Money in the Bank - It's on - live coverage

Welcome to our live coverage of the WWE Money in the Bank PPV from the All-State Arena in Chicago.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

It opens with Smackdown Money in the Bank:  Sin Cara, Kane, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and Wade Barrett

Excellent opener.  Bryan won the match by knocking Barrett off and climbing to the top and taking down the briefcase.  Crowd was super hot throughout.  Sin Cara was taken out early in the match when Sheamus power bombed him off the apron onto a ladder that was bridging the apron and annnouncers table.  Lots of cool stuff including a multi-dive sequence with Bryan doing a tope, Gabriel with a running flip dive and Cara with a plancha.  There were some sick bumps onto the ladder and the bumps being knocked off the ladder but it was a great match that was largely under control.

Some notes.  Colt Cabana is in the front row.  ICP is also at ringside.

They showed Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis and a WWE attorney arriving together saying it's a last ditch effort to sign Punk before the match.

There are two fans with giant posters of ice cream bars.

Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella for the Divas title

Kelly retained the title with a famouser.  A worse match than you'd imagine.  Finish came out of nowhere with several botched spots during the match.   

Big Show vs. Mark Henry

Nothing special of a match but they did the right thing because they need heels over on Smackdown.  Henry used the World's Strongest Slam, but Show kicked out.  Henry then gave a Show a second one, followed by two big splashes and Henry got the clean pin. 

Post-match, he  Pillmanized Show's ankle putting the chair around the ankle and splashing it off the middle rope.  That looks to be an injury angle.

They are bringing all the EMT's out again and teasing Show having to go out on a stretcher.  Instead of a stretcher, they're taking Show out on a motorized cart, because who wants to carry that guy on a stretcher? 

Crowd is chanting "C.M. Punk" loud while Show went out on a stretcher.

Josh interviewed Vince who admitted that he hasnt signed C.M. Punk.  Crowd booed.  Vince called Punk the biggest ingrate he's ever dealt with.  Claimed he's offered Punk the most lucrative contract ever offered, yeah right, and Vince said the Punk fans shouldn't blame him.  He said Punk told him to get out when he offered him the deal.  Vince blamed this all on John Cena because he insisted on this match and said it's all Cena's fault.  He said that if Punk leaves the building tonight, may God have mercy on John Cena's soul.

Raw Money in the Bank ladder match.  Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio, Alex Riley, The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, R-Truth and Jack Swagger 

Del Rio won the match.  The finish saw Del Rio unmask Mysterio just as Mysterio had it won and Mysterio hid his face and fell off the ladder onto another ladder.  A whole bunch of ladders collapsed, including the one Del Rio was on, so Del Rio had to set up the ladder and climb up to win while everyone else sold.  Another great match.  A lot of highlights including another dive sequence, ending with Bourne doing a shooting star press off the top rung of a 12 foot ladder onto everyone.   Another story was that Miz took a bump off the ladder and was selling his knee something fierce and helped to the back.  Miz missed most of the match, but limped back out when everyone was selling and teased winning.  This is a super hardcore crowd because they wanted Miz to win and booed the hell out of Mysterio when he knocked Miz off the ladder.  As Mysterio went to climb they booed him more than pretty much anyone has been booed so far (well, Cena will be booed more).   They cheered like crazy when Del Rio climbed up after Mysterio and when Del Rio won.

Randy Orton vs. Christian, if there is a bad ref decision or a DQ, then Christian wins the world title
This crowd was completely pro-Christian and booing Orton.  So the finish got exactly the opposite reaction desired but crowd cheered the move instantly because they knew Christian won the title with the move.  Great match with super heat because the crowd was so into Christian.  They booed heavily when Orton kicked out of the killswithc.  The finish saw Christian spit in Orton's face and Orton went berserk, and kicked Christian low for the DQ, so Christian won the title.  After the match, Orton hit Christian with a monitor and gave him an RKO on the table, which didn't break.  Orton lefft and was told to come back to break the table as planned, so he did the move again and again the table didn't break.  Crowd was really buzzing when it was over, so it's not like the table not breaking made a difference.  Actually they ended up cheering Orton like crazy for going berserk when it was over.  Christian was booed as the refs were helping him to the back.

Some notes.  The Miz is okay, but Del Rio is messed up, cut up back of his head and ribs hurting.  Expect him back out later.

The Cena-Punk segment with everything is scheduled for a 40 minute segment off the air 47-50 past the hour.  Everyone backstage glued to the monitors for this one.

Punk super over as expected.

John Cena vs. C.M. Punk for the WWE title. 

Super match, a match of the year candidate.  Punk pulled out everything and played the super babyface although the women in the crowd were for Cena.  Punk twice kicked out of the Attitude Adjustment.  At the finish, Vince and John Laurinaitis came out and Cena got Punk in the STF.  Vince told Laurinaitis to have the bell rung.  Cena broke the hold and jumped out of the ring and decked Laurinaitis and told Vince that he wasn't going to let it end that way.  Punk then got Cena from behind with the GTS and pinned him.

Vince then ordered Del Rio out.  Punk kicked Del Rio in the head and ran into the crowd and apparently left as champion as the show went off the air.  They made it clear that Del Rio did not cash it in because the bell never rang.  Good way to end because you've got Punk leaving as champion and Cena supposedly fired.,

One of the best PPVs the company has ever done.

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