WWE house show report 7-2 Melbourne

By James Grigoropoulos

Results are pretty much the same as everywhere else.  I'll give you some extra tidbits from what i observed from the show:
Constant promotion of the 'Greatest Cage Matches' DVD and Money in the Bank PPV before the show and during intermission.
Most matches were around the 15 - 20 min mark.  All the bottom floor and first tier was sold out.  I have been going to all the shows for the past 10 years that consistent tours have been coming here and this was one of the better ones.
  •  Rey defeated CM Punk - great reaction to both guys - older male fans reacting to Punk (obviously).  Punk did the sit down promo in the middle of the ring.  The story of the match was punk avoiding the 619 until Rey finally got it leading up for the win.  Big reaction for the win.  Best match of the night
  • Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix defeated The Bella Twins - kelly running the ropes is hilarious live (she only did it once though - damn it)
  • Zack Ryder defeated Primo - big reaction to Zack.  His self promotion over the net is working here too
  • Evan Bourne defeated Jack Swagger - another decent match.  Swagger was dominating the majority of the match here.  People around me were surprised at the size of Swagger
  • Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston - another ok match, pretty slow though but decent build.  Dolph did a great promo before the match about wanting to return home to Vicki which got good heat. 
  • Otunga & McGillicutty defeated Koslov & Santino - Santino was over big. Good little comedy spot with Otunga shoulder tackling Santino running the ropes, until the fourth attempt, Santino took the bump before they connected.  Very funny. 
  • Alex Riley defeated The Miz in a street fight - was ok but pretty boring for the most part.  Big reaction to Riley when he won which quickly died off.  Use of tables and kendo stick (i think)
  • Cena defeated R Truth - this match sucked a cock - really slow.  Truth pretty much having Cena in headlock for entire match until punk interfered. This woke the crowd, Punk was over huge tonight.

James Grigoropoulos

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