OVW TV tapings 7-20 Louisville

 Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling television taping report for July 20th, 2011. Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. Big crowd for the TV taping tonight, around 200 in the building. All roads in OVW right now lead towards the August 6th Saturday Night Special, and that show is coming together very nicely. OVW has several decent storylines going at once right now. There was a snafu on WKYI in Louisville last Saturday, which airs OVW TV. The 1 pm first airing played the show from the week before, but oddly the 9 pm replay aired the correct show. The July 16th "Clash for the crusade" charity show for children raised $1,000.

1. Alex Silva vs. Ryan Howe went to a draw

Dark match. Lots of "Skidmarks" chants at Howe tonight. This went awhile, but these guys, who have probably never wrestled each other before, had little to no chemistry together in the ring. Silva looked like he wasn't taking things very seriously in there. Finally, the bell rang out of nowhere, but from watching Dean Hill, he was ready to ring the bell and end this minutes before he did. Some of the crowd chanted "5 more minutes", while others responded by chanting "No". Heh. I was in the "no" camp for sure. A draw is a real rarity in OVW, can't remember if I've ever seen one before.

2. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green beat Elvis Pridemore by Submission

Also a dark match. Green came out with a mic introducing Silvio, who is now doing what I call a Hippie Jesus Christ gimmick, but has yet to do it on television. Silvio in total control here. Elvis had a brief comeback, but Silvio caught him in a version of a crossface crippler submission. Elvis hung on for a bit, but had to tap out.

The TV taping opened with Paredyse coming out to a big pop for his "Moment in Paredyse" segment. Paredyse announced he will get a shot tonight at the OVW TV title, currently held by Rudy Switchblade. Paredyse then brought out the current number 1 contender for the OVW heavyweight title, Mike Mondo, who was in street clothes. Attorney Christian Mascagni was not here with Mondo this week. They showed clips of last week where Mondo pinned OVW heavyweight champion Jason Wayne in a tag match, with the stip that that victory made Mondo the number one contender, taking the number 1 contendership away from "Smooth" Johnny Spade, who was Jason Wayne's partner last week. Mondo said Mascagni was off meeting with the OVW Board of Directors. Not sure if Mascagni was supposed to be here tonight or what, but Mondo had no new or interesting material here, just complained about the finish of the July 2nd Saturday Night Special, and talked about winning last week to become the number 1 contender. Out came OVW heavyweight champion Jason Wayne. Wayne said he was sick of Mondo's whining, and said let's wrestle for the title tonight. Out came "Smooth" Johnny Spade. Spade said Mondo didn't beat him, so as far as he was concerned, he was still the number 1 contender. All three guys argued, Paredyse was out of it by this point and was just coyly watching all this. Finally Jason Wayne said let's have a triple threat match for the title at the August 6th Saturday Night Special, so that's the stip for now, but not sure that's going to hold up come August 6th.

Meanwhile backstage, Joshua "Jump Squat" Johnson, the self proclaimed premier fitness instructor in all of the Ohio Valley, was talking to Jack Black and Trailer Park Trash, who are the OVW Southern Tag team champions known as "The Fat and the furious". Jump Squat is trying to get them in shape, but the joke is the 537 pound Jack Black thinks the 230 pound Trailer Park Trash is the "fat" one on the team. Raphael Constantine came up to them and tried to get them to sign his petition that he was screwed out of his shot at the OVW TV title a few weeks ago, which he was, but the gimmick is basically he's the most annoying man in the world, and and 5th generation pro wrestler. Constantine then tried to get angry lady wrestler Epiphany Jones to sign his petition, but she had no interest in doing that. Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, Mohamad Ali Vaez was talking to Brandon Espinosa, telling him that he brought him here tonight to take care of Michael Hayes, and that there'd be severe consquences to Espinosa if he didn't get the job done.

Still backstage, Raphael Constantine was trying to get Ted McNaler to sign his petition. Adam Revolver, who teams with McNaler as "The Elite" came by. The Elite are on bad terms nowadays, but still not officially broken up. McNaler said he had a tag match tonight, Revolver seemed surprised to hear this. McNaler said he could because Revolver teamed up with Mike Mondo last week. In came McNaler's partners for tonight, The Blossom Twins(Holly & Hannah), back again from the UK, this time with light brown hair instead of blonde. Meanwhile elsewhere backstage Raul Lamotta was sitting on a bench, but Randy Terrez got in his face and told Lamotta they'd be wrestling each other at the August 6th Saturday Night Special. Lamotta seemed bummed out to be having a match. Lamotta has interfered in several of Terrez' matches recently, once legit causing Terrez to land from the top rope right on top of his head.

3. Rocco Bellagio & James "Moose" Thomas w/Prince Bolin, Mo Green & The Personal Assistant beat Trailer Park Trash & Joshua "Jump Squat" Johnson

This was the first match of the TV taping, and it got going before the bell even rang. TPT had a little success early, but Thomas and Bellagio simply manhandled "Jump Squat", who got pinned when Thomas hit him with the "Moose kick" while Bellagio held him in place. Thomas and Bellagio continued beating on "Jump Squat", until Jack Black made the save with a chair. Black was wearing an ace bandage on his head selling a backstage attack from last week when James "Moose" Thomas gave Black a chair shot to the face while his head lay against a ladder. Black & TPT will be defending the OVW Southern tag team titles against Bellagio & Thomas on August 6th.

Backstage Mike Mondo was on the phone with someone, that always leads to chaos. Meanwhile, Benny Bray and Solo Darling crawled out from under a table. Wow, Bray is the stud of the OVW stable. Last week he was in a broom closet making it with Taryn Shay, this week under a table with Solo Darling. OVW Womens champion Lady JoJo showed up and told Solo she'd be her partner tonight in a frustrated tone. Where was Taryn Shay? Lennox Norris then showed up doing some disco dancing. Lady JoJo was so frustrated, that just like last week, she screamed.

Hill, Corsey & Kenny Bolin were talking at the desk about something.

4. Ted McNaler & The Blossom Twins(Holly & Hannah) beat Lennox Norris, Lady JoJo & Solo Darling in a 6 person mixed tag match

The Blossoms and McNaler came out with cupcakes, McNaler ate his in one bite. JoJo was not being nice to either one of her partners here. The Blossom twins with a double spear on JoJo and Solo. Amid much confusion, Lady JoJo hit Ted McNaler with the OVW Womens title belt. Amid even more confusion, Jessie Belle Smothers ran in and gave JoJo a Stone Cold Stunner, at least that's what it was supposed to be, it looked like crap. A Blossom twin then rolled up JoJo for the win. What a complete mess of a "match"(?) this was. Just horrible. Jeez, I needed a drink after that one, and I'm not a big drinker. Lady JoJo defends the OVW Womens title against Izza Belle Smothers(Mickie Knuckles) on August 6th.
Backstage Raphael Constantine was trying to get Alex Silva, Jimbo Onno, and Elvis Pridemore to sign his petition, they weren't interested. So Constantine snuck off and started forging their names on it himself, while hoping he knew how to spell their names. Constantine then ran into the always intense Jamin Olivencia, and wanted him to sign his petition, but Olivencia screamed in Constantine's face about him looking for Rudy Switchblade, while Constantine cowered in fear. When Olivencia left in a huff, Constantine went back to forging names.

5. Jamin Olivencia beat Aiden Young

Young is a young, no pun intended, heavily tattooed guy, and Olivencia tattooed Young himself heavily here. Olivencia simply beat the dog shit out of this guy in an intense fashion, and got the win quickly with his clamping DDT finisher. Olivencia wants to get his hands on Rudy Switchblade badly.

Out came one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes to a big pop. Hayes said he beat Kharn Alexander last week, and he wanted Mohamad Ali Vaez to come out now and wrestle him for a chance to get his prosthetic leg back from Vaez. Vaez came out with the fake leg, against wearing a suit and a turban. Vaez said the stip was if Hayes beats an opponent of Vaez' choosing, that he would then MAYBE get another match with Vaez. Vaez has beaten Hayes 4 times straight now. Vaez said he didn't want Hayes to make a name off of him. Vaez said tonight, at his own expense, he has brought in another guy to challenge Hayes, leading to.....

6. Michael Hayes beat Brandon Espinosa by submission

A carbon copy of last week when Hayes beat Kharn Alexander. Hayes gave Espinosa a knee to the face, and got the win via tap out with the Anaconda Vice. This took less than 30 seconds. Vaez was going nuts on the floor, ripping his suit off Ric Flair style, though Flair never wore a turban. heh. Vaez angrily threw Espinosa out of the ring. Vaez took the mic and said if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself. Vaez said fine, on August 6th he would wrestle Michael Hayes for the 5th time, if Hayes wins, he gets his fake leg back. Vaez then hit Hayes with the microphone, and pounded on him. Vaez said Hayes had made the biggest mistake of his life, besides enlisting in the army. Vaez said Hayes has signed up for a war he cannot win, and he will take his heart, soul, and his career.

They showed clips of OVW heavyweight champion Jason Wayne throwing out the first pitch at a recent Louisville Bats AAA baseball game, and I just happened to be at that game myself. They also showed clips from the July 16th "Clash for the crusade" charity show. Nick Dinsmore worked that show as "U-Gene", which he usually doesn't do that gimmick at the Davis arena.

7. Jason Wayne beat Tony Gunn in a non-title match

Both Johnny Spade and Mike Mondo came out to the floor to watch this one, but stayed apart. Gunn attacked Wayne before the match began, and kept control for a little bit. Wayne came back and press slammed Gunn over his head, and dropped him down. Wayne hit a running power slam, and got the win with his full nelson slam finisher.

Brittany DeVore interviewed Rudy Switchblade backstage. Switchblade talked about defending the TV title against Paredyse tonight. Switchblade than became angry when talking about Jamin Olivencia, saying he's not hard to find. Switchblade then left, and Olivencia showed up demanding to know where Switchblade went.

8. Paredyse beat Rudy Switchblade to win the OVW TV title

TV main event time. Slow paced early, but Paredyse took control. Switchblade took over, and hit a round house kick on Paredyse, and then went up for his Frogslash finisher, but Paredyse wouldn't stay down. Nice storytelling here as Switchblade kept going back and giving Paredyse another round house kick, but before he could go up top for the Frogsplash, Paredyse was getting back up. Paredyse went to the corner and gave Switchblade a superplex. Pqaredyse with a bronco buster on Switchblade. Jamin Olivencia came to the floor, but was held back by the geek squad. Paredyse was arguing with Olivencia to leave, because was wanted to win the TV title. When Paredyse turned around. Switchblade kicked him right in the nuts. Switchblade kicked Olivencia in the nuts during a pull apart last week. Switchblade yet again went for his Frogsplash finisher, but Paredyse staggered to his feet and fell against the ropes, causing Switchblade to be crotched. Paredyse then dropped Switchblade down with a bookend to win the OVW TV title.
Olivencia was visibly disappointed that Paredyse won the title, he badly wanted to beat Switchblade for that belt himself. Olivencia then violently attacked Switchblade on the floor, and spit on him. These guys are still going to go at it.

Meanwhile, in the back with the sound down, Mike Mondo was standing there looking all happy, and holding something that was maybe a wallet, then again maybe it was something else. Anyhow, at Mondo's feet was Johnny Spade, who was knocked out colder than a wedge. Did Mondo knock Spade out? Stay tuned. Actually, I think Tony Gunn might have done it. Gunn asked Spade to be his tag team partner for several weeks, and Spade kept turning him down, and it was getting weirder and more strained between those two every time.

Wow, a whole Hell of a lot went into this show, the taping went about 10 minutes longer than usual. Might have been a bit overbooked again, but some good stuff tonight for sure. Plus some stuff that was pretty "eh". Don't know what the post taping dark match was, had to leave. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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