TNA Destination X feedback

This was the first TNA PPV I've watched from start to finish in almost
a year. The main reason I watched it was to see RVD vs Jerry Lynn,
though I wasn't sure if I would keep watching the show after that
match. I did, but I was by no means blown away by what I saw
throughout the night. The opener was a pretty good match, though I
think it went on too long. The next few matches were completely
forgettable and while the Ultimate X match was pretty good, it didn't
feel anywhere near as good as most previous ones. RVD vs Jerry Lynn
was fun and I'm glad I paid to see it, but it was what it was, which
was mostly nostalgia. The 4 way for the contract was great. Aries
controlled most of the match so I never really expected anyone else to
win, but it makes sense (for a change on a TNA show) that they guy
sticking around gets to look strong. Abyss vs Kendrick almost made me
turn the show off. The stuff like having Abyss pause to read his book
made it fell like a gloried indie show. The ending where the entire
undercard was needed to run off 3 guys made everyone look weak. The
main event of Styles vs Daniels didn't really seem to click with the
crowd and I have to admit I wasn't really feeling it either. No one
expected Daniels to win or a pinfall to happen in the first 10 to 15
minutes, so there wasn't a lot of energy. Overall for the night, it
felt like there were too many botched spots, too many guys losing
their balance on the turnbuckles (maybe there WAS a reason they did it
on Tough Enough), and not a lot of reaction from the crowd.

I don't usually watch Impact all the way through and this show didn't
make me feel like I needed to start watching again.
Doug "DiRT" Turner

Thumbs Up

Best Match: Winner Gets A Contract Match
Worst Match: Comedy Tag Match

Best Show in TNA since Turning Point 09. Nothing horrendous really.

Joe vs Kazarian, only saw the first 3 minutes and last 30 seconds. That finish seemed stupid to me and I dont know why Joe wasnt added to the main event, would have gotten a great match out of it instead of this and you could have replaced Robbie E with Kaz in the Ultimate X match.

Doug WIlliams vs that dude who fell off the top rope. Had 3 good minutes or so till they went outside then it fell off a cliff.

Comedy Tag match was filler and took away time from other matches. Erick Young is just impossible for me to watch nowadays, Shark Boy has been doing this weird shtick for over half a decade now (and where has it gotten him?), and Generation Me, (why the hell are they named that?) arent interesting to me. One of them looks less like Matt Hardy now, probably because hes met and seen whats become of him. DONT BE MATT HARDY!

Ultimate X should have gone longer, the end was anti climatic because it should have gone another 7 minutes. Good while it last besides Robbie E's horrendous over selling.

RVD vs Jerry Lynn was better than I thought it would be. The crowd wanted to cheer both of them, and when Lynn turned heel it took awhile to get everyone to cheer RVD, but since Lynn has a bad back I think it was good he was a heel and making RVD take the big bumps. Great match to make the rivalry come to an end. One of the best matches theyve ever had. .

Contract Match was great, hopefully Low Ki shows back up real soon and he and Aries can have matches. Hopefully this is a step in a great direction for Austin, but it is TNA. Great match worth buying the dvd when it comes out to see.

Kendrick vs Abyss, I made dinner during this whole thing, came back and saw the confetti. Kendrick is capable of having good to great matches with Shelley, hopefully he doesnt just meditate and do drop kicks through all of them. He won this title because he threatened to leave the company 2 months ago and since then hes had lack luster matches not anywhere near the level he could do compared to when he was in WWE and horrendously done promos that would make The Ultimate Warrior wonder what the hell he was trying to get at. Bet Abyss wins the title back at the tapings.

Styles vs Daniels, I said earlier Joe should have been in this, when they first did the segment to set this up it was obvious they should have. Not a bad match, but not what it should have been.

Overall TNA did a great job just letting guys go out there and wrestle, some stuff could have been better, but this may end up being the best ppv they do all year. Hopefully not but I dont have high hopes even after seeing such a good show. But at least the BFG tourney hasnt gone to shambles yet.

William Bren

Hi Dave,

Thumbs Up

Best Match: Aries vs. Ion vs 'Ki vs Evans
Worst Match: Williams vs. Haskins, although it wasn't bad.

I thoroughly enjoyed the PPV with the four-way being the stand-out match. All four guys deserve to have a contract.

The only negative with the show was the crowd, who are undoubtedly the hardest to please 'fans' in the history of US wrestling and spend entire shows trying to get themself over to the detriment of the overall presentation.

Jeremy Borash was excellent on commentary and added a lot to the show.

RVD vs. Jerry Lynn had more psychology than many of their older matches did, but it lacked the crispness that both of them had in their prime.

I thought Abyss vs. Kendrick told a really good story in that Abyss didn't take his opponent seriously, and then when he started bleeding he became simultaneously scared and outraged and Kendrick gained confidence (Playing off the phrase "...if it bleeds, you can kill it.")

Daniels vs Styles was what I've come to expect from the two of them. Again, the crowd really hindered the match.

I have to say it was nice to watch a PPV without having my intelligence constantly insulted, let's hope this isn't a one-off.


Caleb Palmer

TNA Destination X 2010
Thumbs up
Best Match:  AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels
Worst Match:  Douglas Williams vs. Mark Haskins
Great Show!  The main event and the RVD vs. Lynn matches were great.  The right guy won the X Division title match.  The X Division was allowed to get some revenge on Bischoff and Immortal (even if it took all of them to do it and even if it only lasts one night).  The four way for the contract between Aries, LowKi, Ion, and Evans was a lot of fun to watch.  They made it seem like a lot was on the line in this one.  I agree with the crowd:  Sign them all!  (Only - afterwards, please don't treat them all like jobbers.)  The Ultimate X match was fine but not great - but I have grown weary of wrestlers almost killing themselves in Ultimate X matches with so little to show for it afterward so I was happy to see it toned down a bit.  All the other matches featured acceptable wrestling.  I think they could do more with great workers like Samoa Joe and Generation Me but perhaps that ship has sailed at this point.  Not sure why they debuted Mark Haskins in the fashion they did here tonight.  That match was the least entertaining of the night although it wasn't offensive in any way.  This show was certainly worth the money.
Belinda Elliott
Virginia Beach, VA

Hey Dave,

Thumbs Up

Best Match: 4-Way Contract Match

Worst Match: Tie between Kendrick vs Abyss / Gen Me vs. Young & Shark Boy

I don't know what it says about your company when the best match of the night (by far and away) was a match between four guys not officially signed to contracts.

I guess it says like the crowd (and you) said, sign them all up. I would be especially surprised if they didn't try and work out a deal to bring Jack Evans over from AAA since they have a good working relationship with them. He's had quite the Twitter buzz this week and great crowd reactions. It's been a no-brainer for years that he could be a mainstream star. Funnily enough, I would actually say Low Ki stood out as the biggest star. He is just flawless and totally unique, always in character and giving 100%.

I thought all four promo's from these guys were pretty non-descript, but all the talking was done in the ring, and shock horror!...that was enough.

Styles/Daniels surprised me, in that it was a clinic, with both guys really getting across that they knew eachother's moves like the back of their hands. However, as you say, the crowd just wasn't alive for a lot of it, even though they were trying. I kind of felt the same. I've seen these two put on matches in person that raised the roof off the place, so this was a little underwhelming, if still technically brilliant. I just feel the original tease of AJ/Daniels/Joe III would have been much more fitting, and would be a guarantee to end on more of a high.

I don't think this company could bury Joe more if they literally threw him in a six foot hole and threw dirt on him. Losing in the opener to a distinctly average Kazarian, after being totally brushed aside from the main event, just made him look a fool. I half expected him to grab a mic and say 'F**k this company for everything they've done to me. I'm gone'. Anyhow, it could be too late for him to redeem his career, anywhere. Maybe I'm overreacting.

Although I'm glad Alex Shelley (the most underrated wrestler I've ever known) won the contract, the Ultimate X match was just there. They need to rest that match gimmick for at least a year and a half now. I think that gimmick used with four fresh guys in a grab the X, get a contract match would have been more suitable, but hey that's just me and my armchair booking.

Thumbs have to be up for this, because even though booking hindered it from being a true dream card, the X division guys (read: good wrestlers) really delivered as best they could.

Marley Dorman, UK

I give the show a thumbs up for the 4 way for the contract and because while technically the other matches aside from the title match weren't bad the show as a whole came off as a show where nothing really mattered. The main event wasn't bad but I feel like I slept through it. I think with the length they tried to pace it to make it this epic confrontation but it never really picked up and developed into the match I think they were going for. Every finish aside from the 4 way just came off so anti climactic. Maybe it was because the division has been built up over the years as being such an awesome division with incredible workers that I had super high expectations and they really weren't met. Also doing a ppv with nothing but X division matches I think people expected way more out of every match and I really never felt like they delivered.

Chris Cutrer

Thumbs up:
Best match - The 4-way for the contract
Worst Match - Williams/Haskins

This is the first TNA pay-per-view I ordered since that horrid Jenna
Miraska-Sharmell match in 2009...or whenever that was.
I enjoyed the show, thought the 4-way match for the contract was
great and all four of them should be signed. There wasn't anything I'd
really call horrible but some of it, like the Williams match did seem to
fall flat.

Will I order more of these shows? I really doubt it. I mean, I'd really
be interested if I thought that tonight was the rule and not an
aboration. Yet I know that on Thursday we're going to be back to the
same kind of stuff. I'd say that for TNA to win me back as a potential
viewer of iMPACT (I gave up on that show for Swamp People & Futurama
awhile ago) and PPV customer it'd take at least 6 months of consistently
good booking and entertaining wrestling. I've got no faith that this
creative team either wants to do that or even could if they wanted to do so.

Still, tonight was enjoyable & maybe I'll buy next year's Destination X
if they don't just trash the concept. Man, I was really hoping this
feedback would be more upbeat but especially with TNA the good has to
be followed by a bunch of disclaimers. Still, I'll be paying attention
to see if there's a chance they can win me back. I was a faithful PPV
buyer from December 2004 to February 2008 I didn't miss a show. After
that it was more hit-or-miss until that horrid Sharmell match put my
wallet away for 2 years.

Casey Trowbridge
Huron, SD.

TNA Destination X Feedback

Best Match: Austin Aries vs. Low-Ki vs. Zema Ion vs. Jack Evans
Worst Match: Brian Kendrick vs. Abyss

Thumbs up show!

First TNA PPV I've ordered since 2007. Just some running thoughts as I'm watching this thing. It better not suck.

- Loved the Joe/Kazarian match. HATED THE FUCKING FINISH. Bullshit there. It's like they wanted to make Joe look like an idiot. Still thought it was a fine start to the show though.

-Crowd didn't seem to care too much for the Williams/Haskins match. I thought Williams was fine. Haskins botched too much stuff. Seems like he choked here.

- I enjoyed the Eric Young/Shark Boy vs. Generation Me match. Another botched spot in this one. I guess that's what you get when guys try to impress with whacky things. I like Eric Young as the whacky, crazy TV champ.

- I thought the guys were trying really hard in Ultimate X. Finish seemed sort of anti-climactic though. Guys just trying to get in place for the finish seemed forced.

-RVD vs. Jerry Lynn. I thought it started off hot and then slowed down once they turned Lynn heel half-way through. These guys were just moving really slow. I loved the chair spots, particularly RVD launching himself half-way across the ring for the powerbomb spot. Fun match.

-Fucking loved the 4-way. Low-Ki and Aries jawing back and forth trying to out do each other was great. I really could watch those two work every night. I thought Jack Evans doing his whacky spinning stuff was awesome. Good for Austin Aries. I hope he gets featured on Impact a lot. Best match on the show so far. "I'M THE GREATEST MAN THAT EVER LIVED." Yes, you are, Austin Aries.

-X-Division Title. What was that shit? Kendrick hitting Abyss and him just no-selling it. Then Abyss goes over and reads from his book. This did not belong on this show. Kendrick opened him up with a PUNCH. REF BUMP AND BISCHOFF AND IMMORTAL. Fuck this. They just fucking killed the guys the show was built around. It took 20 people to beat up three guys. LOL TNA LOL.

-Main event is boring me. I think the crowd is bored too. They're making up chants to entertain themselves. I guess since they're going a while they have to pace themselves. Or it may just be that I ordered the show for the 4-way and it was awesome so now I don't care. Yep, main event bored me to tears. AJ even botched the finish.

Better PPV than you're usually going to get from TNA. I don't see any reason why I'll need to order another one though.

Charles Humphreys

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