OVW TV tapings 7-13 Louisville

 By rent Vandrisse

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television taping report for July 13th, 2011. Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The crowd was around 130 tonight. OVW is doing a charity show for children called "Clash for the crusade" at 2 pm this Saturday July 16 at the Davis arena.

1. Paredyse beat Marshman Nick ???

Dark match. Marshman has changed his name from Bud to Nick something, didn't catch the last name. Didn't change his luck here any. Lots of entertaining, and suggestive, clowning from Paredyse in this one. Marshman had a few fleeting moments, but Paredyse won this one easily.

2. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green beat Jimbo Onno by submission

Also a dark match. Silvio is now doing a hippie Jesus Christ gimmick, not sure what else to call it, or what the gimmick is really supposed to be. Don't know why Mo Green was with him either. Hell, what do I know? I know he hasn't been on TV with this gimmick yet. Silvio got the win with a Crippler crossface like submission.

The TV taping opened with the video screen, with no sound, showing Rudy Switchblade and Jamin Olivencia having a wild brawl backstage, both wearing pants, but no shirts. They soon spilled thru the curtain, and fought each other hard while some refs and geek squad members tried to break it up. They couldn't, so a second round of the geek squad came out to add to the pull apart. The crowd chanted "Let them fight". This went on quite awhile. Finally, Switchblade and Olivencia came nose to nose in the ring, and Switchblade kicked Olivencia in the balls and left. Guess that's how you win a fight. These two are going to have a heck of a match in the not too distant future.

Before the dust could clear, out came Mike Mondo, in his wrestling gear, with his attorney/manager Christian Mascagni. Mascagni complained about the finish at the July 2nd Saturday Night Special, calling it the "Final Four Screw job", and said Johnny Spade becoming the number 1 contender for the OVW heavyweight title last week was a joke. The mic went out on Mascagni, and later in the show on Mohamad Ali Vaez, and I couldn't tell if it was technical problems, or someone pulling a rib on them. Mascagni claimed at the Saturday Night Special that now OVW heavyweight champion Jason Wayne had a three hour rest between his matches in the tournament, but Mondo only had a few minutes, which Mascagni was on purpose by the booking of OVW owner Danny Davis, and was unfair. Mascagni claimed Mondo wrestled Jamin Olivencia for over an hour before facing Jason Wayne in the finals. Mascagni said he talked to the OVW board of directors about this. Out came Jason Wayne. Wayne wasn't monotone on the mic this week, he was angry here, and with a purpose. He said he was sick of Mondo and Mascagni's whining. Wayne questioned who the OVW board of directors were. calling them, and Mascagni, "Bald headed, Pencil necked geeks". Somewhere Freddie Blassie is smiling. Wayne said he used to respect Mike Mondo, but he doesn't now. Wayne said he would face Mondo any time and any place. Out came current #1 contender "Smooth" Johnny Spade. Spade said nobody will get that shot at the title before he does. Mondo finally broke his silence, and said he deserves the shot. Mascagni proposed a match for tonight were Wayne & Spade team up against Mondo and a partner, and if Mondo pins Wayne or Spade, he becomes the number one contender. Wayne and Spade agreed to it. This stipulation didn't make sense to me. What did Jason Wayne, and especially Johnny Spade, get out of this deal? Why would Spade agree to that? Mondo didn't put anything on the line in return.

3. Raul Lamotta beat Ryan Howe

This was the first match of the TV taping. Like I said last week, Lamotta has a total Scott Hall rip off look going now. The crowd likes to chant "Taco Bell" at him. Some "Skidmarks" chants at Ryan Howe, which seemed to annoy him a bit. Howe cut his hair somewhat. Lamotta took control here early, and kept it for most of the match. Lamotta, the heel, won it clean with a curb stomp. This was close to being a squash win for Lamotta, it seemed odd. Clearly they're going to give Lamotta a push, and Howe doesn't seem to be in their plans going forward based on this match.

They showed Lamotta going backstage and being congratulated for his victory by Bolin Services 2.0. Randy Terrez showed up, argued with them, and got shoved around a bit. Lamotta and Terrez will square off soon. Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, Alex Silva was trying to get Jamin Olivencna to calm down, but Olivencia was screaming "I JUST GOT KICKED IN THE NUTS". Heh.

Michael Hayes came out on crutches, then got in the ring and ditched the crutches. Hayes cut a promo on one leg, he's only got one, demanding that Mohamad Ali Vaez come out now. Vaez came out with Hayes' prosthetic leg, wearing his turban. Vaez is using different music now. Vaez said Hayes failed in four attempts to beat him. The stip they set up last week was Vaez said if Hayes can beat an opponent of his choosing on one leg that MAYBE he'll give Hayes a 5th match with him, and a chance to win his fake leg back. Hayes demanded Vaez bring the opponent out now. Vaez wanted Hayes to be sure of the stip, that even if he wins, Vaez said he will MAYBE give Hayes another crack at him. Hayes said yes, Vaez said he has a leg up, leading to......

4. Michael Hayes beat Kharn Alexander by submission

Hayes dropped Alexander down face first on his knee, and won by submission with the Anaconda Vice. This whole match took 20 seconds tops. Big pop for Hayes for his first TV win. Vaez seemed stunned, and went to the back quickly shouting "No".

Raphael Constantine was in the back talking to OVW womens champion Lady JoJo. Constantine was complaining to her about not getting his shot at the TV title last week, and wanted her to sign a petition about it, plus mentioned the fact that he's a 5th generation pro wrestler. JoJo kicked him out of her space. JoJo was on her cell phone trying to get in contact with Taryn Shay, but was having no luck. Smothers Twisted Daughters(Jessie Belle & Isabella Smothers) got in JoJo's face, and said Isabelle Smothers will get a title shot at JoJo at the August 6th Saturday Night Special. JoJo has held the title for closing in on a year now. Paredyse showed up and told JoJo she better start training to face Isabella, JoJo screamed and walked away. Meanwhile, coming out of a closet was Benny Bray and Taryn Shay, their clothes a mess, they clearly had been doing "something" physical together. Paredyse was thrilled to see this, as he now had some juicy gossip to "share with the girls".
5. James "Moose" Thomas & Rocco Bellagio w/Prince Bolin, Mo Green & The Personal assistant beat Benjamin Bray & Elvis Pridemore

Bray was wearing some shiny new white trunks. Wow, he sure went from looking disheveled with Taryn Shay to being out here wrestling in a hurry. I know Uncle Bens rice is quick, but damn. Pridemore has been on a bit of a winning streak, but he went back to jobber mode here. Bray took a pounding from Thomas and Bellagio. Moose pulled Elvis off the apron, preventing him from tagging in. Bellagio with a shaky spinebuster on Bray. As Bellagio held Bray, Thomas went for his Moose kick to win it. Notice I said went for it, because it completely whiffed. Total squash. Thomas and Bellagio appear to be the team being built up to face current OVW Southern Tag Team champions, The Fat & The Furious(Trailer Park Trash & Mr. Black).

6. Isaballa Smothers w/Jessie Belle Smothers beat Solo Darling

Isabella is Mickie Knuckles BTW. Isabella and Jessie Belle were arguing passionately about something the whole time here. Solo is pint sized, I mean really tiny. One fan described her as a mini Trish Stratus, which somewhat fits her look. This match was short, no pun intended towards Solo, but was fun while it lasted. All big impact moves from both girls. Isaballa dropped Solo down hard for the win. I'd like to see more of Solo, she looked good in there. Isabella Smothers is one of the best lady workers anywhere. Isabella & Jessie Belle argued more after the match, but finally had a "pinkie swear" moment, before leaving while arguing some more.

Raphael Constantine was talking to Adam Revolver backstage. Revolver signed Constantine's petition about him getting cheated out of his shot at the OVW TV title. Mike Mondo and Christian Mascagni then came up to Revolver, and asked him to be Mondo's partner tonight. Mascagni said Revolver was an expert tag team wrestler, and Mondo indicated there'd be nice money in it for Revolver. Revolver agreed to it.
Revolver then ran into his regular partner, Ted McNaler, though they've been at odds with each other for months now. Together Revolver & McNaler are called "The Elite". McNaler questioned Revolver as to why he's teaming with Mondo. Revolver said if he gets the pin, he will be the number one contender for the OVW heavyweight title, and he doesn't have to answer to McNaler anyhow. McNaler said last time Revolver was associated with Mondo, he ended up getting into trouble.

Rudy Switchblade cut a promo on Jamin Olivencia backstage.

7. Mike Mondo & Adam Revolver w/Christian Mascagni beat Jason Wayne & "Smooth" Johnny Spade

TV Main event time. Wayne and Spade dominated Revolver early. Mondo looks very tan. Spade actually landed his Swanton finisher on Mondo fairly early in the match, but Revolver broke up the pin attempt. Spade ended up taking the heat. Mondo came off the second rope, but Spade greeted him with a super kick. The ever sneaky Mondo managed to hit Jason Wayne with his trusty brass knuckles while Revolver was the legal man. Mondo wanted the all important pin here, so he tagged himself in. Mondo and Revolver started arguing about it, and even fighting, but then Johnny Spade ran wild on both of them. Jason Wayne cleared the cobwebs after the brass knucks shot and ran wild on both Mondo and Revolver. The match took an unexpected turn when Spade and Revolver both tried to go over the top rope together on a clothesline. Revolver went over fine, but Spade's leg/ankle got caught between the top and middle rope, and there he hung, upside down. This clearly wasn't supposed to happen, and looked legit scary. Meanwhile, Mondo rolled up Jason Wayne for the win. So Mondo is now the #1 contender for the OVW heavyweight title. Like I said before, this stip was goofy, and so totally one sided favoring the heels. Made no sense really. Wayne helped Spade get free from his predicament. Once he did, Spade pulled his pants up right away, and was checking out his leg, while instantly sweating heavily. Spade got back up, and appeared to be ok, though no doubt he'll be sore for a few days. This could have resulted in a broken leg or ankle for him, and he clearly knew it. He dodged a bullet. He looked relieved to be walking around, but a bit shaken up by it all, and this is a guy with many years experience in the wrestling business. You just never know what's going to happen at any given moment.
I don't know what the post taping dark match was, I had to leave. This show was alright. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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