And Tito?  I'd like to see Ortiz vs Machida next.Ortiz was pumped here.

Wanderlei Silva vs. Chris Leben-unbelievable! Silva's face looks so different after surgery. Leben scored the biggest win of his career here. Expecting a great slugfest but not this quick. Leben looked totally psyched the whole time form his entrance on and his adrenaline was flowing.
Dominick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber -Very even fight with no dominance. Cruz didn't score as much as he usually does. His left kneecap looked very red early from leg kicks and his mobility looked off. Cruz had all those takedowns but couldn't keep Faber down long. Rematch..sure but Faber needs a couple wins first.
Jeff Hougland vs. Donny Walker-this was a great fight especially considering they both took it on 10 days notice. Very competitive.
Have a great Fourth of July weekend everyone in the USA  and Happy Belated Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians!
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Grant Zwarych
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I give UFC 132 a thumbs up.
Best match:  Faber vs. Cruz.   Good fight although I was a bit surprised with the scores.  I had the fight 48-47 for Faber.  I can see the fight being 48-47 for Cruz as it was an extremely close fight, but I don't get the other two scores.  I agreed with the other decisions on the card.  Good KO's throughout the show from Leben and Guillard.  Mizugaki vs. Bowles started off ok, but got slow as the match went on.  Njokuani vs. Winner was ok but one sided.  Tito beating Bader was what it was.  I don't know who Tito could fight next that would make an intriguing match.  Bader has to loose again before it really affects his position in the UFC.  Condit should get a title shot if not at least a number one contender match.
Jason McNeil

Thumbs up

Best: Faber vs Cruz
Worst: Simpson vs Tavares

This show delivered on every level. I thought Faber's power punching was enough to take the fight... but I am biased. Cruz's takedowns were interesting cause it seemed like Faber always ended up in better position out of the scramble. I would love to see the reaction of anyone that layed 1-5 with Ryan Bader.

Jonathan Renfro

I give UFC 132 a thumbs up.  Many of the recent cards were way better than this one, especially the free show on Versus last weekend, but it was still a good show overall.  My top moment was Tito winning against a strong fighter.  Unfortunately, Silva did not fair as well as the other legendary fighter on the card.  As for the main event, Dominic Snooze put me to sleep.  I have no desire to watch him defend the belt, so that should free up at least two Saturday's for me this year from watching UFC cards that he appears on.
Matt Wright

Doing my duty and sending feedback for tonight's UFC and HBO Championship Boxing

Best fight: Cruz-Faber
Worst fight: none

Outstanding UFC card, and this is coming from someone who's been extremely critical of their product for most of the last year. It boggles my mind that there are people out there so small-minded about MMA that they couldn't get behind a PPV headlined by bantamweights, just because they are small fighters, meanwhile lapping up shows headlined by guys who haven't nearly made a mark in the sport such as Phil Davis (his upside notwithstanding).... it's not like a Cruz-Faber fight being awesome was a SURPRISE or anything, that's the thing.  Edgar-Maynard II was a pretty boring fight on paper, but turned out to be pretty exciting; that happens.  This fight is almost as close to a lock for guaranteed excitement as you're going to get (coincidentally enough, tonight's co-main event may be one of the few that could compete for that regard), you have two 135ers with nonstop motors and high skill levels on top of that, and of course, the fight delivered.  I'm hearing some disdain for the decision, I thought it was pretty clear that Cruz won 49-46, and complaints that Cruz's takedowns were weighted too heavily as Urijah quickly recovered each time - I would counter that Faber's knockdowns were just as "quick" with Dominick's recovery and return to his feet within seconds.  To me, it was a fight like Wiman-Siver, in which the scoring could go either way, but clearly to me Cruz WON the totality of the fight, to speak of the former PRIDE rules (and I actually think Wiman won his fight, but not an out-and-out robbery that he lost the decision, on that same token).  Even beyond the great main event, how about what could possibly be about the end for a big UFC star, and not the guy you'd first suspect when looking at this card - Wanderlei rather than Tito.  The sadness that Wanderlei is just not the same fighter he once was was even more apparent tonight, but hey, score one for old school MMA over new blood, watered down, point fighting, with Tito Ortiz' shocking submission over Bader.  The crowd reaction was chilling.  Carlos Condit cemented himself as a top 5 welterweight in the world, by handling a tremendous talent in Kim - not just anyone could sweep the ultra-strong Kim and right into a mount himself, but Carlos did just that before finishing him with a highlight reel driving knee KO.  We are one more upset away from maybe my personal biggest dream match taking place - Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit.  Guillard, Njokuani and dos Anjos all looked great in prelim action.... especially Guillard.

Moving away from the UFC, there was a huge heavyweight championship bout in boxing tonight that had more of the world's attention - Wladimir Klitschko with a well-earned victory over David Haye.  Haye essentially talked himself into the biggest payday of his life - not unlike Josh Koscheck vs Georges St. Pierre, but on a much larger scale.  It was obvious for all the talk he did, Haye had absolutely nothing for Klitschko, and in pretty predictable fashion, Wlad's size and reach was just too much, and he easily kept Haye at bay.  I was flabbergasted that the referee took a point from Wlad for Haye CLEARLY flopping several times in the fight, but he made good on it by scoring one as a knockdown and giving the standing eight to Haye after he tried that one too many times - and Wlad didn't even touch him on that "knockdown"!  Serves Haye right.  Already heard the plan is to talk his way into a fight with Vitali now - hopefully Haye isn't rewarded with that because he certainly doesn't deserve it after tonight's actions.

Between the great hype and production of HBO, and the class performance of Klitschko, to the best UFC event of the year, and quite easily I would say, this was a great night for fights.

Gregory Lane

Thumbs Up
Best Fight: Faber vs. Cruz
Worst Fight: None
1) Carlos Condit d. Dong Hyum Kim:  Condit is always dangerous, but I
just did not see this fight going this way.  I felt Kim would control
Condit on the ground and win by a unanimous decision.   Condit really
put his claim as the next in line for the UFC Welterweight title.  
Condit flying knee was just perfect and punches on the ground where
equally as nasty.
2) Tito Ortiz d. Ryan Bader:  Shock of the night #1.  Tito comes in and
gets the guillotine choke on a blue chipper prospect.   This fight was
designed to get over Bader and also be Ortiz loser leaves town fight.  
Ortiz tells the promoters he is not leaving and goes out and defeats a
guy many predict will be UFC Light Heavyweight Champion someday.  No
matter if he is on a winning streak or losing streak, people come out
to see Tito Ortiz and now with this win in his belt, Tito Ortiz is
relevant again.   Poor Bader suffering his second loss in a row.  I am
sure he dropped down in the eyes of Dana White, but Bader will be back.
The guy is stud and will rebound from this.
3) Dennis Siver d. Matt Wiman:  Had this fight 29-28 for Siver.  Siver
won R1 and R3.  R3 was close, but Silver pulled it out.
4) Chris Leben d. Wanerlei Silva.  Shock of the night #2.  WOW!  I did
not expect that to happen.  Leben with those cinderblocks for hands
touched Silva's chin and it was all over.  This result really bummed me
out.  I was hoping Silva would come out and get a win in an exciting
fight.  Oh well, I am sure we will see Silva again and I wouldn't want
to be his next opponent.   You can't brawl with Leben and win, you have
out box Leben (see his fight with Brian Stann).   Big win for Leben who
was hot last summer and then the New Years loss to Stann put him a step
5) Dominic Cruz d. Urijah Faber:  This was close and exciting.  I
believe Cruz won the fight, but it was very close.  I WANT A REMATCH! 
I don't think anything was settled and it would be interesting to see a
rematch between these two now that Faber has seen the Dominic Cruz of
today and now.   Faber has always been a smart fighter and I think
after looking at film, he can figure him out.  I can't think of anyone
other then Demitrius Johnson being the next in line, but that is not a
fight that will draw money.  That is a fight that is a good free main
event on TV.   Since UFC is the business of making money, they could
headline with the rubber match on a PPV late this year.
Overall Analysis:  Great show with shocks and a great championship main
event.   Spike prelims where exciting as well and UFC really hit a
homerun with this card.  The story of the night is Tito Ortiz is back
and relevant again in the UFC.   That is great for UFC because Tito
equals ticket sales.  What is next for him?  Maybe the winner of Rich
Franklin and Lil Nog?    My hope is for the fan favorite Wanderli Silva
comes back strong form this.  I want to see the Axe Murder again soon. 
  At the end for the main event, all I could think about its a rematch
between these two.  I really think in that third fight,  Faber will
defeat Cruz.
John LaRocca
San Jose, CA

Thumbs in the middle. Haye fought a stupid fight, just waiting on Vlad and winging occasional Hail Marys that had very little hope of landing, rather than using his speed and actual reach advantage to God Forbid set anything up, but I guess you have to give Klitschko credit because everybody ends up fighting the same stupid fight against him.
Thumbs way way way up. Maybe the best card of the year to date. Barely a dull moment. Pandemonium, excitement, action, drama, and highlight reel finishes.
Best fight: Cruz-Faber
Worst fight: none really
KO: Like a 4 way tie between Condit, Guillard, Leben & Dos Anjos
Sub: ... ...... ............... ................................. t-t-ttt... Tiiiii... *gulp*... Tito
Hougland-Walker got the FB show and the whole card off to a great start. Very exciting, technical fight. Rogan was obviously buddies with Walker and it took him awhile to acknowledge how bad Hougland was kicking his ass. Dubious judging yet again as nobody gave Hougland a 10-8 for the 2nd which he dominated for five minutes and capped off with a saved-by-the-bell sub attempt.
Njokuani looked career-best in destroying Winner for three rounds with pinpoint accurate mixed striking. It should have been stopped in the 1st, which should have been a 10-7 round. One of the judges didn't even go 10-8.
Simpson-Tavares was a three round grind, Simpson's fight. Not the most exciting to watch but kept interesting by Tavares' 100%-successful TD defense. Mighta helped if he had somebody in the corner who could tell him something about combating a wrestler (ie, somebody other then Sefo).
Bowles-Mizugaki was a bit of a letdown too as Bowles broke his hand at some point and didn't look right the whole fight, and while I thought he won or it was a draw, I do not understand the two 30-27s he got.
George S's tumble down the mountainside continues as Rafael Dos Anjos kicks off the Spike show in a hurry and knocks him cold in very short order with one of the worst one punch KOs I've ever seen. It was telegraphed so bad he actually pulled his arm back first, his feet were on a horizontal line, but it hit where it had to at the moment. No good fighter should have been hit with it, or KOed by it. Fluke KO but George has some problems to address. RDA is a good fighter and the amateurish punch was uncharacteristic.
Guillard continues the blitz obliterating Roller in a stunning performance. He just seemed at least twice as fast. He's the one and only guy who Greg Jackson has made a more exciting fighter. He may be on another level from the rest of the division, including Edgar and Maynard.
Condit keeps the flow going on the PPV by blasting out Kim and earning the GSP-Diaz winner. Kim had never seen a guy that tall with that kind of power. There was an outstanding grappling exchange before the KO, too.
... .... t... Tttt... Tito some how resurrects his career or should we say Bader somehow gets himself knocked down and choked out by Tito. Now we gotta keep listening to Tito's incoherent bullshit? What did we, the fans, do in a previous life to deserve this? Amazing. Career best performance by Tito after 5 years winless.
Siver and Wiman was one of those fights where it felt like Wiman won the fight, but if you look at it, you can't really argue too hard about Siver winning the 1st and 3rd, so even if you give Wiman a 10-8 for the 2nd which is arguable because he wasn't close to finishing, it's still no more than a draw. Should be a rematch.
Wandy needs to retire. I don't wanna see him groveling around on the mat trying to fight the ref like he was a bum like Lindland ever again. If he can't adjust to being older, slower and weaker and fight smart which he does theoretically know how to do, I don't wanna see it. Nothing more to be said.
Cruz-Faber was the one big fight lately that lived up to expectations. I thought it was a lot closer than the scores indicated. Cruz didn't really confuse Urijah and Urijah knocked him down a few times, and while I thought Cruz definitely won the fight and capped it with a steamrolling multiple-TD 5th, even 49-46 was stretching it, and 50-45 was silly. I don't see Cruz getting knocked off for a long, long time. 
Crimson Mask

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