Jimmy Hart talks Hogan going to WCW in 1994

Jimmy Hart recently appeared on The LAW's 'Review a Wai' program with John Pollock and Wai Ting to chat about the debut of Hulk Hogan and Hart with World Championship Wrestling in 1994 and the 'Bash at the Beach' event. Hart chats about the differences working in WCW and the behind the scenes work of promoter Zane Bresloff. The full show featuring a review of 'Bash at the Beach' and the entire interview with Hart can be heard at http://www.thefightnetwork.com/data/podcasts/799/2011-07-10.mp3.

Here are some highlights of the interview:

The circumstances of of WCW contacting Hogan and the decision to sign:

Well, what really happened is Hulk had taken time off to go out and do 'Thunder in Paradise,' and I went with him of course. We were on the set of 'Thunder in Paradise' at Disney World, and Eric Bischoff and (WCW) had been filming some of their TV shows there, and so he came by to see us and the next thing you know, Hulk and I were on our way down to Atlanta, Georgia for Ted Turner to sign a contract. That's how it really all took place, it kind of just fell into place. It was nothing pre-planned or predetermined. Something just fell into place back then.

Impressions of WCW at the time they entered in 1994:

They had great talent, but they were kind of in a stalemate. The numbers weren't really knocking anybody out, or house shows either. I think they were in a kind of make it or break it situation, that's why he was able to bring Hulk in at the time. We pulled every favor we had, and just tried to convince Ted Turner and Eric that if you're gonna compete with WWE, you've really gotta make it something that the people are really going to be excited about, other than just a wrestling match. So, we used a lot of favors from a lot of people, but it really worked, and I think that's what really kicked off getting the budget we needed to try to be competitive.

Hulk Hogan dealing with the Vince McMahon steroid trial that same summer:

Hulk went through a lot at the time, the whole wrestling world did really, but everything came out great. Vince was not guilty, of course he wasn't, and Hulk just told the truth. So it all worked out in the long run.

His reaction to the passing of Randy Savage in May:

That morning when Randy passed away, I had just spoken to Lanny earlier. Lanny and I were on the same show in San Jose that evening for a big wrestling convention out there. What happened was, Lanny had called me that morning to get the promoter's number, because he left on an earlier flight and he was stuck in Dallas. So he says, "My plane is gonna be about five hours late, can you give me the promoter's number so I can call him and tell him?" So I called Lanny back and gave him the number. About 30 minutes later, Lanny calls me back and goes, "Jimmy, you won't believe what happened. I just heard my brother just got killed in a car wreck," and I went "What?!" I couldn't believe it. About three hours later is when you started hearing it on the news and everything.

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Transcribed by Chris Maffei

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