First batch of MITB feedback

Thumbs WAY UP

Best match: Punk/Cena

Worst match: none


Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Kane vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Sin Cara vs. Wade Barrett vs. Heath Slater vs. Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes ****
This was a really good opener with a really surprising ending. I thought this match went really well even though there wasn’t anything too crazy in this match it was very physical. I’m glad Bryan won and hopefully it will lead to something good for him.


Divas Championship Match
Kelly Kelly (Champion) w/ Eve Torres vs. Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella *1/4

This was fine it was you average divas match and really nothing wrong with it.


The Big Show vs. Mark Henry **

This was okay and I thought that if Henry was going to win at least he did it clean. I’m not sure about show being taken out again since he just got back from being run over but we’ll see.


Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Rey Mysterio vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Evan Bourne vs. Alex Riley vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger vs. The Miz ***3/4
This match had some crazy stuff in it but went by pretty fast. I really liked when miz came back out and they teased him winning it. A few scary moments with the miz looking like he hurt his knee, kofi falling right on swaggers face. I liked the ending with del rio ripping rey’s mask off but almost wasn’t sure what was going to happen when the ladder tipped over but del rio still won which was good.


World Heavyweight Championship Match
Randy Orton (Champion) vs. Christian ***1/4

This was a pretty good match. I didn’t mind the ending because lets face it the stipulation was kind of a give away. I thought Orton going nuts was great though and even though the crowd was cheering for bryan to come out I thought it was fine he didn’t cash in because I don’t think he would want the title like that. I can see him cashing in like RVD did where he asks for a match at a certain time.


WWE Championship Match
John Cena (Champion) vs. CM Punk ****3/4

Fantastic match that was basically perfect. These guys worked really hard with a great crowd. Cena looked good and punk came off just as strong. The ending was really good with Vince trying to screw Punk but Cena didn’t want to win it like that and that slight distraction cost cena. I thought this was probably the best way to have punk win and then vince called out del rio and punk stopped him before he could cash in. This was smart because it would have made del rio look pretty bad to lose. But I’m definitely curious to see where this goes. One thing that vince had said earlier in the show was if cena lost he’d have hell to pay so I don’t think the firing thing will really come into play hopefully.


This was a great show and wwe really out did themselves. Well worth the money. This really was the perfect ppv.


Al Dinkelspiel

New Jersey

Thumbs Up

Best Match:  Smackdown MITB
Worst: Divas, but it's supposed to bring the crowd down.  So does it really matter?

Main Event was great, but I thought it went a little long and I thought it wasn't particularly crisp.  Great drama, though.

We'll see whether or not CM Punk is a mainstream draw.  While I like Punk and think he's talented, I question the level where the general public sees him.  But for the sake of WWE, I hope for the best.  I'd like to see this PPV usher in a more cohesive era of storylines with beginnings, middles, and ends. 

I think it's time to move Randy Orton down the card.  He looks like a top guy, acts like a top guy, but he has never drawn like one.  He's a strong number two, better than he's a top draw.

WTH, is up with booing Rey?  What has he ever done to the male audience?  He worked ECW, they shouldn't boo him.

A lot of how tonight is remembered will hinge on what happens on tomorrow night's Raw.
Jim Valley

Thumbs WAY Up
Best match: Cena-Punk
Worst Match: Divas
Fantastic PPV, one of the best I've ever seen. Every match was good to excellent with the obvious exception of the Divas match; even Big Show-Henry was good for what it was.
WWE should be in Chicago for every PPV; loved the crowd tonight, and was unreal during the main event with Punk looking like a big time star. Hopefully he doesn't stay away for too long because WWE's got something big going with this guy.
The ending was done perfectly,  exactly what I think they should've done. We shall see what happens, but tonight  was pro wrestling at it's best. Wish they put on PPVs like this more often. Bill Simmons tweeted that he would have paid double for this PPV, and I agree with him.  WWE hasn't been this interesting in a long time. Thanks.
 Randy Zeidan

Two thumbs up!!
Best Match: Cena vs. Punk
Worst Match: Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella
Like so many of your readers/followers, I have been a fan of the WWE for as long as I can remember.  Over the years, the WWE has done many things right and MANY things wrong.  And of course in reality, the rights and wrongs of the WWE really boil down to the decisions of one person: Vince McMahon.  Lately, many of Mr. McMahon's decisions, or lack there of, have either taken the WWE in the wrong direction or simply keep the WWE spinning its wheels.  Tonight, however, Vince got everything right.
Both MITB matches were exciting to watch.  As always in MITB matches, the contestants worked hard and were willing to put their bodies on the line.  There were some very innovative spots.  One thing that was nice to see was that even though the contestants took some chances and risks beyond what they would do in a normal match, it seems that the two MITB matches were scripted to, for the most part, protect the wrestlers from too many serious injuries.  Of course in those types of matches, injuries are inevitable, but it is nice to see MITB matches that are innovative, but seemingly safer.  Happy for Bryan Danielson...hopefully he will be given the same opportunity afforded the previous MITB winners.  Alberto del Rio was no surprise, but still the right guy to win going into SummerSlam.
The Mark Henry vs. Big Show match was what it was.  At least it was short and the right man won.
Christian vs. Randy Orton was fun to watch.  They both work well together and the ending fit very well into the storyline.  It would be nice to see Christian hold onto the title for more than a couple of days, but my hopes are not high.  We shall see.  Not sure if the fans have the patience for a continuation of the Christian/Orton feud.
And then there is Punk vs. Cena.  Phenomenal match.  Everything about this was done right.  The build up over the past few weeks has been as good as it gets.  Having the match in Punk's hometown gave the match a surreal element.  The heat on the match from the fans was off the charts.  The wrestling itself was solid, as both men worked hard and very effectively.  And low and behold, the ending was tremendous.  My personal hope all along was that Punk would win the title and leave with it for a while.  I don't know if Vince has the "testicular fortitude" to do so or not, but to have Punk disappear with the title for a couple of months before returning would be awesome.  Absolutely one of the best matches that I have seen in quite some time. 
Now the key to this whole situation becomes the follow up.  There are so many different directions this can go.  In the past, even when Vince has made the right calls, he seemingly has trouble with the follow through.  My hope is that Vince sees this thing through.  If there was ever a time to seize the moment, this is it.
Justin Zaleski

WWE Money in the Bank.
Thumbs way up
Best Match: Smackdown Money in the Bank
Worst Match:  Kelly V Bella
I attended the show live.  The crowd was spectacular.  The sustained heat was incredible.  It was like the very best ROH/ECW crowd with X15 the intensity.  As you noted, the crowd was pro-heel and hardcore (ex: chants for Colt Cabana and LOD after the Doomsday Device was used).  They hated Cena's guts.
Show proves wins and loses matter when something tangible and relevant is at stake.   The crowd had huge reactions to near falls or near briefcase grabs.
So much more enjoyable than a RAW show - no cheesy garbage.  The wrestlers can deliver when they are allowed.  Excellent show.
David Kaplan

Thumbs up
Best match: Punk vs Cena
Worst match: divas
Okay....I'm not quite sure what it is that I've just seen. In the space of 2 weeks and 6 days and nothing more hyperbolic than 3 simple segments on Raw, WWE out of nowhere has done one of their most memorable, unique & effective angles in modern company history. Everything about this is in a completely different direction to where the WWE product of the last several years is usually headed. Of course historically we have to expect this ends with CM Punk losing  clean to Cena in a boring nonchalant 4 way Raw main event with The Miz and the Great Khali or something....but I will hold out with great optimism that they are going to do the right thing this time, one step ahead of what fans really want to see. If this is done well enough and perhaps tied in with larger angle that involves perhaps several guys or a major 'paradigm shift' storyline, then I could perhaps see this deal being a major game changer akin to the Austin/McMahon feud.
Of course the perfect storyline follow up, to give the Punk character a reason to sign a new contract, would be Vince bringing out the big gun, the Doofus son-in-law, to take exception to being called a Doofus, promising Punk a match if he'll re-sign, and then putting over Punk CLEAN at Summerslam. Seems terribly unlikely fantasy booking, but it's these kind of extreme measures that are required to really strike while the iron is hot, and take a hot character into the stratosphere
As for the show itself, I swear I'm not being hyperbolic, but I think they may be in the top 5 greatest PPV's of all-time. Obviously the extremely hot unique main event angle had the crowd on fire throughout the whole show, and as such really reminded me of the 1989 Baltimore Bash where the ridiculously hot crowd made even minor stuff on the show seem better than it had any right to be (for example, the Orton / Christian match which was basically the usual B show Smackdown title match that doesn't have much interest going in, and has a schmozz ending that you can see coming a mile of designed to keep a look warm program going for a bother month, but here in front of this crowd, that exact same usual deal was actually bizarrely memorable) and the performers seemingly taking up the intensity several notches in reaction to feeding off the frenzy of the crowd. And I think this crowd was actually hotter here than the Baltimore Bash. Bottom line is the booking and performance of the two MITB matches and the main event were exceptional, and the unique emotional response from the Chicago crowd made  this a memorable night, and one of the few times in the last 5 years that I've truly felt proud to be a wrestling fan, and most importantly am excited to see what comes next
Michael Charles Parsons
Oxford, UK, Western Europe
WWE Money in the Bank: Big Thumbs Up
Best Match: CM Punk vs. John Cena
Worst Match: Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella
What a fantastic show from the WWE.  Best show in a long time.  This blew WrestleMania away for sure.  Great opener with the Smackdown MITB match.  Very surprised when Bryan won, but a happy surprise because I figured he had "no chance in hell" to win.  Everyone really worked their asses off and I just hope that when it is Bryan's turn to cash in, that he doesn't get made to look like a fool.  Divas match was really bad.  Kelly looks like she doesn't belong out there as far as the wrestling goes.  Why does she go against the ropes when she barely touches it?  What is the point.  Kelly had such a sour look on her face when she entered I thought she was getting jobbed, but she retained.  Big Show vs. Mark Henry was fine for what it was.  Didn't expect anything great.  Even though they've done a good job pushing Henry this time around, I still have no interest in seeing him headline even on free TV.  Raw MITB match was another excellent match.  This time I wasn't surprised by Del Rio winning, but I was fine with it.  Knew they wouldn't let an underdog like Bourne or whoever win since they already did it with Daniel Bryan.  Almost thought Miz was winning again.  I totally bought into Miz's knee injury the way he sold it.  Randy Orton vs. Christian was another great bout between these two.  Not a fan of titles changing hands on DQ's, but it worked the way they set it up and thought Orton's post match attack was really heated and cool.  Almost thought Bryan would cash in on Christian after he was slaughtered making Christian a two time short term champ, but guess not.  Main event was excellent.  The crowd was super and wish they had crowd's like these more often.  Nice tease with Vince coming out for a screw job at the end.  They did the finish I was hoping for which was having Punk win and leave with the title leaving everything up in the air as it relates to what will happen next.  I just hope we continue in this direction with hot angles and what hopefully is a push for some of great workers in the company and not just the usual stale stuff we've been seeing.  I have been very happy for a few weeks, let's keep it up.  Good job WWE!
Robb Block

Hey Dave,

Thumbs up for WWE taking a chance and doing the only option that was the best for everyone!

Best Match Punk vs Cena
Worst Match Kelly Kelly vs B Bella.

Yay, the website crashed again! Wow, I loved Davey vs Eddie, but this finish and what it means for WWE out weighs every other great match this year. I loved Tanahashi vs Goto and Devitt vs Ibushi from Dominion, and the finals of BOSJ tournament, but this is like Bret vs Austin, the real beginning to a new era for WWE. I sent in that fantasy booking to you and Bryan, dont know if you read it since your so busy, but I predicted right that CM Punk would leave champion. So glad the first callers on the prediction show (including me) were all negative, WWE couldnt of had Cena win after all of that and the polls they did. Finally they got the message.

Smackdown MITB match, pretty good, not quite as good as the first two or three, but a good opener.

Divas match, of course this was the worst match without Beth or Natalya in it instead. When will they listen to people about the womans matches and just cut the division before someone is killed? I may have taken my eyes off the screen a bit, but it looked like Kelly has reshaped her offense so she only throws her opponents into the ropes and does moves in the center of the ring, good for her.

Fat ass vs Strong guy, of course only a quarter star or so above the woman, I hate big men matches, they cant do anything. Hope Big Slow is out for a long long time.

Raw MITB match, I missed the first part until Miz was climbing the ladder before the injury spot. There were a couple of spots that were the same as the smackdown one, and I didnt like how they did all those dives off the ropes and through them. Glad Miz was okay, of course I cant get on the site and see if he didnt actually get hurt. Probably too many injury angles on the show and diluted Cara's. The spot with them all on the ladders was really great.

Orton vs Christian, ending felt weak. Orton needs to be a heel, period. I havent seen the really good match these two had a month or two ago, but: The only matches Ive liked with Orton in them were the I Quit match (because he was the way he always should be in it) with Cena, and the Hardcore match with Foley, FIVE YEARS APART! Dude needs to give up smoking and start working on cardio and his punches.

Punk vs Cena 5 stars. A really well done match thats not seen in WWE. Its 10:30 and I still cant get on the site. The crowd was so hot, Im so glad Punk didnt lose, it wouldnt have been near as special. Really hope they dont mess this up, at least leave Punk off tv for a while till you get a good idea. Just ride this wave and make wrestling great again. Dont let tonight be a fluke or a soured memory of what could have been. Just. dont. fuck. this. up.

Keep up the great work everyone!
William Bren.

Holy shit that show was awesome.  Thumbs way the eff up!!
Best match: I'm torn between Cena-Punk and the SD MITB match.  Both
were fantastic, with the right result.
Worst match: Divas match, but it was short so whatever.
Wow.  Every once in a while WWE puts together a show that reminds me
why I watch this silly stuff in the first place.  This PPV was
off-the-charts great.  Cena-Punk was EPIC and by all rights made Punk
a superstar.  Kudos to WWE for making this happen the right way.  Had
Cena won we'd be going right back to the status quo.  But now we're
entering uncharted territory with a heel (face?) champion taking the
belt and leaving (storyline-wise anyway).  Should make for more
compelling TV in the coming months.
Smackdown MITB: As a rabid Daniel Bryan fan I was flabbergasted they
actually gave him the win here.  Part of me hoped it would happen but
I figured either Sheamus or Barrett was a lock to take it.  I can't
wait to see where they go with this.  I hope that a) Bryan doesn't
become the first briefcase holder to fail when he cashes it in, and b)
if/when he wins the title they book him like a deserving champion
unlike when Edge, Punk and Swagger cashed in.
RAW MITB: Another solid ladder match - not quite as good as the
Smackdown one - but still entertaining.  Del Rio's got another chance
at winning a title, depending on what happens with Punk.
Orton vs. Christian was a damn good match, though the ending made
Christian look very weak.  I was really hoping after the two RKOs on
the table that Bryan would cash in and beat Christian for the belt.
But I guess one cheap title change is enough for one night.  Anyway,
another solid match from these two.
Even the two crappy matches were inoffensive.  The Divas match sucked
but it was short, and despite Henry and Big Shows limitations, I've
found this feud surprisingly entertaining thus far.
Great, great PPV - WWE's put on 3 excellent non-Big Four PPVs so far
in 2011.  Money in the Bank might be the best PPV they've done so far
this year.
-Justin Ballard
Boston, MA

Thumbs up
Best: Cena vs Punk
Worst: Show vs Henry
Several people came over for the show which is a rarity outside Royal Rumble. I can't ever recall any of them ever investing in the 
outcome of a match, but they were all hooked for this one. Definite 5 star match.
Jonathan Renfro

Best Match: C.M. Punk vs John Cena
Worst Match: Bellas vs Kelly Kelly
Thumbs WAY Up
I rarely buy PPVs anymore - my last two were Survivor Series 2010 and this past Wrestlemania, both of which felt like rip-offs.  I was certain WWE would screw this one up as well, but took a gamble, and it paid off. This was the best WWE PPV in years, with each match given plenty of time, and the two matches that needed to be kept short were kept short.  The Divas match was predictably bad, but was a good for a break between the marquee matches.  Henry vs Show was given a *bit* too much time, but both of them seemed more motivated than usual, and it was refreshing to see a clean, dominant finish, though Henry really has nowhere to go from here.  The two MITB matches were great, with each group trying to stand apart from the other, and Christian vs Orton was quite good, despite a BS finish that Orton and Christian tried to make as palatable as possible.  The main even more than lived up to expectations, with a slow burn build leading into a great match with a great finish.  I was convinced as soon as I clicked on "Buy" that Cena would make a superhuman comeback and win clean in the middle with the STF, but thankfully that was not the case.  Yes it was sloppy in spots, but the hard work more than made up for that, and it was one of the best WWE main events in recent memory.
WWE knocked it out the park tonight.  This can lead to only one thing tomorrow night - John Cena laughing and joking to a kick off a horrible RAW leading up to a medicore SummerSlam.  WWE will almost surely go back to garbage tomorrow night, but we had tonight, and tonight was something, wasn't it?
Nick Graham

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