OVW TV tapings report 7-6 Louisville

By Trent Vandrisse

Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television report for July 6th, 2011. This was the show coming off their July 2nd Saturday Night Special that saw rookie wrestler, and former US Marine, Jason Wayne win the OVW Heavyweight title in the finals of a tournament for that belt. Wayne beat Mike Mondo w/Christian Mascagni in the finals, in what was said to be a good match. This marks Jason Wayne's first taste of any title gold in OVW. I have to give OVW credit for running a tournament, over the course of a few weeks, that made perfect sense all the way from start to finish. Why can't more promotions do this? The next Saturday Night Special will be on August 6th, and tonights TV taping determined who Jason Wayne's challenger will be then.
Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers tonight, no Dean Hill this week. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The crowd was again close to the 160 range, though just slightly less than the last two weeks.

1. Jamin Olivencia beat Tony Gunn

Dark match. Gunn looks to be getting a bit more definition to his body. Match was fairly blah until Olivencia hit Gunn with a wicked looking running knee. Olivencia took control, and went for his clamping DDT finisher, but Gunn countered and went for some type of a move out of a Firemans carry, but Olivencia countered that and hit his DDT for the win. Just so-so at best, this one didn't click.

2. Trailer Park Trash & Mr. Black beat Kharn Alexander & Marshman Bud

Also a dark match. TPT and Black are the current OVW Southern tag team champions, but this was non-title. This one went awhile, and like the first match was blah early until TPT lit Marshman Bud up with some chops. TPT ended up taking the heat. Black came in and bodyslammed the hefty Bud, and TPT then pinned him after a top rope leg drop. Could really see Black's lack of mobility on display this match, I mean a guy over 500 pounds isn't going to be mobile anyhow, but......

TV taping opened with Raphael Constantine talking to new OVW heavyweight champion Jason Wayne. Constantine is now an annoying guy claiming to be a 5th generation pro wrestler, to anyone who will listen. Constantine said he's getting a shot at the TV title tonight. Wayne left him in mid sentence, and was met by Elvis Pridemore. Pridemore congratulated Wayne on his title win. Wayne was then met by Bolin Services 2.0, with Prince Bolin informing Jason Wayne the title is coming home to them soon.

Paredyse came to the ring for his "Moment in Paredyse" interview segment. Paredyse brought out Jason Wayne. Wayne is pretty over here right now, but had a few guys booing him too. They showed clips of Wayne beating Mondo in the finals of the tournament from the Saturday Night Special, Wayne did use a chair before hitting his full nelson slam finisher on Mondo. Paredyse told Wayne that Mondo and Christian Mascagni were not here tonight, but were out filing a protest about the finals of the tournament to the OVW board of directors. Paredsye said to him, Jason Wayne was the champion. Wayne talked about making his debut on OVW six months ago, and all the guys he had to go thru in the tournament, and he had a hard road to go. He had to beat James "Moose" Thomas, "Smooth" Johnny Spade, Rudy Switchblade, and Mike Mondo to win it. Paredyse mixed flirting with Wayne in between his serious questions, making Wayne a bit uncomfortable at times. Paredsye said things like maybe he and Wayne can wrestle, and then come to the Davis arena and have a championship match. Paredyse said tonights show would have a number one contenders match of "Smooth" Johnny Spade vs Andreas Rossi, with the winner meeting Wayne at the August 6th Saturday Night Special. Huh??? How and why was Rossi given such a golden opportunity so quickly? He worked a brief dark match last week. Rossi is UK wrestler Andy Baker. Spade had been undefeated in his return to OVW, until last week when Wayne beat him in a second round tournament match. Wayne has a good speaking voice, but needs to work on his promos. He speaks in a monotone way, that fits his serious Marine like character, but it comes across kinda wooden at times. He may have been nervous on the mic a bit here, but he has the tools.

Trailer Park Trash and Mr. Black were in the locker room. They are known as "The Fat and the Furious". The 537 pound Black talked about the "fat" part of the team name, and to help that out, he handed TPT a diet Pepsi, while he Black, ate a Burger. Lennox Lewis came in and busted out some Disco dance moves. Black told Trash that dancing like that burns calories.

3. Elvis Pridemore beat Adam Revolver

This was the first match of the TV taping. Revolver came out alone, but his partner, Ted McNaler, soon came to ringside in street clothes. McNaler & Revolver are known as The Elite here, but they're as close to being split up now as you can be without actually being split up. Revolver wanted McNaler to leave, but McNaler was angry that Revolver distracted him during his match last week, causing him to lose to Jamin Olivencia in a second round tournament match for the OVW heavyweight title. Revolver got an advantage in the match, and put Elvis' red ball cap on backwards, but this fired Elvis up, and he speared Revolver, and then pounded on him. Revolver regained control, and pitched Elvis out of the ring close to McNaler. But not only did McNaler not attack Elvis, he was openly cheering for him on the floor, angering Revolver greatly. The Elite argued some more, and Elvis ended up hitting his wacky reverse spinning kick on Revolver for the win. I guess it was an upset, but hard to call it that at this point. McNaler and Revolver again had a big stare down after the match.

Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin had a filmed animated conversation at the desk about something.

Next was supposed to be Rudy Switchblade defending the OVW TV title against Raphael Constantine, who was sporting all new ring gear with a different look, but that didn't happen. A furious Jamin Olivencia stormed out and grabbed the mic and said Switchblade wasn't man enough to talk to him in the back, and that Switchblade took away his chance for the OVW heavyweight title, something he had worked very hard for. Olivencia and Switchblade then had a wild pull apart on the floor, with refs and the geek squad trying in vain to stop it. A very good pull apart, terrific fire from both guys. Since OVW added rows of fans on the floor, the desk is very close to the ring now, too close, especially when stuff like this is going on. Plus, guys can't do dives out of the ring anymore, which was maybe part of the reason the OVW brass did it, who knows. But I digress. Constantine stayed in the ring during the wild melee between Switchblade and Olivencia. Switchblade was seething anger by the end of this, his burning hatred for Olivencia was clearly evident when he finally went to the back. These two are on a major collision course, and this was a hot angle. It was announced the scheduled title match was thrown out, which pissed Constantine off. Constantine went to the floor to confront Olivencia about messing up his TV title shot. That was a bad mistake as Olivencia was in no mood to take any crap, and he decked Constantine, knocking him out cold. Constantine had to be dragged to the back.

4. Alex Silva beat Randy Terrez

Alex Silva has returned to OVW, and is a welcome addition back to the roster. He wasn't on top of his game here though. Looked like he has bulked up a bit, and hasn't been hitting the gym as hard while he was away, and didn't look as sharp in the ring either. But this guy has a huge upside when he's "on", pretty much a blue chip prospect. Face vs face here. It was a back and forth arm drag festival early. Silva scored with a big dropkick, and a back suplex on Terrez. Silva did some goofy cracking his neck deal, before getting fired up. Terrez came back, and went up for his "Thrill Kill" finisher, a top rope twisting corkscrew Moonsault, but Raul Lamotta ran out and shoved Terrez off the top, and Terrez landed right on top of his head. Very scary looking spot, Terrez might have tucked just a bit at the last second, but it looked nasty. Yikes. Silva then hit his "Silva Surfer" running knee finisher to win it. Lamotta has a total Scott Hall look going now, he always kinda did, but this was straight up a Scott Hall rip off look.

Lamotta was in the back celebrating what he just did to Randy Terrez with Bolin Services 2.0. "Smooth" Johnny Spade walked by. Andreas Rossi showed up and went nose to nose with Spade, talking about their number one contender match for the OVW heavyweight title tonight. Spade went to his locker, and found a note from Tony Gunn, containing a cassette tape, yes a cassette tape in 2011. Gunn made Spade a mixed tape of music to help calm Spade's nerves. Also there was a teddy bear with a bandanna on its head like Spade wears from Tony Gunn. Spade became angry and threw the tape, and the bear in the trash. Tony Gunn came by, found the stuff in the trash, and was very hurt. Gunn has been asking Spade to be his tag team partner for weeks now, Spade is not interested, and is getting more and more pissed, while Gunn is getting more and more stalkerish and strange, to the point of being creepy. Lady wrestler Epiphany Jones was ranting and raving in the back, and got in Taryn Shay's face, also there was Benny Bray, and Shay bumped into Bray, which could be the start of a romance between those two. Might Bray and Shay go all the way? Stay tuned....
They've been doing these manic backstage segment for a few weeks now, and I'm not really a big fan of them. I guess several things get accomplished at once during them, but it's so fast it's hard for stuff to sink in, and my big problem with them is it all comes off so flimsy and phony.

5. James "Moose" Thomas & Rocco Bellagio w/Prince Bolin, Mo Green, and The Personal Assistant beat Jimbo Onno & Lennox Lewis

Thomas and Bellagio dominated this one, with Bellagio in most of the way. Bellagio is quite athletic, and very limber, for a guy his size, but needs to learn how to use it correctly, and at the right times, or else it just looks goofy. Bellagio and Thomas hit Onno with a high low type move, one hits high, one hits low, to win it. Impressive win, and Thomas and Bellagio could be a team on the horizon to challenge Trailer Park Trash and Jack Black for the OVW Southern tag team titles soon.

They showed clips of Mohamad Ali Vaez beating Michael Hayes at the July 2nd Saturday Night Special, where the stip was if Hayes lost, Vaez won Hayes' prosthetic leg. Hayes in a wounded war hero who lost his left leg in the Iraq war. Hayes is now 0-4 vs Vaez, and down one fake leg. After beating him, Vaez ripped the leg off Hayes, and celebrated with it.

Michael Hayes came to the ring on crutches, Gilbert Corsey was in the ring with him. Out came Mohamad Ali Vaez, wearing a suit and a turban, and with the prosthetic leg. Vaez looks to have lost noticeable weight in recent weeks. Hayes wanted yet another match with Vaez, but Vaez said the leg was his, and questioned where Hayes gets his sense of entitlement from. Vaez said he has bite marks on his body from his match with Hayes last Saturday. Ali said he has found a good use for the fake leg, and then used it has a hat rack of sorts for his turban. Hayes said he wants to fight for his leg back. Vaez said Hayes is used to getting what he wants, being a cripple and all. Vaez said he was a benevolent man. Vaez said if Hayes can beat an opponent next week on one leg, then he'll consider giving Hayes another match with him. Vaez said Hayes doesn't have a leg to stand on. So I guess next week will be the literal definition of a one legged man in a butt kicking contest for Michael Hayes.

OVW owner Danny Davis was in his office congratulating Jason Wayne on his title win. Davis told Wayne that Mike Mondo and Christian Mascagni were in Las Vegas trying to meet with the OVW board of directors to protest the finals of the tournament.

6. "Smooth" Johnny Spade beat Andreas Rossi to become the #1 contender for the OVW heavyweight title

TV main event time. OVW champion Jason Wayne joined Corsey and Kenny Bolin on commentary during this match. Rossi came out the heel side, Spade the face side, but I think Spade will be a heel here soon. Rossi has good size, he didn't wear the "Whoo whoo" guy style head band he wore in a dark match here last week. Spade with some big chops on Rossi early. Spade and Rossi fought on the outside in front of the desk. Spade with an array of kicks. Rossi with a DDT on Spade off the second rope. Rossi had control, but Spade back with a Buff Blockbuster. Neither guy could really maintain an advantage, but Spade finally hit a superkick on Rossi, and then beat him with a Swanton. Match wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good either. On the clunky side at times, and like I said, Rossi was just inserted into this spot from out of the blue. Jason Wayne came into the ring after the match, and Wayne and Spade went nose to nose to end the TV taping.
I had to leave, but they had two dark matches after the TV taping, one of which was Jason Wayne & Paredyse vs Mohamad Ali Vaez & Christopher Silvio.
A few head scratching things tonight, but overall a decent show. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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